Given to Heidi


So what to do ?...



But for the moment, it is about you… So how will you do ?


Because you really need to express your generosity and your Plan of Life on Earth, otherwise you will always be limited.

So you will have to make space for you, that you use all the techniques that I will teach you and that despite the opposition, despite the constraint that a collective space will exert on you.


In other words, you will have to accept to be marginalized, because with the perceptions that you will have, which will be absolute, without any system of relativisation, it means which will not be debatable, all the systems established having the Power can absolutely not accept you.


But if you, you will not be at war with them, believe well that them, will be at war with you and will use all the means which will be at present at their disposal to stop you to work.


You have arrived until twenty four years without having destroyed yourself.

You will have now to work on the means to widen the space, on the means of setting up new spaces next to this karmic dominant space.


That will be a very big job, because from now, you must thus prepare you not to be welcomed by the dominant Power that it is social or religious. It is difficult because with the image that you have built of you, that the social system has also helped to build, you would like to be recognized, you would like to be welcomed…

… and well there will not be of welcoming, there will not be recognition.


You thus will have to be very strong, and my first concern, in the techniques that I will teach you during the few days which are coming, will be to make you be strong.


And it is thus that you must be getting ready to function in you and towards the others, without waiting for the less recognition, by simply the absolute intimacy with your Original Dignity.