Given to Heidi


Challenge of the Life..




Thus you are back, there is gravity in your eyes, but the heart is inflated with joy. You begin to understand the Mysteries of the Creation ...... how all that is organized and how you will have the possibility of being freed of it…

But already it is obvious, you have started! … The energy that I have given you is amplified, it is clear! You are in the correct alignment, and you keep well the Presence in the relaxation…


Then you came to hear which the challenge of your life is

and which the shit basin in which you sail is?


That concerns very secret teachings because few people in the world are capable to hear what I will say to you. They flee, they prefer to put plugs in the ears, shit in the eyes,…

…. They prefer these false obviousnesses such as “everybody, he is good; everybody, he is nice”


… but when the truth is said, the whole deep of the being knows

that is the Truth….


… and the subterfuges disappear deep in the sea and there remains the very raw reality…

…. But it is necessary to be strong to support it… Especially as I give the techniques to go to check by oneself and without beating about the bush this Truth… Thus this is not anymore one theory, but a lived, understood and integrated reality.


It is that which frightens! … that they were not anymore theories and “beliefs”


Then, let us start....

You have well understood that through the plan of life, you will be able to have a double action on the world and on your own life. On the one hand, to enliven again the flow of Dignity, and on the other hand, to destroy the flow of enjoyment, or at least, to prevent it from exerting its action in a destructive way, since as long as you are human, the two flows are always in you. But there, it arrives one moment when the flow of enjoyment is not anymore operational, because each one of its movements leads to its self-destruction by the injection of an energetic fact of the flow of Dignity, by the activation of the third energetic law.


But for the moment, in which shit basin, are you?


That would be easy if in this life there, you had only to conduct the repair and the cleaning of the whole of the system karmic that you have created in the previous lives, according to the knowledge that you have in each cell of your body… you could then consider a pretty small walking, quite quiet where you will control everything. But it is much more complicate and that requires a great attention to one’s behavior in the everyday life.



Then let us start from the beginning. You died with a karma, one will call it the karma K-1, the karma of the previous life; this karma is recorded by the Creation, and then, you can only work on it while having a body.


Then you are reincarnated with a plan of life which is directly related to your karmic system to be operational on it, and with energetic tools which will enable you to highlight very easily the karmic flow which surrounds you like glue…


It is this glue which prevents you from seeing each day the moving flow of Dignity while at the same time this flow is always in you and around you, and has never been hidden. It is you who do not see it.


So if you had only to make this operation of cleaning of the preceding karmas, that would be easy; at least, relatively easy…

But with each reincarnation, there are three others karmas which are added, and that it is the great secrecy of the Universe.


* The first karma that you will recover in addition to your karma, it is the karma of the SPACE….

and in this karma of the space, there are three karmas incorporated.


- On the one hand, the karma of the collective space, I would say of the Earth in general… all what the man has done on the Earth has also a reaction and an action, like all what the Earth does on itself. That constitutes a karmic envelope, an energetic environment. It is for that the ecological attentions are very important, because the more the Earth will be polluted, the more the karmic activity of the man will be destroying,… and the more the karma of the Earth will be negative, that will lead the man to actions which will be prejudicial for his own destiny.


It is a circle of cause and effect without beginning and without end between the Earth and the Men.



In surplus, at the time of the exit of the belly of the mother, the Universe has a particular “movement” which is printed on the energetic body of the child. It is on this karmic system of the space that all the divinations of order chiromancy, divinatory, etc… all the horoscopes are based…..


- Then the second karma of the space, it is the one of the rather broad environment in which you are at the time of your birth.


That will be the karma of the COUNTRY… the notion of country can be rather broad since one can almost consider it in term of continent, but you will perceive in a very clear way, that if you have chosen to be born in such or such country, it is not by accident because each country has its karmic system, and this karmic system will also influence on the whole of your internal chemistry and will influence you in your decisions.


- Lastly, the karma of the PLACE in which you are born.


- Before one was born at home. Nowadays one is born in sterilized places which one calls private clinics or hospitals. That prints a very precise and particular feeling on the child at the exit of the belly of the mother.


There is this triple karma which intervenes… the one of the general space of the Earth which conditions the collective space… the one of the country… the one of the place (in particular: the bedroom…)


It is this triple stamp which will make you prefer from the beginning a certain style of mood, or to go in a particular direction. That has a utility since at the beginning, that will be directions of action which will come to you spontaneously…

But one should not approach these principles like a negative constraint. You need first tools of perception and of approach in the world before being able to develop again your own energetic tools link to your plan of life.


It should well be understood that one came on Earth to evolve. Therefore, if you work on you, you will go beyond these first tools,


The one which will seek his horoscope that it is Chinese, or Christian or… finally all the possible and conceivable methods which exist in the world… and who at sixty years old says “yes, I recognize myself… that, it is really me”… and well, it is somebody who did not work on him and which lets himself live like a simple “human” animal… subjected simply to the various vibrations of these three karmas that he has followed as a blind man because it is more comfortable…

He did not seek to eliminate this karmic layer, this adhesive around his flow of Dignity. He let himself carry by the events and “the obviousnesses”… He has tried to self enjoy in a more or less successful way according to the circumstances and the events.


* the second karma is related to the parents.

First, it is necessary to know that it is you, who have chosen your parents, not the reverse!

It is very rare that one does not chose one’s parents. That is only for very particular beings who have chosen the birthplace according to the energetic forces which were going to be printed on them.


And how is this choice of the parents done?

It is necessary to know that on the level of the former lives, this is as a large fair where everyone meets again, where each one plays mutual roles. With the techniques that I will show you, you will perceive how you have met your parents, in other times, in some other moments, where yourself you have been their parent, where you have already, been their child, their lover and a lot of other roles again…


When one perceives it, that brings a great relaxation in the roles of circumstances since one observes that, through the emotional body which does not know time, one will replay his blows with certain people, one will settle up sometimes… in fact, I will not enlarge on it because if you go and see in the libraries, there are a lot of books which deal with this problem; generally to say how this play is pleasant, how finally, everybody loves everybody, and how everything is organized together!


But on the level where I intervene, one does not try to put balsam, one goes directly to the reality. One makes the choice of the parents according to the plan of life that you have chosen because the parents will be the first field of adventures of your plan of life…do understand that well!

That, this is the first choice.


But the secondary choice that you make of the parents, it is that if that does not function with them, it means, that they do not help you to set up your plan of life, that they do not lend themselves to be the first field of adventures enabling you to exert your first mission, then you need a spare wheel…

Then you also made choice of people who have in them the possibility of making resistance to your plan of life and that will oblige you to find it again. You understand? ….


If you cannot be accompanied, you can develop you against resistance.


But know that it is the spare wheel, because initially, one tries the exercise in the positive and loving action with the life, but if that does not function, and well, there is the installation of the war of the parents on the child, and that will oblige the child to resist and to perceive what he really wants! … or to succumb!


It is hard to hear! … your eyes twinkle and your heart beats quickly! … Hey! You have a lot of reactions in you! … Are you ready to hear the continuation?


So you see, it is you who have chosen your parents. Then it is not worthwhile to go and say “I did not want to come in the world”! It is you who have decided your moment and you will perceive it directly, through the techniques which I will show you… you will know why you have chosen your parents and you will know which kind of assistance or opposition you have received from them, which then led the development of your behavioral system.


Now, let us approach the second relation with the parents

and it is the hardest to hear:

to be born, you will pay a right of way to your parents.


Which is this right of way?

And well, they will give you to carry a part of their karmic system which you will have to live in your ordinary life for them…

It is normal! … You, you came on Earth with a plan of life to clean your karmic system, to make so that your flow of Dignity can again evolve freely without this adhesive, this constraint around It. And you need parental bodies to come in the world, you needed them to be able to work on your karmic system. It is thus completely normal that by way of compensation, you relieve them on the one hand of their karmic system, and that you live it for them… you discharge them of this task.


It is this part of the karmic system of the parents whom you will live in your everyday life that makes that often you have felt that it is not you who had the momentum to act in a certain manner there… as if you were directed by something of outside to you… It is as if one was handled from outside… but no, one is not handled from outside, it is the parental karmic system which acts… from the interior!


And the difficulty for your future development, it is that you must completely pay your debt towards your parents before your own energetic system

can be put entirely in action;

in other terms, you cannot leave the parental debt aside in a drawer, while saying:

“I will think of it later”.


You are obliged to implement it and to satisfy it before your personal energetic system can set up entirely your plan of life with the development and the expression of the energetic tools with which you came.


Do you perceive the importance of what I am explaining to you?


Then, that becomes complicated even more because it is not you who chose the karmic part that you will carry. You give a blank check to the parents and it is them which decide what they will make you live for them… and they have until you are four years old to decide… it is not obligatory that it is spontaneous at the time of the birth or the time when you return in the belly of the mother.


Thus they can make you carry a whole emotional system which is at them, which has intervened, until you are four years old. Four years being really the maximum. The most often that occurs in the first six months or first year of the child.


Yes, you frown… I speak well about the karmic system which is linked to the emotional system and to the feeling… thus all what you will carry of your parents, will result in an emotional production in your body; and it is for that you will have sudden fears… and that you do not know from where they come! … and you will make psychoanalysis to try to understand there, but that will not succeed! , because there is nothing on the level of your memory, there is only one addition to your energetic system by the parental system.


It is completely obvious that it is not the best of them than they will make you carry. It is what they are the most afraid of, it is what they fear the most to live and to implement!


Thus you see it is not you who decide… you have given a blank check to the parents, and it happens sometimes that the child decides “ah no, that it is too heavy, that I do not want to live it”… Then according to his system of evolution, he can refuse to live it…

And then what will he try to make?


And well, he will try to destroy himself, he will create spontaneous diseases or will create accidents. It is the main reason of the infant mortalities from 6 months to one year which one does not understand, the sudden disease which occurs suddenly and which makes the child die… or the child suddenly who throws himself out of the cradle to bang his head on the floor while trying to make it explode… the child who starts to bang his head against the cast iron radiators… he seeks death, he seeks to leave this body, he does not want to live what, there, is given to him in obligation, so he wants to go back in the space of Creation and replay his blow some other way.


And thus for this child, there is from the beginning, a refusal of participation!

If he is not able to kill himself, then he will have a very great difficulty in taking part then in the activity of the world, because from the beginning, he will have said “ah no, me, I do not want that!”.


Then, it should be known that seldom, the two parents make carry a right of way to the child. There will always be one of them who will dominate in the karmic situation with the child and it is him which will give to carry to his child a part of his system karmic. The most often that is related to a particular relation between these beings in a previous life.


Thus it is the second complementary general karma which you will deal with, in addition to your original karma.


* And the complementary third karma that you will take, it is the one of the HUMAN.


- initially you take responsibility of his system of energetic nourishment, it means that you have the care of the flow of enjoyment with the first energetic law of nourishment, and of the two others which result from it. I have already spoken to you, you understand immediately what that wants to say. As soon as you take a human body, you take the flow of enjoyment with you.


Whereas when you are in the space of Creation, when you choose your plan of life, this flow of enjoyment does not have an access in this space. There is only the flow of Dignity in the space of Creation. It is for that this is so beautiful and that it is also so easy to make these choices. But, as soon as you take the body, as soon as you take again the body, you recover the flow of enjoyment fixed on it.


Well, your reasoned intelligence does not follow! Then I will explain you, some other way, this subtle manner to recover all the karmic system of the enjoyment.


But for the moment, go and rest…


…. To be continued….