Given to Heidi


Space of the parents.



After having taken your Life Plan, after having taken the energetic tools to implement it in the World, you arrive in the body and at this moment you take at the same time the flow of pleasure, as I have already explained it to you,.

Then you get out of the plane, you pass at the airport. Firstly, passport:

« Authenticated human, so certified proud ».

Then, after, the customs you hear :

« Well my little lady you have a small luggage which waits for you, at the left-luggage office ! ».

That is called the Karma of the previous life.


Once that you have the karma of the previous life and have taken the flash of the space while leaving the plane, you will go in a small car at the exit of the airport which is called family.... and lets go !


And then it is at this moment, very happy with the medicine that you carry, with the happiness that you have in you, that you will want to make radiate in the world. Thus you realize that the world, it does not want of your medicine.

Here are what will be the limits of your first space.


Your first field of adventures, it is the family field ; you will live inside the space of the parents, and you will realize that one wants more or less of you, one wants more or less of what you are.


And thus you will be limited from the beginning.


Then understand well that this starting limitation is related to the impossibility that you have in the White Space to perceive the reality of the space of pleasure on Earth. And that will be a shock!


It is a shock for everyone. For a lot of people, it is the origin of the first original fear, which is :

« Shit I will not make a success of my business,… that will not work...! »

For a lot of people, it is the beginning of the defeat, of the fear of the defeat.


On the psychological level, they try to discover what occurred between parents and children and also in the life of the child, to produce this sense of the defeat, this original fear.

They work hard, but they cannot go before the birth, at least the human birth which is when you go out of the belly of the mother, because, energetically, at the level of the Creation, you are born from the moment when you came into the belly of the mother ; they cannot perceive which is the commitment that you have taken at the beginning, thus they will go round and round to find explanations and theories.


When you will be in this White Space of the Creation while using these energetic practices, one will look at in a very precise manner which were your methods of appreciation of the space, which were your methods of appreciation of the flow of pleasure and go and see whether you were not too pretentious, if you did not give yourself a too important Life Plan for the family parental environment in which you arrived.

Because if you have been too pretentious, you did not give yourself the necessary and essential energetic tools to be able to work… and there, it is a very big problem, a very great fear, a very great anguish which settles in the child who leaves the belly of the mother, when he perceives all the force of the flow of pleasure, and that he notices :

« And shit I have not taken the good tools to arrive at the end of my work ».


When that occurs, it is necessary to find somebody who has the possibility of making again for you the energetic tools, and this somebody is very rare, and if you do not have the possibility of finding a person of this quality, then for the essential, if the gap is too important, the child tries to go back from where he comes, while saying :

« Ok, I have failed my landing, I have to start again ! ».

And he will be put in situation of self-destruction.

I have already said it to you, it is the major explanation of infant mortalities from zero to six months, I will say from zero to eight months, of these accidents which one could not understand which makes the child died with an exceptional speed.


The child can try physically to kill himself : he will have jumped systematically out of the cradle to hit his head on the tiling, he will have hit his head against the cast iron radiators…etc. I have had to look after many children who have tried thus but who did not succeed in killing themselves; on the other hand, they have succeeded in disconnecting the part of the brain which enabled them to be lucid. And these are all very evolved beings who all of a sudden on this Earth, have said :

« Ah that will not work, it is not possible ! ».

I will speak a little to you about these children when I speak to you about the karma of the current Earth which limits also the possibilities of action and it is a very big problem.


Thus you must know that Heaven side, you are limited, at least White Space side of Heaven, because if we have to work together and to be together lengthily, you will know that there are eight stages of perception in the Heaven and that the White Space of Creation, it is the first and it has this limitation of look, this limitation of perception on the flow of pleasure.

But it is in this White Space of the Creation that you return when you left the body in the previous life and it is from there, that the mailing is remade, I would say the data-processing mailing to redefine your new Life Plan and your new energetic tools of action.



Thus it is a Space very important to know in detail.