Given to Heidi



2° & 3° energetic laws



Your eyes shine, so you keep a good alignment, thus from observations to observations, it is like the waves of the sea, which come to strike the wall of this monstrosity of negativity, and which sap its foundations quietly but very surely; And with each blow of buffer of the wave, with each observation, have you observe that there is a development of joy, a development of contentment, something which is born spontaneously in your heart? You do not know from where that comes, you do not know how that has arrived, but all of a sudden it is there, and you are happy; … whereas the observations are not always very pleasant. To perceive the degree of the handling of the world, it is not pleasant, but however, very curiously, cheerfulness is born from this observation, cheerfulness is born from this perception.


Then I go once again, to draw your attention to the second energetic law because it is a true filth.

This law was born from the causal coupling between the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure.

The flux of Dignity, it is the one which gives you this love to the life, this momentum to the life, this will to take part in the world, to take part in the activity of the others, to help, nourish… the flux of pleasure, it is the one which has as base the emotion, the sensation. It is the pleasure, it is the wellbeing, it is a manner of looking at oneself, and no longer of looking at the world and its perfection.


The flux of pleasure looks at which interest it has in a situation, whereas the flux of dignity does what must be done, and is not occupied to know if it can die about it… This coupling is truly dangerous, it is a true filth because it is from there that the culpability is born, this culpability which stains, which touches, which limits all the actions of the life of the man;


There are your eyebrows which wrinkle, there are your eyes which narrow, I notice that I am also touching a very big problem for you; because you see, I have explained to you until now that this second energetic law handles the world by the fact of the recognition, it means the integration emotionally to a family,


… but when one speaks about family, one should not only consider the father and the mother, nor the broader family of the grandfather, the uncles and the whole of the parents,… it is also necessary to consider the group, the society etc ..... and it is on this second energetic law that rests all the touts of the spiritual world… « come to us, you will be very well there, one will assist you… we are a close-knit family!!! »;

Except that, as I will explain it to you later, it is you into final who will work for « the Family », to work for the maintenance of its existence, whereas at the beginning, if you, you went there, it is so that it assists you… and very curiously, there is the reverse process and it is you who will give your life to assist it.


Then this notion of recognition is paramount because as from the moment, one said to you « I do not recognize you anymore, go you away! you are not from us, you are not from our family », there is an immense culpability which is installed inside you.


Then how is born this culpability?


It is born quite simply because the flux of Dignity is there, to love, is there to give, is there to assist, to take part…. and all of a sudden, there is somebody in the world of the flux of pleasure who says: « I do not recognize you any more, you are not one of us» …. thus that you do not take part and this is an enormous pain which installs inside the body and the heart, because one cannot support that the world does not love us,…. since one is there to love it, one is there to bring happiness to it, ..... and all of a sudden, it is other thing which occurs;


And you see, the culpability it is you who create it to you, it is not the other which creates it to you. The other does nothing but use the mechanism that you put inside you, by this perverse connection between the love of flux of Dignity and this recognition of flux of pleasure.

Therefore to work on the culpability is an endless operation. One asks the other not to come to make us feel guilty… but why wouldn't he do it? … Since it is yourself who have constituted the tool inside you, to be made guilty.


The starting point of this culpability, it is you, it is this connection between the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure. Thus you see, you cannot put an end to the culpability by some methods that it is, without having broken this bond between the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure, and the surest means, the most fragile link for destroying this perverse chain, this slip knot which strangles you, it is the recognition, because you cannot destroy your love-participation to the life, or then you will be narrowed and become dry, bitter.


You are there to take part, so take part, give you to the world, roll you with it…. but on the other hand, while remaining in this Presence, while remaining in this attention to the event, you can perceive the things such as they are and you must not let yourself catch by the phenomenon of the recognition, and I say, of the recognition into positive, like of the recognition into negative;

The rejection of the other makes you feel unhappy.... but it is exactly the same mechanism which involves attraction, and understand that this association of attraction/repulsion is exactly the same spring. When you perceive that with your body and your spirit, you are neither attracted, nor rejected any more by the things. You practice according to the methods of your conscience, of your perception such as it is, and you do not occupy yourself any more if the others thunder or applaud.


Thus when the culpability occurs, also look at it with much humor and relaxation, because it is not the other which makes you feel the culpability, it is yourself which put inside you this perverse system, and as long as there will not be dissociation between the flux of pleasure and the flux of Dignity, there will be always the guilt…. always!


… Because you will not automatically feel guilty regarding the other. … all what is said for the others is also inside you, and you will thus feel guilt regarding you, and you will also feel guilty towards the flux of Dignity by estimating that you do not put it sufficiently in action, that you are not sufficiently subjected to Its dimension,… thus this guilt will accompany you constantly, it is as a pain which comes back in a repetitive way.


Then agrees to live with for the moment, look at it with humor, let it act with its suitability, follow its movements as you follow the wave which passes on a rock, but do not worried, especially do not worried, I repeat, do not worried, because it is there where intervenes the third energetic law and the last one, the one which I will speak to you now.



The third energetic law


The third energetic law, and the last one, linked to the initial separation, is what is called the Penetration by interest. One can also call it the Penetration by concern.


The system is simple, if a person A is concerned with a person B, the person B has the possibility of reaching the energetic computer of A and of coming to deposit a quantum of energy. It is a true penetration of B on A. Once this penetration done, A is not all alone inside himself, inside the look that he has on the world. There is A, it means, what one could call « him » and there is a part of B, and this is this mixture and this balance between the two which will make the new look of A on the world.


It is an excessively perverse and dangerous process, since ultimately, when each one shouts ME, Me, me and me, being installed like a firm entity, a center of space and a center of the world, ultimately, he is only the product of the whole of the penetrations which are exerted on him by the interest that he has on the things.


I will take a precise example: it is the sexual penetration.

When there is a sexual act between two individuals, there is an important energetic exchange. The energy of each one is maintained in the other, minimum three weeks. When the sexual act has been very strong, in positive or in negative, the maintenance can be six months… but for an « ordinary » sexual act, it lasts two months. That wants to say that after a sexual act, minimum during three weeks and on average for two months, one is not alone any more to look at the world, one is not anymore alone to appreciate the things. There is us, more a part of the other in us and it is the whole which functions.


You understand why one said « the bed is the inevitable place to regulate the last conflicts in a couple which is not able any more to speak between them », because after the sexual act, the gap which was between them is reduced… and if one repeats this penetration in a regular way, this gap becomes increasingly reduced,… and thus the fundamental opposition which would really and normally exist and between the two individuals, is continuously reduced by this repetition.


Thus the one which has a very important sexual overflow, it means multiple couplings with multiple people has many energetic beings inside him and at a given time, he does not know any more who he is « him »; and it is the beginning of great psychological and mental disturbances.


Here is how the system of the penetration functions and thus when somebody wants to reduce the gap with someone else, to handle him, to be introduced inside his system, he will make so that the other is taken care of him.


Then it is chatting up!!!!! .... to make so that the other takes care of us ..... one will use the suppleness, the gentleness or on the contrary, while going to annoy it or by breaking a leg, by creating a problem…. it is much easier, as I said it to you the other day, to obtain the exchange with somebody by annoying him rather than by accompanying him.

On the level of the penetration and of this third energetic law, it is exactly the same process. The one who wants to handle the other, who always wants to obtain something of the other and to be able thus to return in his electronic computer, will make so to always be an object of concern, always an object of interest..... and thus the energetic exchange is done continuously and he will be able to be nourished and he will be able to penetrate in the other and he will be able to entirely play through the energetic handling.


You need to experiment that, the physical observation through very precise exercises; for example when you receive a phone call, how you are before and after,…. when you have a sexual relation, how you are before and after, ..... to understand all the mechanism of the energetic exchange which is installed by this penetration by interest, and when you will have perfectly perceived this process, it is that you will understand the importance of the choices of interest that you will make.


It is for that I said to you one moment ago, when you are with the guilt, when the culpability arrives, do not worry. You can do nothing, it is directly dependant on this association, this coupling which has settled between the flux of pleasure and the flux of Dignity. It will be always there, as long as you will not have regulated this connection.... then do not worry you, because if you worry about it, you will make coming the quanta of energy of the culpability, even more on your energetic computer, your mental computer, and you will end up being entirely controlled by this penetration and thus the brain and the spirit become like a leitmotif always coming across the same problem or the same concern.


See the families where there is a very difficult child, how one always comes to come across the problem, how one never manages to withdraw from it? But why is he so difficult? It is because he knows this third energetic law intuitively and he knows very well that if he is not disturbing with his parents he will not be able to obtain the nourishment which interests him and he will not be able to come in, to penetrate inside them.


When you will have understood the phenomenon on you, you will have to look at, in a very precise way how you, you act to worry the others in order to come in their own energetic computer and to make so that you can live in them, through their movement. Because when one talks about freedom and liberation, you must not only consider yours, it means the freedom which you have regarding the others, but you must also consider the freedom you will give to the others, the manner that you will practice not to become a load for the other, not to become a concern, not to become an interest which will mutilate them, which will prevent them from living their movement.

But it is especially by the sexual exchange that there is a possibility of very clearly perceiving this penetration and this modification of the internal chemistry, because the man, in his pride, believes that he functions with only one part.... he says « me, it is me! ; the others, it is the others! » …. but it is not true!

The others penetrate continuously in the mental and energetic computer of each one, and it is with the whole that one functions, I repeat, it is with the whole that one functions.


When one has really perceived all that, on the physical level, one starts to become a true ecologist.

Before one is only one smooth talker in theory… because at this time, you will start to look at each element compared to the whole, because it is the whole which will function and the whole, this is the association of all the elements which have penetrated inside your energetic system, and that, not only in this life but in all the lives that there has been before.


And how will you be able to release you from all these overloads which have settled from life to life? Thus there, it is very simple, there is an extraordinary chance in the energetic circuit.

The emotional body which has recorded the whole of the emotions and sensations of your lives of now like your lives of before, does not know the time. It is an enormous chance, because it will renew in the present time, the whole of the mechanisms which have already intervened and which have already been lived in the past, in this past of this life, but also in the past of these other lives. By the extraordinary attention to the event, by this Presence, this humor about which I spoke to you previously, you will be able to regulate the problem definitively.


If by your present action, you do so that there is not again renewal of an emotional system and of the sensation, thus all is destroyed from itself, all the circuit which was committed with the fact which is produced at a given time, is erased, completely erased.


Thus quickly, you can put at an end and arrive until exhaustion of the karmic system and thus each thing can occur and be released without object, I repeat can occur and be released without object.

If you live the fact for the fact, and not such as an emotional fact, then there is no difficulty, there is neither good, nor evil, there is the action perfectly right, the action which is true, and there is nothing which settles at this time on the level of the emotional recording… And what is more, all what had been installed on this circuit is entirely erased, I repeat entirely, and all of a sudden, it is a considerable energetic contribution, liberation of all these forces which are blocked behind this stopping of the emotions.


Because what prevent you from acting? Is it the fact or is it the emotion? Look at well, it is always the system of the emotion, always!






But understand well that all these energetic laws, these three laws, function in the two directions, it means in the flux of Dignity as in the flux of pleasure, although they were entirely born because of the creation from the flux of pleasure…. since before, there was only the harmonious and spontaneous movement with the universe; nevertheless there is inside the greatness of the man, it means, his will of action. Also this third energetic law also functions by interest for what is good, for what is fair.


Do you understand, what I explained to you the other day? …. if there is this smile on your lips, and this cheerfulness in your eyes, and this is manifest, you have a widening of the chest, you have already a wider breathing, this is because I am taking care of you, therefore there is part of me who comes in you, and the enlivening that you make of this part of me through this exact alignment of the Presence and the humor, makes that there is a swelling, that there is acceleration of your energetic process…. and thus you can change quickly, since you will profit and you profit from my energetic contribution…. and that you, on your side, you develop it, you make it inflate you make it more dynamic..... you understand!


You cannot go against these three laws, they are here, I repeat, they are there! You cannot prevent you from living for not putting them in action. In any case, even by preventing you from living, you put them in action, since one is always doing something, into negative or into positive, in action or in immobility,… to be motionless is also to do something; … to do nothing, it is also to do something.


So throw you completely in the action, slip into in this sea of the life, swim, learn how to swim vigorously and pay great attention to your concerns, you understand. Pay great attention to your concerns!


Since it is the concern, which will make the penetration, pay great attention by what and by who you will be made penetrated



........... to be continued............