Given to Heidi


To be self-moved away from our Dignity.



So you are back !

I notice that you are well, thus I will finish with this teaching on the Space, on the Environment. In fact, to finish with it, is a great word ; I will finish with the introduction because all your life, you will have to work on the Space… the space of the others and yours !


Space is thus the place, the field of adventures in which will be exerted the Will, and the Will will never be able to go beyond what Space agrees to carry !

Thus it is very important to know the limits of the Space, and its possibilities of portage. Because it is not only a question of limits, it is also about the possibilities of portage, it means the possibilities of decoding certain information.


The most beautiful Space in which you will be able to penetrate, very quickly, in a few weeks, will be the White Space of the Creation that some people call Universal Love.

You will notice, yourself by your physical perceptions, all the nourishment which intervenes thus in all the cells, as much of the body than of the brain : the Beauty of the world, all the Love of God dis there !


But for the moment, I only want to draw your attention to the fact that in this Space, which is made of Original Perfection, there is not the possibility of perceiving the state and the reality of the flow of pleasure.


The flow of pleasure has remained on Earth. It has remained hung at the body ; in fact the flow of pleasure is attached to the genetics of the man.


But when you are in the White Space of the Creation, that some people call « the Universal Love », you have no longer the perception of your body. You are with a Consciousness which looks at, feels and understands. In a lot of Traditions that is call « the Spirit ». Also, for the moment, we will keep this word and refine it later.


And this Spirit which notices, does not have any relationship with the flow of pleasure ; it is only the Flow of Dignity of which it perceives the movement.

It is in this Space of the Creation which is an Intelligence and a Love, a colossal Love ; when you perceive this Love, you notice that beside human love, this is little stories for babies.


But in this Space, there is not any possibility of perceiving the real dimension of working of the flow of pleasure and especially its pleasure to do oneself harm. Because you see, when I explained you the first energetic law which is the nourishment by displacement, one considers immediately how the others move you and how you move the others, to nourish you reciprocally.

That, it is easy, even though it is already a very great revelation, since that gives you an essential key of the explanation of the human behavior.


But where it is much more difficult to perceive and that takes much more time and subtlety, it is the nourishment regarding yourself.

And how you, you are able to move yourself to nourish you ?


But who is nourished ?

It is the flow of pleasure. The Flow of Dignity does not need to be nourished ; it has its normal nourishment which occurs in a spontaneous way, if I can express me like that. The only fact of being moving, there is a nourishment. One does not even realize that one is nourished ; one is in the movement, one is in the contentment, and one is in the Joy.

You may have perceived, that when one is happy, one does not realize it ; when one is in the real joy, in a dimension of space of real happiness, one does not really realize it…

It is when one is in the unhappiness, that one realizes that, before, one was in a space of happiness. It is thus by the gap and the separation that there is this perception of happiness and unhappiness and this perception is because of the decoding of the small-minded spirit ; but this small-minded spirit is related to the flow of pleasure, this small monkey which is agitated on all the bars of the cage. There is not an observant spirit in the body of Dignity.

So you see, when you are in this body of Dignity, one cannot perceive that one also likes to be moved by oneself to be able to be self-nourished within the framework of the flow of pleasure. And which is the maximum displacement that the flow of pleasure can produce to be self-nourished, to be self fed, to self enjoyed ?


Well, it is to do a gap with ones Plan of Life, with ones Dignity! …


Ah, I believe that you start to understand !

You start may be to understand also what is the real movement of all those who have fun with sadomasochism… on themselves!

And it is through the image of oneself, of yourself, that you have built with the flow of pleasure, that you will be handled. The flow of pleasure which has built this image, can self-destroy you. You build yourself the obstacles to find your Original Dignity again, because the gap with this Dignity is a colossal pleasure for the flow of pleasure, it is a splendid nourishment.