I now will speak to you about the developments of the movement of the tantric structure which is essentially a dance.

After all that I have said to you on its mode of functioning, this can be an enthusiasm to approach a tantric structure, to dance together. It is the art of imagination, the art of the dance, the art of the play, of the caress, of the feeling. It is an enthusiasm for the life since it is based on the very essence of the Creation, which is the movement, the action.

That starts thus on an enthusiasm. But the enthusiasm stops rather quickly because one realizes that this so open space in promise is less open in reality. The movement, it, is very open. It creates sensations, a fruit. But alas, one realizes that the tantric structure takes the fruit back for it. It brings back all to a dimension already predetermined.


Then, if a structure Earth is coupled with a tantric, that will go because there will be an increase of the enjoyment, of the pleasure. There will be a fantastic invention to play, to always imagine something new.


But if you are a structure with Heaven orientation, and mainly eminently Heaven, you will have the feeling that there is theft, because you, you work for the Heaven and not for you and especially not for the widening of the pleasure of the Earth. It is where there is the limitation of the tantric structure. When it wants to make a coupling with a Heaven structure, it is discovered in its finality, which is to bring back the perception, the feeling, the fruit, to it, to a pleasure of enjoyment very of the Earth.


Thus, the tantric structure has indeed this virtual possibility to be splendid in the Heaven, to dance with the Heaven. But in reality and essentially, it is a dance with the Earth, it is a pleasure with the Earth. It has the dream of a happy Earth where there will be the pleasure of the life. It is the deepest hope of the Earth, which dreams of the Heaven but which does not dream of the Heaven to go to the Heaven but so that the Heaven enriches the Earth, and makes it better live.

It is for that this tantric structure is the most often in the search of a coupling with an eminently Heaven structure, because it is the Heaven which its wants to possess.


It is very difficult to make happy a tantric structure and to fill it because it has always the impression to miss, not to be filled. Its relationship with the Heaven is an automatically unsatisfactory relation since all its system of decoding the sensation, its dimension of the touch and of the sensation by the body is not the same one as that the one of the Heaven. Thus into final, the Heaven touches differently than the tantric structure waits to be touched.

Its waiting is related to information which is given to it by the essence of the Earth and of the separating space, it means the Grid. Even if one touches the tantric structure with the Heaven, even if the Heaven is given to it, if one makes it touch the Heaven, it does not record this Presence of the Heaven inside its body, inside its cells.


It is important to perceive that to understand the tantric structure and to know what one can do for it and in which result it will go naturally if one lets it all alone it in this auto-ignition of the sensation, with this aspiration, with this virtual dream of a splendid space, of a splendid Earth where each and every person is happy together, where it is soft and where one likes oneself, while saying to want to take part in the world and to change the world.

Whereas in finality the tantric structure does not really take part and does not exchange with the world because what she wants, it, it is to enjoy the situation of the state of being in which it is.


This structure has the maximum claim of its individuality and of the sensation like a right and like an obligation to perceive the world, to take part with the world and the space.


The worst for a tantric structure is to make it take part in a movement, even enormous, which does not bring a sensation to it. For it, it has not occurred anything! It has had the feeling to be abandoned, to be excluded. In this situation, it can play the recluse.

When one speaks about the tantric structure, you can easily compare it only to one sensualist of the Earth, very human. But, in fact, this structure also plays on the scene of spirituality. The hermit monk is a tantric structure, the most perverse construction of the tantric structure which is itself the most perverse making of the very essence of the Grid.


Because what imports it is the sensation, it is the perception.


The tantric structure has three movements.


The first is to open: « I have the open arms, come I kiss you, I am land of welcome, I understand all and I am ready to take part in all, I am opened at all the good moments and I am the freedom of communication, of the touch, of the interpretation in essence. »


Then, once the other came in this space, there is a closing. It narrows space like one presses on a lemon and that one makes going out the juice. It recovers the lemon, the juice of lemon, the fruit which it takes along in a territory, which is always the one of personal pleasure.


The third movement is to slacken space by making feel guilty the other. It will always end up expressing that if it misses something, it is that the other has not given it sufficiently… whereas it, it has so much opened the arms, so much embraced. Then, the other while hearing the reproach that he has not given enough makes feel self-guilty and it is him which will return towards the tantric structure while proposing to start again since he has not been worthy of it.


You will also realize that a being with a tantric structure does not have any respect for any space of which he is not the owner, the manager or the constituent.

One will realize that he has a facility to stress the event, to stress the space when this event, this space escapes to it. He does not even realize that. It is in continual intervention of rupture of space which is not him and of which he is not the addressee.


Then, it is an enormous lie of « freedom » and an enormous virtual dream. It is a promise, the dream of an existence, which is never carried out because its realization, its plenitude is to bring back the Heaven in the Earth. It is, in fact, to enslave the Heaven to the Earth. But that is not possible. It is technically impossible. Therefore, it is always a structure in a state of lack and it will try to find compensations elsewhere.