Given to Heidi


2° energetic law



So you are back!

To see how you look good and the sun which dances in your eyes,… you must be filled with wonder of the observation, observations which you have done on you and on the others, filled with wonder to have between the hands this tool, this splendid means to perceive what exists, to perceive what you do and what the others make on you,… astonishing, is not it, very astonishing! ,…


Also astonishing that it is an observation, it means an immediate perception of the facts without the intermediary of the thought which judges, analyzes, catalogues,…


You have noticed that the thought intervenes afterwards? It always seizes the observation and then it makes it act in its own small world of the organization of the universe; but for the moment do not worry with this thought which recovers your observations…




Remain in this Presence and you have seen that it is difficult to stay in it because you note that you fall back regularly in the same hole… when you perceive how you nourished yourself in a situation or that others have been nourished of you… you observe at the same time, that it is very difficult that this does not reproduce.


In fact, that always reproduces and it is there, one of the first traps, because, when the spirit perceives this systematic reproduction of the same movement then, he wants to make you coming back to the old system of the rule, the one where you must direct your behavior…

It is difficult not to fall down again in this system of the rule, because it is comfortable, because it is security because you believe thus, that you will oblige your spirit, that you will oblige its behavior to act in a certain manner,…


It is true, one can lead it to act, but one is released from nothing. It is as if one put the problem at the bottom of a drawer and then one puts a quite solid double turn of key, and then, one says « well now, that does not exist anymore ». But that continues to exist, and one day, the lock explodes, because there exists an important disadvantage in the life, there is an event which makes exploding, once again, all these bolts set up by the spirit, and you are back to square one, you perceive that all your problems, are always there, and you have the empty hands, entirely empty!

There for the moment, you are noting that it is difficult to prevent the spirit from making you fall back in the rule. This observation, this state of Presence suffices to completely change your system of perception, your system of action on the world, your system of nourishment…


Understand well, it is excessively important,… at the beginning, there is the absolute SINCERITY to want to stop all this mechanism of the suffering, all this mechanism of the lack, this perception of not being complete, this perception of going continuously beside the essentials…


THAT, it is the door to the flux of Dignity, to the flux of Creation… it is a very narrow door, because it is extremely difficult to maintain ALIVE this sincerity because the spirit always seeks to bring you back to rules, and as soon as you go in a rule, you are not any more one first hand person, you are a person of second hand… There is somebody who has laid down a rule, there is somebody who has said that it is like that you must behave and you go in his mechanism and you are not any more in yours, you are no more in the finesse of this perception, you have destroyed all your momentum of the discovery, you have destroyed all your spontaneity for your research. Then it is excessively important to constantly maintain this sincerity, it is thus very important that you remain always very intimate with your suffering, that you remain very intimate with your gaping; or else, the means you use, will become paramount and will not be any more only a means but a rule, something of very important;


Understand well and carry out the test, walk on a beach and look for a pretty shell or a pretty stone, then you will put it at a place that you like, on the mantelpiece or on a small bedside table beside your bed. Every day, you will put a small flower or a stick of incense in front of this shell with a pretty thought for the beauty of the world… It is only one shell; but you will perceive, gradually, day after day while paying attention to it, it will become important for you,…

The exercise is now the following: three months later, you will have to take this shell and to throw it again to the sea or in the place where you took it. You will notice that it is very very very difficult. It is so you constitute your idols, it is thus you cling to the means, whereas the means must remain fluid.


There is only the SINCERITY which must be maintained… and if you are sincere for the beauty of a shell, the beauty of the world, you can continuously change shell, you will change means but you will remain with the same movement of Dignity…


And there, it is the same thing which happens; the spirit always seeks to bring you back to the rule, the spirit always seeks to withdraw you from this Presence which allows you the observation of the events. The only means of preventing it, the only means so that does not occur, you must remain in your sincerity, you must remain intimate with your pain, you must remain intimate with your gaping, here is the first movement!

Then instead of rushing in the rules, to regulate this problem of repetitions of your action, of your momentum to act in certain manners, of the possibility of the others to act on you - because know well that if they act thus it is that there is a drum in you which enables them to do so - instead of going in the help of the rule, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of working of the second fundamental energetic law. This second fundamental energetic law is resulting from the first, one could say that it is the girl of the first, and one calls it the Creation of the energetic object….


What is it an object? what is it that an energetic object?


I will take an example: a child, a small child hears to say « mom is sick »; for him, that does not want to say something; « mom is sick », it is a fact. But on the other hand, what he observes, it is the agitation, the panic which is installed around him. The older people are in panic; that poses a problem, « mom is sick »!!!!

And the child is himself incorporated to an emotional and emotive vibration which surprises him… but this emotional and emotive movement fills the space, it is a true « smog » and soon, the child will feel a ball in his plexus, he will feel a form of anguish, he will breathe this emotional dimension.

For him, there will no longer be only the simple fact that « mom is sick », he will have this enormous energetic ball which is « mom is sick », which is the emotion of the others, their panic,…


and thus the energetic object is constituted which is a fantastic development on the psychological and emotional level of the simple « fact ».


The initial fact is quiet, it is simple, it is a fact; that, it is the energetic object. Then, one constitutes, around this natural object, this swelling of the initial fact through all the psychological and emotional envelope that one creates… and for the child, later, when he hears « mom is sick », this is immediately this object, this energetic swelling which will set up in his belly and his plexus, panic, the fear, the anguish, etc…. will be installed inside him.


… and thus from a very simple fact, one creates the emotional energetic object, but it is this emotional energetic object which acts in your every day life, it is the one which makes your mechanism of nourishment to the other.


You understand, that would be easy, if the facts were always simple, if the fact was only the fact, but, in fact, the man does not live on the level of the fact, but on the level of the emotion, and it is this emotional swelling which acts immediately,… Thus it is said that you always live in a dream, in an illusion,… you do not live with the facts, you live with the emotional facts, with the energetic object emotionally created,… and it is this emotional fact, which acts continuously in your behavioral system on the event, it is this fact which acts in the system of nourishment between you;


… and therefore it is very difficult to be able to withdraw you from this repetition of actions because it is not the fact itself which makes you act; it is the emotional fact which is the true driver of your action.


According to image that I took to you yesterday, with this scene, this theater, where you, you are spectator sat on the seats in front of, there is the fact you look at who is at front of the scene, they are the actors who are there, you believe that you act, that you live with this actor… In reality, behind the curtain, it is the emotional fact which directs the operation and here is why you could note it, you are led to go to repeat the same impulses, the same mechanism of nourishment, in spite of your system of observations,… and it is this fear of the energetic object which, in underground, conducts you and leads you to go to look for a security rule to be able to master your action;

But one should not go to look for a rule, it is necessary to understand all its mechanism of creation and of construction inside your energetic system, because, why this energetic object, this emotional fact, can conduct, gradually, and daily your action?


I will continue to use the example of this child: for him firstly, « mom is sick », it is a fact, it is simple, it is quiet, then the secondly, there is creation of the energetic object, of the emotional object, which is a swelling and a complete deformation of the original fact, regarding all the emotional system of the environment. And thus, the first step, the first incrustation of this deviation of the spirit, it is when the child reacts and feels immediately the effect of the emotional object when he hears the initial fact « mom is sick »; and immediately, the ball, the anguish is inside him, the concern is inside him; that, it is the first movement!


The first creation, it is this creation which has been led and organized by the environment in which the child bathes.


Then, you will perceive it later through very precise techniques which I will give to you, one came on earth, the child came on earth, to take part with a loving momentum, and this loving momentum, this participation is first exerted, on his first environment, it means the parents, the family.

And this child who does not analyze at all the phenomenon of the creation of the energetic object, perceives this creation like a normal action, a habit of life of this environment and of this family, and as any child who wants to do good, who wants to take part, then he rushes to reorganize inside him, the energetic fact, the emotional fact, beyond the simple fact, of the natural fact.


You understand, it is the second step, which is a loving step of the child for his environment,


… he will be himself put spontaneously in emotional states which correspond to the emotional method, to the emotional sense of the environment in which he is to say « you see, I make like you, I am like you, I am one of you ».


I will take another example to you so that you perceive even better this very precise phenomenon: When you are invited to friends for a few days, you do with their rules. If they get up at eight o’clock in the morning, you will not say, « ah me, I want my breakfast at six o’clock thirty »; you do with their mechanism, it is natural and it is normal; Moreover, if you like them, you will seek to understand their mechanism, you will accompany them in the movement, do you understand?

It is the loving working of the first energetic law, you will accompany them in the movement, and it is that which is something of terrible, because it is the loving working, it is the working in the Dignity of the first energetic law which will allow the handling of the being by his environment and the creation of the emotional energetic object.


Do you perceive the importance of all that? You like this environment, you thus will make like it. The child will make like the adults and he will start to be well brought up and to be recognized like well brought up when, spontaneously, from himself, he will create the emotional object while withdrawing himself from the simple, normal, natural basic fact. He will thus be recognized by the environment, according to the quality of the emotional object that he will create according to the modes of creation and of the movement of the environment in which he is. And there, it is this second trap.


By this second perversion, he has gone in the field of the recognition. The environment will recognize him from the moment when he will perfectly renew and reconstitute the emotional facts, the emotional energetic object according to the parental and family conditions, or generally, of his environment.


And thus, without realizing it, to be recognized, to belong to the family, the group, the child goes by himself, and set up inside him, the emotional system which is a directing object, a directing wire of the family and it is thus, that one can say « hey , him, he is really of that family ». Thus the family recognizes also her kid regarding the creation of this emotional object.

This creation will be done inside him, he will even be able to be sick, to transform continuously his physical and emotional system, all his natural momentum for life, to take part in the environment in which he is, to be recognized by him…


By this preoccupation for a recognition he will be handled and he will be handled on the best of him because he came to love the world, he came to take part in the world, and thus it is normal that he starts to take part in what exists there, and to live according to the movement which is there, of his parental environment, his home environment and without realizing it, he will continuously disturb all his system of the observation, all his intuitive intelligence. Thus the child, from very radiant at the beginning, will gradually die out, and become a social object, a family object. He is trapped by the phenomenon of the recognition, because if at a given time, he perceives that he is in a false way, that he is in a system of false emotional creation, and that he starts to look at differently, to observe differently, that is to say to develop this Presence about which I spoke to you yesterday and that you already physically perceive inside you, then the environment will be pernickety, because it will perceive that there is another rule of the game which settles inside his space, and if the gap becomes too important, the environment will say to the child: « you are no longer my son, I do not recognize you any more » what will be intolerable for the child, because he came to take part in an environment, he came to be in love with the life, and he cannot conceive that one can say to him « I do not recognize you anymore, I do not love you » and that will be terrible for him and in the emotional weakness in which he is, he will give up his look, he will give up his observation…


To continue to be recognized, and to continue to be well recognized, it is necessary to be a creator of the energetic object which is the emotional base of the family… he will add some, he will show that he can even do better than the others!!!! The small one of the man goes systematically by this phase, but will he be able to escape from the difficulty? Will he be able to put an end to this perverse situation of the recognition which systematically leads to the reconstitution of the energetic object, to the reconstitution of the emotional object? It is very difficult because in the example that I take to you, there is an action of the outside on the child, but that does not occur only at the outside but also inside the child, who gradually, conducts and makes an image of him, makes a system of emotional conducts. He does his own road map of his energetic circuit and thus, in finality, the danger and the adversary to the Dignity, it is the recognition that the child will have of him… Do you understand the importance of that? …


When through observations, the child being now an adult will perceive behavioral difficulties, he will notice first, the action of the outside on him but then, he will notice the action of him on himself.


And there are few people in the world capable to agree to look without batting an eyelid all his emotional and emotional system. Because the problem is really there, when one ends up by no longer acting with the same old story, there is a modification at the same time of all the emotional system and one loses his bearing points, one loses his bases, because the image that one has of oneself, is systematically attacked, and this image which one has of oneself, is terribly strong, terribly strong, and rare are those who want to sail in this new sea where they will leave may be sure, certain, malodorous but certain shores to go in this uncertainty, in this world where they do not even have any more a perception of their own existence because another thing occurs and the rules of the game are different.

And it is true that there exists a sure earth, another earth, it exists a space of Silence in which the thought, in which the spirit does not have its place, and it is where one returns, where one comes back to his original dimension, to the harmonious and flexible movement with the Dignity like when you swim in a river and that you let you be conduct by the stream, a little on the right, a little on the left, that does not matter, you are in the river and you are in the movement.


But it is terribly difficult to await this new shore that this sure earth appears, when one is in this destruction of his initial image. The spirit continuously tries to put you back in a system of rules and behaviors, different may be, in order to give you again, to re-make you a sure earth.


But this new earth made by the spirit, is not surer than the preceding one.

It has only another system of rules of the game, and because it has another system of rules of the game you believe that you reach another shore, a freedom… there is no freedom there, there is only a mechanism different from the making of the emotional object and it is thus, that you can go from shopping to shopping, from shop to shop… from spirituality to spirituality…and at each time, you have the feeling to go in a new freedom. But this feeling is only the result of the abandonment of your apparent constraints but you do not realize that you are making others, you are going in another pattern of emotional construction… You have gone in another family, you will have the dimension of this family, its odor, its clothing. You will also be recognized by the family. You will not have changed anything,… only changed clothing,… but inside you, all the mechanism of the creation of the emotional object will continue to fully function and it is this mechanism, by the creation of the emotional object which is the one which acts on the first energetic law, which leads you to nourish you in a certain manner, from the others, and which also leads the others to be nourished of you,…


Then, if you want to put an end to all this perverse process, it is necessary to act on the recognition, it is the weakest link of this system.


You cannot act against the love participation, otherwise you will kill you. You came to take part in the life, then useless to go in your mountain, in your small cave while saying: « me I do not take part any more in nothing, I go to see God »,… you will not find God there, you will only find your disturbances, and your misfortune and you will desiccate yourself; Thus you have to take part… IMPERATIVELY you have to take part, and you came to like the world, and the research of your Original Dignity must be done in cheerfulness, or else it is not worthwhile!


If you must become sad and dry, then go to the coffee, go to the ball, have a good fuck… but above all, do not become dry and rigorous!!!!


…do not seek the means, does not worry about the means, do not take care of the shell you will use at a given time; … uses it when it is necessary and throw it when you do not need it any more… with a large respect!

It is when you want to cross a river. You have a river in front of you, you will make a small boat and you will cross it. When you will be on other side and that you have the desert in front of you, you have an earth as far as the eye can see, to walk; will you travel with the small boat on the back? No, you will leave it there and you will continue by other means, you will may be find a camel, a horse, or only your feet; Then act thus, live continuously and to escape the modification of the envelope, of continuously changing clothing, to escape this attraction to make shopping…. then it is necessary to put an end imperatively to the recognition, so that you do not have any more desire, that you do not have any more concern of being recognized by anyone,…


Initially this work is made towards the outside by this sincerity to put an end to this pain which is inside you, to fill this lack, this original gaping which you perceive inside you. You automatically develop your presence. Then remain relaxed in your presence, look at initially the outside, look at how the outside lives, how the others are, observe the small-time side in which they are, and once you have perceived this small-time side, will you say « I want to be recognized by this small-time side »?


Look at the world around you, go in a supermarket, listen to two people discussing, with a caddie full of beers, tinned food… they will always speak about the spite of someone else,… that the other, he is not well,… but to whom they will say that, to whom are saying that, to somebody identical who is not better than the other than one criticizes… Thus you criticize yourself mutually with people who are not better, who are not more respectable.


Note the difficulty of not being recognized anymore by these people who are however loser, and whom you see them loser; See this difficulty. It is related to the creation of the energetic object, it is related to the creation of the emotional object which, I recall you, has as base the generous love, the will of participation of the child in the world, of the being in the world, and it is thus the perversion of the first energetic law, which uses this generous, spontaneous momentum, of the being for the world, to handle him in the best of himself.


When you have understood this mechanism of creation, you can put an end to the look of the other on you, you do not carry a problem of it anymore, you do what you know being fair… and even, if it is not fair, it is you who do it. Even if it means to make errors, make yours and not those of the others, because that will be enriching for you.

But you will not be handled any more by the recognition of the other, you will not be handled anymore by the applause that the other will make of your behavior… … and thus it is while carrying no concern of the recognition of the other on you, that you will discover the essential problem, it is the recognition of you regarding you, it means the image that you have of you.


This discovery will be splendid, because at last, you will observe that all occurs inside you. It is thus useless to go to make reproach to the others, reproach to the outside and you will naturally develop a splendid sense of humor for yourself, when you see yourself leading to act in a certain manner, leading to make you recognize in a certain manner, and to recognize you yourself regarding yourself.

Thus if this humor develops generously, in cheerfulness, with this presence, all is possible, all becomes possible for you, you are in the royal way of the self liberation… it is simple… And there, you are not any more afraid of the events of the life, since each event will teach you something on you. The yogi of the Direct Way, the yogi of the self liberation, is happy in any society, and is delighted by any action. He is not any more in escape, he is not any more afraid of the events, since each event will make a provocation on all his system of the image and the recognition that he has of him compared to him.


It is thus the outside which will enable him to understand what is in him, and like the shell that he has put on the mantelpiece of his chimney, before throwing it, he will infinitely thank it for this presence.


Thus the spontaneous pleasure to be with the other one develops, since it is the movement of the other and the action that the other will have on you, who will allow you to understand how you function with yourself.


But to reach this situation of humor, this state of humor for yourself, you must firstly look at with much attention the action of the outside on you, it means the recognition that you wait for the others, and that will effectively pose a problem of conflict, because if you in your research, you will not be in conflict with the others, the others will be in conflict with you, because they will not recognize you anymore and they will say « you are not anymore part of us» « you are not anymore part of the family »;


Look at the things quietly, without judging, but know that the self liberation goes through the complete destruction of the phenomenon of the recognition installed by the man, in immediate consequence of the first energetic law.


Thus you cannot progress without the acceptance of conflict, it is important, excessively important, because in this conflict that the other will have towards you, whereas you, you are not in conflict with him, you will not have to use the reactional system of defense, of usual aggression … otherwise you will find yourself in all the old mechanism of creation of the emotional energetic object.


You must notice that the things are thus, and it is where the state of the Presence is very, very important, because you have already perceived that this Presence leads to a pleasure and a contentment, an interior joy, because this Presence, it is the movement of the flux of Dignity, of the original flux inside the man, and this movement leads to a spontaneous joy.


Then without understanding too well what occurs, remain with this joy, remain with this observation, do not look for being recognized anymore, do not take part anymore in an environment according to its recognition, but only according to what you find of what is just and good to make.

Never mind if the others applaud, or criticize, you will not have to be attentive as much at the applause as to the thanks anymore, since both are always related to the research of the recognition. You will make the things as they will have to be made, even if it is imperfect, that does matter… because you will be present in this imperfection, and you will understand gradually, all the mechanism.


The emotional, emotive transformation inside you, will be very fast, but never cut you from the others, does not cut you off in your so-called observations, perceptions, remain in the secrecy of your heart. The others cannot understand what is occurring inside you… remain with the secrecy with what is perceived at you, and in you; … useless to go and discuss in the coffees of your news sadhana, of your new method, etc… let all that be spread out quietly, let all that in the forgetting, live in the secrecy of your heart, but release you of this recognition of the others.


And I say, it is relatively apparently easy to be freed from the criticism of the others, but it is very difficult to be freed from the applause from the others, and yet, one like the other, are the two faces of the same coin, and you cannot erase a face by keeping the other, it is the totality of the coin that you must reject, and there it is the business of your will… and why your will will act? … because you remain sincere and close friend with your suffering, with your initial, original gaping that you have never ceased…to look at, to be with…


The danger will be at a given time, where this suffering could be less strong, this less oppressive notion of lack, because the lack is not a hole, it is not a vacuum, it is a weight… yes, you frown, you do not understand but I will have the occasion to come back on that, the lack, the absence, it is weight, then pay great great attention, at the time when this absence, this weight will become more bearable, because that will want to say that your spirit which is organizer of the Universe, is worrying much more of the means used, of the shell on the chimney, that of the finality of your liberation, and thus a lot of of researchers of truth get caught, they do not realize that they are leaving this fantastic alignment of spirit, which is centered on their complete liberation to start to be an organizer, in love with the means which they use…


You see, it is as this small boat which enabled you to cross the river, if you fell in love with this small boat, you will remain near it, you will repaint it, you will improve it, you will speak with the others about the manner of rowing, etc… and without realizing you will have given up your voyage… And what will make that you will not give up your voyage? It is not your spirit which goes « yes you have to go, yes perhaps that you can leave the small boat to someone else »,… « no »…!!!! , what will do that you will continue your voyage? … it is when your look will look this vastness in front of you, you will have a fundamental desire to walk, to go there… then you will easily leave the small boat, you will easily leave the new shore,… you understand?


… your sincerity must be absolute at the beginning, from the beginning in the first step. Freedom must be from the beginning in the first step, or else it will never be in the last, because the danger of the progression and of the liberation it is that at a given time, the table has the angles rounded, one does not come too much to be butted against his stories and in the final analysis, one finds that relatively comfortable, and one does not realize that one becomes leader and organizer of the object, but that one has finished the voyage,…


But if you do not stop the voyage, you will clearly perceive the handling of the energetic object, of the emotional object on the first energetic law, it means your nourishment, and it is with the laughter, it is with the cheerfulness, that you will launch this package to the sea, and that you will return to the very simple object, to « mom is sick »… thus what I will make? … and the fear will leave your belly, this constant and underground fear which is always there, with each one, the fear of everything, because you will be finally with the actual fact, you will not be any more in a mental construction, completely illusory perhaps, but energetically real. And there you will understand what some people can say to you, by saying « oh you know all is illusion, one should not attach to it »

… Yes, it is an illusion since it is the artificial creation of an emotional energetic object, but the object is there, and this pain inside you, this suffering, it is not unreal, it is there in your belly, and thus it is perfectly useless to treat by negligence the emotional object;


It is a reality built by the man, and it is this reality which makes working the world and which makes you working, in all the system of the first energetic law, it means, your nourishment. Then the only means of being free, it is not to treat that by negligence, it is not to flee the world, and to go in his cave of hermit, it is to re-dismount all the system and to return to the « fact » to uncover the normal action of the fact on itself and on the world.


But very curiously, one will say to you, « oh but « my » little one…, I find that you become dry, without heart »… because you will not be any more crying with the whining ones, laughing with the laughers… you will not take part anymore in their emotional world, you will quite simply look at the things such as they are, without judgment… because it is like that!!!! …

But for them you will be dry, they will not perceive the whey, this honey which runs at this time inside you, this joy who fills you the heart, the eyes and all the cells of your body, this joy of the Dignity, moving, without obstacle; … and you will not be able to speak to them about it, you will not be able to tell it, because they will be in their emotional system, they will be fixed on their emotional recognition, and if you touch it, if you touch this recognition without wanting it, you will transform them into fantastic adversary. If you remove the recognition to them, they do not know anymore who they are, and they will savagely hate you.


Then let them do, let them act and may be that one day, a person seeing you living, seeing you making, full with action and peace, by hastening you slowly, will say to himself « this woman, how does she function? , what does make her live? . so operational in the world, so quiet, so smiling, so calm, with this colossal force that one perceives in her, this cheerfulness in the eyes, and this relaxation in the belly » … then that one, when he will come towards you, you will be able to teach him, but before teaching him, you will check… if he is in the pain of the lack…


If it is not in the pain of the lack, it is only one curious a little more sensitive than the others, but he will give up very, very quickly the sincerity of the Impartial Way to deal with the small shells, and he will believe that to deal with the small shells, it is to be in the Way. « NO »… the Way never stops, the movement is constant, and as I will explain it to you in a few days,… life is a movement and it is only the man, by his pride, which centralizes it.


This state of lack in which you are, this suffering is related to the original separation. All your energetic system, all your memories, know perfectly that you are other thing that what you live, of what you arrive at living, of what you manage to perceive, and that there is a sure earth with which one can communicate, and that there is the Supreme Confidence of the Sight.


Stay with this suffering, stay with this lack, it is your safeguard, be always very very intimate with it. Do not activate it artificially, it is useless! , Remain intimate with it, and thus you will become intimate with you, because it is the sincerity to this attention to this suffering which leads to the development and the installation of this Presence, because this Presence is already an element in you of this flux of Dignity, it is a means of action that Dignity has left in the man, and I will speak another day about it to you, but for the moment, be sincere with your gaping, be intimate with it, do not flee anything, does not precipitate in anything, let the events be done, the life will manage in any case, to bring you the circumstances, the elements which will enable you to be intimate, to still better perceive this intimacy with yourself and the Creation;


Thus let this presence be done, and observe, rather look at, since to observe can want to say that there is the observer on a side and the observed on the other…look at you in the events, look at you acting, look at you nourishing you from the others and look at you when the others are nourished from you, and thus look at all the emotional system which is set up…And by this extraordinary attention at the events of the life, but an attention which is flexible, relaxed, you will have the possibility physically of noting, this presence of the recognition and physically you will note that you always seek to be recognized and that all this system of recognition is the one which leads your method of action in your nourishment. If you perceive well the presence of this will to be recognized, then if you stay in the relaxation, if you stay in the relaxation of your look, a colossal humor of yourself for yourself will develop. Do not change anything with the things. The things, the events are there to learn you, the liberation is done by knowledge, there is neither good, nor evil, there is quite simply action with all the conduction of the cause and the effect which develops from there; … but there, if you want to release yourself from this chain of cause and effect, of this karmic chain, it is necessary that you understand the causes which lead to the present effects of your actions,… you understand?


It is necessary that you understand that, it is necessary that you perceive physically how you act exclusively with illusory energetic objects, quite simply made by the emotional system, by the sensitive system…

It is difficult to explain, but if you live that with great attention, you will perceive happiness in your body, you will perceive it physically, because happiness is biological, it is not a mental handling, and when you are in this look which is a movement of the flux of Dignity, there will be this joy… let you run in this joy, continue to look at…


I insist a lot, I see it in your eyes. I repeat, I repeat, but you believe to have understood, you believe to have heard everything, but it is very very important and you will see that in your movement of the life, you will easily forget what I am explaining to you there because very very quickly, very very easily, one ends up adoring the shell and one does not adore his own life anymore … and as I do not know if I will have the occasion to repeat you again, again and again, I do it now, now, now and again because that is the single alignment of spirit which allows you the self-liberation.


And if a day, I see you coming in front of me, the contracted lips, with the sad mine, thus I will cease to teach you because I will know that you have lost this alignment of cheerfulness, of relaxation, of the suppleness, that you will not be any more in this colossal humor which allows you to understand how you act to be recognized by the others and how you act for also being recognized from you towards yourself, to be recognized in the image that you have built yourself of you gradually, or more exactly, that the others have helped to build… If, the others, one day, will say to you « I do not recognize yourself any more, my daughter », « I do not recognize any more, my child », that will be a suffering for you… but if it is you, one day, your small mind which will say « but I do not recognize you anymore, who are you now? » … there will also be a vacuum which will settle and at this time there, the panic can come.

It will be organized by the spirit which will tell you « but attention, you will go towards uncertain shores and you do not know where that will lead you…come, I know a good little « Master », who has power, he will put you back in a much more safe space…unless that is you who stop the mechanism of waking of your Presence, while going to drink your beer, while going to smoke your cigarette…


But if you stay vigilant, you will have the attention and the sufficient sensitivity to perceive what occurs in you, to perceive your movement of the life, on the life and on the others… to perceive how the others act on you, because you need a large smoothness, a great attention, to feel all that, because it is not of the order of the thought, it is of the order of the physical observation. But if your body is in a state of stress, if your body is filled of smoke and alcohol, then it will not have the possibility of perceiving,… you will remain in an funny state, content and half-content, dissatisfied and half-satisfied, and then, gradually, the life will be established,… and one day, the messengers of the death will come towards you, and will type you on the shoulder and will tell you « well, it is time for you! ». It is where you will very panic all of a sudden in front of this event, and you will shout « but wait, I have not start yet to do what I had to do ». But of course, one has always time, one always has time,…


Thus remain in this Presence, relaxed, quiet, and hasten slowly, and especially, never withdraw yourself from the event. If an event occurs, it is that it has a reason. Then look at what each event will teach you and how you act to be recognized, either regarding the others, or by yourself.

Are you able to put an end to this will, this feeling, this emotion of the recognition; compared to the others, you will say yes easily, but compared to you, compared to the image that you have built of you, it will be very difficult….


Then go… go to the work, the world is your field of adventure!



......... to be continued .....