Given to Heidi 


 Two intelligences.



Ah ! Here you are ! Your breathing inflates…So you obtain these constatations which release your energy !

Have you noticed why it is called constatations ? Have you noticed that it is flashes of lucidity beyond the system of the thought ?

The thought does not intervene at this moment, it is after that it recovers the information to catalogue it in its drawers. But the noticing is out of its field, you have noticed it ? You have well perceived that ?


Thus you know now that there exists another territory beyond the thought.

But why does that occur ?

Well, because there are two intelligences, there is the reasoned intelligence and there is the Intuitive Intelligence.


All the work on the lucidity of the spirit, on the Presence, gets in action again and develops considerably the Intuitive Intelligence.


Intuitive intelligence is the first intelligence, the Primordial one, the one which is related to the Flow of Dignity. At this moment, there was no need to reason, there was no need of the system of the discursive thought. The being, the man, was in complete phase with the movement of the cosmic energy, the movement of Creation.

He did not realize it besides… exactly like when you are inside a river, you are swimming and you do not know the limits of the river, neither its depth, neither its width, nor its height.

This Intuitive Intelligence is thus directly related to the Flow of Dignity, and it is this Intelligence which creates the insight, which creates the noticing.


You have noticed, in the event, in the daily event of the every day, it is a flash, all is clear ! All is clear in your spirit, in your reasoning, in your thought, in your body ; your whole being is implied in the noticing, is implied in the insight, you really know what is occurring, you really know what the things are.

There is an enormous emotional overflow, for the world at this time, you have noticed it ! And one knows what to do, and one knows that one is no longer handled by the circumstances.

But you have also noticed that the thought in a few seconds, will recover the information to catalog it again, and say « yes, but you understand…», to discuss, again and again to discuss.


Reasoned intelligence discusses, Intuitive Intelligence notices.



Here is the fundamental difference.


And you see the reasoned intelligence did not exist at the origin ; it is directly related to the flow of pleasure, it is the pleasure which reasons, which assesses, which calculates, which handles, which tries to see and to perceive, to understand how it can obtain a certain result with a certain person, or certain circumstances by playing its game in a certain manner.

The play of chess is related to the flow of pleasure, it is not related to the Flow of Dignity.


In the Flow of Dignity, there is not any research to surround, to control, to handle the other.


There is the movement, and this movement is of a fantastic, magnificent generosity !


It is only in the flow of pleasure, in the reasoned intelligence, that there is the pride, the center of the world, the absence of movement, the fixity of the space. The ideal for the one who lives fully in this flow of pleasure and which is very well satisfied of that, it is to be the exact center of the space in which he is and to be the receptacle ; to be the one who receives the totality of the benefits of this space, of this environment.

It is also the one who will be able to reject with a lot of strength, any outsider who will come in his space and who will not be there playing the total feeder game, that the center waits for.


The Presence is thus exclusively related to the Flow of Dignity, and you will then perceive, that God has never abandoned the man, because this Presence has been given to the man as complementary tool to the Flow of Dignity so that he can find his origin back, so that he can decode what occurs around him.


This Presence is the radar of the Flow of Dignity which makes it possible to perceive the movement of the flow of pleasure !


I have already told it to you, you are automatically in the flow of pleasure, owing to the fact that you were born, it is the flow of pleasure which has taken the controls of all the emotional system, and that reinforced by all the educational system, which has been completely settled in this flow !


Also, without this Presence, without this development of this Presence and its reinforcement, the Flow of Dignity does not have any possibility of being perceived itself. The flow of pleasure is then like a mask and it is for that, that when you came the first time towards me, you expressed yourself while saying :

« There is something that I am missing, there is a part of me somewhere, that I have left somewhere, I do not know where it is, but I miss it ! »…

… And this something, it is the Flow of Dignity behind the flow of pleasure, but which does not have the access to the activity of the daily life, because this one is entirely filled out with the flow of pleasure, since the daily life has been exclusively based on the system of the emotion, of the feeling and of the reasoning, and of the nourishment by displacement.