Given to Heidi


Energetic caisson.



Ah well, you are back, and at dawn !

However you have a long way to come here,… Ah yes, you have pitched a tent at one hour from here… And why not nearer? … Ah, you did not want to annoy me…


Well, there is force in your belly : that always starts with the cheerfulness of the heart, and that continues then by the force in the belly; because it is where the center of your energy system is and it is where you will find the force to go very far in your inner voyage.


So you see, you have to understand very well the subtlety of the action of the environment, of the action of the energy caisson in which you are, on the whole, on your entire energy system.


I have just employed a new word there, I said « energy caisson »…

It is like a box : it has its vibrations, it has its system, I would say, electromagnetic, it has its movement, and inside this caisson, you can circulate only according to its own rules.


And an energy caisson is, if I give you a precise example, when somebody has a cancer and that he will have radiations treatment, a box which radiates on him, sends rays on him which penetrate him and which do an action on his internal chemistry.

And well, any environment functions exactly in the same way, it radiates on the energy system of a person and modifies and leads her internal chemistry.

According to your internal chemistry, well, you will be led to practice in such or such manner, or more exactly, to have the tendency and the impulse to practice in a certain manner.


Do you understand the importance of what I am telling you there ?


And it is thus that I have talked to you about the karma about the space, the overall space, the space of the Earth, the karma of the humanity such as it has been made in the decline of the man, since centuries and centuries, but with an enormous acceleration since decades.


And I have told you that the man, inside this overall karmic system will be automatically led to take in reflex decisions which will lead to his self-destruction, since now the entire karmic system, the system of this overall energy caisson, is a system destructive for the future of the man.


And it is thus that it functions and it is excessively important to understand this kind of action for at first being able to escape from it and then to be able to transform it and put an end to it.


In fact, you can never put an end to a system of energy caisson, since we always live in an environment.


The environment is always there, the one of the Earth, the one of the Space, the one of people, the one of the work…


The question is to know how you can create around you an environment which will not be a constraint on your energy system, but on the contrary, which will pull it still a little more upwards.



Thus the energy caisson will be able, if it is deeply generous, to modifie this balance between the flow of Dignity and the flow of pleasure inside you, and to do so that the flow of Dignity finds much more space for its extension, and be pulled, be attracted, be developed.


In compensation, in this energy caisson that you will be led to make in you and around you, there will not be the necessary elements allowing the expansion of the flow of pleasure.


And it is thus that you will enter truly in a religious dimension of your own life, made by you.


You thus have this possibility inside you, through this access to the flow of Dignity, to be able to increase your internal chemistry so that Dignity can be able to be exerted freely.


You see, we are always obliged to approach the energy caisson coming from the collective space like limiter of Dignity, because, alas, due to the degeneration of the human system, it is what continuously occurs, and it is only one side of the coin.


The other side of the coin, it is that the energy caisson can also draw, bring, increase the whole of the generosity of the individual, and it is that the religious approach.




And it is for that it is said

« what does that means to be religious ? »


Well, it is not to be submitted to the wind, to the rain, to the draught anymore ; it is not to be one leaf submitted to the fluxions of the wind anymore; it is not to be a pebble rolled by the waves anymore.


And what does that want to say?


That wants to say that inside you, there is a

development of a force, of a lucidity, which is not related anymore to the influence of the usual, normal, human energy caisson; and that you are making another type of caisson in you.



Do you understand ?

One does not withdraw from a caisson, because it is absolutely impossible; the space and the will will always go together.


And yesterday, I told you something terrible, I told you that the general energy caisson of humanity is no longer carrier of the flow of Dignity, does no longer allow the flow of Dignity to be freely exerted but on the contrary, becomes increasingly opposing.


What wants to say at the same time, that this energy caisson develops continuously, always a little more, the power of the flow of pleasure… and that wants also to say, even if I repeat me because it is excessively important, that it will induce the energy system of the human to systematically take decisions against his future and his stabilization on Earth.


In other words, it will be naturally lead to take decisions of self-destruction.


And it is a catastrophe! … it should well be understood that there is not a God who sanctions, that there is not a Father who says « now me, I have decided to destroy you ! ».

That does not function like that in the universe, and I will often have the occasion to come back on that point because it is very important…


It is very important since that permits to release you from all the false ideas that there exists an aid outside you; that, while going to adore such or such Divinity, or such God, you will find a return of satisfaction because he will be pleased with you and that he will come to help you.


In reality, it is the system, the law of cause and effect which functions completely.

A cause produces an effect, the effect is itself the cause for another effect, etc…


And this sequence determines the conditions of an energetic caisson.

This energetic caisson has then influence on the energy body and the whole of the energy system of the humans which are inside this caisson.


Then, this is the reflex system which conducts to have such or such thought, such or such mood, and that one estimates just and normal because one feels it thus.

But that is neither fair, nor normal,


This is quite simply a realation absolutely mathematical, physical, chemical between the vibration of an energy caisson and the energy system of the man.


You can check it at every moment.

Be very peaceful, very calm, and go in a house where it is the aggressivity, the war, the tension. Very quickly, you will realize that you have ideas of war which are born inside you, that you have impulses to resolve the stories of your life and the conflicts of your life with violence, with the weapons, with hard words.

On the other hand, if you are a little bit agitated, go in a house where it is the peace, where one looks for the friendship the ones with the others, and you will see how you will be alleviated very quickly, and that at the same time, all your intuitive system will discover soft possibilities and harmonious possibilities to resolve the conflicts that you have with others.

What has happened?

You have quite simply gone from an energy caisson to another. The one and the other have had an influence on you, here is how the normal human system functions.


But fortunately, there is this possibility with the Presence, this Consciousness and the direct access to the Dignity to modify the impact of the energy caisson on the energy system of the human.