Third Movement.


The veils.


The old man caressed the leaves of the golden Book and their smell did him good. The past went back and it was good remember also when only the memory can still awaken the numb branches of the Consciousness.

How much time he had wasted in taking care about the Order of the World !


He had roamed for a long time around the waterhole in which his son of before had slipped into to die. He had tried to understand his choice. He had remained motionless for a long time above the water which had hardly eddies in this hole.


Hiro was watching him. His head emerged from over the low wall of his pavilion. Worry gripped his entrails.

After the departure of the Master’s second son, after that of Heidi, he was afraid of losing the last link that still remains in this place to touch the Nature of Buddha and to go into Her to recollect himself when the body stops its breath.


All of them were afraid in the monastery. They did not understand, but they perceived an enormous danger for their future. They had not understood the teachings of the young White. They had listened to them with their heads. Their bodies did not know the happiness of not making the future with their own will… So they were afraid because they felt the insecurity of the future.


The Master knew this, but that was no longer part of his concerns. Heidi’s departure was rough. One more dream bursting out and showing him openly that he was still having dreams !


He turned around the waterhole but he did not find. However, he knew in his belly that a reason was there, in front of him!… So why didn’t he meet it in his consciousness ?


He returned against the icy wind of the crests. Hiro sighed.


He looked at the following lines and his words tried to awaken the memory of the Universe.


The Voyage in the Death.


In the corridor that leads to the Rimpoche’s room, there is seriousness is in the air and this seriousness goes deep enough to become concern.

They look at me with the engaging smile of the dog who would like a sweet but who does not know how to ask for it given your character of dog that bites first and apologizes afterwards.

So as a super relaxed guy who expects the bullshit of the century, I enter the old man’s room whistling, hands in the pockets of my suede jacket.

As of course it is the perfect attitude to present oneself in front of a « Holiness », I do the normal sensation and they look at me with the eyes of little girl who sees her first male sex when her father presented it to her in the cradle as a feeding-bottle saying to her: « You can take, you come from there »… And as the wench is reluctant, the father gets angry and stuffs it direct into the teeth saying very seriously: « You must always return to your origin ! ».


The Rimpo who has the capacity to read in me, as I realized yesterday, laughs on his seat as he sees me coming towards him.

    - You don’t respect anything ! He says…

   - And you, Grandpa ? I say… Isn’t that what you whisper to your monks who do you the honor of believing in you ?… « you must return to your Origin »… « Reaching the safe Earth, where the very name of unhappiness does not exist ? … »

…Hey Grandpa, you should a little have a look at your plate before criticizing mine, I say… Especially since my dinner, it’s too hard for your stomach of narrow old man and you are going to transgress quickly if you want to taste it… Too strong for you!


The old man, he did not expect this quip at two hundred and forty per hour in full muzzle and he does not know anymore how to organize his penis between his folded legs. At least, the one who has the pretension to be as a Father for me, the old all wrinkled not beautiful asiat, he had found the perfect technique : he wrapped it in his goatee, just also to protect it from the cold winds that entered everywhere in winter in this monastery that an idiot once placed at the foot of the nastiest crests of the region, sending us its ice even in summer.


But him, the old man from Tibet, he has not yet a long practice of the meetings with me and he has gone in the strides he knows : a distant humor with a little tear of reproach in it… This is how he has delighted his monks since he was old enough to babble and as everyone laughs, and everyone is good and everyone is kind with him, he has come to believe that his lips let through a subtle flow capable of swepting along into Nirvana the being the most hardened of heart.


And the old man is all the more annoyed because I had direct understood that they all had something important to ask me, and to see me in these aggressive dispositions makes them lose their confidence and they do no longer know by which end to take the problem.

So it is the old man who saves the day, because he is not so stupid, because surviving correctly until eighty four years old in the oldest and most magical lineage of Tibetans, the one called « the Elders », whose name in their jargon is Nyingma, is not within the reach of the first loser you pick up at the exit of the pub when the hens start to open their peepers before testing if their voice has not gone during the night while they were balancing on their perch.


    - With you, we have to stay at the highest ! he says with his slowest voice and his eyes to the ceiling to find there the quintessence of the Sublime Truth, the one that moves the hearts in their deepest… and that between the shits of the flies which are numerous and it is thus not easy to still find emptiness between them… which testifies of a long training to know how to recognize a transcendantal emptiness of the shit of a white fly.


He has spoken so slowly that all the tension of the room entered it and the relief of the monks is perceptible to the forging noise of their lungs which take again a normal activity after the long retention that I had imposed to them.

I look at better these guys because because it is obvious that they are not there to pick strawberries in December… There are eight of them and it is a Divin number for them.

So we are going to go into some Divine directly and I like it because I like to hit those who are around God believing they are God.


So I look at the old man with my biggest smile. He relaxes again and finally finds a proper place for his penis.


    - Come on !… Don’t beat around the bush, and send the juice ! I say, all natural when you address these guys who no longer need to wash their feet after the visit of all these guys who used their holy day to lick their toes.


The eight monks lower their head because they do not know where to put themselves anymore. So they prefer for the moment to disappear under the slats of the parquet and to go direct to the kitchen so that one of their terrible speciality is prepared for them: tea with rancid butter of yak.


The Rimpo is trying to get the waltz back where I am, which is not easy, and I understand him, because to follow a guy like me without a long preliminary training, it is like trying to run behind a fly when the local surgeon has just cut off both of your legs because from the top of his height he felt that the guy didn’t need them anymore considering he had the bad habits to run behind all the chicks who were giving him a clap very prejudicial to his bladder and his liver. Also as a responsible Father he went directly to the origin of everything and he cut to shortest, since cutting is his function, his impulse and his dream and also his pleasure, which is why he has decided to be a surgeon and not a homeopath. We are the tools that we use ! And this was an essential teaching that gave me the old wrinkled not beautiful who wanted to be as a Father for me but who all the same broke his teeth on the hard piece that I am, which the local dentist thanked me for because he started to be unemployed.



   - That’s it… the old man continued, this time looking at me straight in the eyes as I sat down in front of him.


I have pulled out a bench where I settled, to the great displeasure of these monks; we sit on the carpet in front of the Rimpoche, not on the same level as him !

So, as you know me, when I feel the agitation rising around me, I go direct to the heart of the matter. Also I take two more big cushions and so I am higher than the little fat old man in front.

The silence took place. Nothing better than to push to the extreme to enter this Divine Silence from which everything is created and which animates everything.


Then it is the old man who still saves the day by laughing. The monks follow the movement because laughter, it is a spontaneous nature of Tibetans.

    - So I was telling you, the old man began again…

    - No, you weren’t telling me anything yet… You just said « Here you go ».


The Rimpo missed a breath. I was not making it easy for him and he was wondering if he could chase down me fast enough.

    - So… That’s it… As I was telling you… I have spoken of my experiences of yesterday to some of my most advanced monks and serious in the search for the Truth on the Functioning of the Universe so that in their daily activity they can put this movement into action and fulfill their Divine Duty.


And all this in only one breath ! He amazes me the old man !

The monks come back from the kitchen and come to the surface. They have understood that we are returning to a world they know. They know how to find their place in it. They are secure in their knowledge.


I am not helping the old man. I smile with my two ears because you know well, cultured and sensitive as I know you, that the two eyes are made to hear, the heart to understand, the intelligence to feel and the ears to see.


Him, he follows well. He has also understood that he will have to make the voyage alone and that I will not help him to drive the car. Besides, in Katmandou, you have to take a cab !… If you have the pretention to use your own cart, you will have some surprises !… Not to mention that you will not have understood that you have to put a small note in the hand of the cop who stops you at the crossroads when you do not know why, which means that all the other cars will pass in front of your nose as long as your understanding will not have understood the voluntary help you have to give him in order to help him nourish his numerous family.


     - So… That’s it… As I was telling you… We have talked.

    - Let’s say that you have talked and them they have listened, I say while looking for a flea in my ear to see better.


Ah! Yes… I did not tell you: fleas !

Here, in this sweet country of Nepal, which was one of the nicest countries of the World before the Americans come to fuck it up by arming and training Nepalese communists from the high mountains, more communists than the Chinese communists they called revisionists…

And so, in order to please the Dalai Lama, the Yankees have armed and trained these guys so that they go and fuck their Chinese brothers a little and put some armor-plated prunes in the crack of the buttocks…

And that these mountain people a little less stupid than the Americans, who, recognize it in all peace of mind, are like children who still believe in the return of Jesus and that is why they support Israel because they are sure that the guy will come back to the lands he left !… So I was telling you, these communist mountain people, once trained and armed, made the well justified remark to themselves that they are above all Nepalese and that their bullets could perhaps use them for their personal businesses and not use the holy day made by Kali to please the Dalai Lama who, as is his habit, makes others do the dirty work because thus, Him, he remains clean on all sides and can continue to unwind his « Universal Compassion »… which by the way some bad mouthes, you will agree with me !, say that he is personally devoid of it…


Ah ! Yes… And so these Nepalese communists have done their businesses on their own Country and it is the brothel… At least an other brothel than the one we were used to, because to have the rib cage smashed by the tires of the luxury car of one of the king’s sons, launched at two hundred in the main artery of Katmandou and that at two o’clock in the morning, it is a divine destiny since all the members of the Royal family are descendants of the Gods and therefore to die by them is a guarantee of an exceptional reincarnation…

But as a brothel, they have now the steel prunes of the communists in their anus and they have not found yet a divine technique to digest them.


Ah !… the fleas ? Come on, another time ! …


The old man in front of me is losing his saliva and with his fingers in front of his windshield wipers, he tries to bring my gaze back to him and capture my attention which had gone in the divine contemplation of a white space left by the flies that had not yet found it to graciously deposit their creation.


    - So… Here it is… So I have talked to my monks and eight of them would be very enthusiastic to participate in our work sessions… If of course you accept them, he says with his soft voice.


The eight guys concerned smile with all their teeth while looking at me like the dog which waits the sugar… Well, I won’t tell you again !


    - Stop your craps, hey, old man! I say gently continuing to look for fly shits in my ears just to better see.

    - Sorry ? he says leaning forwards, so that he can rest his elbows on his big belly that is protruding.

    - Don’t take me for the village idiot again. We don’t know each other well enough yet for you to be certain that I’m a natural-born moron, I continued with the same movement in my pavilions to the point that the monks wonder if I don’t have a flea in it… Ah! yes… The fleas ?… Another time.

    - I don’t follow you, my friend, he whispers from the tip of his lips with the eyes in papillotes like the codfish before going into the burning oil, which by the way was perfectly imitated by renowned actresses before meeting the Big bad Wolf, but making sure that he does not run away out of fear, because they would like to experience the so surprising meeting.


So I put my hands on my crossed thighs and I look direct into his eyes which forget their seduction game.

    - Hey, Grandpa… You are not going to make me believe that all the agitation there is in the bodies, brains and even more, of all the monks I meet in your corridors and also in your room, can be the simple fruit of this « little » request that you are formulating as a starry-eyed girl who inquires about the temperature of the penis before opening the mouth.


In fact, the guy, he is relieved. I have just opened a door for him that he did not know how to push without me yelling : « But!… Sir », like the chick surprised in her bed with the nightie at the level of her pussy.


    - So… So… Well… They would like to know how to practice this extraordinary technique that you apply on me, he says in a single breath that relieves that of his monks who let go of theirs.

     - Well then, I say !… You are interested in jumping over the wall of the lie ?

     - Yes… It surprises you ?

   - A lot, I say… A lot !… Or maybe you haven’t understood well how far this technique can take you.

    - What do you mean ?

   - When you knock down the wall, you see everything behind…The beautiful as well as the shit.

    - Yes… I realized that yesterday, he says without understanding my comments.

    - So… You say that you are ready to go and see all the shit you have produced with a panoply of manipulative techniques… I don’t believe you!


The old man thinks and leaves the support on his belly, to return to a more upright position.

   - Do you mean that it would be better to go further in the knowledge of the discoveries, between you and me, before introducing other people who would not be able to bear the shock of these discoveries ? he says with his slow voice that did not move the air.


I nod.

    - You, in Buddhism, and in particular you the Tibetans, you have created many teachings on the reincarnation and the karmic relations with past lives…

    - Yes ? he says, frankly very interested.

  - So, ask yourself the question : why are all your Family leaders so opposed to these techniques of « View » ?

   - You mean that we have a lot to hide, he asks, really captivated by the Force coming out of me.

    - That’s right… Uncovering all your manipulative lies… Do you « really » want it ?


He massages his chin, then runs his hand over his head and smoothes his long hair worn in a bun.

    - So why are you doing it with me ?

   - But because for you, the lie is over, I say gently with my Force stirring his eyes and going straight to the heart.

    - You mean that I don’t have time to use the lie anymore ? he asks.


He follows well the old plump ! He has given a part of the answer.

It is him who continues.

     - Then I am the one who can accept to see the truth of things, he says.

    - No… You are the one who « can » see the reality of things, I say articulating each syllable.

    - I do not understand the difference between your words and mine, he says gently, his voice quivering with intensity.

    - That’s the problem, I say… You don’t understand !


The Rimpoche still let the time to take its time and he says with his gentle voice:

     - What I don't understand ?

    - You do not know the veils and their importance, I say just as quietly.

    - The « veils » ?

    - That’s it, I say… You are still a child in your world…

    - What do you mean ?

   - Although you belong to this prestigious Nyingma Family, the direct descendants of Guru Rimpoche, as you call him… you have  become too « philosophical » and you have lost a lot of your magical possibilities, I say.

    - I don’t understand.

   - You have to work with the Universe and communicate with it according to His Magic to meet the « veils » and to know how they have been created and how they act, I say gently… But the Magic of the Universe frightens you and you prefer to enter the world of Philosophy… But the Magic is always there and always in activity!

    - And it is the one who governs everything, isn't it ?

    - Yes… I say… Everything !


He let the time take again possession of his breath, then he says :

    - Well ?

    - So I will try to make you see these veils tonight, I say.

    - Why not now ?… I am ready !

   - No, you are not ready anymore… You have lost a lot of energy dealing with all these issues with your monks… The pressure must be turn up.

   - You mean I lose some of the Force that you give me when I worry about them ? he says.

    - Yes… It is the third law in fundamental energy, the law of penetration by interest, I say.

    - The third law ?

   - You see, you still have a lot to know about the Magic of the Universe.


I unfold my legs and I answer :

    - We will look at this tonight, after dinner.

I get up and the monks are worried. The Rimpoche too.


In the evening, I am in front of the old man lying down. His breath is whistling.

    - I have had a difficult day after you left, he says.

    - Yes.

    - I have checked what you told me.

    - Yes.

    - I took care of the disappointment of my monks.

    - Yes.

    - And I am exhausted, he says.

    - Yes.

   - But the main thing is that I have perceived the whole mechanism of my energy leaving my body.

    - Yes.

    - And then I could see how my vitality and enthusiasm had gone.

    - Yes.

    - I did not know how energy works in this way of looking.

    - Yes.

    - How do you call this third law : penetration by interest ?

    - Yes.


He pauses and he says again :

    - Is it always like that ? 

    - Yes… It is a law.

    - So there are always these exchanges of energy?

    - Yes.

    - But we can control that ?… I feel exhausted.

    - Yes.

    - How ?

    - By choosing the vibrations of action.

    - I do not understand.

    - I know, I say.

    - Why I do not understand despite all my powers and culture ? he asks really worried?

    - Because of the Compassion, I say.


He stays with himself. He is a « Great One » and he has a highly developed intuitive intelligence.

    - It is a false compassion ? he asks.

    - Yes.

    - And where is the real one ?


Always practical, the Tibetans. With them, when you bring the flour they immediately ask you how to make the bread.


    - Where you don’t believe it is, I say.

    - Where ?

    - At the origin of everything, I say.

    - I do not understand.

    - I know.

    - Why I don’t understand ?

    - Because you take the moving train and you do not go back to the locomotive.

    - Who is the locomotive ?

    - For you, it is the one that you call Guru Rimpoche.


Another silence in his voice; it’s running on kerosene in his brain.


    - You mean that what we practice every days, it is not Guru Rimpoche ?

    - It is no longer Him, I confirm.


He looks at me with his eyes like a kid.

    - I trust you, he says… But you move me deeply, you know my young friend.

    - I know.

    - will I ever know ?

    - Yes.

    - When ?

    - May be tomorrow... or in a few days.

    - Thank you.



I let the silence take its place and I say :

    - But if you let this third energetic law work without control, you will lose the tone I give you and it will take you light years to touch this Knowledge.

    - You mean that what I perceive now is the action of the Force that you put in me.

    - That’s right, I say.

   - I understand this and I feel it in my whole body… But how to control this law that is pumping my energy to the point that I feel weak again and would just want to stay lying down ?

    - Simple, I say.

    - Yes ?

    - You close your heart and your mind to their heart, to their body to their concerns.

    - How ?

    - By setting a priority.

    - What does that mean  ?

    - When you are facing your death, you don’t have time to care of other things of the Earth.

    - I understand… I stand before my death.

    - Anyway you have no choice and that’s why I am there.

    - Tell me more ? 

    - You are facing your death !

    - Yes… Now I understand.


The time takes its minutes which make well one hour. I have put my hand on his chest and I charge with each of my breaths.

The pressure of energy increases and at some point I feel him rising. He confirms me because he is a serious man. He follows each of my breaths because he knows that I am there for him.


    - I don’t feel my body anymore, he says… It is like a cloud floating.

   - Let it float and ask it to take you to its Dimension… Ask this in the secrect of your heart and with the sincerity of the one who really wants to make an extraordinary journey.


A few breaths follow.


    - I go fast in the space and I see mountains and mountains passing under me… but I go over them.

    - Yes… Let go and don’t try to understand with your brain or you will find youself stopped.

    - Yes… I continue very far towards a light that is difficult to look at straight in the eyes because it is so dazzling.

    - Look at it and go into it.

    - It hurts my eyes !

    - Tell her you love her.


He relaxes and sighs. Tears slide down on his cheeks.


    - I have told her that I love her and instantly I am in her… What a wonder !… It is even stronger than yesterday !… I feel and see even more precisely the Force of the Creation and I recognize that it is Guru Rinpoche’s.

    - Don’t bother to put names and references. Stay with this Force and enter more and more into it.

    - Yes.


The time still takes its time. We must give him the minutes of the chronological time which is the only one that exists because he « sees », but his brain is trying to find explanations and he needs time to organized himself.


    - I perceive even more strongly than yesterday the Force of Life that pushes to reincarnate and participate in the World to build and improve.

    - So examine well what kind of enthusiasm this Force has.

   - Yes… It is neutral… I mean there is no emotion or no excitement… It is so !… That’s how the things have to be done !... and there is no choice or decision to be made… That’s the way it is and one must submit to it… Even there is nothing to submit to because there is no choice… it is so.

    - In this Force, is there fear ?

    - No… The fear is not there.

    - Is there suffering ?

    - No… The suffering is not there.

    - Is there anyone looking for happiness ?

    - No… There is no one in this search because there is no unhappiness.

    - Do you know this Force Space ?

   - No… Not like that directly… Only in intense meditations I have felt this fullness… But not like this, so precise and clear…

    - What do you get out of this clarity and this direct experience ?

    - I have no more doubt, he says in his calm voice that did not move the air.


The time took its breaths again.


    - Do you see veils that obscure understanding and comprehension, in this Force space ?

    - No… All is clear… Huge… and there is nothing to do in particular except to follow this Intelligence that leads you in every action of your breath.


I let him time to take a good bath in this Force of Life which was his call during all his existence on the Earth.


    - So now come back quietly to the Earth… Do you see it ?

    - Yes… It is far away.

    - Are you still enthusiastic to participate and create ?

    - More and more.

    - So approach the planet Earth and check what it does to you… and look better at what there is inside this planet.


The time takes its time.


    - I see unhappiness in it… I see a lot of dark… I see suffering… But I also see clear spaces… and I would like to come in there and make them radiate more and drive away the dark.

    - You are still enthusiastic ?

   - More and more when I see all this unhappiness that exists there… I would like to heal this suffering.

    - Then approach nearer, to a limit where you will feel something new.

    - What ?

    - I don’t want to influence your mind and your vision… See by yourself.


He takes a long, powerful breath; he stiffens more and more.

    - The more I approach this planet, the more I have sadness inside me, even despair… It’s getting darker and darker.

    - And your consciousness, your vision, your lucidity ?

   - It is more and more slow, heavy and confused… The clarity of before is not there anymore… Everything becomes complicated… Nothing is fluid anymore …

    - And if you look at the people who are on this planet ?

    - It is the same thing, they are confused… Like blind people bumping into everything.

    - Why ?

    - I do not know… I see that everything is complicated…

    - Your enthusiasm ?

    - It is also decreasing… Everything becomes heavy.

    - Do you perceive why ?

    - No… I only see darkness taking possession of everything… You can explain to me ?

    - No… It is you who must see directly… Not for me to explain to you.


The time is still slipping again.


    - Are you always as enthusiastic about coming to this planet… In its space ?

    - It is no longer enthusiasm… I just know that I have to do it and put a little more light into the voids that still exist between the big dark spaces that seem to invade almost everything.

    - And now, if you enter a body, if you enter your conception, what do you perceive ?

   - As soon as I am conceived, as soon as my father’s Force touches my mother’s ovum, there is this dark cloud that surrounds me and I feel sad, tight, small.

    - Do you still have your lucidity ?

   - Yes… There is a pastille of this Force from where I come from which accompanies me… Like a condensed of this Force in which everything is contained…

    - And then ?

    - If I stay with it, I still have my lucidity and even my enthusiasm… But if I look at this black cloud, I lose everything !… It is like I’m being suffocated.


He leaves his words hanging. He lets them unfold in his body before grasping them with his mind. He is a « Great one »! He knows by intuition how to do.


     - I understand your third law: the penetration by interest. As soon as I pay attention to this dark, it enters me and I lose all my lucidity… If I look and pay attention to this pastille of Light in me, everything is clear and lucid.

     - But what happens for the people you see around you ?

    - They are in the dark… that is their attention… And they are trying to escape from it… But they cannot because the attention they pay to their suffering increases the penetration of this dark Force in them… It is an endless game that goes to their exhaustion !… So, how to do ?

     - Do you see some people around you in this exhaustion ?

     - Yes.

   - So give them a piece of the pastille of life you have in you… and when they perceive it, tell them to just say « I love you ».


The old man cries and cries…


    - It is magnificent !… The Light is growing in them !… They know by themselves what to do and where to direct their steps !


I leave him to this rejuvenation bath. He is very enthusiastic about this possibility of action… He does not know yet that man prefers to say to the dark « I love you » because the Force of the dark gives them powers over others and the knotty of the man is the pride that wants to command and control everything.


For if one says to this Life Force « I love you » one is nothing by oneself… One is this Force in action and it directs everything…

But for the ordinary man, to run nothing by himself, it is to be in prison… Even if the life is filled with gold !


But this old man is a Great One. He does not need someone to hold by hand to go to the bottom of the road.

    - But I also see that they do not maintain themselves in this « I love you »… They try to recover something for themselves and make it a personal creation… Then the dark comes back and they lose their clarity again…


He still remains in his silence, sad.

    - Is this what you called « the veils » ?

    - Yes… But it is the beginning of your understanding.


The Silence returns again.


    - You mean there are even worse things than that ?

    - Yes.

    - What ?

    - Touching the origin that makes this « dark ».

    - It is what you call « the Devil » in your countries ?

    - The Devil does not exist, I say.


He then remains speechless. Then after a long moment he says :

    - Can I go and check it out ?

    - Yes.

    - So everything is fine!


I leave my hand still a long time on his heart because he feels in his body the suffering of the World.

He begins to glimpse a truth; it also frightens him because he wonders to what extend he has not collaborated in this Force that removes the lucidity of man and his enthusiasm to be a tool for the Creation…


The true Tibetans, the true Religious of these mountains, have been thinking and asking one question : « Why they were kicked out of their homes by the Chinese and are now wanderers who have to ask everyone for help ? ».

They know that only the Karma exists and they wonder what terrible  karma they have built over centuries after the departure of Guru Rimpoche who had created the Space of Life for them.


The night is with us. The monks are in the corridor and waiting. The old man is sleeping in a slow breath. His rhythm is regular. My hand on him perceives that he has not lost energy pressure. It is really a « Great One » !


He asks:

    - Is it over for this tonight?

    - No… Unless you are too tired, I say.

    - I am tired but at the same time I feel an urgency in me and this urgency is a Force… not a simple sensation of the body or the mind…

    - So let’s go on, I say.

    - Yes… Let’s go to the bottom of these veils !

    - You will not be able to go to the bottom tonight, I tell him.

    - Why not ?

    - Because the Creation is not linear but spatial.

    - Which means that we cannot follow it like a trace or a thread ?

    - Yes… There are several entrance doors in the castle and the corridors are like labyrinths… Very difficult to follow the same one that can lead you into endless mazes.

    - So you have to enter in another way ?

    - Yes, through several doors and then we have understood how the castle is built.

    - And today, we used a door, didn’t we ?

    - Yes, the one of chronological logic, I say.


He remained focused on his breath for a moment and I felt in his belly a force growing. He was preparing.


    - You mean that we have descended the Time… From the origin to the planet… from the planet to the man… from the man to his life as a man ?

    - Yes.

   - So now we have to go at the end of this logic and do down the Time further, right ?

    - Yes.

    - From the living man to the dead man, right ?

    - To the man who is going to die, that will be enough, I say with a smile.


I am amazed at the chap. What an understanding !


    - So I follow you, he says with a sigh.


I concentrate my Force on his Doors of Heaven of the heart and I say :

    - Reconnect with this original Force of Life.

    - It is done ! he says almost instantly.

   - Then go back down the chronological time as before… Until the man locked in his cloud that obscures his understanding.

    - I am there, he says after a long moment.

   - If you can, do you perceive energetic exchanges of the man towards something other that him in direct ?

    - What do you want to say ? he asks.

    - I don’t want to say anything… If you see, you see… If you don’t see, you forget my question…

    - You don’t want to influence anything, do you ?

    - Yes… It is better not to see anything than to force the imagination and to make the brain work. You see, or you don’t see !


The time takes its time. Then he blows :


    - I see… I see energy coming out of the man and going into the dark mass around him… But it is not an exchange… I would say it is a pumping.

    - Is the man aware of this pumping ? I ask.

   - No… His body makes energy from his cells and the dark mass recovers most of that energy… but the man has no awareness of this pumping… It is like a theft through the back door as we say at home, he blew with great concern in the voice.


He waves his hand like « Wait ! »… He wanted his time and I left it to him.


He was entering into this curious relationship between the man producer of energy and this dark mass consumer of this energy. He was frowning. Sometimes his breathing became heavy and painful.


    - It is a real mess, he says slowly… It is a real pumping of the man’s vitality… This dark mass is nourishing on him… and he does not realize it !… But wait !…


The time is still for him. I know this shit. It has been my fight for so long !


    - Even if the man realizes this pumping and tries to understand it and oppose it… it is still this dark mass that recovers the major part of the energy produced !… What a bitch !


He is not happy with this discovery and he has shouted. Two heads pass through the door that half-opens. I signal them that everything is fine and their worried faces return to the corridor.


    - When the man moves… he makes energy from his cells… And the dark mass that obscures his clarity is always the recuperator of the energy produced… and with this energy it increases again the opacity of the consciousness… Shit !


More time to him that passes.


    - So !…

   - How to do ?… You move in acceptance or you move in defense, you continue nourishing the same monster!… Here is the « So ! » he roars.

    - Do not waste again the time and your forces following this… This Force is too strong for you now, I tell him gently caressing his heart with my hand.

    - Why ?

    - You do not have enough energy pressure inside you yet to follow it into its burrow and it will make you fall into its abyss… You  have to wait a little longer…

    - And that I don’t let myself be caught by the third law, right ? he says roaring.


He understands. He is a Nyingma… He knows the power and the dangers of the energy. His mentor Gourou Rimpoche did not fight and subdue the Bön for nothing, because these were real magicians !… They are still in fact.


    - So what should I do now ?

    - Simply enter a body and look and feel what happens when the death starts to come and that the envoys of the Death are preparing to tap him on the shoulder.

    - Yes…


He takes the time he needs. This old man amazes me. He knows the so particular dimension of time !


    - I see the man who is starting to lose his vitality, he says.

    - What does that mean ?

    - His cells don’t produce much energy anymore and that less and less.

    - So pay attention to the dark cloud around him, I ask.

    - Shit !… he startles…

    - What ?

    - He goes away !

    - That is to say ?

    - The dark cloud leaves the man who becomes Light again !… But now so weak !

    - And his conscience ?

    - It becomes clear again !… Shit !… I understand now the tear of the dying…


He still takes the time with him. I do not need to push anymore. He goes alone on the path of the knowledge of the Life and Death.


It is gently that he sums up all alone this journey of today :

    - At the origin we are perfect… By taking a body we are included in this blackish mist that nourishes on us and we lose our original consciousness… At the moment of leaving, this mist lets us go because we are no longer useful to it because we no longer produce energy from our cells… And we get our consciousness back… and we are not happy to have been manipulated… Then we come back and this wheel turns without end… But…

    - But ?

    - It must be possible to stop with this wheel !

    - Yes, I say.


He remains alone for a while.


    - By « I love you » right ? he says with his voice so slow that the wind does not feel his breath.

    - Yes.


He takes again his time and says so gently that even the air did not hear him :

    - But you have to know your Love before you can say « I love you » to him… I think I’m beginning to understand… he says.


He continues on his own because he is brave.

    - But what kind of love we are going to present to him ?… The one coming from this Original Force of Life… Or one of those produced by the dark mass ?… That’s well where the essential question is, isn't it, my great friend so young !

    - Yes, I say in the sweetness of the words that did not yet want to add to his sorrow that pointed behind his heart of True Father.

    - And that’s where I may have a responsibility, he says gently.

    - Maybe, I say.

   -And even I was maybe an aid to this manipulation of the consciousness, he says weakly.

    - Maybe, I say.

    - Then I would have nourished this dark mass that nourishes on the man ?

    - Maybe, I say…    

    - Even if my Force was intact and still connected to Guru Rimpoche ?

    - Maybe, I say.

    - Why ?

    - Because it is the owner of the means who is the recuperator of the energy produced by the use of the means, I say gently as not to hurt the old suffering body too much.


He missed a few breaths, then he says : 

    - I understand !


Then after a long silence he asked : 

    - Will you help me to go and see ?

    - Yes.

    - Thank you… I want to undo if I have built something that is not right.


He is a brave man.


The old man closed the Book and his hands caressed the golden leaves.


He has loved this man who had given him confidence in man and life whereas his enthusiasm was waning after the clashes with the Russian tanks, then later with the Chinese soldiers.

All these wars wore out his impulses to travel the World and tell him the beauty that he had in him and that kept him warm every night.

Then he had a dream and he left in the early morning for Tibet, his stick in his hand and his bag on his back.


Him too, the old Tibetan, has found him in a bad shape in the mountains and he took him in his monastery.

He has taught him the Art of Compassion.

He has saved his life which was leaving with the enthusiasm to participate. He has pushed him in the life and returned to his Country because there were his roots and he knew that it is not nice to be an exile.


He had wanted to do the same with his son of before.

He had not understood that the secondary conditions, the World was different.


He misses Heidi, in front of him with her questions to provoke his life.

He wonders what she becomes and he had the impulse to ask some monks to go to the news on the roads.