Given to Heidi


Space of the Earth.




The second important space which will limit your action, it is the Earth, in a general manner ; then it is the vibration of the Country in which you are, and at least places in which you live.

But the most important, it is the one of the Earth in general !

The karmic system of the current Earth which will more or less allow a development of action of the Dignity. What will import for you, it is the very exact relation between the general karma of the Earth and the general karma of the humanity : how these two karmas of the human and of the Earth are being coupled and are being mixed?

And there, now, there is one very big problem… because the energetic system of the Earth has had enough of the energetic system of the Human, which continuously rots it.

For the human, the Earth is a dustbin; for the human, the Earth is like a store in which one comes to thieve, to draw to ones satiety without taking care of the stock, without taking care of the renewals.

In fact, the human is a thief of the Earth, he is a pollutant of the Earth ; and the Earth according to its becoming, according to its energetic and karmic system, cannot support this thieve anymore, cannot support this pollution anymore ! And in its Intelligence, since Creation is an Intelligence Love, by the relation of cause and effect, the Earth is rejecting the human out of It, because It cannot allowed Itself to accept Its destruction.

Besides, on the level of the Cosmic Intelligence it is not even question of acceptance or of refusal ; it is a relation of cause and effect, I would say almost mathematical : the Earth is cutting the inch which is called human, of the whole of its body, in order not to have gangrene.

You see, whatever he does, the human will never be able to destroy the Creation, will never be able to destroy the Flow of Dignity, will also never be able to destroy the Earth. The human, this is like an inch of a body, of a whole, but this overall body has an Intelligence, and if the inch is ill, and that he does not want to cure and that he is very well thus, this Intelligence has the capacity to cut the inch so that the whole remains healthy and can continue its movement of cause and effect, its cosmic movement of Creation.

And it is what is occurring. It is for that, I have said it from the beginning, that I speak now, or else I would never have done it. I speak by obligation. May be one day, I will explain you, or even better, I will show you how things occur on the level of the cosmic decisions, but believe well that I do not have any pleasure to do what I do now.

I must do it it is all !

So I do it because may be there will be still, or there are still some individuals on Earth who can save themselves and do so that, by complete purification of their karmic system of the flow of pleasure, they are not obliged to remain related to the destiny of the human. Thus when the human will not exist anymore, they will be able to be reincarnated in another form and go to help the Universe in another manner.

This current environment of humanity is very important for you, because it will be limiter.



I will say something of scary, but which is perfectly true, it is that, due to this current environment of humanity, the Flow of Dignity cannot develop harmoniously.



That, it is relatively easy to hear, and relatively easy to understand.


But what is much more difficult to hear and to understand, it is that in all his great decisions, the human will be naturally pushed to take decisions against his survival. You understand, Creation has decided the destruction of the man, I said it to you a moment ago. There is not a decision strictly speaking, it is a mathematical state of cause and effect, where the negative becoming too much important compared to the positive, there is a phenomenon of feedback. It means of self-return.


Watch your television, read your newspapers, take all general information about the whole planet, and you will realize that systematically, decisions which will be against the harmonious development of humanity will be taken, always, always in the direction which will lead to the increase of the destruction of this humanity.


I can still tell you the things differently : the current human cosmic space, at least the space of humanity in general, cannot carry the Flow of Dignity peacefully anymore. … human is therefore naturally led to take a set of decisions that will produce his self-destruction.


Then it should be known that currently the Earth in general, at the level of its karmic state, does not present anymore one sufficiently rich field of adventures to allow the Flow of Dignity to be developed harmoniously. And even just to be developed.