Second Movement.


 The Participation and the Separation.



I show up in the morning after breakfast to operate the Rimpo.

His face fresher than last night smiles at me with his so soft eyes.

This morning he put his fears and questions in the basket. He is courageous. He is one of those who always try not to obstruct the way. He is a space maker.


So we will be able to work sincere. The wind that does not cease, whispers to me that I can go direct. He is a tough guy ! He is not afraid to look the Truth in the face and touch it with all the fibers of his body.

Not a starry-eyed girl, the guy!           


- What are we doing this morning, he asks me.

- Yesterday, I humidified the ground… This morning I start to pull the leeks out, I say.

- And what kind of leeks do you want to extract from the earth almost without substance that I am ? he smiles.


Deep down, he likes my direct manner and he lets himself be carried along. It changes him from all the convolutions of his monks who do not end up turning around him! So I offer him holidays and he takes them with pleasure.


- Today, we are going to go into your first memory, the one we call « emotional », but that word is limiting… So we are going to call it together the « ordinary memory ».

- And what is so « ordinary » about this memory?

- Very simple!… It has recorded everything on you… It is your « chip » if I can take the example of bank cards.

- Everything that is me is in there?

-Yes… From that life and from previous lives too… in fact everything that touches your own existence… You!…

- I understand… so by what are we going to start ?

- By your life of now and then continue with your previous life, if you are not too tired.


Well !… His fear returns to a gallop. Now certain!… There is a not very fresh food behind.But curious !… I also feel that he relaxes and lets me do. He does not want his fear to block. He accepts the Truth that is coming. He would like to free himself from the lie.

Besides he comes direct to this word… What confirms to me that we are in phase, both of us.


- My friend, the Roshi, told me that you call this technique « What makes it possible to pass over the wall of the lie », he says to fill the time.

- Yes… I say by putting my hands on his Doors of Heaven, breasts and throat… Then I send the juice.


Well!… These guys, it is all the same solid!… It responds immediately… it cheers up the energetic body quickly… it lets itself be penetrated by this Force without resisting… and above all it does not try to hide the truth… Banco!… And congratulations, guy Rimpoche!


I do not know what the future is going to be between us, but it shoots off and it is a direct experience in the meat that jiggles on the bed and shows its pain accumulated in the meat.

Besides, he yells and monks bring their mug by half-opening the door of the room. The look I give them sends them back to the bog at the end of the corridor.


- I see myself as Original Perfection before my conception, he says… How beautiful it is !

- That, it is easy, I say… as a Rimpoche, you have already perceived that with your meditation techniques, I say… So let’s pass quickly and do not have an aperitif in this inn.

- But I have never perceived it so clearly with my complete lucidity he answers… So, would you like to leave me a moment there so that I enjoy this Force of Perfection that I am ?

- Ok, I say conciliatory… Just an aperitif !… Not two.

- Thank you.


He forgets to say other words. I know perfect this state of lucidity without the filters of the ordinary consciousness that want to hide everything.


The technique is simple !… I short-circuit the filters installed by the Force to do oneself harm and the brain, which is only a mechanical tool, decodes the only Force that remains in activity, that of Dignity.

During the time when the ordinary filters are in bed, the brain can decode and become aware of the other Power that exists in the body and that is always masked by the other which manipulates man through his emotional…

And as this power of shit makes a din of the Devil, the other little music, so beautiful and fluid, cannot be heard by the brain. And since this latter works with the principal Force, it becomes the tool of operation and archiving of the Force to alienate the man… And as a good servant, he organizes the life of the fellow by installing the « obvious » marks of his space of evidence…

And so, it is the same old story that repeats itself, in this life, but also in the other lives, according to the same diagram connected to a form of emotional and sensations privileged by the basic energetic structure.


And for the moment, the Rimpo, he is in direct contact with the Force of the Original Perfection that is beyond the basic structure that he will then integrate and he delights in the encounter in full consciousness.

- I also see that I have chosen my parents… And that this is always the case for everyone.


Ok… He did not take too long to sweeten it up with his Original Perfection…

- Exact, I say… Except for some, quite rare, who have chosen the place because of its energetic qualities… And they have taken the parents that were in it, I say.

- I understand that and I also see… But I don’t.

- So, take some time to check why you have chosen these or this parent… Because often, it is just one that you have a direct communication with… You take the other as a co-progenitor.

- Ok, he says… How do I practice ?

- It is simple… You are above them… You can have a perfect knowledge of their energetic body. So look and make no appreciation and judgment… Look quite simply.

- I look, he says.


I continue to charge in energy his Doors of Heaven of the breasts that are the most important.

- It is done, he says… I must explain to you ?

- No… It is you who see…

- You cannot control the veracity of « my view » ?

- I know if you’re lying to yourself and if you want to hide the truth… But I don’t know what you see and that is your own business.

- So you only intervene if the lie moves in my body, right ?

- Exact… The lie is the force of a flow and when it is at work, it moves your system and I feel it… So I say it to you… And it is up to you to decide if you want to go beyond that or if you prefer to stop going over the wall of the lie.

- And you, what do you do then?… if I want to lie to myself and not face the truth ?

- If you want to play the smart ass who turns around the truth and the facts, I leave you with your shit and I get going, I say very nice.


He digests the information that is not his habits of rushing to the rescue of the other and taking him in his arms like a little baby.

- Why?… he finally asks, a little worried about the answer.

I let him stew and he opens his eyes to encourage me to let go of the rest.

- Because that this « small » energetic operation requires a colossal commitment from me for you… that I give you « my » Force… and that if you want to play the smart ass, it is because you are not an authentic being who really wants to get out of his shit… And as I am not masochist, nor the one who wastes his time on useless things, I leave you with yourself.


He nods. He understands.

- And what happens then? he asks.


I smile, maybe a little sad.

- You have a plethora of mental and healing techniques, and « body and mind well-being » that are satisfied with « less than God »… There is the choice. To each his town technique.

- Are you judging?

- No, never… The truth is cold and there is no mercy in the Universe… This is yet another invention of men in order to evade the Truth and to invent a « Father » who will come to their rescue when they have plunged too deep in the shit.


He frowns, then he says slowly, like the one who shells the words he sees engraved before him.

- I am seeing direct what you are saying right now, he says with his slow voice that does not raise much dust around… There is no mercy in the Universe !… Just an energetic mechanism…


I say nothing… It’s up to him to see. Me, I am just the burglar who opens the door of the strongbox. It’s up to him to go with his personal lamp to discover what there is inside…

- So everything will depend on the power of the lamp ? he says to me.


This time, I am the one who is losing my breath… and you know that to let me speechless, it is not easy! Te !… He is able to follow me on the track the Rimpo !… And to decode my energy which passes in his body…

- Yes… And it has the power of your determination to see the truth, I say…

- So each one makes his result… It is what I am perceiving of the human’s behavior.

- Exact, I say… Then you are already on the Knowledge of the mechanisms of human functioning, I say ?

- Yes…

- Hey, you go fast, Uncle!


He takes a few breaths, painful because of the weight on his lungs. Too much fat!


- My personal life was not very interesting… So I asked this Original Force that is in my body to take me on a deeper ground… I’m tearing up more leeks, he laughs.

- But are you sure that your personal life has not had an incident that has disturbed this Original Dignity ? I say… You amaze me.


He is taking more of his time.

- Yes… I have well seen how this Original Perfection came into my body when I was physically conceived in the belly of the mother… And how its Force preserved me from the nonsense that one wanted to make me swallow.

- Who ?

- Oh !… First parents with culture… Then all the instructors who took care of me, he says in the calm of the voice that is his.


It is me who remains interrogator because this type of guy, it is not frequent. He looks at everything without worrying about his emotional who nevertheless has worked.


- I have had wounds on all sides, he says… But in the end they did not prevent me from doing what I had to do…

- That is to say?

- I have stayed in touch with this Force of Perfection and I have worked with It and for It… And that takes a very great weight from me, he says releasing a deep breath in his belly… And only for that I will thank you until the last breath of this existence and I will continue in the others…

- That is to say ?

- I did not deceive my monks !… I gave them the quintessence of this Force.

- Which they could use at their convenience ?

- Yes… Each one makes his own result.


He left time go its time. His face relaxed and rejuvenated. He breathed the happiness of discovering a Love that had always remained with him.

The first phase was open and it was now necessary to give him time to walk on this territory and to enter it even more.

He could not do it alone because the veils that I kept dormant would have returned.

So I stayed two hours at his side, my hand on his heart.

I gave him the Time of his verifications.


Then I left. I told the monks to bring him buttered tea, and to inform him that I would come back tonight after dinner.

They bowed before me. They were kind to me because I was doing good for their Rimpoche and they loved him.


The Roshi had this dream this intense night that left him moist in the early morning.


The long monk returned the next day and completed his question: what is the real separation?

Angel looked at him with benevolence… The monk’s face showed his distress after the meeting of the day before.


- To be completely free from someone, and humanity is “someone”, three conditions must be fulfilled:


- The first is it that you do not want to give anything anymore.

Something in you, from very deep, and not just the will of your mind or your discontent, must say: “Enough! ”…

… It is not easy not to continue to help because you always end up loving what you care about… and letting it go is very difficult…

You always want to add something in the hope that “maybe…! ”…

So you see, it is the loss of the hope for the mind and the Heart… But that will not be enough.


Tong is questioning.


- It must be your body that refuses to give more… A visceral refusal! … It is beyond your mind, because maybe this one would like to try a new chance, but it is the body that refuses, that says “no”, that does not want “to participate” anymore.


The eyes of the young White were no longer looking at anything, nothing of the World.


- So, if your body is on good form, as the Creation has given it to you… That you have not made it motionless and insensitive by fat, by alcohol and all other drugs, you have a chance that your body will tell you “no”… I do not want anymore!…


…But you know, it is very difficult, because the “drugs” are not only external, they are also internal, mental… It is a beautiful drug all the spiritual theories and hopes that go with… There are no worse pious egotists than these masters in spiritualities!


…So if you are lucky enough to have had the courage not to let yourself be caught and freed yourself when you have been wrapped up for a while, you will be able to have this body that will know how to say “no” from the inside, as a decision of “survival”…

…If it is not the case, then do not dream, you will have no possibility of saying a true “no” and your mind will always return on its decision because the body will not be the guarantor of the “no”…

... It will then be a constant back-and-forth between “I cut and I renew! ”…. until one of the partners is exhausted… or quite simply of the space allowing this endless game…

…But then know that this game will continue in another space, because it is not the subject or the partners who are important, but the energetic system that supports it, activates it and nourishes on it.


… So you see, the first of the conditions is very difficult to fulfil.


The young White remained with the crests in his eyes and the long monk did not know what he saw in them. There was a smile on his lips, one of those that appear when someone makes a dream or escapes.


- The second condition of our liberation is even more difficult. It is about not wanting anything from the other… to never want anything more!…

…It is very difficult to resist because the other will always try to catch up with you by what he can give you, favor you, support you… To tell you that now he understands and that he stops wanting to take… Also he proposes to give you to show that he has changed!… and it is very tempting.

…It is very difficult because we always need the others to create, to act… The others are the space of action… External as well as internal!… So to refuse the space that is so « nicely » proposed is really very difficult…


…Then this is at this moment that this power to know “to remain alone” can develop… Without this power you will always be in solidarity with the others… You will always need them… Do you understand the importance of what I am telling you here!… You stop needing the others when your life enters another Dimension that theirs… Then you no longer need this human material to go into your life and your creation…

…You only need bodies to act and to create… But these bodies are no longer connected to a mind, to a “person”… It is a body ! Only a body… Then you work and communicate with the body that was originally given to them by the Creation… You cease to function with the body they created for themselves under the action and with the help of their various drugs… and dreams are drugs.


… So you no longer expect anything from them and you will pass from body to body… Without any concern of what “them” they want to give you… You “will take”!

… And you will have to be very strong because they will reproach you for using them… What is the exact truth !… But they will not perceive that you improve them by using them like this and to make vibrate the Perfection that they have in them… Them, they will only perceive that you are not giving them what they expect from you…


… So you have to be very strong not to return to their dimension… And it is easy to return to their dimension ! You just have to worry once again about their “emotional” disguised under various sensations and discussions… If you do it, you put back into operation the mechanisms of use of the space according to the ordinary criteria.


…But if you enter this Dimension, you are no longer with ordinary criteria… You are alone… And I told you : learning to be alone is very difficult.

…It is very difficult because you cannot “learn”… There is not a teaching. There is no way… There is nothing linear… It is spatial.


He let the wind come through their hair.


…Yes, it is “spatial”… It is a state in volume, a state that breathes on its own without the help of the ordinary world… It is a state of “one” without “two”… We are no longer a couple… It’s over that sensation !


The wind took his words and took them to the mountains. The flowers will understand better than the men.


… We are no longer a “couple” because we have quite simply ceased to exist as a personal consciousness… We are then a simple “tool” and we also use the others as tools.


Then he returned to the monk whom he examined as a surgeon would do it.


- Finally, the last of the obligations is even more difficult to fulfil, almost impossible : we have no longer any concern to bring something to the other, to the others… Do you understand ?


…It means that you make your own life without any concern and any worry, like no hope that your action will be a benefit and help for the other… You have given up this hope, this attention, that your action, that your separation, will serve as a lesson to them…

… That, it is really very difficult… Because we want to leave a “message”… That our departure serves as a lesson, serves as a questioning… You know these words “I hope that this will make him think! ”… All that is abandoned… You are no longer interested in the evolution, the future of the other…

… You no longer have concern for him, no more worry… “You do not know him anymore ! ”… Whether happiness or misfortune happens to him, This has no longer any repercussion on you… You are no longer part of the same Dimension !… Do you understand ?


He smiles gently.

- It is when these three conditions are fulfilled that you are truly separated from someone… and especially from those with whom you have been intimate.


The time took possession of these words that entered the Tong’s bones who suffered.

- You can understand that all the games of the ordinary separation are never a separation… but a way to play differently.


Tong nodded.

- So ask yourself what it means when it is a question of separate yourself from the body of humanity, from all the others who are your brothers in this universe of Bam.


Angel looked back at the crests and continued as if in a dream of a different existence.

- Then, don’t believe that it is enough “to leave”… Because a proud fool, a fundamental egotist could come to the apparent obtaining of these three conditions.

… In addition, your “work” must be completed…


The long monk jumped. He believed he was alone in the decision to leave !

- Hey, here you are interrogator !…. Do you remember that you came on this earth, in this reincarnation for a precise reason… So did you satisfy your commitment or did you content yourself with caressing your emotions, your desires, your fears, your dreams, your hopes, your attractions ?…


Tong frowned.

- Did you just refuse and fight your repulsions… What is exactly the same as attractions… Because both are born from the same system of references, the same system of control, the same “sorting” system.

… So, your work?… Where is it?... Because without that, you will remain linked to this dimension. You have made a commitment to It… Did you fulfil it?


The long monk bent his neck and his chin came on his chest. He was crying.

- Even if you realized on the way that your original commitment was a beautiful manipulation of this Universe… you are linked to your commitment because it is what allowed you to have a body…

…And if you don’t know the techniques to destroy your plan of life and therefore your energetic structure which is its operating tool, you must fulfil your obligation exactly as you took it…


The tears ran down the cheeks of the long monk.

- And to destroy your plan of life, you must meet the living body that carries these means in its body…


The monk understood how difficult it is to meet this carrier of the teaching because the “others” will always want to destroy him because him, he has the possibility to destroy their false constructions.

The young White confirmed it with his words :

- But do not dream !… To meet That One is « almost impossible »!…


The long monk understood even more in his heart. The young White gave him further confirmation.

- Because in addition you have to be ready for this destruction !

… So, look at all that with your eyes and your intelligence as an ordinary man.


The silence came between them; then the young White resumed :

- So one cannot have a body without a deep commitment to modify the functioning of this universe Bam… Impossible to have a body if you have not the impulse, the will to help this Universal Mother who is Bam, the space and the creative Force of your body… You are linked to Her !… So there is no point in wanting to take to one’s “heels” without having fulfilled your commitment… It would be like running away with one’s hands tied !… Completely stupid !… You won’t get very far!

…So… Your work ?… Can you put it on the table ?… Have you been preoccupied with anything other than finding “your happiness”, the answer to “your questions”, ensuring your “security”?… Tell me, what have you created?


Tong asked what a work is.

- What is a work ?… So I will give you an example… One day I was in a town of my distant country… I was walking. I like to watch… Then a song rose, not very far from me. Not exactly a song. A voice singing sounds… I have followed those sounds. They came from the mouth of a young woman. She was singing on the street !… Not very loud, but each sound was very distinct, very well articulated, sounds very well organized between them.

… I have then brought my eyes where her look was… Her sounds modified the space, the vibration of the place… But what place ? The Tribunal !… The wave of suffering, of fear, of anguish… but also that of the pretentiousness of those who are the actors of “Justice”… was cleaned, gently, tenderly, without violence.

… She stayed half an hour before the Tribunal… Then she left… I followed her… She started again in front of the “Town hall”, this place in my country where decisions are made for the community…

…Then, afterwards she went in front of the prison… and she continued… but I stopped following her.

… She was cleaning… Gently, nicely… the vibration of the man in his pride or his suffering… She was doing her work !

… And I am sure that in the evening she was not complaining that her intestines were hurting or her Heart was tight !... She always had that quiet smile of those who know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

… So what is the life of this woman ?…

… For the others she must be “a little crazy”… For her, she is in a happiness to exist with a body because it is this body that allows her to sing… to do her “work”.

… It is the body that sings !… do you understand ?


He understood and he made the sign with his head.

- So to want to leave testifies essentially to a colossal pride, of the one who believes himself above the laws of this Universe Bam… or a fear, an escape from the reality of the ordinary life. So in this case we try to take the shortest way out to avoid it with “spirituality” as a reassuring guiding thread… 

… We cannot leave with a disgust of humanity and others… We can only leave when we really love them, when we have gone to the end of ourselves to provide them with care and assistance… and that in the end, there is no more hope of improvement because they do not want the medicine you can make for them… and that we no longer perceive a possible change in time…

… Then you can leave because you are facing “the uselessness” of your presence.

… And in this you are helped by the others because they become adversaries to your action… By your presence alone, by your simple radiation you bother them, you disturb them… You show them that there is another way to exist by your presence alone, even if you do nothing, say nothing !… Your vibration is enough for them to become your adversaries… and seek by all means to destroy you.

…So here, and only here, you have the testimony of their bodies to tell you that it is time to leave…

… Because there is no greatness, no honor in being martyred, killed… So you can now use your energy and your knowledge to destroy what Bam has built… since it is Bam who no longer wants you !….


He took again his breath as if he was looking for words capable of touching the understanding of the long monk.

- These are the conditions to fulfil to leave without return…

… So, before learning the practices that allow you “to leave”, examine each thing in its detail… Because the “general” does not exist and only the “particular” contains the reality of what you are.


Then he says in the kindness of his heart.

- In other words, pay attention to your daily life reflexes… They are the ones that really say “what you are”.


The Roshi murmured:

« The natural death by the departure of the aged body… And the one that one causes…

The death of the lie.

The death of the pity.

The death of the father.

Where is the message of the Universe ? ».


The old man was worried, alone in his pavilion.

When Hiro came with four monks to bring him his morning meal, they found him standing and dressed.


- I need a little walk by the torrent, he says.

He wanted to find the water hole that almost swallow his son of before.

« Why has he chosen this hole ?… What is its radiation that has pushed him to enter death through there ? ».


Voyage in the Death.



In the evening, the monks introduce me once again in the room of Rimpoche.

The old man is no longer lying down. He seems to be in a superb form and he is sitting on his meditation seat with one loads of monks around chanting litanies to no end.


I wait for their monologues to end with a few strokes of cymbals and small bells, the whole decorated with gestures of the hands with a Dorje in the palm.

In short, purebred Tibetan with the whole set.


They are delighted because it has been a long time since they had not seen their Rimpoche so dynamic and one of them gave me a big smile by raising his thumb to the sky.

A few others grasped his gesture and they turned to me with a smile.

There were thanks in the air and their heart was inflated with hope of a new long life to their old man who had guided them for decades.


Then the silence returned… At least something that looked like silence because with Tibetans, it is rather a kind of permanent fair that takes different faces.


But the essential came and I am again alone with the Rimpo.

- We take stock, I say.

- Ok, he says, just to make me understand that he masters well English as the seventy twelfth language.


Then he takes his inner silence as guide and with his slow voice that dissects the words the ones after the others, just to well control the cadence of the breath, he begins :

   - First of all, once again a big « thank you »… My first concern is exploded : I have not deceived my monks !

   … Then, it is clear that we came in this new reincarnation with the will « to participate » in the construction of a growing well-being for the humanity.

   … It is also very clear that our Original Perfection is our motor and that it is in us permanently and that it is active in all the everyday acts.

   … But it is also very clear that we arrive in a human space that is not always ready to welcome our enthusiasm « to participate » and to build… There would be rather a growing resistance to the fluid action of this Force of Heaven that we bring and carry in us.


    … And it is there that my worries begin seriously, he says while taking again his breath because he had produced a big effort to straighten of all his size on his seat.

Also he leaned on the back and we let the time continue alone its rhythm, just to find ours that is not of the same Dimension.


I do not have to intervene. He is a great guy. He is not afraid of the truth. And besides, he needs to express himself. I am the basin and he is going to put his words in it to clarify his thoughts.


   - What has surprised me the most, after the joy of meeting the Force of Life of Guru Rimpoché and the joy of realizing that I have not failed to transmit this Force all my life… is precisely that for most of the reincarnations, there is the failure to this mission and they enter another world in which everything becomes more and more obscure and restricted, really narrow !… but which gives the feeling of existing by oneself and of being the « master » of one’s life.


   … I have really touched the Power and the house of the one you call the Devil in the West… And I have verified that those who enter deeply this dynamism end up believed themselves even more powerful than the Force of Dignity of which they are sure to be a worthy representative… whereas they have only one copy in them !… but that this copy can be so gleaming that it masks the brilliance of the Reality.


   … I know that in our Teachings. But to physically touch this Presence and this precipice is completely different and I have had an enormous suffering in my body…


   … And after this suffering came a colossal despair because this Force so narrow that makes such well done copies of the Force of Life takes the power and directs all the reflexes of the ordinary intelligence.

   … And I have seen many Teachings that were given to me during my young age that came from this dark house and that tried to drag me into it !

   … If I had not had a very strong intuitive consciousness of this Force of Life in me, I was trapped because the analysis of the analytical brain inevitably leads into this precipice… And this is where I am very worried and even very troubled.


   … Because I know the existence of the Devil… I know the existence of the great precipice that swallows all the hopes… I know all these dangers… But to realize that this great precipice is already making important holes in our Tradition and our basic Teaching is confusing me…


He took his breath again and I leave him to his rhythm. I understand his distress.

I help him a little because the continuation is having trouble getting out :


   - Also you can no longer validly tell the others to blindly follow the Ways of Perfection according to your Tradition… That’s it.

   - That’s it, he says slowly… So how to do?


I let the time take its course and I stand up.

He observes me interrogator then he says :

   - You know all that, don’t you my friend ?… So can you answer this question ?

  - Which one? I say because I feel him really worried.


He takes again his breath and it is with even slower words that he says :

   - I have perceived the presence of « the Compassion » and a powerful invitation to tolerance… As if one must let it go and not intervene !

   - So what ? I say

   - But what I have seen is a real mess on earth !… And to let it go will lead to a catastrophe !


I let his breaths take again possession of his old body.


   - You have felt the presence of Guru Rinpoche in this « compassion » and this tolerance ? I say.


He thinks for a moment and his eyebrows wrinkled. He questions me with his eyes because he begins to be afraid of the words.

I do not answer. I know his pain and we must leave him alone.

Then he says smiling in his sadness :

   - But I have a terrible force in me… A force to lift the mountains… By Buddha !… How the truth liberates !…


He is looking for a solution to his problem. He is a Tibetan, it means a very practical man.

Tomorrow morning it will be light enough to continue tearing off the leeks.

   - Sleep well Uncle, I say.

   - Thank you, my great friend, he says.


The monks are in the corridor and their eyes carry all the thanks of Tibet.