Given to Heidi


Welcome or no-welcome.



At the beginning, those who are with you will not too well perceive what you are doing, they will be astonished, curious…

If they are very egoistic, it means, that they estimate to be the center of the space, they will even take that very badly.


Because you see, the seeker of Truth knows that all is in a movement : he basically perceives it inside him, all is in a constant displacement. Also when a new event happens, he says :

« Ah great, something is happening ! That will move, that will stir up, one will discover differently ! »


On the other hand, the one who has a foot completely in the initial pride- and I recall you : when you go out of the plane, you go through the airport, « stamped human, certified proud »- the one who has remained inside, because he was pleased in it, because the secondary circumstances around him have been favorable to nourish him in this dimension, well, this one, when something new happens in his environment, will say :

« Oh my God, what is happening there? »


And him, thus, is in immediate panic when there is a modification. If you have in your space somebody or some people who are like that, they will well perceive that you are modifying the environment and their first reaction will be:

« Oh my God, what are you doing there, you perturbs ! »


And you, you cannot make differently than, either to continue, either to leave, since your noticing of the limits of the space has been clear, and you have not plaid the ostrich, you have not put your head in the sand while saying :

« Yes, ok, I have seen… but one will try to come to an agreement later …».


You have well seen that one cannot arrange the things thus; things are like that !

One must not judged them, they are neither well, nor bad ; they are quite simply like that, and according to the field of adventures which is offered to you, you have a possibility of action, it is all. If you want to increase your possibility of actions, you must increase your field of adventures and you know it well.

So you will continue with the techniques that I will show you in a few days.

And then miracle, it can arrive that the people who are in this space find that the extension of the field of adventures is not so bad, that they discover certain things in it, and that to go to practice differently the life is not so silly and that even, it is relatively good !


Then there, you will have won, you will have brought them in their dimension of possibility of their Flow of Dignity, such as you had perceived it when you went to the mountain, when you worked with this intention, this will to find an agreement with the other, that you worked with your Intuitive Intelligence. You give them access to this dimension, you increase their space, what will enable them to act more largely and to go deeper in their Dignity.


I do the same thing with you, right now and since the first day, as soon as you sat down in front of me, it is that which I have started to do : I have increased your energetic space, I have increased your field of adventures, and this is why at each time that you came, I told you :

« Ah well, your chest swells, your breathing swells ! ».

And you, you could have believed that it was the information that I had given you, which had reassured you…

It is true, that reassures a little, but it is not that which did the work.


It is the affection, the concern that I have for you, which has acted and without this action, the possibilities of modification are very tiny. And very rare.