Mode of functioning



It is a structure as much female as male although very often one knows it in its female form, one calls it then tantrica. It is less developed at the men because it is a mobility which adapts better in a female state that in a male state but finally the mechanism of action is exactly the same one as well as the explanations.

It is somebody who discovers and learns the world by the movement, by the touch, by the sensation.


They are very fine intellectually, very sensitive because one is also touched by an idea, by a theory, by a manner of seeing the life.

But, whatever the degree of intelligence of the reasoned brain, its true training is done by the intuitive intelligence, by the feeling, by the movement.


In other words, it is somebody who does not remain motionless in space. There is already a mobility of order physical: it is necessary that he moves. And there is also an intellectual mobility. Even if he is behind an office, there is something which occurs in the expression of the words, of the ideas, of the decisions and, in any case, it is a constant displacement, a constant mobility.

In fact, it is a dancer of the universe.


It is somebody who dances with the event, who always comes very close to the event, who plays with, who perceives all the feelings of this articulation of the dance, of the play of the words, of the play of the ideas. He is in love with the movement, he is in love with the sensation, he is in love with the dance, as sensation provided by the movement, by training that gives, by the physical perception. So, it is really training by the touch: the physical touch, intellectual touch, touch of the words, touch of the idea.


It is the art of touching.


It is thus that you can very easily meet him in spaces of dance, in manual therapists, who touch with the hands. You also meet them in an intellectual world, or on the level of the articulation of the means of the concretization of the businesses. You will find them in the theorists, the psychologists, at all those who will handle the words and the ideas, among philosophers etc.

It is a very interesting, captivating movement, a movement which creates a physical space and even a space of the words. There is an attraction to go to discover this adaptation at all the situations. A lot of them were made burn by this attraction to the play of the tantrikas.



The first movement, the first mode of functioning of the tantric it is the discovery and the training by the body, by the touch, by the feeling. It is a dance with the body. It is always very bodily, even in a philosophical and intellectual action. There is an enjoyment, a pleasure.


It is the typical pleasure seeker, the one who leads to the maximum to the mobility of the world and draws the essence of pleasure from this movement. Very interesting, very captivating. It is a constant play at this tantric structure. With the result that one cannot put him in a cage, one cannot put him in a box, one cannot put him in a reference. That gives the impression, seen from outside, that he is an unstable being. In fact, he is not unstable. He is always a guide of a movement. He is always in potentiality of acceptance and of adaptation to any situation, to any structure. In other words, a tantric can adapt to all the other structures. It is only one question of event. It is only one question of coupling.


It should well be understood that it is a dance without seizure. The tantric does not accept the prison. He cannot be seized, immobilized. It is as two hands which are articulated together, which feel themselves, touch themselves, cherish themselves but there is no immobilization. If there were, all of a sudden, a hand which seizes the other and immobilizes it durably, it is intolerable for the tantric structure. There can be a seizure because indeed it is somebody who touches, who enjoys of something, which does not turn only around the fruit, but eats it too. But the seizure is very quickly released. One does not make a durability of it. Therefore, ultimately, it is a structure which plays with the time, or more exactly which prevents the time from being stability. It is in a displacement, in a constant mobility. This mobility is its breathing, it is its play, it is its pleasure, it is its enthusiasm. And it feels the existence, the importance, of this movement inside each one of its cells. It is very physical.


Therefore, the second element is that one cannot immobilize a tantric. One cannot put him in a cage, a reference. This constant mobility, seen side reptilian brain is estimated like instability. But he is not unstable: he is constant in his mobility.


The third point of the mobilization of tantric is that to dance, it is necessary to be two. It is not the person, who puts herself all alone on a dance floor and is locked up inside her music and which makes gestures, movements without any concern of the environment or of the others. It is with the environment, it is with the others than this being dances. Therefore, he has always constant attraction, and even constant obligation to make a couple. If necessary, even if the person with her music closes the eyes, in fact, she is coupled with her music.

For the essence, this tantric structure is always researching a companion, a corresponding partner with whom it will be able to dance and to enjoy because it is a very physically sensualist structure.


It is always somebody in the search of novelties of perceptions. It can be rolled with the theories, the ideas, the great religious or political movements. At the end, all this feeling, this auto-ignition on the level of the feeling, of the perception, can make them forget and often makes them forget the Heaven destination of the life. They are thus people who can also go in a total unworthiness.

I will speak to you later about the disturbances. There, I only want to draw your attention to the third point of the mode of functioning of the tantric system: it is always with the research of the coupling.