The External Circle provides the knowledges on the organisation of the Universe. It is impressive the quantity of essential information which opens up to the Consciousness and nourishes it.


But that does not suffice for the transformation of the Being who receives these knowledges. This person must have a lack, an urgent need to understand and to fill an essential void that she feels in her body…a will to fill a destiny which always seems to escape to her.


Without this intense need, these informations will not help at all the maturing of the Being and of his Consciousness.

That will make one more pretentious who will know to speak of his new knowledges and turn into professor being full of himself with his very recent knowledge.


Also very few people are really entered in this External Circle of knowledge. They have only skimmed over it with their reasoned intelligence and the natural reflex of Bam which is the accumulation to then trot out again this stored information.


Also, if already you have learnt about these teachings given to Heidi because this young woman had the body ready to receive the transformation produced by these knowledges, restart now your reading…but see to it that it is your body which reads and not your reasoned intelligence.

You will feel the difference !


But if your body is not capable to read, then I give you an advice of grand-father : go quickly to the café or to the brothel of the ordinary life and do no longer worry about Direct Way.

The minimum conditions of transformation are not there for the transformation of your Consciousness.

Do not lose thus your time in useless efforts.


Leave your dreams guide you…

… and perhaps one day you would like to leave them because they become too bulky!


Then it will happen an extraordinary state : when we know we are really in danger, a very peculiar attention is set in motion which takes possession of the body and of the spirit and does not let anymore room for something else which could distract it.


While writting these lines, come back to my memory few verses written in the Universe :


« Altough you have received the Essential Teachings,

Altough you have met the teacher who has shown you the fundamental points of the Practice of the Life,

You continue to succumb to the sly demon of the distraction,

And your spirits, such as playful monkeys, pass next to the Impartial Way which frees from every things,

Don’t you have the feeling to lose the time of this life which is like an spark? »


So pay attention to your body. That will develop the Primordial Intelligence which is integrated to each one of your cells and your Consciousness can mature.


Without that, it will only be one more intellectual game … a new manner to masturbate more intimately… but your testicles, that you can besides put in feminine, will be in a grandiose delight which will make you believe that you are in a liberating spiritual Way.


Pay a great attention to that. It is essentiel so that the energy is freed from the cells of your body and is channelled in order to make your spirit « serious »…

… very naturally and without effort to cease being this playful monkey which runs after its dreams of kid.



To look and to feel the life in its Reality, without filter.


Here is the Essence of the External Circle of knowledge.