Fundamental law

Nourhisment by displacement



The first of the laws is the one of the nourhisment by displacement. It is necessary that these beings nourish themselves in energy in the dual relation, once they are cut of the general nourishment of the Source. Then, they nourish themselves on top of one another.

The first of the nourishments is by the displacement because one causes a sensation, an electromagnetic gap which will be the fruit, the food of the one that has caused it.


They are mathematical laws at the energetic level:

The one who recovers the fruit of a work, of a movement on the energetic level is

the one who has directed, controlled the action.


The more he will cause a broad displacement the more he will be nourished from the other. A broad displacement should not be considered like something of the order of external space, in centimeters, meters or kilometers. It is the displacement in an internal space. If somebody has mobilized energy to go towards a destination which he likes and that one brings him where he does not like to be, there, he will produce a maximum quantity of energy because he will resist to the displacement. Therefore, he will generate a considerable energy to be opposed to it. But if this displacement is obtained, it means the result is there, the fruit of all the deployed energy returns between the hands of the one who has caused the displacement.


It means that the fruit always returns between the hands of the one who has programmed, organized, decided and made a success of the action.


This first law is very symptomatic of this reality of the separation of the being regarding the universe. The being is separated from the universe to make himself a personal world. But inside this personal world, they seek to separate themselves more from one another. It is the same intention. It is the continuity of the same intention of separation. It is for that in the generalities, I said that one could not understand the three energetic laws without the comprehension of the separation and what has led the separation, what has made that it could have perpetuated too.


For the ordinary man there is the research to displace to the maximum someone else on a territory where precisely he would not like to go above all. There is thus, there, the maximum nourishment. But, even if there is not this deeply perverse action, it is a law which exists in all the events. Now, I displace you! I continuously displace your attention, your form of reflection and your internal chemistry. Two persons discussing are displaced continuously. It is of that there is this mutual nourishment.


In the case taken in theory there was only one which made the action while the other being was moved.

In reality, everyone moves everyone.


What makes a healer, an osteopath and all those which work in manual energy? They continuously displace the person who comes to see them. The person who comes to see them always fall into the same hole: either physics, or emotional. She comes to see the healer so that he makes that she does not fall thus any more. So the healer, through his action, displaces her. Because of this displacement, he is nourished. It is his real remuneration, much more than the money. But as he displaces the person for her good, there is a very positive energy which emerges from the displaced person and it is what makes that these manual healers, are merry people, with happiness in the heart.


It is a law which functions in all the directions.

There is neither good nor bad.

It is to you to know in which direction you make it function:

to move somebody for his good

or to move it to only nourish you?

Indeed the quality of displacement will generate the type of energy which will be emitted by the displaced person

and by correlation the type of nourishment which you will receive.


As long as you are always bound by the human karmic system, as long as you do not have a completely confirmed illumination, you are related to the three energy laws. You are related to this first law of nourishment by displacement. Therefore, you, you move the others and you can be displaced.


Even a completely released being, in the human karmic system will use these laws to be able to work, modify and help the others. Except that him, is not subjected any more to these laws. He cannot be displaced any more.

There, I am displacing you. But that you would be content or not content there will be no relation on me because I know what I am making. I know that the result it is yourself which do it according to what you have learned, to what you agreed to take from what I give you. It is you who make the result. Therefore you will not make me feel responsible regarding this result although you will always seek to do it. It is not because you have tried to make it, it is not because you will seek to displace me that you will succeed there.


It is not necessary to be worried sick. One should not be made concern for nothing. This energetic law functions in all the cases of figure. The only question is to know if you make it function for the interest of the other or for your personal interest. Therefore, does not prevent you from living, does not prevent you from moving nor to be displaced: it is the everyday life. It is this life which is radically changed when there is this revolution of the brain which causes the illumination. But, still it is necessary that then you unroll the excursion as an adult and that you do not fall down again like a child.


Therefore, this first law of nourishment by displacement is very simple. If you look at well, you cover the totality of the comprehension of the continual interventions that the ones make on the others. When I tell somebody to cease penetrating at the other, to intervene at the other with his emotional stories, his dreams, his ideas… I invite him to start to put an end at this law and to understand that there is a splendid beauty to let the other in his movement when his movement is right because it is him, thus, which will recover the fruit of his movement, the fruit of his work.

On the other hand, each time he is moved it is someone else, who will recover the fruit of his action.


It is thus that one can say that you are all robbers but that you steal yourselves all mutually and that it is the common rule, institutionalized and accepted.