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The relation of cause and effect which exists between these three fundamental energetic laws?




Thus you are back, with the brightness of your eyes, I notice that you start to understand which the modes of working of the universe are.


But have you well understood the relation of cause and effect which exists between these three fundamental energetic laws?


It is very important to have understood their logic to be able to act with them and on them. So I make you a last recapitulation:


At the beginning, there is the original separation of what is called now the flux of Dignity. At this time, that did not have any name, it was the Universe and its movement.

It is because of this separation that the man feels this lack, this fundamental rupture with always the perception that he misses something, that he is not complete, and it is true, he is not apparently complete; I say apparently, because he does not have anymore one conscious access to the movement of the universe… however this movement of the universe is always in him and it is because it is always in him, that it is possible to find it and to restore it, consciously!


Thus, because of the original separation, it means the installation of the energetic flux of pleasure, there has been the creation of these three energetic laws.


The first, this is the principle of nutrition of the flux of pleasure, the flux of pleasure is nourished by the gap which it constitutes on the movement of someone else, and of the universe, and even of the gap that it can produce on itself…


..... more the gap is important, more the energetic quantum is important, more the nourishment is important. That is a principle on which one cannot act, it is there, it is always there!


But this principle has had the obligation to create its own tool for working, quite simply, always by the relation of cause and effect, and it is where the first energetic law has created the second energetic law which is the creation of the energetic object, which is the creation of the emotional object,


… because it is this emotional object which will put in action the first energetic law!


You understand, that is excessively important, because this first energetic law functions only in the flux of pleasure, therefore in the flux of the sensation and of the emotion.

To set it up, so that the working of nutrition, the nourishment of the energetic flux of pleasure can be done, it is necessary that this energetic law is setting in action by an emotional object and it is there the reason of the creation of the second energetic law.


So the first law gave itself the means of its own nourishment! It is the normal working of the law of cause and effect…


And it is important, it is very important to notice this proper mechanism of nutrition, and then, how this emotional object is made?


At the beginning, one needs a fact…. One needs an object, and it is this object that one will recover by the phenomenon of the penetration: one will make so that one will be penetrated, one will make so that one will provoke the interest of the world, the interest of somebody, the interest of another energetic body so that this energetic body can deposit inside oneself a quantum… and this quantum is « the fact » that one then enlivens with the second energetic law, one creates the emotional object….and this emotional object then acts with the first energetic law….


Do you understand? …. and it is an endless chain, because one is returned to the other continuously.


It is a prison that one can try to make the most gilded possible, but it is a prison! But it should well be understood that this prison functions only in the flux of pleasure. The flux of Dignity does not need these principles of working to exist, because it, it exists by itself, and the only thing which you can make for it, it is to slip you into its movement, to let you quietly slip and to swim with it.


But you cannot swim with it so easily, in spite of your will; because, though you make, you have these two fluxes now together, inside you.


Thus it is not by the exercise of your will that you will be able to say « flux of pleasure, I do not want you, go away! »; no, it is there, it will function continuously, especially more easily than by the perversion of the second energetic law, which is thus a coupling between two fluxes of Dignity and of pleasure, it has settled the phenomenon of the recognition and the culpability;


…. thus does not believe that it is so easy to be cut of the flux of pleasure since you must automatically cut at the same time, the phenomenon of the recognition and perceive that the culpability is not the other one who does it on you, it is you who creates it in yourself.


So how getting out of trouble the most easily?


In these three energetic laws, the weakest link, it is the third one, it is the penetration; because if I have succeeded in making understand me, it is the third energetic law by penetration who recovers « the fact » that one will then amplify and enliven to make an emotional object with the second law…. and it is this emotional object, which will then act with the first law…. And it is an endless phenomenon of cause and effect which will return one to the other.


Then instead of taking a dislike to the world, saying that it is not fair, instead of saying that you are unhappy, start to understand that if you intervene on the elements which will penetrate inside you, you will change your internal chemistry radically, and by changing your internal chemistry, you change at the same time all your mechanism of action on the world!


Do you understand that?


It is not a question to make reproaches to somebody, that is useless; he functions according to his internal chemistry …. and his internal chemistry is entirely conditioned by the energetic quanta penetrating inside his own system…. these energetic quanta, he will enliven them by his second energetic law and then put it in action, ......


..... I can endlessly repeat myself, because it is always the movement, always, always and always! ......


Thus, where can you act efficiently? This is in the choice of the energetic quanta which will penetrate you, because in any case, once the penetration is done, you are obliged to enliven with the second energetic law and to put in action with the first;


… because you are obliged to live, because you are alive, you cannot stop the flux of your breathing…


Do you understand? Therefore it is useless to go to make reproaches to you when you notice that you have acted in an incorrect way. On the contrary, pay attention to the penetrating element, and this Presence that you develop, this humor which also develops, allows you to notice the kind of penetration that you research, it means the kind of interest that you have, you understand;


It is relatively easy to pay attention to the interest that one carries to the things, knowing that in fact, you will become the thing to which you bear interest, since you will enliven it inside you, and amplify it and act with it.


If the things occurred very quietly and very freely, that would be relatively easy to make the catalog of the choices.

But in reality, the first energetic law always seeks to be nourished, because it is necessary to nourish this flux of pleasure; then they are the others which come to provoke you, they are the others which come to carry you a concern.

Do you understand? …. and from the moment when you have been provoked, when you have been questioned, it comes inside you this quantum of energy, that you will automatically enliven. You perceive that the other comes to deposit his seed, from the moment when he questioned you, when he has worried you and without realizing it, you will enliven with the second energetic law and you will put it in action with the first and that is the nourishment of the overall flux of pleasure.


In other term, since the original separation, who makes turn the world? ..... It is the flux of pleasure!


It is for that it is so rare to find a being which has found completely the flux of Dignity, because these meetings again with his original Dignity can be done only by the complete comprehension of the system of working of the flux of pleasure which is always in action, and if it is not you who apparently put it in action, it is the other which puts it in action for you, while worrying for you…


… then look at well what happens for all these people which always creates problems, which make so that one must be always worried,….observe what occurs for them, observe how they come to put a seed inside you….that this seed, you enliven it, and with the result that these people are always with you and you cannot separate you.


Thus there, a choice will intervene, you will have to make the choice of your subjects of interest; and it is difficult, apparently, apparently very difficult; during millennia, the man sought these means, however there is a very easy means to make these choices, it is to rediscover his plan of life.


We will look at that tomorrow… You are tired and you will miss attention to let come in you the movement and the magic of the true words…




............ to be continued .........