Given to Heidi


Integration of Human flows.



Rested? …. then I take again the mechanism of integration of the human energetic flows in your energetic system as soon as you take a body…thus as soon as you are reincarnated.


Therefore, I said to you before that the first element of the human karmic space, it is the system of nourishment, it is the flow of enjoyment with its first law of nourishment by displacement which has then produced the two others to improve the system of reflex relations between the men.


- the second element, it is pride. As soon as you become human, you take pride with you, it is like the hair fixed on your skin. Pride is thus not a mental, or psychological, or cultural energetic element. It is strictly energetic, it is strictly physical! as soon as you come into the human world, you take pride like package under the arm.


And pride, what is it?


Pride, it is to be defined as center of the world, as center of space. It is the small child who says to his mother, “mom, the table is bad, it has hurt me”, because he bumps into this table. He has not yet defined the table as an outside in his space, as an outside to himself… the table hurts him thus it is bad.


You can see immediately, the deeply proud people. As soon as they come in an environment, they settle in the center of the space and invade it. Immediately, they speak about their problems, what it arrived to them… they are not occupied to know what settled before in the space, about what the others spoke… He did not enter in flexible articulation in this space… he has arrived and he speaks about him!

The proud one thus, it is the one who decodes space as good or bad for him, as advantage or disadvantage, as repulsion or attraction. He is the center of the Universe.


And this behavioral system, you recover it systematically, as soon as you take the human body, because it is from the beginning linked to the flow of enjoyment, to the original separation. Because of this original separation, the human has ceased to be in the normal flow of Dignity, to be in the movement of the divine will… if one can express it like that! … One could may be to express it better if one said “the separation of the will and of the cosmic movement”.

He has ceased to be in this Will. He has started to analyze the events in terms of advantages or disadvantages for him, of comfort or discomfort, of repulsion or attraction. He is thus settled as center of the space by making so that space turns around him and is organized for his advantage.


Thus pride is an energetic load, an energetic envelope which is attached to the human world, to the human body as the hair is attached on the skin. Thus it is useless to speak about pride or to treat it in terms of morality or psychology, or education.


This pride will become a big problem for the new reincarnate one, because this pride will try to direct everything around him… whereas the new reincarnate one came to come in the fluidity of the world, to implement the flow of Dignity in the world, to be in its movement, in its availability. And all of a sudden, he will have in him this adversary to the flow of Dignity, the one who will always shout “and me, and me, and me, I am entitled to, I am entitled to, I am entitled to…!!!!”.


When the being is in this space of Creation, after the death of the previous life, he does not have the perception of his karmic system. He is in the space of Dignity, he is in the space of generosity, he is reunited with the harmonious movement; and it is regarding this harmonious environment that he makes his choices and decides his plane of life. He does not have a perception of the reality that he will find on earth, he does not have this consciousness… except very evolved beings, but it is not the case for the ordinary world.


On the other hand, what of which he has the perception, it is this universal love, this generosity, this momentum to take part. He has come there to take part, to love, to act… and he does not know really what he will find on earth. The only real look that he has, it is on the environment of the parental system that he will choose, but he does not know either which the karmic system that the parents will make him carry is.

But the parents, if he has chosen them, it is to like them and to help them to find again the universal love; also, the parents have a splendid action to make with the child, to help themselves mutually to be in this flow of Dignity, because a true parent will seek to remake discover as quickly as possible his plan of life and his energetic tools to the child… this true parent will not put the child in the situation where he will have to rediscover his own destiny with negations, with refusal.


It is like the right of way; the evolved parents will give a weakest possible right of way, and in surplus, I will show you later the technique, which makes it possible to the parents to remove thereafter for the child the right of way that they have given him to carry, because in any case, the parent is obliged to give a right of way to the child because it is a karmic rule related to the original separation.

The child comes through them to transform his karmic system and well, it is completely normal that the parent who helps him to come and who will look after him, will be unloaded of one part of his system karmic by the child.

And thus, presently, I gave you the very unfavourable articulation, but one can also record it in an absolutely favorable and beneficial way as much for the child as for the parents… but alas, this situation is very rare, because one needs very evolved parents and who have already understood so much on themselves and the mechanisms of the Universe, so that they can effectively help the child.


Generally it is the reverse which occurs, the child is obliged to progress through negations, against what the parents offer to him like field of adventures and field of actions.


What I want to express you there, by taking these examples, it is that the child has always made the choice of the parents, except these very particular cases such as I expressed you where one can choose the place according to the energetic forces which it contains; but in the case of usual figure, one has chosen his parents in a splendid act of generosity towards them, it is the universal love, it is the love participation that one brings to them, one came to take part, and one came with a splendid chocolate cake, with tools, while telling them “here is the happiness that I bring you, here is the medicine of which you need”… but where the problem starts for the child, it is that when he is in the space of Creation, he cannot conceive, he cannot think, he cannot believe that of this medicine, that of this chocolate cake… one does not want it!


And it is a colossal disappointment for the child, when, arriving in the parental system, one says to him “but your business, we, we do not want it, we liked ourselves like that”. It is there too one of the reasons of the infantile deaths until the age about four years. It means before that the door of the Heaven, that the window of the Heaven be closed again.


Because after four years it will be necessary that the child learns the social highway code; and if he remains connected consciously with the Heaven, that will be such a suffering that his energetic and mental system will not be able to support. Consequently, there is closing on the vision of Creation. At four years old maximum!


And until the four years age, as long as this window is opened, the child has the possibility of making the choice to go back again from where he comes, because on the one hand, there is a right of way which he does not want may be to put in action so much it is horrible and on the other hand, complete depreciation of himself, since his first field of adventures is broken, one does not want the medicine that he brings, one does not want the chocolate cake with which he came… and the doubt settles in him and he starts to lose confidence in his mission….


But if the parents are evolved and informed of the mechanisms of the energetic relation of the child regarding himself, and also of the child regarding them, and finally of the child regarding the cosmic system, then there is a splendid play which can settle and I will have to return lengthily above it, because with the generosity of your chest, because you know at the woman, generosity is placed in the chest, on the level of the heart… then with this generosity, who is yours, it is certain that you will have children. Then I will well detail you the process which settles on the level of the Creation, on the level of the education system and of the love that you will develop for them.


Because you see, if the child does not have the unconditional love of the mother in already his first months, even already in the belly of the mother and that until the age of six to seven years, and well, he will never be able to feel in his place somewhere in the world, he will always have the impression to be a vagabond who does not have his place… and I speak about the unconditional love! …

And if the father is not protective of the mother during the first eighteen months of the child, and I really say, of the mother, not of the woman, the child will never be able to decode the affection of the father, at least the attention of the father as emotional nourishment. He will be able to decode him only as a benevolent interest but never as emotional nourishment.


I will have to lengthily go back over the karmic system related to the parents, because it is there the adventure playground of the children… because the child does not live next to the parents, because he cannot build his space… it is thus an error to believe that the child lives next to the parents, at least until the age of seven years, he lives in the parents.


The energetic and emotional system of the parents is the field of adventure and is the playground of the child, the child lives in the parents and not next to!


And it is terrible for the child, to find himself in a small narrow courtyard, smelling bad and shitty … he does not have the tools, he does not have the space to exert his will, and sometimes, he will refuse to live, he will refuse to grow, and I will also speak to you about these children whom I have been led them to grow; it means, that I have been led to nourish, to give them the nourishment that they needed, and whose parents did not give, could not give taking into account their energetic level and their emotional level… I will have to go back lengthily over this subject, because until fourteen years old, the child is completely submitted to the system of environment of the parents, because, it is necessary that he waits for about fourteen years old so that he can finally know how to constitute his own energetic environment which will become the field of adventures for HIS will of actions. Previously he lives only in the parental space!


There too, that could be an extraordinary adventure between the child and the parents.

Alas, by complete ignorance of this system of communication, the play is completely perverted and for the child, it is terrible; because then, there is an image of him and an emotional system and of recognition which will settle by the second energetic law, and if he does not suffer sufficiently in his life, to tell himself “hey, there is may be another thing to live, another manner of living, another thing to discover”, he will , as parent ,redo the same systems…


Then into final, how that occurs, if I wanted to summarize for you the whole of this shit basin, the whole of this situation?


Then when you are in this space of Creation, one will call it the Heaven, it is easier… you are in the movement of this Dignity.

This Creation it is not a Being, it is a Force, it is an Intelligence in Love with life. While bathing in this environment, you can only want to return on earth to help the others in generous act!

An absolute generosity in which you do not have the claim to be the center of whatever it is. You are the one who will give, you are the one who will understand, you are the one who will want to cure.


Then when all is ready, that your orientation, your plan of life is perfectly determined for you, that the energetic tools are there between your hands and are incorporated to your personal energetic system, then, you will descend and travel by plane to return on earth.

As long as you are on the plane, it is OK, you see earth arriving, you see the parents arriving … You are quite trustful, because you have the supreme confidence of the SIGHT. You see the Original Perfection, you feel it in all the fibers of your body, although at this time there, the body does not exist strictly speaking, but words are necessary to understand it… you feel all inside your being, and then, you landed.


And when you leave the plane, oops all of a sudden, a great flash, great photo… you receive the radiation of the cosmic space + country + place. This radiation makes an addition of your relation with the world. It directs your spontaneity towards a certain type of relations with the others and the world. Immediately you feel a limitation because all was fluid before, and already there, you feel the constraint… You have a little narrower dress! But you feel always relatively strong, because you have always this Presence and this perception of this Dignity in you and around you.


Then you will pass the barrier of the passports. And there one will put a stamp to you on the forehead, authenticated human: certified proud.

Then “authenticated human”; yes, you really agree because you came to take a body, but “certified proud”, “no”, you, you do not want of pride.

Pride is to place oneself like center of the world, it is to define everything in term of advantage or in term of disadvantage for oneself, as a profit or a loss… You, you came in generosity, you came to give, to be fluid and suddenly: “certified proud”… and oops, you feel well narrowed suddenly, this fluidity starts to be lost inside you, this spontaneous love which had been established and which is established in the heart.


A little, interrogative of this cooling and narrowing, you continue your way and you go through the customs. And then, at the customs, one says to you: “ hey! well, my good little mister, my little lady, there is a bag at the checkroom with your name on…” … One gives you the bag and it is marked karma. It is your karma of before and oops.

And hey! when you seized the bag, it is more or less heavy, that!


And with ups-and-downs, a little amazed of what arrives to you and transforms so quickly your vitality and your manner of seeing the world, you will start to go out of the airport. Hey well really! … From a generous arrival such as you had considered it, with your splendid chocolate gift and your medicine between the hands, and well, you are really disconcerted and hustled… You ask yourself really what all that means!


And then you go to the street. In the noise!


And all of a sudden there are arms which take you, which put you in a car, on which is marked: “family”.

Ah, and there you feel even more cramped! But moreover, you are realizing that you are gradually losing the vision of your Original Perfection.


There when you are in your car, when you are in the car “family”, it is still OK, you feel that you lose, but you have always confidence. It is gradually, until four years old maximum, that you will gradually lose the perception of your Original Dignity, that you will have the doubt which will settle, that you will have the fears of the success which will settle…


… Then here it is, the new life starts but very curiously, not at all as you had planned it.


When one is in the space of Creation, all is fluid and all is spontaneous….one cannot imagine that somebody can accept to be integrated to the misfortunes and the suffering and to like himself in them… and when one arrives on this earth, it is that which one notes immediately, that those who are there, were satisfied more or less of their situation… and your chocolate gift, one has perhaps been put it in the fridge, or then one has let it go mouldy on the pavement… and your medicine, one will more or less say to you that in the final analysis, one does not want it, that you can keep it… and then you will be dumbfounded! Really dumbfounded!


And you will start to ask you “hey, what I have come to do there? And how I will do to get me out of trouble and to manage to set up this plan of life with which I came? ”….

And on any side which you will turn the head, you will see around you, the suffering, the suffering, still the suffering, and always the suffering!

And you will perceive that those, which have supposedly for task to go and help the others, those who say that they are religious men, instead of opening the lucidity of the world, instead of helping the liberation by knowledge, will provide sleeping pills so that this suffering is less felt.

But of liberation, there is not!

There are only means to avoid and to prevent from facing reality…


And now the result, it is this state in which humanity is. It is this permanent state of war, this state of perpetual destruction and spontaneous self-destruction which can burst at any time!


And you, what will you do, Heidi, small woman of twenty four year old?

Here, I have just presented the shit basin to you, that in a general way.

Now, one will look at the things in a more precise way, so that you would be well prepared when, we will see directly what it is for you. But already, you start a little to know what it is for you, with all the emotive reactions that you have nevertheless tried to hide, but which are nevertheless there, while you are sitting in front of me and that I speak to you, right in the eyes, right in the heart, while coming always, always a little more in your intimacy…

… so that the third energetic law functions fully … that you would be nourished the most completely possible by the interest that I carry to you, since you are there in front of me and that I have accepted that you sat.


Then you will go back home, you will let mature the words, you will let mature information. Now you know the challenge of the Life, you know what the shit basin is, you know what the energetic laws, which were settled by the flow of enjoyment when there was separation with the Original Dignity, are.


Do not let your thought run too much!

Do not let your imagination run too much!

Your only fulcrum it is the original suffering, the original separation, this state of permanent lack which is in you… stay intimate with that, stay intimate with your Presence. Be sincere with your will of total liberation, and the things will be established ones after the others, because with the energetic tools of your plan of life, there will be a systematic and very precise action on the whole of the karmic system which has settled around you during all your lives until now.


In other words, this Presence for the aid of your plan of life and energetic tools, will be as a powerful lamp which will light all the shits of the basin.


It is as when you come in a cellar with a large torch. You can perceive what there is on the shelves and you can say, “ah that, it was there”. It is by this observation, you will be released instantaneously of the methods of the action of this negativity, because the negativity can act only in darkness, like a robber. Once you have said to the robber “ah I have seen you”, he cannot exert anymore his thief, it is finished! Definitively! Definitively!


But to go until your total liberation, it should be wanted with an absolute sincerity, because you will touch a whole emotional system and an image of you and at a given time, you will not be able even more to recognize you somewhere and it is that, the greatness of the flow of Dignity, it does not exist nowhere as a center, it exists only in movement.


Go and rests well, I have made such an energetic pressure on you that you will be tired for a long moment. Let things go, let images, dreams come… do not follow any image, any dream, let quite simply go up… be only in this presence, be only in your sincerity… look at, look at the things moving around you… look at the things moving in you and by this Look, you will understand as much the outside that the inside and by this comprehension, will begin the process of the Liberation.


And when you are back, I will explain you why now one can act with even more effectiveness and of speed to finish with the whole of the karmic system and to find his complete liberation.


To be continued…