Fifteenth movement.


The last of the chains of Yam.



The Roshi turns around the water hole which wanted to swallow his son.

The night was terrible ! Wind and howls of the crests !…

The torrent which wanted to pour its water beyond its ramparts ! … It was the deluge on the plate and people believed that they were going to be carried along by the fury of the liquid which gushed down the ways and entered the houses to swallow the weak ones who could not cling any more to the life.


The monks heard the Kamis of the mountain, of the water and of the air to shout their dissatisfaction on the head of the men who want to enslave the World.

The fear reigned this night and each one curved the neck and entered the head under the hot covers of the beds to hide and not to hear the roaring of the Universe against them any more.


The old man was watchful all the night, sitting on his seat of meditation, the gold Book strongly held tight in his palms. This Book was not to escape to him! This voyage in death was to remain with the Men to teach them the last secrecies of Bam and its relation with Yam.


These last teachings of his son of before must not be taken by the Kamis dissatisfied with the Men !

The Kamis said that the Men do not deserve to use the fruit of « The One so Great » who let the Life leave his body because there was no more place for him in the Universe organized by the Men without clearness and without heart.

The only heart of the Men is for themselves ! … to defend their energy structure which governs all their references of sensations… This false heart which decides what is right… and what must be drawn aside !


The old man gave his support for the Man !

He did not want that the last Breaths of his son of before are carried away ! … He could not lose yet and admit the useless attempt to assist the man such as he is now.


Then during this night, he was in the storm with his son of before. He accompanied him in his crossing of the roaring plate. He passed the acute crests with him. He supported him when his thin body weakened and seemed carried by the whirlwinds.


Then the monastery was outlined in the fold of the mountains.

His son sighed with satisfaction.

He heard him say : « It is there… finally ! »


He accompanied him on the path. He remained behind, ready to help him when he stumbled.


The day left the Earth. The moon opened.

The unreal one was there. The Roshi was afraid.


His son of before smiled… If we can call « to smile » this grin which folded the lips under the effort and the suffering of the body.

But he felt his son happy and he knew that was « to smile ».


At the end of the path, he passed in front to make open the doors by the sleeping monks.

But he did not feel any more his son behind him ! … A sudden panic entered his body and his breathing was cut.

He sought in the night and the moon showed him the silhouette which circumvented the rocks of the North. His son went towards the torrent !

Then the Master came back on his steps. He followed.


His son was all alone in his heart and his breathing. He did not need anymore assistance. He arrived at his destination.


The old man did not understand anything… except that he had to follow to touch this Knowledge which he has looked for such a long time :

« Why my son has chosen this water hole to die ? »


His son crawled on the edge of the chasm. He let his body slip on the path of the goat engraved in the rock. He felt the ground and the rock to enter him and to tear his flesh !

Then, in the bottom of the basin, where the water takes meanders in the flat grounds, he lokked for the water hole which was to absorb him and destroy this body which was them, which was Her, which was « Him ».

Then the old man knew who was « Him » !

His body was tightened like an arc under the suffering and he howled in the night!

The roarings of the Kamis covered his cries and his tears remained in his silence. They entered his eyes and went back to the hell from which they had just leave.


His son laughed. His eyes radiated joy of stopping with a lie.

His son had come here, up to there, in this so particular place which terrified each one, because this place was that of the Devil !


The old man knew finally what his two sons said to him with each movement of their body.

Here, there was the concentration of the worst of the man who submitted himself to the Earth…

And the Earth is terrified by the pollution which enters in it because of that of the spirit of the man.

Here, there is the Man who became the radiation of the Earth polluted by the Man.

Here it is the end of the action of the Man who believes to be God.

Here is the End of the Times.


Then his son came to this place of concentration of the pollution of the men and he gave between the hands of the water the body made of Her, this Woman pregnant of the Man whom one calls « the Universal Love ».

He gave their share to the ground and to the rocks with his blood which left his wounds that he inflicted while crawling on the edges of the path for the goats.

He gave his share to the wind by spitting the blood of his lungs on fire in the crossing of the roaring crests which enjoyed to harden this blood on his lips.

He gave them back what they had concentrated in him to create this body !

He did it because he did not want any more that what he is, this so powerful concentration of Major Yam, can continue to be used by the Paramount Lie which is now the support of the Man and his defense.

Then he was leaving.


The old man turned around the hole of water in the small hour.

He cried… at least some water left his eyes and frozed on his cheeks.

He also knew that his second son had ended to the same knowledge.

He came him also here !

But he had become too weak and the old man had to go and seek him in the other valley, beyond the Mountains of the North.


Now the Roshi knew that his « dream » was orchestrated by Bam which wanted to take again its powers on his returned son and to use him… after the desertion of his son of before.

Then now he knows that it is Bam which pushes him to throw in the Universe these words of the « Voyage in Death ».

But he loves the Men and he must continue for them. He still has a hope that one of them will seize the Force and will ride it.

Then he returned to his pavilion. Hiro prepared the tea to him. The Master cook had not left one moment his friend from the eyes.

He was ready to dive in the storm to retain him among them.


After that the burning tea dilated the throat hardened by the ice, the words were shelled in the Universe of the Men.


The Voyage in the Death.


The monks watch out in the courtyard the one who goes like a duck. But they are disappointed. Nobody with the legs wide apart in order not to rub against testicles on fire any more. They thus start to doubt of the performances of the daughter of the Rinpo and of her possibilities of being the master of the space and the time.

However, she is in the kitchen and hums with her clear voice, full with force and satisfaction.

So they do not understand and wonder whether the guy is not an « out » the monastery… But apart from me, there is no outsider in the place. Also they look at me with the eyes of the dog which does not know any more which side will arrive the bone with a little meat above.


They are Bam… and Bam which do not have interest to modify and to accelerate their vibration. Then they cannot see their famous Guru arriving in the courtyard. He, he has the legs very wide apart !

He sees me on my wood bench on which I returned after my short meeting with the Rimpo, just to change his ideas and his vibrations while his daughter was get laid by her Guru.

He arches the legs, step by step, because the rascal overdid it, one looks at the wrinkles which are printed on his face at each movement.

He sits carefully beside me. He wheezes like a pair of old bagpipes.


I do not say anything. I look at the clouds which encumber the sky as they have the habit… I inhale the so polluted air of Katmandou that it is preferable to have ones gas mask permanently.

In short, I am not there !


It is him which opens the ball. Moreover, he came for that.


    - She has nails, and she knows to make use of them ! he says finally, to release the tension in him.

    - Ah well !

    - And then, when she holds, she holds !

    - Ah well !

    - You had said well « female master of time » ! … well I can assure you that she takes her time and does not release.

    - Ah well !

    - Even if I begged her to release a little pressure…

    - Ah well !

    - She said: « Until the moment when I feel that you communicate your Force to me, he said the Young White »!

     - Ah well !

    - Then, you understand that I put the turbo « to communicate » as you say it so well to use one of your words.

    - Ah well !

    - But it is not bad !

    - Ah well !

    - It is even better.

    - Ah well !


He needs a little time to continue the message which he came to transmit to me.

He tries to cross the legs on other side and that takes an unquestionable time to him and he makes use of his hand to relieve his thigh in his effort. He winces and that would be liked a smile.


    -  She gave birth in me to a vitality that I did not suspect, he says gently by transforming his grin into a truth smile.

     - Ah well !

     - I have an incredible Force which developed in my body…

     - Ah well !

     - I was astonished… and filled with enthusiasm… I did not know.

     - Ah well !

   - To be honest… I was not filled with enthusiasm… It is this Force which carried enthusiasm in it.

    - Ah well !

    - I just have to let me carry… it had its own mechanism of action.

    - Ah well !

    - And all my body was alive… as never it had been…

    - Ah well !

    - Even with my superb partner Sogyal ! …

    - Ah well !

    - I must say that it was more than one thousand years.

    - Ah well !

    - I must also say that after I missed training.

    - Ah well !


He still needs of the time to continue his confession, because it is a confession… deep words between friends… to be relieved.


    - It was also marvellous for my head, he says even more gently as if he did not want to disturb the polluted air of the valley.

    - Ah well !

    - I never felt such an alive head!

    - Ah well !

   - But without any agitation of the thought… A head which understood everything and which followed everything !

    - Ah well !

    - With a passion which left me in rest.

    - Ah well !


The time was still its friend.


    - I did not know if it was I who gave her or her who activated me so that I know better what I am, he said with a softness in his voice.

    - Ah well !

   - I never knew such an intensity which was shared, he continue with the softness which irradiated on his cheeks and that became a tender smile.

    - Ah well !


Still the time.


    - And now I feel strong and relieved… Alive !

    - Ah well !

    - As after a great cleaning… Very deep.

    - Ah well !

    - I am well.

    - Ah well !

    - I am alert and young.

    - Ah well !


The time still.


    - I am now ready for the « work »… That I really feel it !

    - Ah well !

    - It is as if « before » I was in a dream… A virtual existence.

    - Ah well !

    - Now, I have the body with me… It assists me.

    - Ah well !

    - Before, it was only one existence which supports the spirit.

    - Ah well !

    - Now, it is participating to my spirit.

    - Ah well !


The time still.


    - She asked me to say « thank you » to you.

    - Ah well !

    - She did not ask it for her…

    - Ah well !

    - She is rather strong and direct to do it herself.

    - Ah well !

    - She said to me to say it to you « for me ».

    - Ah well !

    - Then I say to you « Thank you ».


The monks go past and go past us again … without paying attention to me.

The Padma has understood the lesson. He whispers the words.

Me, I move hardly the lips. Moreover, you counted the number of words which I said?

Then one leaves me quiet. The session of ventriloquist is finished.


The Padma heats his nuts with the heat of the bench. He stretches the legs and is relaxed finally.

The radiation that he emits is beautiful and good. He understands quickly, the Guru. He can recognize when he is in front of an essential event. He is Yam. If he can remain there, and no longer be handled by the reflexes of Bam, because it is easier by using the memory, we will be able to make a good work together.


But he remained such a long time on his picket that he does not want to lose any more time.

Then he chases me up with his soft voice which would not like to disturb me.


    - Is this for that you never taught these « means » of working of the body ?

    - Explain ?

   - I have followed you since you started to stir up this Earth of the Men… You know, we get bored a little in Yam, all alone, without direct connection with Bam… then we are spectator of the Life of the Men.

    - Ah well !

   - You have attracted my attention, because you were the most enthralling guy whom I could observe.

    - Ah well !

    - And I have never seen or heard you to teach that.

    - Ah well !

  - Is it because there is too much energy which is communicated with an enormous pleasure?

    - Yes, I say quietly, without rushing.

    - You can tell me more ?

    - Ask you the paramount question: « Who » is the addressee ?

    - Explain better, please.


I let true words to come.


     - For the ordinary man, when there are sensations, there is obligatorily « energy liberator »… and it is the duck pond for all the erring ways, I say slowly.

     - Even more… Thank you.

    - For him, that there is « energy » suffices for his satisfaction and his certainty. He does not wonder which is the vibration of this energy.

    - Yes, I understand better now.

   - The matter is enough for him. The quality of the vibration is not the problem and the interrogation of Bam, I add gently.


He leaves time to continue its time.

He is not satisfied entirely with my answer. Then he chases up, because you had already realized that he knows what he wants, the Padma.


    - There is more than that, he says gently.

    - Ah well !

   - You are not the guy to give up such an essential and powerful means for only this risk about which you speak.

    - Ah well !

    - There must be a greater « risk ».

    - Ah well !


He takes again time and turns frankly the eyes towards me.

    - What is this so « dangerous » risk ?


I take time for me.


    - The attraction for the suffering and to be transformed into slave, I whisper with the end of the lips not to be heard by the Universe.


He remains with the eyes in my eyes. I look away and carry the eyes on the monks who go past. He does not understand.

His Knowledge of Bam stopped at the research of the Essential Forces of assistance for the men.

He did not worry about the origin of this Forces. Their presence was enough for him. He is Magicien. He needs « material ». They were there. He used them.

He does not know their self-creation in answer to the disharmonious working of the Man according to the first Order of Major Bam which is the Order of Yam.

He still does not know that the Order of Major Bam is the Order of Yam.

Then he does not know how was made the rupture between Major Bam and the man…

Then he cannot understand what I have just said. He has just felt in his body that the answer had another answer behind and he has asked.


Then the question « now » is : do I want to make « still » an effort to bring him this comprehension ?

Because for that, a mental explanation is not enough. It is necessary to open the memories of the Man by the means of the Doors of the Heaven.

Firstly the ordinary memory, to know the exact mechanism of the « separation »… and its consequences.

Then, the deep memories to understand the disworking which settled in Bam… and its consequences.

Still so much work !

He has just to follow the development of his His Holiness!


But I am sad that he does not know that.

Then the question is put in my body… I await the answer while lying on the remainder of the bench. I put the feet on his thighs. Thus, if he does not understand that he is not welcome, he is thick !


I cannot say any more that the odor goes away… He took a shower and changed his clothes. They are now in my bathroom and that stinks. Still one more problem that I will have to solve: to explain to the monk who takes care of me that I had them in the bag in memory of the past times.

What a job !


The air passes on my face. It blows gently; however there is no wind which drives out the clouds.

Warmth reaches my skin, then under my skin. It raises my head which rests now on a cushion of warm air.

    - It is You ? I ask.


A light laughter answers me:

    - Who else do you want ?

    - Nobody, I say.


The silence becomes warm.

    - You know… Padma could not understand what you said, he says with calm and soft words.

    - I know.

    - He has just used his Yam to help Bam and to take part with him.

    - I know.

    - He thus never worried about the evolution of Bam.

    - I know.

    - Only of its « defense ».

    - I know.

    - He never went at the Origin of each thing.

    - I know.

    - He is a practitioner.

    - I know.


The gentleness was there, my neck was well held by the cushion of tenderness which tightened well the cerebellum which washed the brain.

    - Then, he cannot know the last of the chains for the Yam who wants to join again Yam and to get rid of it.

    - I know.

    - To get rid of Yam… Not only of the chain which is in Bam.

    - I know.

    - But, it is the same chain.

    - I know.

    - Also it acts in the same way on Bam as on Yam who has taken a body.

    - I know.

    - It is for that we can be aware of it and act on it starting from Bam.

    - I know.

    - I did not have any doubt about your knowledge, he smiles in the kindness of his heart.

    - I know.

    - It is a manner of telling us together what we know, he continues in his gentleness.

    - I know

    - Thus we can register the words in the Universe of the men.

    - I know.

    - Because the only track that the men can follow is that of the words.

    - I know.

    - Are rare those who can follow without the words.

    - I know.

    - Those ones are not far from having their Bam in Yam vibration.

    - I know.

    - But for that, they must initially gave up the words.

    - I know.

    - And it is difficult… I came across that when I was « you » in the previous life.

    - I know.


The time still gives its calm. Words do not have importance. They are a support for this silence which is moved in Bam.

    - The energy production is enormous, when we practice with the bodies, as you explained to the daugther of the Rimpoche.

    - I know.

    - It is a practice which has its base in the mechanism of separation.

    - I know.

    - it is related to the suffering of the tear produced by the separation.

    - I know.

    - In fact, it is separation itself which is nourished on itself.

    - I know.

    - Separation requires a promise of the man.

    - I know.

    - It is to give it « everything ».

    - I know.

    - Nothing to keep for him.

    - I know.

    - To go until the end of the « gift ».

    - I know.

    - To go until the end of the « new Bam ».

    - I know.

    - Not to give It up … Never !

    - I know.

    - To give It « everything » until the last end.

    - I know.

   - To remain with It… always to assist it… whatever are the erring ways and imperfections of Bam.

    - I know.


The time gives its gentleness which is out it.

    - Then you know that in this « new Bam » resulting from the separation, it is not the Love the strongest Power… But the total « gift » by the « suffering ».

    - I know.


The heat reached the heart which speaks about terrible things.

     - Then, you know that the Force to do oneself harm is the most powerful in this new Bam Universe.

     - I know.

     - And that to sell « the Love » like supreme Forces, is a lie.

     - I know.

   - Then you know that this Force to do oneself harm… to obtain by violence and the physical suffering… always wins into final.

    - I know.

    - It is it which recovers the last impulse of life.

    - I know.

    - It is it which holds the man well !

    - I know.

   - It is as often the Devil tells me: « You are the strongest… But I always win because I hold them well ! »

    - I know.


The heat runs in all the body and I am tired of always this war lost in advance.

     - Then, can I ask you a question, he asks nicely.

     - Yes.

   - Or then, can I speak… and you tell me if I am right in my comprehension of your action.

    - Yes.


He takes the time at him.

    - You have put the daughter of the Rimpoche on this method of action because you want to break the wire of this handling in the Universe ?

    - Hon Hon, I say.

    - Thus, I am not entirely correct ?

    - Yes.

    - It is true that you know well that you cannot break the wire because it is registered in the genes of the man… So, that wants to say that you want to show the « wire », isn’t it ?

    - Yes.

    - You want to show it so that others can seize it in them.

    - Yes.

    - And thus, they can perhaps be released from this mechanism.

    - Hon Hon, I say.

    - Thus not yet perfect ?

    - Yes.

    - They cannot be separated from it, can they ?

    - Yes.

    - They cannot thus be released from this mechanism, can they ?

    - Yes.

    - They can only make use of it, can they ?

    - Yes.

    - To produce an enormous quantity of energy.

    - Yes.

   - And you make send this energy to another addressee that the Bam of separation, don’t you ?

    - Yes.

  - Then you finish your action as you have always led it… You use all the tools of separation to go higher than this state than it has programmed at the man and registered in his genes.

    - Yes.

    - You use all the tools which separate to join together again, don’t you ?

    - Yes.

    - Because these tools are more powerful than those of the Love, aren’t they ?

    - Yes.


He still goes in his wind since he does not have breathing.

    - It will be your last challenge, won't it ?

    - Yes.

    - There does not have higher of them in Bam, do there ?

    - Yes.

    - There does not have either higher of them for Yam who wants to be released from Bam, do there ?

    - Yes.

    - Then, it is the last chain to be broken for Yam who wants to go back home.

    - Yes.

    - But a Yam completely free of Bam !

    - Yes.

    - What Padma is not.

    - Yes.

  - He remained wedged in his Yam because he did not know how to be released completely from Bam, did he ?

    - Yes.

  - Because he has put in his techniques, his practices and teachings, this form of submission which produces energy, hasn’t he ?

    - Yes.

  - Then he believed that he was released from all the Bam… But he remained in Bam because he gave them means of separation to obtain the energy sensations, visions, energetic performances, various powers… didn’t he ?

    - Yes.


The time comes gently in the warm hearts of the men who know to wait.

    - Then he could not progress in Yam and cross this space towards Nothing…could he ?

    - Yes.

  - And it is the assistance that you try to bring to him through the daughter of the Rimpoche ?

    - Yes.


The wind heats the life which would like to leave and go back where the weather is warm.

    - But for that you need an alive body in Bam.

    - Yes.

    - And thus you use the daughter of the Rinpoche.

    - Yes.

    - And you kill two birds with one stone.

    - Hon, hon, I say.


He takes again his time.

    - No, you kill three birds with one stone.

    - Yes.

   - First the Padma, isn't it ?… You put it in front of realities that he had not perceived before… Thus he can progress.

    - Yes.

    - Then, the daughter… She has the heart to go in the truth without frowning.

    - Yes.

    - She can teach the others on this practice and make leave another movement in Bam.

    - Yes.

    - And finally, the Rimpoche, isn't it ?… through his daughter who will communicate her new knowledge to him.

    - Yes.


He laughs.

    - You hit once… and you touch three times…

    - Hon Hon, I say.

    - More than that ?

    - Yes.

    - How much ?

    - Four, I say.


Then he counts on the fingers.

    - Ok… It is clear for the Guru… It is clear for the daughter… It is clearly also for His Holiness… You introduce this Force and this knowledge via his daughter with whom he is connected very strongly by the third energy law… Ok for all that… But I do not see the fourth ?

    - The daughter will be free of the Father, I say gently.

    - Shit!


He leaves a time to develop according to its rhythm so much his comprehension goes deep.

   - You want to say that she will relativize the Force and the Knowledge of the Father… The His Holiness… The leader of one of the bigest families Nyingma?

   - Yes.

   - She will relativize at the same time all the Tradition.

   - Yes.


He still needs a time :

    - And thus she will again put in action in her the natural tools « to seek and to discover all alone » which were blunted by her submission to the Father, to the Holiness, to the Tradition.

    - Yes.

    - You make start again another movement « in » the Tradition.

    - Yes.

    - It is necessary that the worm is in the apple, isn't it ?

    - Yes.


He laughs gently in the wind.

    - I understand how, to have had « you » like « me of before », I could jump direct in « Nothing » !

    - If that could have make a turbo for you, I say… I am content for me… since I am « you » in « me after ».


He ceases his laughter.

    - That doesn't seem to please you particularly ?

    - No.

    - Why ?

    - You believe that it is easy to see always everything, to understand everything ! … to be always right ! … and to act in the void with people who ask for ten times « Why? » before doing !

    - And when they decide « to do » the Time of the action passed ! … I know.

   - And there remain only to wait for another event carryer of the Force of Yam by hoping that they finally will do what we ask them to do at the time when we ask them!

  - And meanwhile, to explain thousand times why they missed the train in the last operation.

    - And again to support, to cure, and to carry their suffering to have lost once again.

   - Whereas they do not show in their reflexes that they have changed something in their energy system which will lead the action when the following event is there.


I let my lips smile.

    - You have all understood « my brother » !

    - Do not forget that I am « you » of before becoming « after ».

    - I do not forget.

    - Can I tell you « Thank you » ?

    - Why ?

    - Without you, as you are it « before », I could not have been « me » now.

    - Then you can tell me « Thank you »… I accept it.


The time still, then he says gently:

    - They will regret you… They will miss you.

    - No, I say.

    - Why ? he asks astonished.

    - They will well manage themselves without me.

    - Why ?

    - We like the bloody pains… but a short time! … and then…

    - And then ?

    - If they badly use this novel technique of the Art of Love, they will go straight in hell.

    - You are worried about it ?

    - A little.

    - Why ?

    - Because there are already many false masters who sell the Love through S & M.

    - They can then use that in their repertoire ?

    - Yes.

    - Because for these people, this is the energy production and the sensations which are the references between « good » and « bad » isn't it ?

    - Yes.


He leaves the time to pass. It is at him.

    - Do not worried about that, my brother.

    - Why ?

    - They will go then even more quickly to the destruction of their space… You know well that it is now only one matter of time ?

    - Yes.

   - Then, relax on the warmth of my thighs… I feel my Force which entering you… You need assistance, you too.

    - Thank you… But it is not all.

    - Oh Well ! he says.


I take again the time with me.

    - There are the Major Yam who can be immobilized here because of this Force related to the separation, I say.

    - Why ?

    - That can be a drug of their weakened body.

    - Why ?

    - They had to go very deep in the knowledge of Bam and its relation with Yam, to know directly this Force.

    - So what ?

   - So ? … That means that they went at the end of each movement, at the very deep… They have activated on them and in them, all the processes of handling of the grid, in order to be able to know them and destroy them.

     - I understand that… but not your concern.

    - They thus have been until the use of this Force to be able to change « the other » and the World.

    - Why ?

    - Because that they perceived the fundamental lack of love of the man for the Intelligence of Yam… and it was necessary to penetrate Bam with this Intelligence to transform it.

  - You want to say that they had to be submitted to this Force, to this means, to communicate their Force to those who did not want it « by Love » ?

    - It is that.

    - It is what you explained to the daughter of the Holiness.

    - Yes… If the love is not strong enough to enter and to transform… the penetration by « obligation » is necessary.

    - Thus you want to say that Yam must become the « obliged » of Bam which is nourished from him.

    - Yes… It is that, I say.

    - Thus Bam becomes the « master » of Yam.

    - Yes… Bam requires the Force of Yam because it is « its » obligation.

   - I understand that… So you want to say that a dependence can be established between the two partners.

    - Yes… A dependence resulting from the weakness.

   - You want to say the weakness of the action of the love… Until where the love can change a being ?

   - Not only… There is a weakness of the body of Yam… A lassitude to have given so much… It is tired and it misses tonicity.

    - I understand that… But until where your concern goes ?

    - This tired, exhausted Yam … will have still « juice » to transmit through this Force and these practices of suffering.

    - Yes, I understand that.

   - Then, if he wants to go to the end… He does not want to agree to have lost… He will use these practices as only Force likely to change the other.

    - Yes, I understand it… But still not your concern.

    - This Yam is not alone… There is the other which profits from the produced Force.

    - So what ?

    - There will have like a mutual self-excitation and the definition of a false challenge.

    - You can specify ?

    - For Bam, there will be a phenomenal pleasure to obtain the Force of Yam thus… thus to be in the very middle of the « success » of the Force of separation. There will be high as a drug addict who cannot do without his drug any more.

    - Yes, I understand it.

    - Then he will not set up the processes of change since he has the « must » free.

    - I understand.

   - And for Yam, as it will be its last means of action in order to change Bam… which of course is filled with promises and potentiality… will be its destruction.

    - Why ?

    - Because he will not have enough Force and Puissance to leave Bam… while having left « everything » behind him.

    - Why ?

  - Because he will be destroyed with a Bam hope and by a Bam means… with the satisfaction of Bam of having controlled it until the end.

   - You want to say that this one, while having used of all the possibilities of transformation in Bam and by Bam, will remain blocked in the karmic future of Bam… and of this Universe.


The Great Angel lets go the movements and he says :

- I understand your concern… So what to do?

- It is necessary to cease the assistance before, I say carefully.

- It is obvious!

- Obvious, but not easy, I always say very calm.

- Why?

- Because this Yam must agree to lose.

- Yes, I understand it.

- But it is not easy because all its life will have been in the action to transform… And now it must cease this movement! … its body will suffer a lot because its body will have taken habits of energy working…

- I understand.

- It is for that Major Yam cause death and attract it… To die upright and standing up.


The Great Angel takes a funny blow in the ribs.

    - It is what happens to me, isn't it ?

    - Yes, I say.

    - With this Anne of Switzerland for which I went until this state of « gift » ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - Thus in fact, it is her who won the match ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - Therefore, through her, it is the « heart » of the Force of separation which won ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - But she will go right to the bottom of the hell!

   - She is there already… But she does not know it… And the hell for you, is not the hell for her.

    - Then everything is at its place ?

    - Everything is at its place, I say.


He returns a little on the surface. I leave him time. He will set out again all alone.

    - Then you try to play again the blow which I lost ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - You use the Daughter of the Rimpoche for that ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - And you will go very far ?

    - Yes, I say gently.

    - Until where ?

    - Until your death.


He is pensive. He finishes :

    - The previous, or the one of now ?

    - Both of them, I say.


Then the silence settles. I let it pass and I perceive it to come to me.

In the Force of « me after » there is an essential aid who is grafted.

So I ask to the Great Angel.

    - Tell me a little about you… I feel the presence of a True Woman with you.


He laughs gently while paying attention not to move the cushion of warmth and of softness which I have under the head.

    - She is called Heidi, he says.

    - She is in « Nothing » with you ?

    - No, she is in Bam.

    - Shit!


He lets his small warm laughter invade the space.

    - She is a mountain young person of the Mountains of the North of Asia…

    - Where?

    - It is the Roshi who discovered her to bring « me » back alive, to the monastery.

   - Ok ! … The wrinkled not beautiful old man has thus tried to start again with you what he did with me !

    -Yes !

    - We will have to speak together about it… But this filly ?

    - Better than that, « my brother »… A True Woman.

    - Is she your girlfriend ?

    - A True Woman is never a girlfriend ! … You know it well.

    - Yes.

    - She is a partner.

    - Yes.


I still leave the time for me.

    - She is concerned with the work that we do together now ?

    - Fully !

    - How ?

    - She carries the True Life in her… And she sends me « everything » back.

    - Therefore, it is also with her Force that we work here.

    - Yes, it is also with her Force.

    - She knows.

    - Yes… Thus she knows how to guide her steps.


I see the daughter of the Rimpo who crosses the courtyard quickly. She carries a large pot against her belly. This food is for the poor people who live in huts, a little further.

She smiles widely to me. She is radiant. Her eyes say that « the operation » has fully succeeded.


Then I ask gently :

    - By the way, is the new chick for the Guru disconnected from his apple tree made ?

    - It is made, he says calmly.


I start.

    - You have succeeded ?


He laughs.

    - You know well that « we » always succeed !

    - Then, it is for when, the birth ?

    - I believe that tomorrow she will be with us.


I jump on the feet and I dance in the courtyard. The monks are still wondering which new game I make up for the spectacle of Sunday.