The dangers


These are dangers linked to the usual state of being of the tantric structure and to its principle of working.

It is a structure always of movement, feeling, attention, thus which moves very quickly. Also with this structure everything quickly gains in importance by acceleration of the movement. It is necessary to understand it well and never to forget it.


Initially, there is a very strong sensation and perception of the event,

of the space.


It is somebody who feels and perceives very well. What besides can also be a disadvantage: because those which perceive this so strong perception and feeling can compare this faculty to a mastery, a knowledge of the movement. But it is only a sensation and a perception in the body. This danger can also be for the one who has the structure of tantric master and can make believe that he is very advanced in his system of mastery of the essential articulations of the universe.


The second point is that the action and the movement are always pushed to an extreme, to an aestheticism.


It will push the action in order to make sure of its perfection, which can bring it to a spiritual form of the life and it is besides what it announces while saying: « Me, I want another thing that the ordinary world, I want something of additional, I want something of the Heaven, I want to join the Heaven ».

It is a structure, which will be easily pushed towards the ecstatic states, towards the states of important vision of light, of feeling etc.


The third point is that it is a manipulator and a consumer of energy.


He makes so that he is the addressee of all that is produced by the feeling, by the perception, by the movement. The trouble is that he does not realize. That can even be pushed until a very powerful aestheticism which is called the theft.

He can be robber of the energy of the other one, he can even be rapist of the energy of the other. But in fact, what he likes these are the feelings, the energetic emissions, which have developed, created starting from this environment. It is not the other one than he likes, it is the mechanism of feeling created by the environment in which the other is.

He is a being deeply in love with the life, really loving and sensitive, attentive, thoughtful, emotional. He has an enormous deployment of generosity towards the outside. Except that his difficulty is that once this generosity was spread, once the dance is made with space and the others, he will bring back this fruit, this energetic capital to him and to his own dimension.


It is the return to the addressee who is the problem of the tantrism.


For a tantric, the fundamental question must always be: who is the addressee? Because him, he will assimilate this loving momentum, this momentum of sensitivity, of emotional attention towards the space, towards the other one, towards the life like the result of the movement of the Heaven, for a movement of Creation.


But it is not like thus that works: the one who is eminently Heaven cannot imagine a second that can be him the addressee of the movement.


Then, there is an enormous difficulty since it is a structure directly related to the deepest essence of the Grid and of the karmic forest that it constitutes. It has positioned, into virtual, all the hopes which normally are in the Heaven. But it is of virtual, it is not of material. Nevertheless this virtual, this attention, this attraction is in all the cells of tantric and he can become a splendid dancer of the Heaven because, finally, he has this aspiration, even if he does not understand that the one who has made this aspiration does not want of the Heaven but only wants to handle it, to use it and control it.


But, one should not really forget and it is where is the greatness of the Creation, that this structure is in a living being and this living being is, in any case, a son of the Heaven. He stems from there and in all his cells, in all his particles, there is the memory of the first codings, of the original codings of the working and of the enthusiasm of the Heaven. It is not only one machine like the Grid would like it to be, it is a living being!

So, it is really an interesting challenge, almost essential in this Earth, which is going to be lost because the tantrics, more and more numerous, start to pollute space with this virtual dream, a dream impossible to carry out since one cannot make that the Heaven gives up itself to the Earth.

The Heaven heats the Earth so that the Earth goes up again to the Heaven and takes part completely to the movement of the Heaven and not the reverse.


There are many tantric masters who write a lot of and pretty books and make seminars. But finally they do nothing but to update this desire of the dream. They have the capacity to make dream and they speak very well. But if one will see what they are, one realizes that they are in usual confusion.

The one who has touched the bottom, who has really touched the matter of the Heaven, who lives with, that one fully knows, without any uncertainty that they are liars, that they are only players with the phenomenon of the feeling, with the phenomenon of virtual, with the promise never realized and which is not realizable. With the result that, more one advances, more the awaited goal moves back and one puts oneself in auto-ignition. The more one runs, and the more the researched goal moves back and the more that puts at the challenge to touch it and the more that puts in acceleration. One ends up entering into such a mechanism that one does not know even any more that one is running, nor behind what one is running, but one runs. I do not know where I go, but I go there! There is all this mechanism which is, then, enormous nourishment for the Grid.


All these difficulties, all these recalls on the modes of functioning of the tantric structure gain in importance when one will speak about the one who has a structure of tantric master. If one refers to what I have said concerning the mastery, one could suppose that the tantric master is the one who has a mastery of the event, that he can play with. But, it is not that: the tantric master is the one who, by his presence, his touch, has the possibility of putting in mobilization at the other a process of feeling very sexualized.

It is for that those which have a structure of tantric, the women in general, approach him because there is a deep satisfaction in their body, and a fantastic sensuality.



Also, the two principal dangers are either that he can make a decision which goes towards the Earth or to make a decision which goes towards the Heaven. But one like the other, these two decisions will be morbid.


The first movement is the one which goes towards the Earth, directly by the complete acceptance of his feelings, of his perceptions, saying that it is thus! … and that it is necessary to live that. Therefore, one will go in the feeling, one will make it vibrate with the reason of happiness on the Earth or of a spiritual release. The more one will go, the less there will be perception of another space that this one. The more one will go and the more there will be blinkers, the more one will be in the darkness and in the forgetting that there is another manner of existing, another manner of living, another manner of touching.

From the moment when one launched out so far in this world of the feeling which is self-excited on itself, that can go very far with all the sadomasochistic situations… etc… it means there is always this state of lack and the desire, the impulse to go in a feeling even finer, even more aesthetic. That, it is the first very great danger. One goes at the bottom of all the feelings, with the reason of the liberation.


The other movement is the decision of going towards the Heaven. That one will have perceived that his problem it is his feelings and his perceptions. Thus, he will so much be wary about it that he will create a rigidity of all his movement to be opposed to the mobility of his structure. He will be locked up in a process of rules, reference marks, places, attitudes, actions. He will prevent himself from going, from touching, from living.

Therefore, he will be opposed to all what is his mobility, which is the real base of his structure and he will put himself in a state of contraction, of constriction. In this movement, he will completely stress his energetic system.