Eleventh Movement.


The Disorder does not exist.



One of the monks sent to the research of Heidi had returned to the monastery.

He has run down the valley, the light bag well anchored on his muscular shoulders. At the first junction, he has known to ask the right question :

« I am looking for a young woman who carries in her such an extraordinary Force that one is obliged to feel it… Do you know by where she has passed ? »


He received this answer from the old men who were sunbathing on the edge of the river bridge because the sun was giving its full that day.

«Only one has this Force of which you speak… She sings and opens the hearts… She left by there… And if you meet her, tell her « thanks » for our old rheumatics that has been better since her passage. »

The monk felt his heart in joy and the effort of his race disappeared at each of his new leaps.

The full moon gave the light to his steps. He did not seek a refuge in an inn. His refuge was this warmth and joy in his heart since he follows the Heidi’s steps. He feels her in every of his breathings.


He did not answer when in the villages one has said to him :

« But after what do you run so fast, monk ? »

The night was his race. His race was his night.

The icy wind rose and accompanied him until the small hour.


An inn welcomed him for a couple of hours. He received the hot soup and he laid down on the bench.

The rising day put him back on his flexible legs and he resumed his fast run under the astonished eye of these peasants who did not know what it means « to be in a hurry ».


He arrived at the next big village when the sun was giving its best. He glimpsed the Heidi’s silhouette in front of him who was walking with a quick step.

His heart leapt with joy and he put all the Forces in him in his belly that ordered his long legs.


Then the young woman stopped dead and he broke his steps.

Everything in him, told him that he should not go any further.


He followed the young woman’s eyes. He saw the young girl fall.

He stayed behind her. He resumed his steps with her.


His eyes flowed as the hand healed; he felt this healing in his body because that is what the young woman did with all of them at the monastery. But she had another way of putting her Force on the heart and they have not understood it. It is now that the obviousness of the action of the Force is in his mind and his heart and that his body vibrates of all its fibers.


He moved back when she separated herself from the group.

He hid in a corner of door when she went to wash her hands at the fountain.

He did not call her when she passed in front of him, the bag again on the back.


The sadness that came out of all the pores of the young woman was a ban to go towards her and touch her.

She had to be left alone. He knew it in all the fibers of his heart and the little girl’s confirmed it.


He had a message to give her on behalf of the Roshi.

For the first time of his life as a monk in this monastery, he felt that a Force was greater than fulfilling a mission ordered by the Master.


So he followed the silhouette until it disappeared beyond the bend of the road.


Then softly, he turned round and went to carry the news to the Roshi.

He had not any fear of reproaches for not having delivered the message. A Force greater than the fear was in him and gave him the Power to know to say « no ».


He did not understand anything to what was happening to him. He no longer recognize himself. But very curiously he was beginning to discover and love himself… and he did not know why.


He went up the track and let the stiffness of the slope guide his legs. He did not push anything in his belly.

The astonished people looked at him come back like a tired little old man who pushed each step one after the other against the icy wind.


When the woods of the monastery palisade were in front of him, he had used three days of the time of men.


The door opened before him.

When he bent the neck to pass under the lintel, he felt a rough hand holding the tendons of his nape of the neck and maintaining him under its force.

He continued to feel the fingers clenched on his neck as he took the path through the small garden of the Master who was waiting for him in his pavilion because a monk had come to bring him the news when he saw him on the rock path going down to the monastery.

The Roshi listened to him with his heart because the words slipped into his body without stopping at the ears. He had the eyes closed by his fallen eyelids. He did not make any effort. He listened to the Force of the young woman carried by the young monk. He let this Force act on him as It wanted it.


Hiro was also listening. He was listening with his ears and his wrinkled forehead was showing his incomprehension.

The monk had a mission !

Why didn't he honor it ?

It is not up to him to decide what should be done, what should be handed over!


The fear was not with the young monk although he felt the rising anger of the Master of Combat. Being killed, in the moment, is no longer a concern for him. His mind is carried by his heart. He is beyond this separation between life and death.


The pain on his nape of the neck persisted. It was like a hand trying to bend the Being and oblige him to lower the head.


The birds had ceased their noise and only the torrent still gave its sound.

Very curiously, the wind had stopped and its fury of the last days was only in the memories.

The monastery held its Breath. Each one had seen the return of one of the envoys who was now in the Master’s pavilion!

This silence enveloped them and the young monk settled into it, confident.


It is the Roshi who raised the veil of uncertainty. He says :

    - It is well so.


His eyelids did not open; the flame did not pass by there, but the monk felt it enter his belly. The warm radiated and he wanted to cry.


It is now that he understood the tension that contracted his body during the return. There were two intelligences in action in his body! There had been a combat, but he did not realize it in the action. It is now that he knew this combat, when the Master released the tension by his so simple words: « All is well so ».


Then he understood what the Young Woman had told them so much during these months:

« There is a combat, but you do not know it… So you sleep instead of keeping awake for each of your breaths that opens the life before you. »


He then knew in his body that there are always two Powers in action and that each one of them is trying to do its work.


He felt so good on the way back, full of confidence and without fear !

Only his body showed its heaviness and reluctance to advance against the wind cutting the face with its icy blades.


He maintained this absence of fear in front of the Roshi and Hiro.

But his body was receiving at the same time a fatigue that he had not perceived, because this body had also another habit : that of respecting the orders and not questioning them. And this body, taken out of its usual reference points which are its securities, was tense and worried.

He knew then that the body can be the worst of his enemies.


And came in his heart this sentence that the young woman always repeated to them :

« Be very attentive to your body… It can be your best friend, as well as your worst enemy ».


In front of their stunned looks, she had one day added:

« Never believe it ! »


They had not understood.

Now, him, the young monk understood with his body what that meant. He understood at the same time that it is not possible for the brain to understand this sentence.

Only the body pushed to the extreme has this possibility.


And he knew then that the body can be his best friend and he cried in this new encounter with himself.


The Roshi raised his eyelids and he says :

    - It is up to me to go to her.


Hiro perked up his ears. Still a long voyage for his old friend could only accelerate his end in the World of the Men. He is already so tired !

Then the Master smiles at the monk and reached out the hand to him. The monk bowed and the hand touched his forehead which burned.

The warmth penetrated his bones and his heart let its doubts vanish.

He understood then that his heart had doubts and he did not know it.


- Thank you, young seeker of Truth, for having had enough force to follow your heart and let your mind do its play all alone, says the old man in the tenderness of the Master who knows how to recognize the merits and who says it.


The monk knew then it was the time to withdraw and he did it backwards like the Tradition wants it.

The old man looked at him with a smile and he says :

    - After being touched by the Heidi’s Force, how can you still be down on your knees ?


The Master’s smile reassured the monk. That was not a condemnation. Just a noticing that his heart understood.

Then he rose up and bowed in front of this old man who had been leading their destiny for such a long time in the goodness of his heart.


At the moment of passing the door, he heard the Master ask him to come to him again.

Astonished, he turned round. 

The request formulated by the old man was soft. It was not an order ; like an invitation.


Then the Roshi asked him these questions :

    - When you were in Heidi’s presence, how did you feel ?

    - Full of joy, he answered spontaneously.

The old man raised the head. The monk was waiting, crouching on his heels in front of him.

The second question continued to surprise him :

    - When you returned to the monastery, how did you feel ?

    - Very well too… A little slow, however… as without urgency… But well !


The Roshi shrugged once again the shoulders and he completed his request :

    - When you have crossed the doors of this monastery, how did you feel ?


The question disconcerted the young monk and he searched in the memory of his body. Then he said :

    - Tired and sad… with a hard hand gripping my nape of the neck.


Then the Master completed :

    - And now, in front of me, how do you feel ?


The monk still searched in his body again and said :

    - Calm and serene.


He was not afraid of true words. The Master smiles at him and he confirmed by again « It is well ».


Then he asked again :

    - If you had to answer spontaneously a question without thinking, what would you say ?

    - What is the question, Master ? asked the monk without batting an eyelid in front of the Master’s eyes who were scrutinizing him.


The old man smiles at him like an old father :

    - My question is the following one: where would you prefer to be: here or with Heidi ?

    - With Heidi, he launched in an impulse of the heart.


Then the old man told him again « It is well ».

The monk felt that it was the time for him to withdraw. He did it softly.


It is when he pushed the door of the small garden to close it behind him that he felt that his nape of the neck was free again!

He knew then in his heart the power of true words.

He knew then in his mind the power of the heart that is not afraid.

He knew then in his body the power of the mind without expectation.


Curiously, the wind had resumed its fury. It was like a tiger that was jumping to surprise the numb man behind the wooden palisades.


The old man had the eyes beyond the crests.

He looked for the icy wind there to help him dry the water pushing behind his eyelids.


The Voyage in the Death.


The Rimpo is pallid this morning and he has difficulty to give me the ritual smiling salute of the Tibetans.

Would his Guru have gone a little too hard this night ?


I settle on the divan opposite and the monks arrive with the tea and the cakes.

I have not finished to cross my legs in lotus that he starts at the quater turn.


    - I have received other Essential Teachings from Guru Rimpoche, he launches with the quavering voice of a shocked little old man.

     - Ah Well !

    - I am stunned of these visions that entered my body.

    - Ah Well !

    - These are physical realities… and not only visions !

    - Ah Well !

    - He made me know in my body the process of the Creation!

    - Ah Well !

    - It is terrible !

    - Ah Well !

    - But all our structures burst with this Secret Teachings !

    - Ah Well !

    - But yes !… He made me see that the process of « disorder » that exists in this Universe is normal and completely natural !

    - Ah Well !

    - But yes !… He made me feel in my body the need of nourishment of the Source that is at the origin of this Universe.

    - Ah Well !

   - But yes !… It is a colossal vacuum cleaner of energy and next to that we are really nothing… Man is really nothing !

    - Ah Well !

   - But yes !… Just a production of the Source through the Movement, that one calls the Universal Love, in order to make energy for It.

    - Ah Well !


He remains one moment to resume his memories which overlap.


    - That, I had already perceived it, this process of the Creation…

    - Ah Well !

    - First the Source which is a colossal Force with all the elements in potential.

    - Ah Well !

   - Then the Breath which projects outside the Source a particle of It in which all is contained.

    - Ah Well !

   - Finally, the departure of the Movement which is the way for the Source to take a form which makes it possible to create.

    - Ah Well !

    - So it is the « Movement» that we can call « Creation »… A Force to create.

    - Ah Well !

    - Everything is created starting from this Force of Movement… Water, rocks, trees… animals and finally also the Men.

    - Ah Well !

    - And in this Movement all of the Source is contained.

    - Ah Well !

    - And in this Movement according to its original form, there is the triangulation between the men who are created… It is the natural expression of what we feel as the Original Love !… Because in it we feel the love in matter and not only in feeling !

    - Ah Well !


He takes again his breath that he has short.


    - But Guru Rimpoche made me perceive this night that the very notion « of Love » is a decoding typically human separated.

    - Ah Well !

    - There is no Original Love !

    - Ah Well !

    - There is only one energy mechanics in action!

    - Ah Well !

    - The very notion of love did not exist in the first steps of the Creation, that is to say, in the first steps of the « Movement ».

    - Ah Well !

    - It is when there was a separation of the man’s consciousness with the first Order of the Creation, that the notion of love was built in the man’s consciousness.

    - Ah Well !

    - The notion of love was built because there began to exist a « non love » between the men.

    - Ah Well !


He struggles in his lungs which awaken his asthma.


    - It is because of their memory ! He continues.

    - Ah Well !

   - They had in their memory the state of the triangulated relation between them, the absence of jealousy and competition.

    - Ah Well !

   - So when they have started to live the duality, that is to say the combat between them and all the excitations which go with, it is at this moment that the notion of love was built.

    - Ah Well !

    - And this notion of love was based on the memory of the body that has recorded it as « a lost paradise ».

    - Ah Well !

    - Then, for the new consciousness of the man, this lost paradise took the appearances of the Perfection to be found again.

    - Ah Well !

    - Whereas it is only a sensation in the body which developed into a primitive need.

    - Ah Well !


He frowns at seeing me so little concerned by his verbiage that I take the opportunity to check the state of my nostrils and participate with the flies in the sending of some creations on the ceiling that does not become whiter than white… you remember, this detergent ?


    - But do you understand that Guru Rimpoche showed me this night that the very notion of love is a human fabrication ?

    - Ah Well !

    - That there is no love in the Creation !

    - Ah Well !

Well ! … He is a little shocked the old Rimpo …

Must be said that the famous dilution of the Being in the Universal Love as result of the life on Earth, the total fusion !… which is also sought between the humans and their more or less excited loving « dance » …

In short that these principles that he has been nourished since he is old enough to learn, are taking a strange hit in the teeth and that soon he will have to ask an urgent audience to the dentist of the corner if his Guru’s bludgeoning does not cease.


Besides I will have to ask this last one to soft-pedal because I need a  body just about OK to finish with this mission of fools that the guy with goatee with extension who has the claim to serve as a Father for me has given me.


He takes back the conversation as soon as his breath comes back. He can no longer stop the diarrhea of his words which are rushing at the door to the obvious detriment of his health.

See how the mind completely does not give a damn about the body !


    - There is only an energetic mechanics in order to feed the Source in food as much as possible!… Through the Movement which is the Force to create !

     - Ah Well !


He has difficulty to stomach the blow, the old man.


    - So, he has shown me that the « malfunction » of the man is not an error on his part !…That it is a normal step in his evolution to provide more and more food to the Source !

    - Ah Well !

    - That the separation of the first state of the Creation was therefore inscribed in the destiny of the human because it was necessary to always produce more food for the Source, he repeated because he was shocked the old man !

    - Ah Well !

   - So that the state of the human « now » is « very well thus » for the Source and even the Creation !

    - Ah Well !


He is blocking in the throat and I wonder how long he is going to last with the breathing cut off.

You know how much I like the bets !


But he has courage and as soon as a stream of air comes back, he jumps on it.


    - So he produces an enormous quantity of energy in the wars he produces… That there is the enormous use of the first fundamental law that you had told me about and that I am beginning to understand.

    - Ah Well !

    - And in these wars of « for » and « against » there is an enormous production of energy that always comes back to the Source… Also it is not question for It that it makes stop this manna !

    - Ah Well !

   - And therefore that any attempt of the man to escape this current state is still an energy production for the Source because this attempt to go out of this reflex behavior is a « war » against his natural state of the moment !

    - Ah Well !


He takes again breath because his asthma is accelerating and a crisis is to be expected soon if he does not calm the game.

Short of breath he continues on his impulse.


    - But do you realize what he made me see this night ?… He showed me that everything that happens on this earth is on the one hand normal… And on the other hand very well !

    - Ah Well !

    - So the man produces an enormous quantity of energy, as much by going to war, that by trying not to go there !… which is then a « war » against himself !

    - Ah Well !

    - And that in the religious researches which would like to return to the original state of the Creation, there is a suffering and a work which develops an enormous energy for the Source.

    - Ah Well !

    - That all the Religions are human creations resulting from the separation in order to play with the memory of the lost Paradise !

    - Ah Well !

    - Then the Source recoups on all the tables and all is very well thus for It !

    - Ah Well !


He misses breath and I calm him with a soothing hand.

I call the monks and ask them to better install their Holiness with cushions so that he can keep without effort the back straight.

Then I tell them to bring some very hot new tea for him… black tea without butter in order to reinforce his heart that beats wildly.

They are worried about their Rimpo and they hasten around him.


The noises of the courtyard are with us and I pay attention to them so that my energy does not give him too much a boost.


Besides I will have to talk a little to Padma because from his space without the body of Bam he does not realize the state of that of the Rimpo. Also, to over-vitamin him by his new Teachings, he can lead him to pass on the other side before we are ready to accompany him… I am waiting for the arrival of the chick that « me » of after promised to us!… because only her can make Padma going out of his closed space and prevent him from pushing too strongly against his walls that could well fall on his snout.


So I program a little talk with Padma for this evening after the last practices of the evening in the Temple, because we have to be a little discreet. The monks already ask themselves a lot of questions about their Holiness’ relationship with me and his consequences. I still need their help two good weeks after the old man has kicked the bucket because I have to stay close to the body, even embalmed and in the place of his death in order to be able to touch the old man’s energy in his crossing of intermediate spaces.

Besides I must have a quick words about this with the Rimpo so that he can organize that with his monks.


So not too much trouble to place on the table now because we will have enough after.

But the old man wants to finish the piece that he has difficulty to swallow.


    - Also Guru Rimpoche has completed my Teaching of yesterday by showing me that the superior Forces of the Creation had no interest in helping the man not to be more bogged down in the separation.

    - Ah Well !

    - That this separation was organized by the Creation Itself !

    - Ah Well !

    - Whereas  everything is well like this… And that it is only the man who has a problem because he is destroying his space more and more every day and asphyxiates.

    - Ah Well !


Again he misses breath and I do not push him while observing the flies jumping on each other… A normal life of fly ! 


He continues when he has retaken some air.

    - But for the Creation, that is not a problem !… The destiny of the man is not its concern.

    - Ah Well !


He has difficulty to swallow the pill.

    - And that the Man is all alone with himself !

    - Ah Well !


I confirm : the pill does not pass !… Because it is all his life that flashes in its uselessness.


    - And that the Man cannot count on anyone to escape this process of moving away from the first state of the Creation… And that even wanting to escape from it, is an action that will produce energy for the Source who rejoices at this effort and pushes him to continue until exhaustion and sacrifice through the excitation of the memory of the existence of the lost Paradise !

    - Ah Well !

    - So the man is at the end of the course… But for the Creation, there is no problem.

    - Ah Well !


He is becoming sad, the old man, with his new concerns.

    - So the man is about to finish his nourishing course for the Source !… because his space is being asphyxiated.

    - Ah Well !


Sadness oozes by all the pores of his skin. It is all his life that clears off.

    - What will thus happen of him ?…


The time resumes its time like the breathing of the old man who also lets time to calm his pain.

    - But what I know now, it is that we cannot count on the support of the Superior Forces of the Creation which are only mechanical reactions to a rupture… Simple medecines for the Creation modified in its first Order… But that this modification was already programmed right from the Origine because it was the surest way to make more energy for the Source of this Universe which has a constant need of it to continue to maintain Itself and exist.

    - Ah Well !

    - Then all is well for the Creation !

    - Ah Well !


Time still resumes possession of the space.

    - But everything goes wrong for the man !

    - Ah Well !

    - He is at the end of his « Time ».

    - Ah Well !


The ripening is ineluctable and the Rimpo seizes it with his body.

    - He was created… He has fulfilled his intended purpose… He will disappear…

    - Ah Well !

    - It is only now a catastrophic acceleration that is in movement and the space of action for « something else » that the normal Movement is almost reduced to nothing.

    - Ah Well !

   - Then everything is finished for the Man as he was conceived by the first steps of the Creation.

    - Ah Well !


He remains doubtful during long breaths and he concludes:

    - But remember what Guru Rimpoche taught me before… There is now a mutation of the Man and it could be that he manages to create another kind of life…

    - Ah Well !

  - Perhaps this is a normal mutation for the Creation and that the whole new system will remain in It.

    - Ah Well !

   - And if it is not the case, the new programmed mutation will be destroyed by the Force of the Order of the Universe.

    - Ah Well !


He still remains a moment in his monologue and he says :

    - In fact, I do not know what could be the best for the man… To remain with the Creation with its new mutation… or to be destroyed by It.

    - Ah Well !


He resumes his short breaths.

    - I have asked the question to Guru Rimpoche…

    - Ah Well !

    - But I have not received an answer, he said disappointed.

    - Ah Well !

    - Or, perhaps, is it me who did not understand his silence and his smile.

    - Ah Well !