Given to Heidi





But know that this liberation of the normal human energy caisson will make of you somebody who will be separated from the usual reflex behavior of the humans who are around you.


They will thus well perceive that you will behave differently, that you will be different.

And do not believe that this noticing will lead to congratulations, but on the contrary, to a reproach, because the second energy law will completely function, the law of creation of the energy object, of the sensitive and emotional object, and one will try to trap you by the recognition. And one will say to you « but I do not recognize you anymore ! who are you now? You are no longer part of us …».

And that will not going to be easy.


Thus you will be led, at the same time as you transform your internal chemistry, to try also to transform the chemistry of the caisson in which you are all together so that the others could be withdrawn a tiny bit of their old attitudes.

But in any case, they will never be able to escape the caisson.

I insist a lot on that because there is a complete lack of knowledge of this mechanism of liberation which makes say anything and which would make you going in any direction.

If you change the modes of the energy caisson in which you move with other people, you, as the other people will be submitted to the influence of this new caisson created. They escape the first caisson but they do not escape the transformed caisson, because in any case, you are always in a caisson, understand that well.


And thus, without them realizing it, you will make so that the gap between you and them, is not as important as if you abandoned them to their own caisson. It is what I told you yesterday : increase the space of the others, increase their field of adventures and they will thus accompany you more easily in the extension of yours. Do not abandon them.


In any case, you are there to take part. Then instead of going to work on the form of the will while saying : « but you should change !», while reproaching, while making theories… well, you will work in an extremely deep manner, on the modification of the energy caisson which will lead at the same time to the modification of all its behavioral system and its internal chemistry.

But for the moment, you are inside an overall energy caisson of humanity, deeply unfavorable to all what you want to do, to all the liberation to which you long for.

And for the moment, they will be automatically only adversaries if you do not make your transformation in the secrecy of your heart and that you start to reveal your modification, your novelty, like a play, like something of very beautiful, like a new film that you have seen…

So, let the revelations at the bottom of the drawer. Transform you in your quietness, in your simplicity, until the moment when, sufficiently strong and sufficiently lucid of the things, you will be able to start to work on the modification of the surrounding energy caisson in order to also involve the others in your mobility and in your novelty.

At this moment you will be able may be to start to speak about it…

But until now, you let things secret.


It is absolutely necessary to avoid this separation with the others, because contrary to what you believe, that will be the war.

If you, you are not at war against them, them will be at war against you and it is them who have the power, and it is them who have the mass, and your life will become very difficult.


It is very important, really essential for you to be very intimate with the comprehension of the implication of the energy caisson on the energy system of the human and the system of relation with the karma.


To be intimate does not stay at a simply intellectual level, but you must continue the noticings which currently occur in all the observation of your everyday life, and that you look at well how exists this form of conditioning of the behavior of the individual regarding the space and the vibration in which he is located.