Fourteenth Movement.


The last indispensability of the Yam.



The death is now his voyage. The vigorous monk who has just left the monastery has no longer memory of him. His memory is washed away by the presence of the death which becomes his companion, his path, his breath.

He no longer knows if this Presence, this Force, is in him or outside him. He has perceived it in all his body, his flesh and his spirit when his eyes looked at the path of rock that was narrowing between the crests that had to be cut to get out of this hollow in which the monastery imposed its presence.


He has no name. He is « The One without name ».

It is the play of words and men who have given him this name: «The One without name ».

He was found in the early morning in front of the inn door of a mountain village. Surely still a woman of the plateau frozen by the winds who frees herself from a burden! He was well wrapped in a warm blanket.

The women of the inn looked for a name for him and bickered for days. Then an alcoholic, strong with his evening drink, laughed and said : he will be « The One who has no name ! »

They laughed. They talked about him like that for days and they no longer looked for a name for him. This is how they got into the habit of saying of him: « The One without name ».


In the monastery he was « The One without the name » !


He had undergone this as an injustice. But now, on the path that descends into the valley, because he has passed the crests torn by the icy wind, he feels happy with this « without the name ». He is even closer to the death and its power to discover the truth at every moment.


This Force that does not exist, that it does not seem to him to exist because he feels empty of everything and at the same time with the acuity of the look of the one who sees everything from the top of the mountain, flows in him and his body is happy with it.

He does not want anything else.

He knows that it is the Heidi’s power. But he does not rush to join her. Besides, does he want to join her ?

This Force is a total freedom and with It in him, he feels at home everywhere.


He is the vagabond of the Universe, the one who never stops and who lives everything as the last one.

But this vagabond must be able to wander because wandering is the last and true freedom.

One no longer wanders when the third energetic law functions durably.

So he must always go into the new that is in front of him and not to have the pretension « of building ».

Any construction is a trap, a prison.

To want to create a work is a pretension in the Bam.


But the one who wants to leave the Bam and be with this Force of life and lucidity must let go of the work he has accomplished and put it back in the Bam which will play with it according to its rules, enjoyments and visions.


He has thus understood the prison of the Master. He loves this old man who has created and helped so much. But he has been captured by his work and this is now obvious to him who slides on the still icy paths and stops in the inns to hear there the ordinary men and give them some courage to the life and means of actions.

They do not know how to breathe. They do not know how to place their consciousness in the event in order not to be knocked down by it and become their slave.

So with his calm laughter and the vigour of his body, he plays with them in the inns.

He talks to them and they listen to him because he speaks gently and does not laugh at them. He does not give them lessons !


He speaks gently and the Force that flows in him flows in them and they like this contact that does not take them for dogs that only know to lick the bowl of the street and of the suffering.

They feel honoured by « The One without name » who does not despise them and doesn’t laugh at them.


Then they ask him how he lives. He answers : I am the One without the name.

One gives nothing to what does not exist !

Then they do not know why they take a coin out of their belt and put it gently in front of him and feel happy to do it.

Maybe because they are also « nothing » for the others, just muddy dogs without culture and future, that they feel united to him and give him a little of them as he gives a little of him.


Thus the life flows for « Without name » and he walks down the path of the valley as Heidi did it before him. He feels her steps in front of him and he perceives the odor of her laughter which many people talk about to him and ask him if he knows her too since it seems that she lived in the monastery under the furious crests, where the men are trained to become killers.


It is the eighth day that in the early morning Tong arrives at the inn. He is sweating. He had been running all day and night. He wanted to find « The One without name ».


He has also left the monastery. He could no longer stay in this place that was filled with the sounds and clouds of the valley ruminating on it. All this production of words and promises of those who want to become the future master !

He left in the early morning when the doors opened. He prepared his bag during the night. He did not tell the Roshi his departure. He was afraid.

He wanted to find the freedom that he had perceived on « Without name » when he returned to the monastery. He wanted to find Heidi.


« Without name » was listening to him. He said nothing. He served him a hot soup and asked that one bring him a blanket to protect the sweaty monk.


Then he says to him :

« You will stay alone… I don’t want you with me ».


The long monk looked at him interrogator.

Then « Without name » continued with his slow voice :

« One is alone in front of the death ».


Tong continued not to understand.

« One does not leave a monastery to reconstitute another one » continued the monk… I am not looking for Heidi. Heidi is not waiting for me ».


Tong ruminated these words. He continued to examine everything with his head and his intelligence.

« Without name » looked at him in silence and said to him with the calm of the voice :

« Go back to the monastery… It has not yet acted enough on you so that you stop directing your life with your head ».


These words slipped into the brain of the long monk and tears came under his eyes. He had thus not changed since Heidi’s departure ?

The monk confirmed it to him and his quiet words entered the bones of the skull of the one in front of him.

« You flee !… Only that ! ».


When he returned in front of the gate, the Roshi was informed.

« Then it is time to resume the reading of the Book ».

He was smiling.


The Voyage in the Death.


The Rimpo’s daughter crosses the courtyard and comes towards me in a succession of small bows, while I gild my bones on a wooden bench leaning against the stone wall.

This is the Tibetan way of letting you know that they have something to solicit.

Always very Tibetan, she sits down in front of me and waits.

My turn to open the ball.

    - What do you want ? I ask in the tranquility of the sun which pierces my skin.


She has a thorn in the gullet and she does not know by which end to take her problem.

So I help her, because I don’t want to lose too long the pleasure of being alone with the clear sun, which is not so frequent in Nepal and in particular in the valley of Katmandou. As you know it so well, cultured as you are !… Nepal is a humid country and there are two seasons: the one where it rains every days and the one where it does not rain every days.


And today, it is a good day without clouds. For how long ?… So let’s take the life and time as they are now and use this rigid Zen sentence « Here and now »… to the point that to force themselves to be « now »… they are no longer « here »… because they are already programmed by their memory of what it means « here and now »… This is how they are the most serious people in the world, with the buttocks so wrinkled that a grain of rice would not pass through them easy.


So, well as you know me, I help her to get out her problem… which I know perfect since I was the instigator.

    - Is it about your nocturnal pleasures?


She stays the mouth open on her own words.

She already finds me sufficiently important to come and talk to me about her problem !… and not to her dear dad of His Holiness… Now I will become the « Saint » in transit in this monastery and they will end up queuing at the door of my place, just to know the future that awaits them.


As the flies are numerous and disturbing here, but I have already told you about them, I am working so that she closes again her teeth as soon as possible. Also, in the transcendental Goodness and Charity that you know I am, I continue in the stride.

    - He holds up well, your Guru Rimpoche ?… Or he leaves you stranded in the middle of the course ?


A Tibetan woman who blushes, it is funny… Because you know it, cultured as you are, that Tibet is part of Asia and that they are more Yellow than White. So if you add the yellow to the red, what do you obtain ?… Here is the question asked today by the crochet radio of your favorite channel!


The sun is turning and she’ll soon overshadow me So I am going fast.

    - Don’t worry !… It is just a training on his part because he needs to stretch out his testicles waiting for a particular work that is prepared, I say.

    - It is what he told me, she pronounces with the head down so that I do not see her worried eyes.

    - But did he tell you the whole truth, I ask ?


As shit-stirrer, you know me !… Maybe the Padma will find door closed this evening… Sorry !… closed vagina… when he shows up with his corkscrew cock from having remained so long coiled in his pants.

Maybe that will push him to be more frank about wearing and packing with the monkey ?


So, good as you know I am, I help both the male and the female to find a harmonious coordination. As you know it perfect, by dint of looking for all the means of intense communication, it is only during the running that it is really difficult to couple ! Apart from that, one can always find a satisfactory connection… There are some who use the Internet!… The virtual contentment, that is enough for them !… Maybe that those could get closer to the guys « Here and Now » !

    - So I am going to complete for Him, because he is very shy in his new demonstrations of affection… You understand, it’s been so long !


She shakes the noggin like the cow that ruminates and does not know why.

    - He is bored because he has the feeling that he is not entirely honest with you… That he takes from you… But that he does not really give you something of important of Him.


A cow which ruminates training eyes yoga and rolling the globes in the orbits, you know ?

    - Well !… Said simply and direct… He needs the Matter of the Woman to get back in shape… what you give him in the generosity of your body and heart… But you, you need the Intelligence of the Heaven, which is not matter, to nourish your Matter and make it bear fruit to go beyond.


Now, the cow is training to look up to the sky… unless she is spinning from the eye close to her total fainting.

So I hasten to bring her back to a ground more familiar to her, on which she can lean in the marsh that she feels in and around her.

Must say, you know me, that to fuck up and destabilize the reference-points, I am a first-rate person!


    - In plain language… He does not know if he really helps your Rigpa to develop and grow !


The cow comes back on earth. It stabilizes the fainting.

I am happy because you know how it is difficult to give mouth-to-mouth to revive a cow ! …


And the sun that continues to run away !

Will thus be necessary that I accelerate the rhythm while keeping her alive, the chick of Guru Rimpoche.

What a job !

    - So, I have to tell you… since you come so nicely to ask for my help… that you will have to pull sharply his pubic hair to oblige his physical body to transmit the energy in his other parts, and not just to remain stuck in the penis.


She opens the eyes like the Himalayas. But she is in the land of knowledge and she becomes human again.

   - Then you have to activate his testicles frankly because you know that the penis is connected to the tongue ?


She does « no » with the head that still stayed a little cow. So I will have to accelerate the movement to bring her back to her human dimension.

    - So, do the following exercise: when you are standing up, straight and the legs a little bit apart… Pull the tongue very hard towards the chin… and see for yourself the action that it does to your clitoris.


She becomes again frankly cow when the sounds of « clitoris » tap her ears.

    - Well, the little thing you have between the lips of the vagina and that looks like a penis that hasn’t grown ! … You know well ! … That thing that you touch since your birth to make you « tickle » ? 


She knows, but she prefers to play the cow. It is more reassuring for her future meningitis.

So I continue because I am not cowboy and I do not want to waste more time counting the flies around her.

    - So you grab them from him firmly… You pull… You scratch… You pinch… In short, you do a whole mess until you feel that it’s really passing energy in your hand… and not only him that pumps you while keeping all his sauce in the penis.


The cow is in exterior, but the monkey understands. Her eyes are starting to have a human face.

    - So, when his balls are in state of working…and transmission for you… you pinch the tips of his breasts.


There, she’s running out of air.

    - So one hand on the balls and another on the tit… Then you work on it to oblige the body to transmit.


The cow runs away and the monkey comes down from her tree all ears.

   - When everything « plays well »… and it is up to you to know how far you can go… You make him penetrate you… and you continue in the same way… You must feel his Force coming into you and nourishing you… Because if you let him do, he will simply take you and you will remain with only a sensation, but no matter.


The monkey understands and turns into woman.

    - Must not blame him !… Only a few real men know how to really give… The others only know how to take… Also it will be up to you to be the « master » of the space and time… You understand.


The woman becomes Woman in his eyes.

    - Then, you know the principle between the Heaven and the Earth… If the Heaven does not give by love, the Earth must oblige it to give by obligation.


She does not know and stops being a Woman… She is not far from becoming a monkey again… See how ephemeral life is !

So I complete because I do not want to stay on the problem until the first of never.

    - So you put him in action « to give »… and in add you will notice that he enters a new communication with you which will impassion him… Because it is you who will become master of the space and time.


« The passion » seems to give her back a semblance of lucidity. So I continue :

    - It is a training by the body… When one does not give by love, one does it by obligation… It is a Rule of the functioning of the Universe that you know well!… Your Guru Rimpoche has played on it to subdue the Böns and some ancestral Forces of Tibet before his arrival… You know ?


She rocks of the head. Here ! Her eyes are starting to shine.

    - So you continue thus with a flawless determination… until the mechanism of the « gift » is naturally in activity again in his energetic system that controls the body.


She does « yes » with the head that still can’t speak. 

    - And now, the most important thing !


Ah ! As if what I have just said it is dog meat !… Sorry !… Grass for cow or leaves for monkey… I leave you the choice.


So, she opens the eyes that become more and more those of a woman… waiting to be those of a Woman… But as you know it very well, nothing is permanent, everything is ephemeral… and one can be Woman for a few seconds, then woman for a few minutes, then monkey for months before being a cow for years… and finally a bitch for eternity.

So I end on what is the most important.

    - You will feel the arrival of this Force of Life in you… That will give you a great physical pleasure… But « above all » you do not stay thus, in the bliss of the happy female !… You send everything back to your Rigpa… the Power of Lucidity and of clear-sightedness that you have in you…


Her eyes ask : « How ? »…

For as far as the word is concerned, she is mute for a while… Finally, the time of a fly that forgets everything as soon as there is a little guy from the kitchens who will try to put his hands on her buttocks… and her to throw her high-pitched laugh that opens the doors of the heart and the desires of the body.


    - You use the techniques of your Tradition… You push towards your third eye by squeezing the perineum tightly… When you feel the Force passing through your central axis, you push it even more through your fontanel. That will accelerate the Force of the collective Rigpa which will come back on you in order to help you and open your Lucidity even better. It will enter by the opposite way of the propulsion that you have made.


She rocks of the head. She understands.

But I insist because that is really important.

    - You must give « everything » back to the collective Force and it is this Force that will come back on you in nourishment and help… It is a triangulation !


She understands. So I finish.

    - But if you stay in duality, that is, the personal relationship between your Guru and you… and that you keep everything for your own enjoyment and development, then you will go straight to hell !


She is raising the eyebrows.


    - You may not know that in your social space… But among the « White People » have developed personal energetic techniques and personal contentment… which they call « the Art of Love » and that are the supports for all the sadomasochist techniques…


She is questioning. She does not understand that. In her simple head, everything is simple in the meat of the man… It is thus they do not know the « sadomasochism » in techniques « of care and personal development » that send direct to Hell… But what sensations of « power »!… and authority…

Them, they only know what it is to be a cow.


She has listened. She is a Tibetan, so a practical girl. She is already in the event that will come and prepares it with her head and her body.

    - He must come later… during the nap, she says quietly, as an obviousness that is not a problem… But I also have another question.

    - Your Father, I ask ?


Still the astonishment on her laughing little face.

It is enough to follow the movement of the energy and you know where the knot that blocks is. No need to be a soothsayer !

It is enough to be « here » and to let the life flow freely. Everything is then in « the instant » and its comprehension is also there… And the action is the natural fruit of this understanding without the brain intervening in analysis. It is that « to be here ».

But how it is difficult for the ordinary human who always wants to control everything… And as the control is done according to the reference marks of contentment of the basic energetic structure, it is always the same ritornello, a warming of the past, with different clothes that make believe that the life passes freely because there are sensations.

The True Life is missing that !

There are then two parallel lives… But this ordinary man does not know it.

In his claim to exist « as individual », he believes that the only life is his own, the one he perceives and that gives him enjoyments.


But what a surprise for him when one day, perhaps at the time of his death, he realizes that another life has flowed by the side and that this Force has continued its movement without worrying about the agitation by the side. It is like an adult who continues his work without being directed by the children’s play. He does what he has to do and say.

He is only disturbed by the children’s play… and when this disturbance takes too much place, he goes elsewhere.

And when from « elsewhere » to « elsewhere », there is no more place where he is not frankly disturbed, he then considers the modalities of his departure.


And when he is a constituent of the space that disturbs itself, again and again, that will pose a big problem for the children when they realize that the house is left to them… But that there is no more oil to put in the boiler and that it’s getting cold…

But they are children. So they say : « let’s go to the bank ! »… But the account is empty ! 

Then they say: « The bastards !… They have abandoned us ! »


They understand then that the parents were the generators. But they have no recognition of their responsibility in this departure. They do not feel concerned.

They only perceive that they no longer have what they wanted for their comfort and they accuse the adult.


The major problem of the child, it is that he is not able to know and recognize that he is a child. So he organizes the World according to his childish moods.

And the major problem of the World, it is that there are adults who use children to exercise their own power and to satisfy their pleasures.

Then everything turns in the same circle. And it is asphyxia. The children and the manipulative adults are in the same boat and scream for help !


    - It is that the summary of your presence here, isn't it ?


The Padma has come down from his perch. He sits next to me, on the bench warm of the sun that has entered the wood.


    - How it is good to feel his buttocks warm ! He raves.


It is His Holiness’s daughter who no longer understands anything. She grasps that there is interference in the transmission between her and me.

She turns the head on all sides, but she does not perceive the provenance of the voice which has just entered the game of the words.


I elbow Padma in the ribs to my right side and he belches a sonorous « Shit ! ».

He cannot suffer in silence, that one !


Now the kid is all agitated. So to reassure her about my ventriloquist gifts, I open the mouth and I hit again the ribs of the Padma who comes out direct a cry…


Here she is reassured !… A new sound came out of my mouth. She has her explanation and she will be able to take a quiet nap.


But I now have two pans on the fire and I must urgently finish with the kid, because the Padma has not yet understood that his sounds are transmitted in the Bam !… And I cannot explain it to him now.


So I walk on his foot to invite him to shut up and I start in my last explanations to the Rimpo’s daughter.

    - Do not explain anything to your Father… He has other problems to solve urgently without encumbering him with new concerns, I do.

    - You bet, roars Padma !…


I let him speechless by a shoe well felt in the shin.


What is funny it is the look of the girl who becomes as a child who is at the circus and who admires a clown who speaks and moves alone.

So I play the game and I throw to Padma as if I were talking to myself, me next to me :


    - Just shut your big mouth !… You are going to destabilize the kid !

   - You talk about a kid ! Padma roars rubbing his shin… With her kidney stroke, she wakes up the whole room and I have the dad who comes to knock at the door !

    - But how do you know that ? she asks astonished.

   - Of course ! with her in bed and the dad at the door, I look more like the guy who cuts himself in two, the Padma continues on his move.

    - Hum !… I say from the tip of my lips.

   - Do not play the idiot, my brother, throws Padma… What a Job !… Shagging the girl and teaching the Father at the same time !

    - Do not play the cretin, I say, talking to me next to me.

    - But me, I only tell the truth! Padma spouts more and more loudly to the point that other monks who pass in the courtyard turn the head towards us.


I give a few more blows of shoes, which I double with two elbows in the ribs, just to shut him up.

But that revives even more his flow of words. He feels himself interesting, the Padma, in front of the kid who now opens the eyes wide and who starts laughing of the St. Vitus's dance.


    - Well, I say calmly to the Rimpo’s daughter… So continue your work and your collaboration with your Guru Rimpoche and everything will be fine like this…

    - So I leave my father out of it ?

    - Of course… It is an entirely personal relationship.

   - Thank you… I have the answer to my doubt… And I do with Guru Rimpoche as you told me ?… I pull his hair of the sex… I scratch his testicles… And I pinch his tips of his breasts…

   - What is it now ! roars Padma… What a mess are you making of me there, false brother… You do not think, sometimes, that I am going to let my balls be martyrized !

    - But not ! I do… It is only to help you to get more vitalization.

    - Exactly, says the girl laughing.


A Tibetan who laughs, that makes noise and the monks begin to come running to the spectacle of the clown who I am to give kicks and elbows to the Padma who roars his fury by shouting…

    - Shit then !… I am not going to let me be dominated by a kid.

    - A kid ? is offended the Rimpo’s daughter… It is not true!… He told me that I was a « true woman »!

    - You said that, I ask me next to me who sighs.

    - Yes… I said it.

    - So it was not sincere ! roars the girl who was getting out her claws.

    - But yes… says Padma …


He is starting to be overwhelmed by the events the Padma and he is perhaps wondering if he should not have closed his big mouth instead of opening it like a draught that speaks because we cannot see it.


    - So !… Where is the Truth ? asks the girl who was feigning angry in order to give me the repartee in front of the monks who laughed.


She was turning into the clown’s partner. And she was doing it with an obvious pleasure.

She was thinking that I am a little funnier than her so sententious Guru.


   - It is everywhere, I say sententious… So you understand, my daughter, that you have to pull well on his testicles to make him give his juice… and then do not stop because he starts to shout… Be « Master » of the time.

    - I will be « master » of the time, she roars by slapping herself hard on her robust thighs.

   - And my balls !… roars Padma … They are mine all the same !… I have a say.

    - No, I do… You are only invited lodger… Not the owner !

   - Exactly, says the girl laughing so hard that she could have her stomach ripped out : invited lodger !

    - So he cannot tell ? gets informed a monk by bringing his face next to the girl.

    - No, she says !… In our Tradition, the guest must be satisfied with what is giving to him.

    - Exactly ! says another monk who comes into the game… If in addition the guests made their law, how will become all our practices of Puja !

     - Good point, answers the first one.


The Padma is silent. He stays idiot.

-       So I do not have to get excited like a clown anymore.

So I say to the kid :

    - Come on ! Go to work and do not give the guy a present !… Oblige him to communicate his juice.


The monks around massage their balls in reflex. They will look tomorrow morning at the one who will walk like a duck.

These ones do not feel concerned. So they encourage the Rimpo’s daughter to go to work.

There is one who whispers in the hollow of her ear:


    - Suck him until the blood !

    - Hey !… roars Padma… I am not food !

   - So what is it your practices ?… You do not invite the superior Forces for a meal ?

    - But it is the other way around, he defends himself… We give them food… We do not eat them !

    - Of course, I do !… What do you do with them after they have eaten ?… You put them to work, don’t you ?

    - Exactly ! says an old monk who knows about it and who comes in the game… We suck a lot !

    - Exactly ! says the first who have proposed the blow-job… until the blood !

    - And then they ask for more ! bursts the old man.


Padma, all panicked, moves in all directions. I tell him to be a little quiet. So I am talking to myself next to me and the monks hold their ribs when they hear this deep and slow voice coming out of my right side :


    - Shit, in what story I have fallen !

   - It is still time to get out the book, I say, laughing.


The monks are looking for which side the sounds come from because they did not see me open the mouth.

    - I am there, I stay there ! roars the Guru… I am not going to take to my heels once again !

   - I hope so, whispers the Rimpoche’s daughter… After all the cuddles and sublime pleasures he promised me !

    - Hon Hon, says Padma, a bit rushed at the edges.

    - Hi Hi, I say…Clever, clever and a half !


The monks twist their bellies. The Rimpo’s daughter gets up and says:

    - It is well… He must come during the nap.


The monks are happy. They will not have to wait until tomorrow to know the guy who will be tasted.


I elbow into Padma’s ribs.

    - At work, I say… Prepare yourself… and wash you a little… You stink and use a toothbrush.

    - Thank you, I wanted to tell it to him, laughs the daughter of the Rimpo.


A little wind is done at my side. The smell decreases. A little fresh air.

And me who wanted « quite simply » to take the sun quiet !

What a Job !


The monks are leaving with His Holiness’s daughter.

I stretch the legs and the belly follows with satisfaction. There is still some sun without too much cloud. So I am going to take a little nap, lying on the bench.


But here is that a smell not very clean returns to my nostrils. I know this perfume. So here is the Guru who turns up. He could not prepared himself simply for the meeting with his chick !

I am getting to know him. He knows what he wants… and since he is alone on his platform, he cogitates hard to program his return in the World of Humans… And when there is a manager like me, he tries to understand « before », in order not to be too much « cuckold » after.

    - I had come with a question, he says, resuming his place next to me.

    - Ah, yes ! … I say, hypocrite.

    - Do not play too much the idiot with me, he answers me nicely.

    - Ah well !

    - It is about the summary of your presence here.

    - Ah well !


He sighs and that does not smell like rose.

    - It is when you were talking about the children and adults, he reminds me.

    - Ah well !


But he does not be flustered easily, the Padma.

    - The children, they are the Bam, aren't they ?

    - Yes, I concede.


He takes airs that augur no good to me.

    - The « manipulator » adults are the Yam, aren’t they ?

    - You have won the crochet radio contest of the day ! I say laughing.


He is still taking his time.

   - So that’s why you want to leave ?… Because the Yam who have caused your « manufacture » are liars… and use their Yam possibilities to use and abuse the Bam.

    - You have one more pompom on your sailor’s bonnet, I say laughing.


The time is still his friend.

  - Then they are even more liars than the Bam who say they want to go back into the behavior and the action of the Yam.

   - I move you up in the understanding of the manipulation between Yam-Bam and Yam-Yam, I say, still trying to laugh.


He touches deep the Padma. When he asks a question, he ruminated it before. I had told it to you : the Tibetans have a connection with the cow !

    - And that’s why « you can » leave, right ?


Not idiot the Padma.

He did not say « you want », but « you can ».

    - So the choice isn't made by you, is it ? …

   - I move you up in the subtle understanding of the working of the relation between Bam and Yam, I say, still with a laughing smile on the face.


He does not let himself be taken in by the flow of words.

    - So in fact, you cannot do otherwise.

    - Good point ! my brother.


He appreciates to be « my brother » again.

    - Then you only have the choice of the « means » of the departure, he says, sure of himself.

   - And also of the « moment » of the departure, I say, just to complete his knowledge a little and to show him that I am not a simple vegetable that one plants and digs up, without making him participate.


He whispers the words gently :

    - So in fact… You program your death like a perfect « Master »… But your death is already decided… because there is no longer the Indispensability that caused your creation.

    - That’s one way of seeing the things, I say… But it is still insufficient.

    - Ah yes ?


It is me who resume the time.

    - You forget a modality of working between the Bam and the Yam, I say.

    - Ah yes ?

    - The transfer of information.

    - I think I do not understand.


The time is still with me.

   - The rotting of Bam is such… and the lie of the Major Yam who play with the Bam is such… that there must not be a « new creation » again diving back into this Universe to help… and still go get shot.

    - I understand… the manipulation process has to be broken, right ?

    - Exact… And that’s the hardest to set up… Because « leaving », it is easy.


He’s smoothing my moustache…

    - It is well what I had perceived, he says.

    - Then ? I say.

    - Then ?… I have not the choice of the weapons.


Not idiot, the Padma.

    - If you’re going be the « last of the Yam », I must get out with you.

    - Then ?

    - Then ?… Will be necessary that I accepte to be « sucked until the blood »

    - Why ?


He looks at me laughing.

    - You are neither idiot, nor sadist… You, you are always in the indispensability…

    - So ?

    - So ?… If you have programmed that with the Rimpo’s daughter, it is because it is « indispensable »… Even if I do not understand anything.

    - Good point !

    - So I have to follow… And understand « after».

    - You are a smart guy, I say.

    - I have been training for over a thousand years to elucidate why I found myself on the roadside… So I have the understanding in good state of working.


The sun continued to give to my big surprise. Maybe I will be able to sunbathe just a little bit !… I have meeting with the Rimpo in one hour.

    - Now I am going to take a shower, tells me the Padma.

    - Well, there is a guy who lends it to you… Despite your smell ?

    - Yes… You !


Always very practical, the Tibetans.