Given to Heidi


Creation of the Man


first energetic law.



At the beginning, at the origin on this planet called Earth, there is not the man and the woman, such as you currently know them; there is an androgynous being, it means a being who does not have a sex or a being who has both sexes inside him…


This androgynous being, in fact simply this being, since it is by the separation which was done afterwards between the man and the woman that one has created this word androgynous… at first there is thus this being who lives in complete relation with the rules of the Universe, which one can call God, we can use this word if that is easier for you, if it is something which is clearer for you, but you will perceive later that God does not exist and you will see that directly.


So this Being lives in complete relation with the rules of the Universe, with the cosmic rules. There is a colossal, fantastic emotional exchange between these beings, there is communication which does not pass by the word, but which is simply immediate through the intention of the action….

There is neither the creation of the material object such as you currently know it. They are objects of light. The notion of materiality is also invented later. It is just movements of light, it is just movements of intention, it is a multiplication which creates the movement of the Universe and which functions with it,


I will have the opportunity to come back on that to explain it to you in detail and more completely, but know that at a given time, there has been a genetic incident, there has been a separation of sex, what one has called man and woman. These incidents made very particular beings, which had the possibility of acting on their emotional system and of sensations, what the others did not have because they were always in the movement of Creation and Its Will.


Thus these new curious, abnormal beings, had this new characteristic to be able to create an electromagnetic gap between them, and that involved the movement of the emotion, that involved the perception of the sensation, and then one has found that funny… One has said, well, this is « a plus» to the working, one has a possibility of playing on an emotional system, on a system of sensations, there is the possibility of choice, there is the possibility of exercising directly his will on the space and on the other, and that has seemed very interesting! … Then this accidental and genetic separation has multiplied by the force of the collective will and thus man and woman have been created and they have started to learn how to play between them….


I hear the good thinking people shouting through the window: « ravings that all that, lie, irrelevant theory! » … it is neither lie, neither wild ravings, nor theory. You will have the possibility and I will give you the exact technical means, allowing to uncover in your memory, this reality and to perceive it in direct, without embellishments, without intermediary, without role… and any person on this earth, has this possibility if he really wanted it, but he prefers to shout lie, theory! …


I go quickly because I do not have much time in front of me. This biological separation which has settled between man and woman, is thus related to the arrival of the emotion, of the sensation of the difference; and of all the emotional and psychological play that one can create from there,… It is thus at this time that on the level of the creation of the man the first energetic law has settled, the first fundamental law which is the energetic nourishment: two beings on this earth that you call, man and woman, or simply Man, nourish themselves continuously by the gap that they produce one on the other.


I explain:

There is a person who is A who will act on a person who is B, by an emotional movement, by an energetic effect and that will produce the same thing as when one will hit two pieces of iron together: at the impact of the shock there is an heat emission.

There, there is an energetic release produced by B which has received the energetic projection from A, and this energetic release of B it is the food of A because this energetic release returns systematically on A, it means the one who has produced the initial movement;


So I repeat: A throws an energetic quantum on B, B produces, himself, at that time, a quantum of reception which is thus a quantum of shock, which goes back as nourishment on A: such is the mechanism of energetic nourishment between the humans, which was set up because of the original separation, of this genetic rupture of the androgynous; but the example that I give you is not entirely just because the energetic movement and the life are always in movement.


So I should rather give you the example like a ball of billiards which must go from the point A to a point B and then which will receive during its trajectory the blow of another ball which will deviate it from its trajectory. Thus the initial ball will not go in the envisaged hole and it will go in another and it is the difference between the two holes, the distance produced in the modification of the movement which creates the energetic quantum which will be the nourishment of the one which has struck,… that is a constant rule which is working thousands of times per day between the beings.


This is why one disturbs somebody who settles quietly at his office to do an important work, for something which concerns him in a very precise way, which strongly interests him. When all is ready there, that he is ready to start, this is there where one will interrupt him to ask him… to go to empty the dustbin, for example. One could have done it before or after and that would not have been a disadvantage, but by interrupting the movement, it means by modifying the movement of the trajectory of the other, one creates an energetic development at the other which is the nourishment of the one which intervenes.


Thus the men nourish themselves one another, it is the first fundamental law.


It is established in all the cases. Then the only question is to know if you move the movement of the other for his good or your good and your own benefit….

It has happened to everybody to be by car on a road and to meet somebody who has a problem with his own car stopped on the side. When the person lately arriving has pushed the car of the other and that it has started, you have all noticed that there is an enormous joy which comes in your heart… well it is that, it is the energetic return of the displacement that you have done on the other.


But there, you moved him for his good, you moved him for his satisfaction, his contentment, and thus the quantum of energy that he has naturally, automatically manufactured, because it is a fundamental law, returns to you in term of pleasure, satisfaction and contentment. This is not mental, this is not cultural, this is not the scout « me and the good action », this is the normal return of the Life; ….

The human functions in that way towards the other human. He is always in displacement of the other, and the other returns the ball in the same way to him.

Each one plays and it is a fantastic electronic game of billiards.

The trajectory can be physical, but it is also emotional, it is mental, it is on all the levels of interventions of the man on the earth.


… because of the original separation, this law is born by the relation of cause and effect, what one also calls the karmic system.


Previously during the androgynous period of human, this law did not exist because there was never the research of the provocation of the other to find our satisfaction, our nourishment or our contentment, NEVER; there was the articulation, the normal movement of the Universe according to its own laws. There was not the personal choice, we made what was just and good, there was no possibility of making differently, it was obligatorily thus and so this law did not exist.


Understand well this mechanism, because in all its life, humanity has continuously recreated and creates new laws of causality, it means new karmic laws because of these more or less disordered interventions on space and on humanity; and here is how an energetic law is created, it is created all alone, because of a will which is there, which is exerted according to a movement and there is the law which installs, but there is nobody, I say NOBODY, who has decided this law in itself, it is only the result of the causality of the intention…


And you see that will immediately ask your responsibility regarding your action, because this law, in any case, you put it in action about tens of times per day and you cannot in any case withdraw you from it. Then the only question is to know if you will intervene on the other to accompany him, to help him or on the contrary to obtain a benefit, a result, which is personal for you; because in any case, as soon as you will intervene, you will move something, and by this displacement, there is creation of this quantum of energy which returns on you in term of nourishment.


So what do prefer you? To obtain a quantum of energy of the other while carrying problem to him or on the contrary, to obtain a quantum by accompanying him so that he goes more in his movement, to follow his movement, to follow his own intention;


You see the evil, that does not exist, that has been again a creation of the man to justify his theories, because the one who will want to be nourished from the other, ultimately, who is automatically nourished from the other, will find that is easier to obtain the return of the quantum of energy by giving him a kick in the tibiae than to accompany him in his movement and to take care of his destination;

You understand, the evil that does not exist, it is only energetic easiness; and the children, when you look at them in the playground, when they have a few years, and to tell that they like each other, they give kicks. They have like that, the energetic nourishment from the other, of the one towards which they are attracted, but it is much easier to obtain this nourishment while annoying rather than while accompanying,…


Do you understand the importance of what I am explaining to you?

Do you also understand the importance of the absence of evil, which does not have any energetic existence in it?


Then your first work will be to look with attention, at the working of this first law of fundamental energy,

to look at how the others practice on you to obtain the nourishment,

how you, you practice on the others, to nourish you from them,

but in any case you are obliged to practice with this law

and it is necessary to act,

if you do not act, you will die;


You must take part in the life, then take part in full conscience, take part by looking at what you are doing…


By the opening of the deep memory of the man one can find this information. I will give you the techniques of them.


There are always these two radiant energetic fluxes which are opposed, between the one of the fundamental dignity and the one of the pleasure which develops an enormous power in rupture with the natural movement of the Universe…


Do you understand the importance of what I am saying to you?

There has been the creation of a personal power, by the dimension of the emotion and the sensation, and there are continuously two fluxes in opposition in the Universe, the one of Dignity and the one of pleasure, and until now, it is always the flux of the pleasure which has succeeded in gaining!!!


But if, in a moment, I said to you, (you look strained!) how the flux of pleasure has always gained because the sensation with the increase of your perceptions… it is enjoyable!

It is pleasant, and the whole of the education system is based on the increase in your sensations and your emotions. Also when somebody comes to say to you, that this system of the research of the sensation and the emotion, is perverse; you look at him as the one who wants to take you along in a life in black and white! … You want a bright light and tinsel!


It is thus that you look at him, whereas this is however not that he comes to teach you; he comes to teach you the very exact manner to be in full conscience in your activity of the every day in order not to let the energetic nourishment be done any old how, and put the flux of Dignity in action since now the original separation is there, and it is really there and it is necessary to do with it.


It is not the question to return to the old state because genetically it is impossible…. thus when you are in the movement of your life, automatically there is nourishment in all actions and by all actions.


This nourishment that you will produce, will it be for your contentment and your personal satisfaction, or on the contrary, to welcome, follow and accompany the generous movement of the Dignity in action…?


Here is your first responsibility and in that, it is already a fantastic work…

It is a fantastic work because while seeking to accompany the movement of the other, you will realize that you will be less and less interested by your system of sensations and personal emotions. On the other hand you will have a spontaneous return of contentment which will fill you the heart.


It is for example the lot of certain therapists who make really a very good work in energy. What occurs regarding the patient? This one comes with difficulty, it is like the ball of billiards which has its trajectory which goes in a painful hole. Then the person comes because the hole into which it falls regularly is not appropriated to him, and that hurts him.

Then the therapist will move, to modify the energetic system so that the ball goes in another hole a little less detrimental, and this modification of trajectory of the patient automatically releases a quantum of energy which returns on the therapist and it is his true payment…. it is his true nourishment…

It is for that that the true therapists, who can be therapist as much by the hand that by the word or the gesture, it means out of all theoretical intellectual system which makes a separation between him and the other… well, it is for that that all these people, when they have completed their work in the evening, are happy, content and filled.

But for that, it has been necessary that they are in the event, that there is no gap between them and the person. No matter the mechanism of assistance that will be used. The important thing, it is that the gap will not be done between the two individuals, and thus one will be able to act on the other by accompanying him, and the nourishment is splendid for the one who accompanies and this is what makes him happy;

On the other hand when there is a gap between the two individuals, there is never the research of the accompaniment. There is the research of the profit to obtain something of the other and one sweats blood to find a method, and it is there the decline, the dishonor of the man to seek to handle the other, for his pleasure, while there, there is not handling of the other, there is a displacement for the good of the other and that leads to his own emotional nourishment.


But the search for this nourishment is entirely secondary, it is not that which is sought, it is the sincerity to help the other which is first. Understand well, one does not act by moving the other to obtain a nourishment which is of good quality, one does not even occupy of our own nourishment, one has a complete concern of the other, one has an essential concern, and it is that which leads to this right action, and by this right action, one returns very naturally to the behaviour of the androgynous man in the Universe

But while being androgynous, that was done naturally, spontaneously, without any difficulty, with a complete recognition of the Universe and of the others, while now, there is always this notion of choice, there is the other which looks at you, there are those who work on separation, which will savagely criticize all those who will act in fundamental energetic system, because they perceive that there, there is a field which is not accessible for them, and thus which is deeply dangerous for their own future…


Then act with the other, moves him in that way and do it in full conscience, to notice well the reality of this energetic mechanism of this first fundamental law, but knows that the return of the complete generosity of the other is in relation to your complete generosity.

If you, you act on the other, to obtain a satisfactory return, there is no complete generosity, one needs an absolute sincerity to help the other, even if the assistance that one brings to him, could be or can be prejudicial for your own state…


And one day I will explain you what Jesus has said and has wanted to say, has wanted to make understand, when he has said « if somebody asks you some money, give him twice more, and if somebody asks you to accompany him during one mile, do two miles with him…»

I will explain you all the energetic mechanism which intervenes at this time when one practices so, but one practices it with an absolute sincerity.


That does not function any more in the same range of Dignity, that does not function any more in the flux of dignity when one acts on the other, with intention to obtain something from him: one always remains in the field of the suffering because the other knows perfectly that one does not act for his good, but that one acts only for him.

Between two energetic beings, one cannot absolutely lie. There is only the brain and the mental which recovers the information of the original intuition, of the intuitive intelligence, for then saying « but not, it is well »….

In reality, the Intuitive Intelligence has perfectly perceived the mechanisms but it is very difficult to put the normal movement of the flux of Dignity back in place because there is the force of the habit and the « culture » to function for oneself and not for the other.



However if this normal movement of the flux of Dignity is not there, thus it is the flux of the pleasure which automatically functions.


Then it is question of relativity: it functions a little, a lot, passionately etc… but it is always it that one remakes more dynamic, and it is for that the transformation of the being is so difficult!


Because, who wants to cease to enjoy, who wants to cease being based on these emotional systems, who wants to cease these systems of sensations?


In fundamental energy, it is clear, the one who is in love with his emotions, the one who is in love with his sensations, does not go very far, just a small varnish at the beginning to say that he has returned in a world of spirituality, just a manner of rounding the angles of the table, in order to make displacements a little more comfortable, but of original modification, there is not any… I say « no modification ».


But what is important and very serious, if one is not in the flux of Dignity, one is automatically in the flux of the pleasure, and one enlivens it.


Your attitude of spirit, your alignment of the spirit is paramount.

Moreover, you must pay attention to your daily life in cheerfulness, in the relaxation…

It is excessively important: you must always act, you should not ban to act for the reason that you can perhaps harm or perhaps do good,… the good and the evil that does not exist, there is only the mode of the action and the system of causality which installs regarding it.


Thus you came in the world to take part, you must take part as much for you than for the others, you should not avoid taking part because perhaps you could harm. Act, always act, do not sit between two chairs, act but be entirely present in your action. Not present like a constipated person who is always looking at her acting, judging herself. On the contrary, you judge nothing, you are not separate from your action, you do not observe, you look at quite simply, and you look at what your action is making, which is your natural movement to go in such direction, what that produces.

You look without judging.


And thus you will be able to perceive all that was grafted on your flux of pleasure since lives, lives and lives, and which continuously leads you to the same systems of actions, to the same systems of reactions, because you see, the emotional body has recorded the whole of your emotions, of your sensations, since your creation. These are lives and lives, but the emotional body does not know the time, it does not know what it is. Also when, currently, the circumstances will settle almost identical to what had occurred for you may be two hundred years, or thousand years ago, you will reproduce naturally the same pattern… so you should look at your action without judging it, to discover what are the springs which are working. You understand, this is like looking at a play: you are spectator and you look at the actors on the scene, but behind the actors, there is a curtain, and behind this curtain, there are other actors. These are them who really direct the theater, they are not the apparent actors, and thus all the work is to go to make holes in this curtain behind the apparent actors to know the real actors who pull the strings, because the apparent actors are only marionettes.


But if you start to judge and to say it is good or it is evil, or to prevent the action, you will never be able to discover which are the strings which put in action the marionettes of the apron…. and so that you can discover these wires, you need to be perfectly slackened, relaxed.

If you are tensed, if you are not simply looking at but observing who makes a separation between the subject and the object, you will not be able to perceive these wires, therefore you will not perceive what is behind the curtain, and the real actors will always escape to you. Thus it is very important to approach all this knowledge, all this liberation, in cheerfulness, enthusiasm, relaxation. Never mind if apparently, you do something which is not good, it is not that the problem, the difficulty it is that you do not realize what you are making.


Then act, for the moment, act freely, look at, and you will see that when you have perceived one of those who hold the wires of the marionettes, he cannot replay his blows afterwards. This simple observation modifies considerably all your system of behavior reflex but for that be slackened, be relaxed, while being very present to all what is happening…


Now go, and be very present at all the system of nourishment on one hand that you make on the other, and on the other hand, that the other makes on you. Be always in the Presence, there will not have any difficulty to a fast progress, but please, be deeply relaxed.