Earth orientation





The mother-Heaven is the healer of enthusiasm when the enthusiasm is attacked. The mother-Earth will be much more healer materially: doctor, physician, social worker with as objective that the Earth can rotate well and function well in the social system. She will be healer of a social system, of collectivity, of humanity. The mother-Heaven is an healer of the Heaven, an healer of the enthusiasm which can enter in conflict with social structures which alienate the individual.


In other words, a mother-Heaven will make so that the being which she will be taken care of will not be led to produce actions making of unhappiness while at the same time he says to want happiness. She will show him the movements and the actions which produce happiness. But it is not the orientation of the mother-Earth, which will be naturally defendant of the social structure implemented by the human. And thus, she will not question automatically the mobility of this human structure even if generally she makes unhappiness. She will not intervene automatically in the essential. She will intervene in the mechanisms of working like a very good mechanic who adjusts an engine. She will not be occupied to know which kind of race makes the car. Whereas the mother of the Heaven, her, takes care enormously and in the main of the race which the car can make.


This mother-Earth can become really very heavy. She can settle so much in her generosity towards the others that she becomes heavy in all, not only on the Earth but, with her own Heaven. It is the risk.


But if she does not fall into this risk, at a given moment, in her action to help the Earth to live, there is an interrogation which will leave the memories of her cells. To help her nearest to live well it is good, but not to be concerned with the course that he makes, can result in helping bastards to continue to be strongly bastards. Then, there is the interrogation of her finality that will make her be developed naturally towards the mother-Heaven. Her concern will pass quietly from the Earth to the Heaven and it will be able to make burst her structure as well as the mother-Heaven. I do not want to say that she will become the mother-Heaven. In one go, her orientation, her concern, her interest will go in and towards the Heaven and this interest has the capacity to make burst any structure, whatever they are. There is this total possibility of release.

Except that it is a structure which is really part of the second category of people in unfavourable limit. It is necessary to show her really much the Heaven so that there is a consciousness in her which awakes and which says that it is that it is necessary to preserve in priority. Naturally, she will preserve, in priority, the movement and the harmony of the Earth. It is her, who will say: let us be happy on the Earth, make a happy Earth.