Fundamental law


Creation of the energetic object



The second law in fundamental energy is the creation of the energetic object which one assimilates too easily to the creation of an emotional object.

In fact, starting from the origin which is always energetic, thus from the creation of the energetic object, it is always a question of space, it means of place, of environment in which this « energetic object » will move. It will take the coloring of the space in which it will move.


Space is a movement. This movement is a vibratory state born from an intention. It has a particular coloring which defines it.


You came on Earth, you have been created from the Heaven with an intention. In each one of your particles there is your original coding which makes that when this vibration is moving you are the Heaven.


In the current space of the humanity separated of the Heaven, there exists the emotional. This emotional makes that the energetic object « is coloured » with this vibration and becomes an emotional object. It is for that which that becomes so complicated.


It is thus that all the emotional systems are made on themselves. And inside this bubble of the humanity which was already closed compared to Creation, there are lots of small bubbles which self-closed on themselves and it is the war of the small bubbles inside the large bubble of humanity.

It is in that there will be a very important psychological and emotional repercussion since you will be recognized by a system according to your capacity to live and make the emotion and to implement the vibratory system which has created you as emotional being.

For example, a family has a method to generate its emotional system. It will be said spontaneously that one is of this family. This family thus will recognize one of its members.


But, if all of a sudden there is something in you which says that it is not right, which feels that there is another thing, that from time to time you feel that it goes out of the memories of your body, of your heart another possibility to live, from this moment you stand back to assess the general system of vibration. One will say to you that you are not any more of this family, that you give it up. It is thus that the mechanism of the recognition intervenes. You are recognized because you make function the vibratory system which has created you as an emotional object and you will be made feel guilty when one will say to you that you give up your family, that you are not any more a member of it.


Not to be recognized anymore is relatively acceptable for your energetic system… but the reproach « to give up » his brothers are on the other hand with much difficulty bearable. Why?

When you open your deep memories, you perceive that you came in the world to take part. If all of a sudden an intern structure of the humanity, which is called the family, the couple or something else of more general says to you that you do not like it anymore, you feel as a stab in the back because your initial engagement is to love the men and to take part in their life.

When one makes you this reproach you feel self-guilty, because it is oneself which we make feel guilty. It is never the outside which makes feel guilty because it does not have this energetic capacity.


Then, how can set up « this retreat » at the emotional handling. Which is the mechanism in action?

You are an emotional object built by your education system, recognized by your family and the group when you will yourself make more dynamic again, to revitalize the vibratory system which has made you. When you are revitalizing this vibration, you revitalize also the intention which has set up this emotional vibratory system. It is because you make more dynamic again this untrue original intention that it makes an enormous click in all your cells because in all your cells there is the initial coding of the Creation which reacts to this lie!!!!!! … it particularly stronger that the lie is enormous!!!!!


And there, all of a sudden it is the spiritual shock:


you feel that you came for another intention that that

and that all « that » is an enormous lie…

that does not have to be preserved!!!!


Then « everything changes »!!! You question all!!!!!! You want to understand!!!!!!!!!


In other words what was done spontaneously before this « spiritual shock » and that you found normal, all of a sudden now you question yourself on the fact of knowing if it is normal to act like that!

Thus you question yourself on the intention and you will thus begin your personal adventure by saying you that there is « may be » other thing which exists.


You are then in retreat from the event. You receive it but you do not return it immediately any more. These are the others which perceive that you make this retreat and who come to make you the reproach of it. You, you take only a distance to understand. You are not rejecting them. You are only moving back yourself to understand something.

Here is what is the first possibility of perceiving that there is a difference between the intention which has given birth to the vibratory system in which you are and the first intention which is registered by the Creation in each particle of your body.


It is the spiritual shock, the spiritual experiment, which is determining but which often does not occur because one nevertheless needs somebody who is already quite advanced « to feel » that he does not exist on Earth « to live that ».


For the others that does occur?

They have also all their chances to stop with this continual ritournello of the creation of the emotional object by the vibratory system in which they are by looking at the effects of this vibration, it means the effect of the action. At a given moment, you think that it is not pretty, that it is oppressive for you as for the others, that this engages you to make actions towards the others, towards yourself, that you do not find them very generous and you do not like yourself in it.

For these people it will be much more difficult because they have not readjusted the starting shock to be able to see the original commitment, the original intention of the Creation in each particle.


There, it is by the end,

it is by the effects that they begin their research.


There, the being will be obliged to make the opposite way: he will pass by the facts which are not appropriate to him, he will see why all that was constituted thus, he will go up in opposite direction through the object which he is himself, through the emotional object which he is in his body and his spirit.

From the outside which he does not like, he will go up quietly towards the maker of this outside which is himself and the others, and he will raise the question to know how he has been made thus, why that functions thus. He will go up in the vibratory system and will understand this working.


There, all of a sudden he will perceive the matter of the life before it was put in mobilization by the emotional vibration

he will begin his first steps of adult conscious of his existence and of the “forces” applied to the World.