The three fundamental laws





What are the three laws in fundamental energy?


There is the nourishment by displacement, the creation of the energetic object that one could also call the emotional object and the penetration by interest.


There are only three laws. But, it is necessary to understand within which framework these three laws are made themselves felt. They are made themselves felt exclusively within the framework of the karmic system of humanity because this system has deviated from the original intention, which has produced the creation of the Being. Without this gap, if the Being had remained in the continuity of the intention having produced his creation, these three laws would never have existed since there would never have been the necessity to nourish oneself from energy from one another, to eat oneself energetically from one another, to handle oneself from one another and to go to penetrate in the other.


These actions became essential only from the moment when one broke the thread of nourishment with the Source, when the game of the Source was not any more played and that one has made its completely particular space, its personal space. It was then necessary to give it the means of mobilizing your particular energetic system. These rules were thus instituted because of the separation.


Which was the interest of separation?


It is well the one of playing a personal game. There is not an own will of the being to exist differently than for the Whole, than for the Totality. It is very clear because when the deep memories are opened, it is immediately perceived. There is an original movement and it is beautiful to be with it. At this moment, he does not even think of the least possibility of making a gap or to do something of personal regarding that.

It is when there is this gap formed, when there has been this separation with the movement which was the original intention of the Source that it was necessary to find other modes of working. And it is always compared to a separation between the beings. It means that the beings become persons with whom, against whom and on whom, one exerts an action to obtain something. One loses the original triangulation which passed from a being to another being by the Heaven to arrive, now, to a dual relation: the one and the other. As a marksman in a western said it: « One is always two… There are me and the others ».


Therefore, there is the installation of these three rules, which cover all the range of the functioning of the humanity inside its loneliness. It is necessary to understand which these three laws are and how they function.


Somebody who is liberated, which is in confirmed illumination, does not function with these three fundamental laws any more.

He has found the initial connection of working inside each one of his cells.