Encounter: Difficulties of the structure



In the universe, it is a force which tries to cap the light, which wants to possess the light to be nourished from it. But in a deeper way, when you go into internal perception, you realize that there is a very clear malevolence against this light: one does not want only to use it and eat it, one wants to prevent it from existing because this presence is unbearable for this eater of light, it means this admirer of darkness.

This admirer of darkness has succeeded in sufficiently mobilizing the flux of the universe to manage to create an energetic structure which is very personal to it and it is the tantric structure.


This eater of light, this master of darkness why has it set up this tantric structure, which is its very particular character?


It is the sensation and the dance on the sensation. A tantric structure has an intense bodily vibration. It feels a movement in all its body. But beyond all its body there is a vibration pushing it to dance with the life, pushing it to dance with the event, pushing it to dance with the sensation.


In this enthusiasm to dance, there is the best of the Creation and the worst of the hell.


When one goes up very far in the knowledge of Creation, one perceives that there is this vibration of the Dance in the Source. So, this initial knowledge is inside all the cells of the body of the human and it is normal to be attracted by this cosmic dance.

But, once the being has taken a body, it remains in its short-term memory, only the notion of dance, and not the notion of cosmic dance.


The Grid will lean on the natural impulse to this dance, but it will make so that the feeling produced by the touch, by the contact, by the movement returns to it.


For that, It has succeeded in making a human structure in love

with the sensation for the sensation.


From there, it is It which will recover all the energy produced by this lover of the sensation.


The sensation is normal! One is on the Earth, one has senses which are working tools with space. It is a manner of communicating with the others, with oneself. So, it is right to have a sensation. It is richness.

But here it is, this sensation can be the starting point of the return in the space of the Heaven, of the return in this dance with the Source, between the White Woman and the Source… or then, one goes very deep in the hell because one likes the sensation for itself: it makes vibrate all the body and from there, one puts in acceleration a whole process seeking to enrich the sensation and to multiply it.


Then you see the tantric structure has been settled by the Grid to master, for It, what is the best in the human being and his body.


You dance in the condensed for the Light.


You are in the Light for the Light. You are in the Light because your entire body has been created by this original perfection, this assembly between the Source and the Movement which one calls the White Woman. Therefore, your body is the son of this coupling.



It is the Creation which is owner of your body.


It is not because the Grid has taken possession of this body to make it vibrate and dance in its manner, for its personal benefit, that It is the owner. It is as if there were a house, and an owner… then a tenant who ends up believing that it is it the owner. But, in any case, even if it makes vibrate the house with its measurement, even if it decorates it with its measurement, even if it adds the coats of paint to its measurement, nevertheless it is not it the owner of the walls. In each particle of the walls, stones, floors, wood, tiles, there is the stamp, the certification of the origin of this house.


And it is because there is this original stamp that the house can, at any moment, vibrate according to the first impulse which was given to it for its construction, its creation, its realization.


Therefore, this body and you have forgotten this initial coding printed in each one of your particles. You have forgotten it but it is not erased because this authentication of origin to perfection is ineffaceable, unclassifiable, and irreplaceable. This is quite simply labels that one can superimpose on the name of the initial owner. The name is engraved in all the particles of the walls, of the floors and the labels are only bits of paper which one can remove.


It is not because the Grid has had the capacity to organize in the universe this very particular structure with which it can play with the best of the being to lead it to dance for it, that automatically everyone has this structure.

Then, it is necessary to return to the previous life to understand the reasons which make that you have this structure.

At the time of death, you had a priority attraction in your old life. It is this attraction which makes that when you return on Earth this priority attraction settles again. In other words the physical death is only one episode. In reality there is continuity.

If you had not died, the evolution of your being was going automatically to continue so that you realize that attraction with these forms of pleasure leads you in terrible hells, after the first enthusiastic moments.


Your tantric structure would have automatically changed in the preceding life if you had continued it. It is now same continuity that you make in this life. There is just an interruption of time.

But this interruption of time is very important: it will be necessary that you rediscovered this intelligence in which you could be in the previous life where you started to perceive that the structure in which you were and that you liked, brought to you very significant disadvantages and that you would have agreed to change.

Your death has stopped this attention and when you return, you are like a small child, who does not immediately find the totality of his performance of attention, reflection, look on himself and on the world. You have a lull after this new rebirth which can last a long time, and even all your life because the system of the Grid makes so that you do not find this intelligence again.

And will you find this old state very quickly where you started to doubt of you? When I go very far in the knowledge of the tantric structure, I realize that in the preceding life, this tantric structure, this principal attraction to the sensation for the sensation started to be excessively weakened because the disadvantages became more important than the advantages and there was a progressive blossoming, but very clear of the Presence, that is to say of the intelligence of the Heaven which one has inside each cell.

It is where the Grid intervenes in an absolutely terrible way by the Law of cause and effect. When the Lucidity of the Heaven will disturb the structure so finely elaborated during millennium, it will make so that to cause a physical death in order to find this lull allowing it to play again its blows.


Thus, the tantric structure is a structure with a lot of pain in it because it has really the impression to be handled. It is true that spangles-Champagne was given to it, all the possibilities of playing on its field of sensation, of perception, to become an artist of the fireworks, but nevertheless there is always an underground sadness, the perception of a lack, perception to be misled. It is actually misled, precisely by The One which has constituted the structure in which it is, with the result that when it was perhaps ready to be freed of it in the previous life it has caused the physical stop of the life.


When the tantric structure has arrived at a maximum blooming, it is where one realizes that the promise of happiness is not held by the Grid and that there is suffering and constant lack behind which involves a reflection on the real utility of this vibration and where it leads.


On the other hand, somebody who only starts to like the sensation for the sensation, it means which only enters in the structure of tantric will continue until that the disadvantages are superior to the advantages. But for the moment, he sees only the advantages and that gives him great pleasure and to enjoy to be able to treat, work, make turn, handle, sensually and physically the others.

For the new tantric structures, it is rather insipid, without really of consistency, without matter underneath. That makes of virtual, there is an empty matter. There is not something on which really to lean on. There is a play of virtuality, of hope.

It is necessary to let these new tantric structures make compact their matter, it is necessary to let them work, it is necessary to let them stir things up. One can thus intervene on a tantric structure only when mayonnaise is quite compact.