Tenth Movement.


The Song of the World.



Heidi sang in the street. She sang sounds and these sounds touched the passers-by.

Sometimes she walked… Sometimes she sat down, the back straight.

The breath always came out of her belly and that always impressed those who were listening to her because they had the feeling that this breath entered their body.

They did not know if it made a song.

But they were touched and they felt that something was moving inside them. Also they sat down like her, around her and they listened.


She wa washing them. They could feel it. But they did not know of what… But that did not matter.

Some of them left without the pains that have held them for days and weeks making months.


They had now heard of this smiling young woman who seemed to see nothing, to look at nothing. She went down the valley, from village to village and she sang.


They placed a coin or a small note near the rucksack.

She did not ask for anything. She was nourished from elsewhere and she did not want to stay.

Also she didn’t care about her body and her needs. The others did it for her and the inns placed in front of her a bowl of rice with hot vegetables… and families asked her to come and sleep at their home when they saw her passing by in the evening whereas the night was coming… They wanted to hear the warmth of her sounds in the secret of their heart in front of the fireplace that heated the bodies hardened by the sharp cold.

Never she has lacked food nor warmth of the night.


They asked her where she came from and she said that she did not remember anymore. Her memory had run away.


The Voyage in the Death.


The Rimpoche is waitsing in his room, sitting on his divan. The agitation is in his body and he throws as soon as I enter :

    - Guru Rimpoche has given again me essential information about the functioning of the Universe.

    - Ah well !


I do not need to throw, he has already started.

    - He showed me that at the Origin of the Creation of the man, his harmonious functioning with the Order of the Universe did not make the existence of the Forces of aid, support and even healing indispensable.

    - Ah well !

    - There was no need for healing as there was no wound.

    - Ah well !

   - It is thereafter, by indispensability… He has well insisted on this « indispensability », that the Forces of aid have been created when it was necessary to control the excesses of the man who deviated from the Order of the Universe.

    - Ah well !


He becomes heated, the old man !

     - But do you realize this information ?… He tells me that the Forces such as Tara and all the others have an existence only because there is in the first place a wound in the Order of the Universe !

     - Ah well !

    - Then I have understood why He told me on the first day that the Forces of aid do not have an existence in themselves!

     - Ah well !

     - They are the healer of a wound… but the wound must be there first !

     - Ah well !

     - It is a necessary compensation for a dichotomy… He has really insisted on « necessary ».

     - Ah well !


He takes again the breath that he has short.

      - He has thus shown me why he had sought in a cave near here, the Force that was capable to compensate, to oppose the pollution of the human space… A Force of wrathful, therefore a very vigorous fighting Force.

      - Ah well !

   - He knew that it existed because he perceived in his body the decadence and the increasingly larger pollution in the human space… So It had to be necessarily self-created… So he has looked for it to know how he could use it.

     - Ah well !

     - But do you realize this information ?


No need to answer. In fact, I do not know if he knows that I am in front of him sipping my scadling tea. He is in a monologue and I am the theater.

    - Then he has shown me that these Forces of the Creation in compensation of the disorder caused on It by the man who plays another game than the one for which he has been conceived, are World Forces ! They have no owner !… He really insisted on « owner ».

     - Ah well !

     - It is the manner of using them that makes a particularity… He really insisted on this word of « particularity ».

     - Ah well !

     - So these are cosmic Forces that are everywhere and for everyone !

     - Ah well !

     - But this means that the wars between the Religions are ridiculous! …

     - Ah well !

     - They are the same Powers that we all use !

     - Ah well !

    - It is only the way of using them that makes differences… But these differences are only external manifestations !

     - Ah well !


He needed to blow out the Rimpo. His asthma was taking a hit in the bronchi.

    - And he has shown me that he taught and showed how to use these Forces and give them power by using the energy that is contained in Them… It is thus an attitude of action.

    - Ah well !

    - Whereas other Religions have entered into a method of worship… So of passivity !

    - Ah well !

   - And it is what made the Power of his interventions in order to control and transform the actions of the Bön.

     - Ah well !

    - But that the original Force of his actions, which is this Intelligence outside the normal human Universe, was abandoned when he lost his dialectical fight against those who were for a « flexible » approach to the action of the being and of his transformation !

     - Ah well !

    - So, we come back to what he has shown me last time… But now, I enter deeper into the understanding of the details of the functioning of the Universe !

     - Ah well !

     - And if I had known them before, I would have conducted my action and that of my monks in a more active way !

     - Ah well !

     - Then, I have the impression to have lost a lot of time !

     - Ah well !

     - And the time is so precious !

     - Ah well !

     - Life is a wink !

     - Ah well !


Well !… The Padma puts the turbo, but that does not go very far yet for the psychic transformation of the Rimpo.

He remains in the basic functioning of Bam. He retains and understands everything as a fight in the Universe.

Even the old not beautiful who has the claim to serve me of Father still believes that he is engaged in a fight between Good and Evil !

They do not want to look at the reality of the functioning of the Universe as « nourishment » for the Source.

Them, the current scientists, know that. Everything starts from the black « hole » and everything returns to it in nourishment.


For these Great Spirituals so proud of their sensations in the space of the Universal Love, and so proud of the thanks they receive when they have succeeded in placing a person in it… since everyone he is good and everyone he is nice… and in the first place « the Creation » in which we must have total confidence because it is Goodness, Charity… and so on !

If it went out of my mouth all the words of « PERFECTIONS » that the man dresses up the Creation, I really believe that tomorrow morning you would still be listening to me and that besides you would be snoozing on the table.

So we are still left with the initial data stored in man’s memory as sleeping pill.

Thus, believing that he is in a fight, he transforms himself as a good warrior of God and produces the war that « saves » !

That one is not in a state to look with the Lucidity of the Yam to understand the functioning of this Universe of Men and the real movements of the Bam.


So let us remain in the narrowed space of the Universal Love !… All is well thus in the best of the Worlds and the Man will gain little by little his Paradise by transforming himslef like God.

It is enough to wait !

You know well how the time is the friend of the man !



Heidi entered a dark village wedged between two promontories in the valley. The river became again a torrent and its noise terrified some nights without the moon to say that life continued to exist.

A call came to her heart and she hastened her quiet step of the one who has no time to worry.

In the only street, she saw, as if in slow motion a little girl falling from the terrace on which she was playing with other kids.

She followed with the eyes of her heart the movement that projected the little girl head first. The fall was going to be fatal because the heavy cobblestones had been placed for the comfort of the men and their carts.

Heidi closed the eyes, and behind her retinas, reversed the fall. She knew that the little girl arrived with the feet first on the stone slabs, and her heart swelled with happiness.


The kid’s scream brought everyone to come out of the stalls that filled the narrow street. This scream was covered by the screams of the mother who came running. She was cleaning the doorstep of her house with vigorous broom and she also saw the fall of her child. She knelt beside the body of her daughter who was moaning softly, the mouth half-open, the back pressed against the stone cobblestones, as if she was held by them and could not escape their icy contact.


They discovered the mark of blood which grew under the skirt and the mother pulled up the heavy fabric on the thigh. Then they began to lament because the leg was broken and the bone of the thigh crossed the flesh. Their cries and loud voices can be heard over that of the young girl who seemed to be waiting, with the eyes in the Heaven.


She was smiling and they did not understand why. Then they believed that she had become mad and the lamentations increased in each one of the voices.

The crowd was growing around and each one had a complaint or a word.

There was no doctor in this part of the valley !


The mother took her daughter’s head in her hands and sobbed. Her eyes did not leave the blood that widened its mark on the white flesh of her child. She held the head between her heavy breasts and prayed. She did not know how to pray but she says words in her heart and these words were a request to save the only child she had with her only husband now carried away by the river when it became crazy while pouring out into the street.


Her child is her heart; she is her eyes, she is also her light because her child caressed the life and for everyone it was like flowers blooming under her look when she carried her light on a living being. People said of her that she was the « Light of the Buddha »…

It is her daughter who caressed her mother’s head in tears and who says: « All is well thus ».


They believed that she was announcing her departure from the Earth of the Men because she had this gift of telling the truth before the men knew it.

Also the old men pricked up their ears on stormy days, of strong winds and on days of fear when this latest took their entrails with the pain that made it impossible to eat.


Heidi went down the sloping street and reached the group of people around the young girl. They did not see her; they did not hear her; they did not know that she was there.

She did nothing to break the wall of bodies in front of her. She waited, like the one who knows that time is not important… who knows that death also is not important because the death is already in the bodies but the ordinary man does not know it. They are afraid of the departure of the life; they do not know that they are dying.

The little girl already knows this. The flame of her eyes met that of the young woman during her fall which seemed to her interminable, as if the distance to cross was infinite! Then she looked into the sky and the sky send back to her the closed eyes of the young woman who was arriving at the village. She saw the light she loved so much behind the closed eyelids of the one who had interrupted her walk to take her behind her eyes in the light that was inside.


Then it is the little girl who tells her mother to call the woman who was behind them all. She said: « Ask the girl who is not from the village to come against my body ».

She says it so softly, with the smile she had when she told the truth before the truth was there for the men’s understanding, that they believed that she was addressing the Divinities of the Heaven, and they looked at her with even more intensity because they felt in their heart that the extraordinary was near and was once again going to give its Power that was going to revolutionize the consciences and put them once again on their knees, the forehead in the dust, to say « Thank you ».

But the young girl’s hand pushed more on the mother’s forehead and she blew with the tired breath of the one who says so much and is so little listened to:

« Here… Behind… the lady with the blue scarf around the neck. »


Then they all turned around and they saw the « Lady » and they remained in suspense of their breath because she was young and she was smiling. They did not understand this smile in those so tragic moments. Their faces wrinkled.

It came in their brain curious ideas such as having heard of a young woman who came down the valley and who sang words that healed the hearts of their sadness and their anguish.

These ideas came because others had told them that they would recognize her by a light bag on the back and an intense blue silk scarf, one of those scarves that never end and can wrap the head and the neck at the same time.

They had also said that she always smiled as if the unhappiness did not exist on the earth of the men and the suffering had no impotance.

These ideas came to their head when they moved aside.


She did nothing to move towards the young girl. It was her who blew :

« There is work for you in me, come ! »


She could hardly murmur with her weakened voice, but they all heard and it seemed to them that these sounds did not come in their ears but in their heart. It was impossible that these timid sounds come to them because they continued to make noise with their tongue which said useless words in which the fear was master.

And there were also the others who came running and who asked what was happening with their big peasant voice used to speaking against the wind and the torrent.


So they did not know why they were moving aside and giving a hedge to this young woman who was not from the village. They also did not know why they were supporting her bag when the straps slipped of the shoulders of that one !

They knew nothing, except that it was necessary to give space to what was happening and this simple gesture swelled their heart and they understood what they had sometimes heard from the Great Master of the terrifying monastery at the top of the valley, where only barn owls manage to live under the icy wind of the torn crests :


« Know to make room for the Truth when it is there ! ».


They moved aside and the circle grew around the little girl supported by her mother. It seemed to them that the silence also came around these three bodies that seemed to be only one.

They saw the one who was not from the village bend the knees and get down on her heels. What struck them, was the uprightness of the body during the movement. Everything remained vertical in the young woman’s stature.


Their astonishment was confirmed when the newcomer put her knees on the ground next to the little girl’s bloody thighs.

Then she opened the mouth and asked in the tranquility of the voice of the one who does not expect an answer :

 « What is your name ? ».

The little girl smiles and she was proud to say her name:

    - One calls me « The One who never dies » !


Then the one who was not from the village enlarges the smile on her cheeks and it seemed to them that they knew this smile that stretched to the ears and squints the eyes.

Some of them said in whispers that it is the smile of the Buddha.

She murmured : « Then it is good ».


Then she put her hand on the little girl’s thigh, in the center of the  blood plate, where the bone pierced the flesh.

Soft sounds came out of her half-open lips. Her closed eyes saw nothing but the lights that she had behind the eyelids.

Her eyes blew on this light and she accelerated the movement of her heart according to the Order of the Earth with the Sun.


The one who had the name of « The One who never dies » let her head go between her mother’s breasts who caressed her forehead. The mother felt her daughter’s breath subside and the pain leave the body.

Her eyes stared at this hand on her daughter’s thigh. It was a hand of a mountain worker !… She did not understand how such a hand could heal the pain !


Then the sounds increased and the flesh of the thigh moved. All of them, they saw the bone which returned into the thigh. They rubbed their eyes and looked at each other to get the confirmation from the other that the Kamis were not abusing them.


The one who was not from the village stopped singing. The bone had returned to its place and they heard it snap into place with what was higher up in the thigh.

Then, the young woman cried and the tears came on the wounded flesh and they saw that the flesh was closing too.


The heat was intense whereas the cold was in full swing in the valley with the wind that has not stopped for days and that froze the bodies under the blankets.


Then there was nothing more.


The one who was not from the village remained a long moment kneeling near the little girl. Her hand slipped from the thigh to the heart and left its red trace on the dress.

The mother said soft words to her daughter.

The little girl was only looking at the one who was not from the village. Her eyes flashed.

Then she said : « Me also, I want to know to help the men to live ! ».

Her voice became firmer and they all heard her and they smiled.


Then, it is the one who was not from here who let some sadness go on her cheeks. They did not hear her words. Only « The one who never dies » heard them in the secret of her heart and she frowned.

« But will they know how to die ? ».


Then the one who was not from the village straightened up, the body straight and they saw the reversed movement always in the same uprightness.

The fountain was nearby and the young woman washed her red hands with the now dry blood.


They supported her bag when she slipped her arms into the straps.

With a gesture of a long habit, she made the bag jump on her shoulders with a sharp blow of the kidneys.

They understood nothing when the young woman’s walk resumed. They remained dumbfounded, immobile. They knew that she had left only when the thin shape disappeared at the bend of the way.

They wanted to run behind her.

It is the little girl who stopped them : « Leave her alone» she said.

-       « Why ? » they asked.


Then the little girl closed the eyes and said softly:

-       « Because she is sad »... They did not understand.



The Voyage in the Death



The Rimpo looked rather defeated. His monks had placed cushions behind his back to support his sitting posture.

When I show my face after the dinner, just to check his new determination that does not leave me an ineradicable impression, he gives me a look of a beaten dog that has found its bone without meat in its bowl when it went home.

    - Guru Rimpoche has continued to give me Essential Teachings all day long, he says, while I take place in front of him and that the monks arrive with the tea and the biscuits.


No need to push him, he has already gone for his dialectical marathon.

    - I remained as if in a trance-like state after your departure this morning and my monks thought my death was near. I was with Him, in his Dimension of Light, and he has made me discover with a blinding clarity that the Forces of Defense of the Dignity have as principal action the Defense of the Creation and not that of the man…

     - Ah Well !

    - In fact !… That the defense of the man has an interest for Them only when that helps the original Nature of the Creation.

     - Ah Well !

    - I think I am explaining myself badly with the words… Although the perceptions I have had are of a clarity leaving no doubt.

     - Ah Well !

  - I told you yesterday that they are self-created in natural response and in an indispensability to a human movement that no longer corresponds to the harmonious Order of the Universe… You remember ?

     - Ah Well !

    - But, today, Guru Rimpoche has shown me that the first interest of these Forces is to defend the broken Order, but not the man alienated by this malfunction of the Order… I make myself understood ?

      - Ah Well !


He frowns.

     - But do you understand that this information is a revolution in my Tradition ?

     - Ah Well !

   - In my Tradition, the Higher Forces of the Creation such as Tara and the others, are essential supports for the humans in their search for finding again the union with the first Order of the Creation…

     - Ah Well !

     - It is for that we worship them and we give them so much !

     - Ah Well !

     - Because for us They are « for us » !

     - Ah Well !

     - Whereas now Guru Rimpoche shows me that they are in first defense of the Order, but not of us !

      - Ah Well !


He is in pain, the old man !

    - So that means that we are secondary for Them and that helping us has an interest only if this help is at the same time a benefit for the Order!

     - Ah Well !

    - And now, the misconduct of the man is such that helping him becomes really secondary for Them… And that’s why in spite of all our requests, offerings and adorations, we get such a small benefit that some of us wonder whether They really exist and why They do not come more frankly to our aid.

     - Ah Well !


He becomes almost fuming about it!

     - Guru Rimpoche has really showed me this night the direction of their aid… And we are really « nothing » for Them… Only tools to produce an energy for the Source of this Universe in which the man is… Nothing else !

     - Ah Well !


Not happy, he is.

    - That’s it ! … If I wanted to say that in a few words very clear for me after these visions of this night, the Higher Forces of the Creation are self-created in response to a break of the Order in order to help this Order…

    - Ah Well !

   - They are not there to help the man to go out of the world of the disorder in which he gets stuck !

    - Ah Well !

   - In fact, they are not there for the Man !… Here are the things said with the sincerity of my heart after my views under the impulses of Guru Rimpoche.

    - Ah Well !


He takes again his breath that has been shortened. His heart is sad, the old Holiness. His look follows the flies on the ceiling that have no interest in the man’s words. They jumped on each other and one always wonders why they get annoyed so much between them. Do they also use the first law in fundamental energy to nourish themselves ?

As he is heavy-hearted and that this one overflows to the point that the tears are not far behind his half-closed eyelids, he continues with his words and me as a theater to listen to him.


    - It is an abuse of our knowledge… I would say it is an abuse of our ignorance.

    - Ah Well !

   - Guru Rimpoche had been the « Master » of these Forces and has obliged them to help the Man in perdition…

    - Ah Well !

    - For that he has used his knowledge of the energetic functioning of the Universe… And those who took over from him lost these possibilities of handling the Forces according to the needs of the man… And it has developed this form of adoration and submission which is our Tradition.

     - Ah Well !

    - And more than adoration !… We have developed multiple means to nourish them, reinforce them and honor them…

    - Ah Well !

    - And in the end it is useless because these Forces are not there for us !

    - Ah Well !

   - And it is the observation of this permanent failure: so many efforts, practices and adoration for such a small result of aid to the man in the need !

    - Ah Well !


The saliva has difficulty in passing the gullet.

    - So, this old Father that I am, knows now why I have so much worked on the Earth of the Men with such poor result…

    - Ah Well !

    - What a waste of time !

    - Ah Well !

    - We have relied on friends who are not in fact our true friends !

    - Ah Well !


He resumed the contemplation of the ceiling and the curious game of the flies that spend their time jumping on each other.


     - The worse is that I understood this night what the consequences of Guru Rimpoche’s failure were.

     - Ah Well !

   - He brought us this Knowledge of the Mastery of the Universe and it was preferred to him the soft and friendly submission with the self-created Forces.

     - Ah Well !

    - So we lost the possibilities of having the « Direct View »… It is the word He has used.

    - Ah Well !

   - And without this Direct View of the real movements of the energy, we are like the clouds pushed by the wind and praying to go in a direction we would like.

    - Ah Well !


He is having a hard time, the old man.

Spending so much time and realizing that his support points were rotten from the start !


    - So he told me that I must find within me other support points and forget those which are proposed to me by my Tradition which is not his…

     - Ah Well !

     - He has insisted on these words !… Not his !

     - Ah Well !

     - It is a creation that is personal to us.

     - Ah Well !

     - It has no link with Him!

     - Ah Well !

     - The only link we have with Him is the Love we have for Him.

     - Ah Well !

     - But the ordinary man has love only for himself and his search of happiness !

     - Ah Well !

     - So there is no link with Him !

     - Ah Well !

    - And it is where the Tradition set up from his departure enters the scene and gives us means of actions… But these means are not Him !

    - Ah Well !

    - And these means are false… Or at least insufficient because they are construct and they are based on an ignorance of the real functioning of this Universe.

    - Ah Well !


He is suddenly feel old and his back subsides. The tears decide to slide down on his cheeks and escape from the eyelids.


    - And I put my monks in there !…

    - Ah Well !

    - And they have followed me because they have believed in me !

    - Ah Well !

    - I am a guide who led the herd to the precipice !

    - Ah Well !

    - I am unworthy !


I let him digest the words that came out of his throat and I say :

    - That is wrong, I say.


It is then that he really looks at me as if he discovered my presence.

    - I do not understand, he says.


I leave him with a few breaths and I say :

    - You have not sent them to the precipice.

    - Why ?

    - It is them who went there on by themselves.

    - Why ?

    - Because this precipice is in their memory as the result of the spiritual voyage.


The old man squints and enters deeply into himself. Then it is him who says:

    - You mean they used me to go there ?

    - It is that, I confirm.


My words speak a truth that touches him and a slow heartfelt smile comes on his lips.

    - I am a kid to you, amn't I ?

    - Yes, I say.


He takes his breaths in his belly and tries to straighten his back.

    - But I must tell you that I was happy to be this kid, he says.

    - It is really there the knotty of the problem, I answer.


He still lets his breath retake wind.

    - You want to say that there is a pleasure produced on the body and the spirit when we are in this mental manipulation ?

    - Yes.

   - So you are saying that the Creation pushes us to enter into adoration with the Forces self-created from It… and that this adoration is a enjoyment ?

    - It does not have to push… I say… It is done all by itself.

    - I do not understand.

    - I know.


So he retakes his time again and searches in his heart. Then he asks.

    - Do you mean that there is a conditioning in the man that pushes him to seek this enjoyment ?

    - Yes.

    - And that this enjoyment hides the reality of energy transfers ?

    - Yes.


He still lets the time take its time and he quite simply asks with the softness of a heart that does not understand.

    - Why ?


I still let time to the time because the question is essential in the future of the man.

    - The pleasure of being manipulatd, exploited and worn out, I say.


These sounds are a shock for the old man who bends in two under the pain in the belly.

But he is a brave man and he pulls the back against the cushions.

    - You mean we have an attraction to being submitted ?

    - Yes.

    - Why ?

    - I let you discover it on your own, I say.


He doesn’t smile. His eyes want to enter deeply mine but I don’t let them the passage. He has to find the answer on his own and stop being guided like a kid.

    - Does this have something to do with what Guru Rimpoche told me: « I have to find other support points ? ».

    - Yes… But…

    - But ?


I give again the time to the time.

    - To find new support points, the old ones must already all be destroyed, I say.

    - Why ?

    - Because the comfort of emotions and sensations always pushes to jump again on the old support points… after a peripheral modification but without great consequence for the basic security structure, I say.

    - So all the old must be destroyed so that the new can come ?

    - Yes… If you go like a jet plane by flying over everything without looking at the details, I say.


He retakes the time for him.

    - You can tell me more ?


It is me who take the time to let come up the real words that will touch his heart.

    - There is not a « before » and an « after »… Everything is done at the same time because the movement of the life is spatial, I say.


He does not understand and his eyes squint under the effort to find in his memory a trace of what I say.

Then I continue for him.

    - The Son is constituted while the Father dies.


He’s still not following. He seeks in his memory, which is that of his Tradition, reference marks to what I put forward and he does not find them because that is not in the past of the man. This knowledge is without past and it is its greatness and its immortality.


Then he asks.

    - So why is it so difficult to understand ?

    - Because of the hope, I say.

    - I don’t understand, he says.

    - I know.


He still lets the wind come into him.

    - You can explain to me ?


I make « no » with the head.

At him to find alone !