Given to Heidi


Accelerated maturing.


And thus, we are obliged to pay our debts !

But where there is the greatness of the Direct Way, it is that there can be an acceleration of this payment.

Instead of waiting for the maturing to be done normally, the religious man will say :

« if I have debts to pay, may I pay them as quickly as possible, so that finally I find again my energy caisson, my vibration purified, in such a manner that my Dignity can be exerted freely !».

Thus, you see the approach of the religious man and of the ordinary man is entirely different.

The religious man will say : « lets go to the problem, lets go to the negativity… if I have debts, I pay and as quickly as possible ! ».

On the other hand, the ordinary man, him, looks for paying his debts the latest possible… even not at all, through social, emotional and legal quibbles.


The energy caissons of the space are functioning like that.

I have told you about the cosmic space in general…the one of the humanity.

The space of a country functions in the same way… as the space of the place of your birth….


I will have the occasion to come back in detail on all these points.

For the moment you need above all to perceive and to become intimate with the process of working :

There is neither good, nor evil, there is neither just, nor false.

There is only one implication of cause and effect.

There is not a God, not an authority which decides.

In final, this is yourself which decide…


One day a religious man answered to a fellow, who asked: « how can I know how I will be in the next life ? ».

The religious man said to him: « this is very simple, look at how you behave now and you will know what you will be afterwards! ».

So if one wants to behave like a pig, well, one will have a life of pig afterwards. It is clear.

But you must know that if the maturing is inescapable,

the time and the manner of implementing the karmic system can be modified.


For the ordinary man, this is the normal maturing : it is slow, it is quiet.

Unhappiness comes quietly to you, without you realizing it and one fine day, it is there.

Unhappiness it is the small mouse which comes into the cheese. You do not realize it…Tac tac, tac, that comes, that increases the hole, and then one day, the cheese collapses: That it is the normal maturing.

This person is then in such situations of facts than she can answer to them only by violence or by submission.

She has not seen anything arriving ; she has not seen anything being built ; she was always quite comfortable on her long chair, and then, one fine day, disaster, the bomb is there, and one says : horror. But it is too late now to act, it is too late to lead to a modification. We are obliged to undergo, and as we do not always want to undergo in a passive way, we will answer the war by the war, without realizing that we increase considerably the general karmic system and ours.

This is the normal maturing.


I told you a little while ago, that in Direct Way, there is a possibility of accelerated maturing.

It means that instead of waiting maybe twenty years or thirty years that things are quietly made, for that that comes there softly, well, we will accelerate the things and solve the problem in a few months.

Of course, it is for the courageous, because during these few months, there will be a condensation, a concentration of negative energies such as it will have a colossal movement at the level of the body like of the spirit.


This is for that, that at the beginning, the being who enters in this Way, has to be made strong and stable, and his force and his stability, will be initially the vision of his Original Perfection and of his Plan of Life,


They will be as life buoys to which he will cling when the emotional storm is there, when negativities produce a fantastic whirlwind.


But one can go still a little further, but that it is for sincere people : it is that the karmic payment is not obliged to go through the body, through the spirit…


We can make record on the energy computer, if we can express so, of the body of the person, the satisfaction of the payment.

You know, it is a little like the money. You have paper money and then, you have computing money. And one can make transfers from account to account, from computer to computer.

Thus one can make his karmic payment in pure energy, without going through a physical or psychological inconvenience.


And that it is very fast.

But when I cause this procedure on somebody, it is that this person has done the irrefutable proof of her sincerity to help the others.

If it is simply to get out of trouble as quickly as possible, like a selfish, that will not work.

Also, I will never invest my Knowledge to somebody who does not have a deep interest, a deep impulse to go to help the others thanks to the new internal chemistry and to the new knowledge that he has of himself.

If it is a small pretentious in his corner, who says : « Me I am able to get out of troubles without paying my debts ! », I will on the contrary let him in the normal maturing. Sadness and unhappiness will come quietly and will maybe learn to him the real compassion.


You nod your head. You believe to have understood what I am saying there.

Sorry !... You are thirty floors below the information that I give you.

For sure, for you, « to help the others », it is to have a role of some therapist… in fact to enter in a mechanism of help to relief the suffering… To also play mummies and daddies… and you are really ready for that.

No !... Direct Way does not have a therapeutic destination.

There are the doctors of the body and of the spirit for that…We are even less the Mother or the Father.

« To help » in Direct Way means to make enter the other in his real problems which make obstacle to his release from his karmic prison… and to know to implement a solution for him.

Also it is necessary to have yourself known to face frankly your own limits and resistances. These last ones are always the fruit of dreams linked to your structure.


Also the one who does not want to clearly face the consequences of his energy structure will never be capable « to help the others » according to the Dimension of the Direct Way.


These techniques of accelerated maturing are thus not for the little chicken and the little rabbits which run away as soon as the end of nose of « the possible dissatisfaction of their dreams » turns up… Them, they vibrate and feel « alive » only in the achievement of their dreams… even if they know that it is only an emotional mechanical created by their structure.

Their emotional is stronger than their Consciousness and the Knowledge that It has brought to them.


These ones will never understood that the real compassion is not to help the « others » as human beings…but to help the Dignity that they have in them.


Also, I have very rarely used these techniques of accelerated maturing.


Now, you understand better.

No need to confirm it to me !

Your face all bewildered speaks for you…

Hey, will you be afraid, honestly ?


Unless that you begin to realize that Direct Way it is not a chocolate cake that we savour with a little spoon !