Given to Heidi


The plan of life



I said to you yesterday that you will have to make the choice of your subjects of interest; and it is apparently very difficult and during millennia, the man has sought these means. However there is a very easy means to make these choices, it is to rediscover his plan of life.


Ah, you frown! That says something to you « a plan of life », a mission that you have given yourself to come on the earth?


Later, in a few weeks, I will give you the exact technique allowing you to perceive by yourself your plan of life; without any intermediary, without any chemical additive, without any drug, in a state of full lucidity; for the moment you are obliged to believe me…. only for a few days!!!!! …


One died in the previous life, it means in fact that we have left our body, it has remained what the Christians can call a soul, others, the Hindu ones, Atman, etc… That does not matter, you will perceive by yourself the Force of this cohesion, which makes this existence which refers from life to life. And you find yourself in a very luminous white space, and you will see it directly.


It is there that you will be able to perceive your original Dignity, the origin of Creation, this happiness, this Force and this Love. You will perceive it physically, without roundabout way, without any mental handling, without intermediary.


This perception of your original Dignity will already be a colossal approach of the Life, since contrary to what one has told you, you are not dirty at the beginning, you are pure at the beginning,…. thus you do not need to spend your time to the washing machine, to polish you the body and the spirit….


….there is only this original perfection which was then implied with this flux of pleasure when this last was created and which masks this original Dignity, which masks this movement, which masks this Beauty.


You will be able to bathe in the perception of this Original Dignity which you will understand, directly, and you will see directly all what I have just taught you on the original separation, on what occurred before, in the androgynous period, and the creation of the three energetic laws which stemmed from the separation. You will perceive that very quickly, in a few weeks, this is done!


But for the moment, it is necessary that I prepare your spirit for this discovery so that the shock of the vision is not too strong! And at the same time as I said it to you yesterday, the fact that I am concerned with you, and you, if you stay perfectly in the alignment of spirit of this Presence, you enliven this help that I give you and thus you are preparing your body and your spirit to receive the direct perception of the teaching, it means:


Not to be ever somebody of second hand anymore, because you will see by yourself directly.


Then on this original perfection, we will come back later. For the moment, I draw only your attention on the plan of life, because when you are in this original perfection, you will perceive that there is the need to come back on earth, because the earth, it is what allows you to take a body and to modify your karmic system.


Do you understand? …. as long as you are in the space of the Creation, you cannot modify the karmic system any more, you cannot modify anymore what applied to you through the handling of the flux of pleasure. You are obliged to return on earth, to find again a body, to be able again to react on this flux of pleasure in order to eliminate the impacts on flux of Dignity, because you are both of them.


Understand well, you are the flux of Dignity and the flux of pleasure at the same time… and the flux of pleasure, it is the karma,…. but it is like adhesive, it is as glue which is held at all the hairs, which clings to the skin which does not arrive to be removed.


And as long as this flux of pleasure will have its marks and its adhesive on your body of Dignity, you will not be able to be free in the proper flux, in the proper river of this Dignity. You will not be released, you will not be illuminated, you will not find again your origin, in a constant, usual, daily manner.

You will always remain torn with this perception that it misses something, that you are separated from something.

Thus to find once again the original connection, you are obliged to come back on earth, but one does not come back on earth like that, because one has decided in a snap of the fingers…. there you will also notice it, you need a mission, you gave you a role, you gave you a plan of life…. and there is no possibility of finding a body, if your new mission and your plan of life, are not directed towards the wellbeing and the kindness which you can bring to the human ones, that you can bring to the earth.

That is also an energetic mechanism about which I would speak to you later…


If there is not this action, this decision to bring happiness, you will not be able to be reincarnated, it is technically, absolutely impossible! according to the laws of the Universe. Even one Hitler and one Mussolini, had a plan of life of generosity…. and after, they were found involved in the flux of pleasure and they made another thing; but to be reincarnated, they were obliged to have a plan of life of the order of the generosity for the world and the others.


Then with the technique that I will show you, you will perceive very precisely with which plan of life you came in this life;

It is excessively important to take its time and thus to be prepared quietly to this perception and to this observation, because then, it is that which will determine the choices that you will make on earth…. It is for that I said you a little while ago, that it is easy to make intervene the third energetic law and to decide by what and by who you will make you penetrate, it is easy when you know your plan of life, when you perceive perfectly why it has been chosen thus, which are its goals, which are its means of working,….


..... because you will perceive at the same time, that you come on earth with energetic means directly related to the decision of the plan from life.


In other words, you do not arrive with the empty hands, you arrive with an intention, and you also arrive with tools of working, and from the moment, where you will really put this plan of life in action on earth as a course which you give to a boat, these energetic tools with which you came, will finally be able to be implemented and they will thus function in an excessively effective way, in the human world.


On the other hand, as long as you are not in action of your plan of life, these tools are rotting in a drawer…. and slowly, you seek your way in the marshes and the spines while trying to follow your intuitions and the indications of the others…


It is absolutely capital to perceive your plan of life, because finally, you will be able to say a true « yes » and a true « no », without any aggressiveness, without any reproach.


Somebody will be able to present a project of life to you, and you will be able to tell him a true « yes »…. and you will also be able to tell him a true « no », and there, only while pointing out to him that his project of life is very interesting, that it is very generous but it is not for you, it is not according to your plan of life…. then the other will find somebody with whom he will be able to make this coupling, this cohesion, where their plans of life will be able to meet…. but for you, it is not yours, and thus you will cease to go shopping .....


Then you will exactly go in the shops and the places which will bring you the elements which are necessary to you to set up your plan of life and it is from there, that your life will be right and quiet, and from there, you do not have any more concern on the working of these three energetic laws resulting from the original separation.


Do understand well, there is something of splendid on this subject, because you are obliged to use these three laws since the flux of pleasure exists in you…. but now, the object which will be enlivened in these three laws will be an object of Dignity. ..... and the energetic object that you will create, will be an entirely destroying poison for the flux of the pleasure which is hooked on your flux of Dignity.


There is something of splendid, which dilates the heart, which dilates the totality of the body when one perceives this mechanism inside oneself. It is that you will use the means set up by the flux of pleasure to destroy it, it will be automatically destroyed by the fact that the object which will be enlivened by these three energetic laws, is an object of the flux of Dignity linked directly to your plan of life.


It is for that, that this Direct Way, the Way of the self-liberation, while putting in activity your plan of life resulting from the flux of Dignity, will lead the flux of pleasure to be self-destroyed by the use of its own mechanism… and you do not need to make an effort! …. and it is for that I call also this approach of the Truth « the Direct Sight without effort ».


But one will need much attention, because I have spoken to you of the image that you have of you, of the phenomenon of the recognition and there will be obstacles to this movement.


If you pay great attention to this movement, without any preoccupation of your emotional systems and sensations, you will go very quickly.

But alas, rare are those who can be maintained in this alignment of spirit. They are always recovered by their emotional concern, by their sensitive right, at least what they estimate, what they announce, them, like an emotional right, « I am entitled to the love, I am entitled to happiness, I am entitled to this, I am entitled to that…» …. and they are taken by the phenomenon of their rights, and they give up without realizing it, this essential duty that they have, to put in place and in movement the flux of Dignity on earth since it is for that they came, since it is for that they could be reincarnated.

But alas, as soon as they arrive earth, and I you will explain it to you a little later, they find the small luggage of the flux of pleasure: « here, this is at you »… and there the flux of pleasure is immediately put in working and one consciously loses the perception and the vision of his original perfection and of the flux of Dignity.


It is then the flux of pleasure which is put in action…. but for some people like you, there is this extraordinary chance to have this lack, this gaping, this sense of extreme loneliness…. one does not know from where that comes, but it is there! …. then for this one, he says to him that there is something behind this mechanism of the pleasure, of this human mechanism which is presented to him, and it is thus, that he can act directly.


So understand well, the plan of life with which one came, acts on two fluxes, it is entirely resulting from the flux of Dignity, it means the Love of the Creation in movement; it is entirely built by this Dignity; by the action of this plan of life, thus you will put in movement and energize this flux of Dignity on earth, you will make it radiate, it is for that it is said « God needs the men to live », but I will also show you that the reverse is also exact.




To understand that this plan of life will enable you to put in action the Beauty of Creation on earth, it is relatively easy.

That creates a form of contentment. Also, all of a sudden, one feels free and full of power!!!! ….


But there is a danger if the body and the spirit are not prepared. Some people believe to be an elect… with a divine and particular mission. They start to cut themselves of the others and to be presented as « those which know »… they play the « Master ».


…. but that does not occur like that, and the one who believes to be an elect, is really an imbecile and pretentious, a super proud, because the plan of life on the one hand acts on the flux of pleasure but on the other hand it is also created in relation to the flux of pleasure which stuck in the preceding life.....


…. there are thus not two people who find themselves with an identical plan of life, even if apparently, the presentation seems the same one…


Why that?


Because for each one, the plan of life and the energetic tools that one takes with oneself, are directly appropriated to the destruction of the flux of pleasure which clung to the person during her lives of before.


I say the karmic system is like glue, it is adhesive, it is as a sticky skin which clings everywhere and which sellotapes you.

Then with an apparently identical plan of life, two people will not have identical energetic tools, because by the installation of the working of the plan of life on earth these energetic tools will provoke the flux of pleasure which is particular for them… will oblige the flux of pleasure to reveal the perverse mechanisms that it has set up, around your body of Dignity… it means that, by the movement of your plan of life, you will clarify all this glue, this adhesion of the system karmic installed around you, and which is like a cobweb, ..... and there, it is not any more question of being an elect, because one is truly in the shit.

And the one which thought of being an « elect », which thought of being an elite being able to release himself easily, will be found as poor small abandoned in the shit basin swimming between enormous droppings which he made in the lives of before and which he has also made in this life of now.

It is very interesting… he is found in a completely difficult situation, exactly when you started to swallow a saber, that the blade passed to half in your throat and that all of a sudden, you do not know anymore how to continue to swallow it but you cannot how to make it go out.

The situation is completely uncomfortable, and if you did not develop before this Presence, this humor, of which I spoke to you until now, that will be the panic.


You know the story of the one who says to God « listen, for a long time, I walked hand in hand with you, and when I looked behind us, I saw our two traces and I was filled with joy; and then now, since already a lot of time, since years, I have the impression to be alone, lost… and when I look back, I see only one trace! Why have you given me up? »

And God answered « no, you did not understand anything: the trace that you see, these are my paces because I carry you on my shoulders! »


..... and it is that the action of the plan of life, ..... it is the Dignity which will carry you on his shoulders, but you, you will have the impression to be all alone in the shit basin.


If you do not know the whole of the process of working of the Universe, you will feel abandoned and lost; on the contrary, if you know in what you are swimming and what you are making, you will seek to accelerate to the maximum, the process of ripening and it is where one starts to really come in the Direct Way and it is there where the long detour is left, because the Direct Way functions by an acceleration of the energetic process, and I will explain the mechanism of it to you a little later.


Thus for the moment, know that you have a plan of life, and its direct perception, it is as the lifebuoy to which you cling when the sea is stormy. You will have episodically flashes, visions of the flux of Dignity, and you will see all the Beauty and all the Light, all the contentment of it,...... and on the other side, you will be in the shit basin asking you seriously what you are rowing in these marshes.


But very curiously, even while rowing in these marshes, you will perceive that there will be always joy and contentment inside your heart. You do not understand why it is there, and from where it comes, because the environment and the external circumstances are not apparently favorable at all for you, and the troubles are added to the troubles…however there is a peace and a silence which settles inside you and that astonishes you and that will always astonish you.

It is very simple, it is the movement of joy of this flux of Dignity in movement, because in any case, what you are making, whatever the apparent pains are, it is the installation of the Dignity in the Universe, in your environment and there is automatically this joy which is there!

Then remain with this joy, knowing what you do, and gradually, by dint of perceiving all the shits which swim in your basin, in your environment… and by dint of dismounting their system through this vision of the three energetic laws, then navigation will be done more supple, fuller, more generous.


...... but in any case, whatever is the case of figure, this generosity towards the world, this love to be given, this love to be acted, will be there, and that will be continuously the spring, the support of your life.


Now go, I have projected enough energy in your body, in your spirit, in the whole of your energetic system, let rest. Come back when you will feel again quite calm, with this very conscious Presence, with this light in the eyes and in the body, thus I will explain to you what is and who is the shit basin? ….


It means the challenge of your life.


........... to be continued .........