The aid


To work with a tantric structure, if one wants to help it, requires a very deep comprehension of oneself and it is necessary to be a being eminently of Heaven.


What will be the principal difficulty? It always should be remembered that the tantric is the most aesthetic structure, the most advanced, the lightest, the finest of the Grid. Then, the trap of this structure is that the Grid has made for it the dream of the inaccessible love for which it will fight, struggle and work enormously.

During this research, on the one hand it will supply the Grid in energy and on the other hand it will attract towards the Grid all the people sensitive to this dimension of the feeling and of the sexuality in action.


Then, knowing perfectly which is the obstacle to cross, to surmount, to dilute, to transform, it is necessary to be informed fully of the dimension of the Love of the Heaven. Not only a virtual knowledge, not a simple intellectual knowledge, but the perception of the loving matter of the Heaven.


Two methods of work:

        -internal work: it is the tantric on itself,

        -external work: it is accompanying on the tantric.


In the intern mean, it is necessary to differentiate into which principal danger has fallen the tantric structure: the danger of going in the feeling of the Earth, towards the Earth by saying that it lives its feelings or on the other side when it does not want this feeling any more, it says that it is afraid of it, that it does not rely any more on it. Thus, it is necessary to define the danger into which the tantric has fallen. And I do not say into which he will perhaps fall but into which it has fallen because it is a structural obligation.


If it has fallen into the sensation, it should be recalled it that to master it the presence of a particular clearness is required, and in addition the decision to put an end to all the system that it will perceive.

It is thus, for this structure an enormous work on the installation of this Presence and the decision of its life. It is a constant attention.


For the one who goes in the other danger, the one which rigidifies all his system, which removes his mobility, which does not trust any more himself and his feelings and which really believes being in a movement of Dignity, in a movement of the Heaven, that will be perhaps a little more difficult, but also a little more funny because it will be necessary to learn to him to cheer up his buttocks. In other words, it will be necessary to relearn to him to enjoy and to pay attention to the pleasure.

But one finds oneself in the same situation as previously. It will be necessary that he agrees to learn how to enjoy, it means to be pleased to receive the sun on the skin, the rain on the skin, that there is a new day which starts and when one goes up or that one goes down the staircases, it is not nothing: that wants to say that one is alive… that he relearns to feel a hand which meets his when he says hello, to feel his hand on the latch of the door or eating holding the fork…


In the final analysis, to contact again the feeling and the sexuality is less dangerous than to go directly in his sensation by love for it.

It is much easier when one has fallen into this rigidity, in this mistrust for his feelings because a great analysis has already been made, one has already made a great decision: one does not want to fall down in all his systems of before, one has understood the error of it, one has understood the handling from it. Thus already, the one who goes again to cheer up his buttocks will do it with an enthusiasm and a security very largely higher than the tantric structure, which has fallen into the first serious danger which brings it directly towards the Earth.


Then, it should well be explained to them why there is a difference between the impulse to the pleasure and the liberation to the pleasure.


In other words, there is a difference between the sensation and the pleasure which will result from it. The sensation, it, is not a problem, but the problem is what one will do of it.

By the opening of the deep memories, one has the possibility to perceive exactly what occurs when the feeling is called and that one says to it: « I love you ». There, the person realizes that she is sucked in a channel, which becomes darker and darker and that at a given time, she does not perceive anymore freedom. She is pulled by all the mechanism of the feeling. It is, ultimately, all the space created by the feeling which will direct its modes of perception, choice, decision.

On the other hand, if starting from the sensation she says: « Space I love you, it means, freedom I love you » there, it is something enormous which settles because she perceives the opening of a fantastic space of the Heaven, and in this space, her feeling will be able to live freely, and more than to live freely: to accelerate itself inside, to roll itself inside, to invigorate this space. She realizes that her sensation is also a benefit for the Heaven, an encouragement, an enlivening of the Heaven.


Which is the precision of work?


There is initially an impulse of sensuality, of sexuality, which one can, in fact, call a desire. One notices that something occurs, from oneself regarding the event, regarding someone else. There is an impulse which would like to involve an action. If you do not go in the involvement of the action, you will break this impulse. You fall down in the system of the rigidity. Then, it is necessary to have this peace, with this Presence of which I have spoken and this very powerful Conscience to push the impulse without the liberation of pleasure until a limit state. If you do not fall in the pleasure, one realizes at this time that all the impulse, that all the energetic desire ceases.

In other words, it is to accept completely the feeling, to accept completely the desire but not its result and there, it happens something extraordinary because all of a sudden there is the transformation of the quantum of energy into nourishment and not into evacuation. It is difficult to express with the words, but physically it is clear. All the energy which came in impulse, which then developed, goes to another addressee that the Grid because the intention of action is not any more the same one. There is a transformation of this intention of action into an energy which is a nourishing force for the Heaven.

A happiness which settles in the body and in the heart. This energy which has not been released by the usual pleasure is transformed into another matter which one does not know yet, because one has neither the practice of it nor the intimacy and one observes that one is full, happy and relaxed and in full confidence with the event.


There, when one realizes physically, one understands all that I could explain, one understands with the body all that could be perceived by the opening of the deep memories, one understands that the sensation is not a danger but on the contrary a richness because you live.

One often asks me what the death is. You died when you do not perceive any more the coldness of the winter, the rain on the skin, the sun on body etc. It is not worthwhile to play the dead-alive in this life. While perceiving although that the feeling is the normal relation with the world, one is held very normally and one lives very normally with that and one develops even all the phenomenon of the sensation.

But it is then the movement of the sensation and the type of love which will develop and the type of addressee who will develop starting from the sensation which imports. It is where all work is, a very large but completely enthralling work.


Then, one must accept all spaces which propose and work very frankly to their transformation, to their modification. It is necessary that the person starts to learn how to really like the others because the tantric structure does not like really the others: it likes its system of sensation by believing finally that it is a love of the others. But it is in fact the love of what is produced by the contact with the others. There, not. It will be necessary to love the others, it means to help them in the embarrassment, in the difficulty, in the error and to seek what one can do for them to transform them in their space. So, one welcomes everyone and it is a work. And from there, one works hard to manage to modify something which perhaps is not at all modifiable, to transform something which perhaps is not at all transformable because the person does not want it. But, one should not stop at the first discouragement, one should not stop at the first obstacle, nor even at the second or third or fourth.


Why? By dint of looking after the person one ends by loving her and by perceiving that despite all these nuisances, despite all her errors, despite all these conflict and completely absurd orientations, this person is nevertheless a son of the Heaven.


Now I will speak to you on the external side, it means of all that can do the accompanying, in addition to all what I have already spoken to you.


It is an enormous work because it is necessary to be truly an alive carrier of all this Force of Dignity, it means to have such a mastery of it that one can implement it in all the most incongruous situations because it is where it will be necessary to work with this tantric structure. It will be necessary to disturb all the reference marks of the feeling, to put an integral brothel in all that it could put in logic, classify, make safe itself.

In fact, one will give a shake-up in all the reference marks but one does it with the force of Heaven, with the illuminatory force. Therefore, there is a disturbance which crashes. It is as ramming into the closed door of its decoders of the Heaven. It is like the neon tubes filled with inert and transparent gas. But if one puts electricity inside, the particles of which this gas is made up are put in acceleration, crash into one another and that made of the light. It is what one does. The brothel is put to it, that is to say one puts it on a current of 740 V, that of Dignity! That will put in acceleration an inner lighting of Lucidity.


If he pays attention without judging, and if he knows that it is for him that you work and that thus you are not making fun of him, to amuse you of the circumstance and that you are not insane in activity, he will be then attentive to all the energetic force, to all this space, this matter which will develop from you. He will physically feel that there is another matter to breathe. I do not say another manner to breathe but another matter to eat and to breathe.

From there, it is obliged to let itself carry by the movement, by this Force which one propels, in which one rolls it continuously. There, it will perceive this Silence. But it is really big work.


If one does not arrive at this Peace and this Silence, which is a result of enormous agitation that one causes on all the system of the sensation of the perception of sexuality, there will never be the abandonment of the virtual dream impossible to realize. Never. Because there will not be the antidote. This virtual dream is printed in the cells, in the memory of all the cells of the body of the tantric structure, which wants to dance. Then, it is necessary that the virtual dream printed in the cells is evacuated. The only means is the perception of this Silence and of this love which is born from this Silence and from this physical wellbeing and that this Silence is not an exclusion of the sensation but a perfectly ordered acceleration of all this mechanism of the sensation and of pleasure.