Fifth Movement.


The copy is not what we believe.


The old man caressed the golden cover of the Book endlessly. He did not cease this slow movement of his palms and fingertips. He felt each of the grains of the metal that created impulses in his hands and they prolonged to the rear heart between the shoulder blades. There he perceived the force propagate in his chest, opening his plexus and enlarging his organs that became less heavy and younger.

Then, it was the time to shell the sounds for the Universe and he slipped the finger over the metal bookmark.


The Voyage in the Death.


The rhythm of the days starts to settle. The morning and evening for work. The « Holiness » is old, weak and not in very good health; so I have to follow the rhythms of his body.

This suits the monks who also like clear organization. They have a lot to do every day with hours of Puja, these collective practices in the temple with small bells, cymbals, trumpets and even horns on the roofs to break your ears… Especially when they have decided to do a little extra at two o’clock in the morning !…

So everyone is organized around our meeting between the old man and me.


Then, it is the waltz of the whispers because one is in the process of establishing prognoses to know the one who will be the successor of the boss who is handing over his apron.

So there are intense comings and goings… especially comings of new guys who are all Rimpoche of the old man’s Lineage and who place themselves on the stage of the selections in order to be the one who will receive the old man’s Force to become the new boss.

So, in clear, it is the race for the succession and in Tibetan, that becomes a fair.


He, the Rimpo, he is a little shaken in his certainties. He is a « Great One » who is bold and he has the courage of the Greats. But he has just taken some hits in the gums these last two days, and his stomach has some difficulty to digest them.


    - I did not sleep much yet this night, he announces to me direct when I put the feet in his room.

    - Neither did I, I say.

   - Why ? he asks me interrogator because he did not expect these words.

   - You couldn’t ask your monks not to make a very noisy practice at two o’clock in the morning… And not to run in the corridors at five o’clock… And even less to shag the young girl of the kitchens at six o’clock, while she is preparing the breakfast and the Stampa ? I say.


He frowns and his face is not very happy. Even the soft eyes take a blow. I did not expect to make such an effect on him with my little claim of night and morning silence.

    - Which one ? he asks me seriously.


It is my turn to start asking myself some questions about the burning issue that I have raised.

    - The little one all brown and quite fleshy with long black hair in a bun, I say.

    - The one who always laughs with a high sound ? he asks even more serious.

    - Yes, I say.

   - And her? he asks gently his eyes narrowed behind his split eyelids.

    - Her ?

    - Yes, her ?… How is she in all this ? He gets impatient.

   - Oh !… she runs fast and it makes noise because my room is above the kitchens… and I can follow the race through the din of the pans that waltz…

    - But what else? he insists.

   - What else? I say like the perfect idiot who does not understand what one asks him.

    - Yes ?… How does it end !

   - Oh !… she has a good laugh… A little high though, I say, reserved staring straight at the old man who is not happy and I don’t understand why.


The « Holiness » now has the jaw which hardens. So he can also be something other than « nice »… A bulldog’s jaw that doesn’t let go when it has hooked.

Me, you know me… Always direct and for continuing education which I do not spit on. So I ask him what’s bothering him.

    - It is my daughter ! he lets out, not happy.

 It is my turn to remain a little on the roadside.

    - You have a girl ?

    - Yes… Even three… and two sons… he informs me while having the ideas elsewhere…

    - To have kids, it is also necessary to have women, I say as the one who is a little aware that the cabbages do not make the children.

    - Of course !... I had two, he says.

    - So you are married ?

    - Of course ! he says this time surprised by my questions.


So I start to understand. I had forgotten that in the Nyingma lineage, who are the successors of Guru Rimpoche, one can be both a monk or a layman with wives and children because it is for them the ultimate in « Holiness »… to be in the ordinary life as ordinary people and touch the Buddha’s Nature and enter his body.

    - So you are a layman ? I say.

    - Of course, he answers surprised at the request.


Then I cogitate and I understand better his facilities to go to see the truth and the origin of everything. He is not drugged like a monk who, him, remains in his monastery and has made some vows that resemble those of the religious orders of the West.


I remember then what the Roshi told me some evenings in front of the glowing crests of the mountains. He was praising me about a way to reach the perfection in the ordinary life as an ordinary person, to find this Plenitude with wife and children and all the worries of the Father of the family, without the protection of the walls of the solitude of the monasteries that makes people dry and outside the realities of the life and unable to understand and feel the energetic movements inside the bodies that are in the street and their real concerns.


He told me these stories of Tibet which had fascinated him for a moment in his youth:

« The Creator of Lamaïsm, this Religion of Tibet which is one of the forms of Buddhism, was a Holy Magician who was later called Guru Rimpoche by his affectionate disciples.

He had set up two branches in his formation system: monks and laity. Contrary to the usual principles, it was not the monks who had the leading roles. They shared with the laity who were considered to reach higher Dimensions of consciousness than the monks because they remained in the provocation of the ordinary life, and they did not fall asleep on their visions always put again in movement by the facts of the round around them that never ceased.

Also the majority of the « Saints » of his lineage were either complete hermits, or Fathers and Mothers of families… because in addition women were not excluded from the game and many very great Masters of this lineage were women.


And then, there were the persecutions of Buddhists in Tibet. The most visible were the monasteries and the monks who were exterminated. The laity were able to hide and survive.

So until nowadays, the lineage of Guru Rimpoche could be maintained by the laity and the Great Masters are almost always them. »

The Roshi was very impressed by this freedom installed by this Guru Rimpoche and he said that he had often had the impulse to leave the monastery and to go out to the street to teach ordinary men who, for him, had less « spiritual » wastes than the monks who developed an astonishing pretense from their « particular » status.


Well, but this junk is not doing my business because the old man in front of me is not happy and he is losing pressure to use his energy on these little things of the ordinary life.

And as you know it so well, the energy goes where the attention is… and I am about to find myself with a pierced basket !


Then, as you know me, I propose direct to him to take care of this shepherdess personally, just to put her at rest of the Tibetan stallions.

My proposal does not seem to suit him because he does not laugh but clenches even more the jaw.

    - I’m going to deal with this after our session, he says, not happy.

    - No, I say… Immediately !

    - Why ?

    - You are losing your juice and I cannot take you on a deep journey with this thread that holds your paw… You remember the third energetic law ? I say.


He frowns even more and his forehead wrinkles.

    - I am also understanding in my flesh how one can so easily get lost in the marsh and lose the Light that I perceived yesterday…

    - Come on !… You are growing up, Granpa.


His eyes soften and he looks at me.

    - You are a provocator who is hard to avoid, he smiles.

    - I am not here to open doors, but to break down those well closed ones, I say… So omelettes are made with eggs that are broken.

    - And the omelette can be delicious, can't it ? he continues accentuating his smile.

      - Yes… But first you have to break the eggs to taste it, I say.

    - Understood ! he says… And not screaming for help at the time of the breakage !… That’s it ?

    - That’s it… So see you later, I say… after lunch…


He’s watching me get up, worried.

    - So I solve my problem now ?

    - Yes… The conflict makes lose a huge energy… Go to the fastest and everything is fine.

    - Then I wait for you after the meal.

    - After my nap, I say… just to provoke him a little more.

    - That suits me too, he says smiling.


I leave him on his divan and head for the door.

    - So everything is fine and I’m going to go and see some Nepalese Temples that have the sculptures of all the coupling positions according to the divine laws of their religion, I say…

    - While me, I’m teaching my daughter not to let her buttocks open so easily ! he laughed… We are well assisted by you !

    - I am always perfect, I say.

    - Why ? he asks questioningly.

    - I do not make work the third law.

   - That is to say? he asks concerned to have said a bullshit.

   - I leave you all alone with your problem and I do not take care of it… It is not me who made your daughter !

    - Understood !… See you later, he frowns.


He has perceived my annoyance. Besides, I have slammed the door of the room by sending it a blow of heel. The monks are surprised of my mood swing.

I am not happy. To be limited in such a work that requires a huge energetic investment… while I have to prepare myself for a long time and not to let Power being subtracted from me by taking care of other things…! by the reactions of a Father not happy with the use that his daughter makes of her thighs.

That is not the correct attitude of the guy in front of his death !

He is still too much in his head !

Death is not yet a physical reality for him !


I am not happy.

I know myself. I know the Force that is in me. I know that it is the one who guides all « my craps » as the not beautiful wrinkled old man who pretends to be as a Father for me says it so well.

If this force has pushed me to tell this little morning incident, it is not by chance; it is not by chance either that the Rimpo reacts so strongly thus and is ready to let go of the pressure that I am trying hard to install in his body. 

So there is some personal information for me under there. I will have to stir it up more, the Rimpo… and that I am a little bit more wary!


« You cannot give someone what he does not want to take »…told me the Roshi all the holy day organized by the Buddha.

So, since these words are flowing in my head, I know that it is not by chance either, I pass the door of the monastery with this question: What does the old man not want to let go or take ?


I hail a taxi.

Going to examine the other people having a roll around relieves the bladder…


I eat Nepalese and I like it. Restaurant on the terrace of a building overlooking an alley of old Katmandu. I don’t tell you the noise !… Nor even the pollution !

But if you don’t like, you will have to organize your holidays at Club Med.


At three O’clock I show up at the Rimpoche’s room. I meet low foreheads that would like to enter the floor. The Rimpo has done some cleaning !

He is all smile and already lying on his bed for the operation.

    - I am now ready, he says with a smile… Ah, by the way, you change rooms and go up one floor.

I take the chair next to him and I start injecting the juice. He now knows the process of entering this new dimension of knowledge; he does not waste time in chattering and he closes the eyes.

    - I am going up…


I also close my eyes. There is a not-so-nice force that has been hovering around me since this morning and I would like to be able to put a name on it.

In fact, it’s been hovering around the Rimpo and I really think that it is it that pushed him to react so stupidly this morning. This could mean that we are approaching a big piece for him and that this force is trying to protect itself. And the best way of protection, it is not to be hunted out… And not to be hunted out, the best way is not to be able to get to it… And to be able to get to it, you need a kerosene a little special in the chest… And the best way is to empty this kerosene by putting the emotional into action…

So, I am « on the alert ».


   - I am in contact again with the Power of Guru Rimpoche… Even stronger than yesterday… But I also have the impression that there is a combat with another Force that would like to limit its own… I don’t understand.

    - Do not try to understand… Enter fully the Force of your Guru and let it do. It is it who will put your decoders into action so that you can follow it and understand it.


The time is still slipping its minutes.


    - Not very easy… There is another Force that tries to come between Him and me.

    - When you ask for help from your Guru, it comes ?


The minutes continue. He is concerned and preoccupied. His lungs make noise and he has pain in them.

    - I ask but it does not work well… I receive an impulse to go towards him but at one moment there is an obstruction… I cannot join Him!


There, I am annoyed.

He is blocking; or at least there is this shitty Force that I feel hovering around him that is blocking !… And his Guru does not have enough Power to attract him to him and make him enter him despite this adversary.


So I have the choice between two possibilities.

Either I let the Magic of the Universe do as it is at this moment of the energetic Body of the Man… and I get going.

Either I use my personal Powers to help him get over the obstruction and I put my foot in the ass of this Force that makes obstruction. For me, not a problem. This Force is a second-hand shit. The real boss is still hiding in his hole. Putting it « out » is a cinch.

What would you do, you ? Come on, don’t rush to the door !

Because if I let it happen, it is the shit that is taking over more and more possession of the energetic body of the humanity that will win again… And impose its « view » and the « obvious » logics that go with it.

And if I intervene, I will still have against me all the Self-Righteous of this Universe who will accuse me of manipulating the consciences and intervening in the « natural » Order… Because of course these « Self-Righteous » have never understood that they have intelligences manufactured by this shitty Force and they think themselves to be very intelligent by raising themselves as the Guardians of a Natural Order that this Force has previously put in place. Then it is the obviousness of the conclusion in its space of obviousness.

But these Self-Righteous have the power !… Then their shitty intelligence becomes an intelligence of obviousness in the space of obviousness created.


I do not give a fuck about the external Self-Righteous. They are stupid and will remain stupid for a long time. If they want to block the harmonious movement of the Universe, that’s their problem. They are hurting themselves… and the « others » could also make them known their disapproval of maintaining an Order that is obviously false.

But there are the internal Self-Righteous and those are much more dangerous and powerful. They are the ones who produce all the sensations, emotions and visions to manipulate you in a decided direction. And you don’t see them coming because they are part of your human heritage of « lucidity and intelligence ».


So if I push the old man under my hands he will receive a big shock… Maybe the biggest of his whole life: he will realize that the Guru Rimpoche in whom he has entirely relied on, has not or has no longer enough Power to counteract a shitty Force, even if it is only of second hand !

There are some who have committed suicide for less than that !... When all their hopes and dreams collapse.

And the old man under my hands is not in good condition.

And all his beliefs and certainties can clears off just in one go and he will remain like a weeping little boy on the edge of the pavement.


So here we are !… I find myself once again facing this essential question: how far can Love help and transform ?

Because if I inject my own Power, if I use a part of my personal Powers, and by making my personal protections intervene, there is going to be a stir in the Universe and the question will be: how far will the Rimpo be able to assume this stir ?

Because if he then soft-pedals by playing the starry-eyed girl who does not want to see the pubic hair coming on her, there will be a hell of a blacklash for him !

We don’t play in the courtyard of Greats, if we don’t know how to deal with the Rules that are there… No more question of playing « small ».

And me, if I employ my Powers directly, and that it goes badly, I will also have a not sympathetic return directly, considering that the only law which exists in this Universe is the one of the cause and the effects.


So, in the end, I prefer to play the fool… An attitude that I know perfect and that I have improved over the years.

So I prepare myself to throw him one of my ready-made sentences and that don’t require an effort of memory to me: « You are not ready yet… I’ll come back later ».

You know, like the guy who told his shepherdess that he was going out to buy a pack of cigarettes on Sunday morning and still had not come back ten years later, to the point that the lady didn’t have money to pay the rent anymore, and as she didn’t want to leave the crib in the hope that he would come back one day and know how to find her, she started to be on the game in front of her building door, which has not done the satisfaction of the caretaker, nor the good ladies of the shack... and there was an epic free-for-all that was won by the lady who was waiting for her guy because she had called for help a few girlfriends like her who knew how to handle perfect the razor that they wore in the suspenders of their red and black miniskirt. So the ladies in white got a memorable thrashing, and the caretaker did not say a word anymore, since a razor blade had removed her lips and a piece of her tongue.

But the most awful thing in this awful story, it is the mutt that was hanging around that threw himself on the pieces of meat dropped by the caretaker and that swallowed them directly. That ! That’s not nice. Not polite to use other people’s equipment without their permission !

And it was at this crucial moment when I opened my mouth to let these divine and relieving words pass from my lips that a long-distance carrier pigeon came to land on my shoulder.

You’ve already understood from « who » it comes. You don’t have to tell me.

As it has a green ring on the right leg and that means « urgent » in the jargon of the wrinkled not beautiful old man who has the claim to be as a Father for me, I swallow my words and take the message while the pigeon rushes on the dry cakes that the monks had prepared for us.


My son,


I feel you uncertain. Then take and lean on my certainty. I know the Life better than you !… and the need of Men.


Trust me and help me in my effort to bring the man and the humanity to a better world or at least to push them in a way that would not be too detrimental to his future.

See then that this old « Holy » man is a future reincarnation for this World full of power and knowledge that is the Tibetan World.


Think of what great things he can do in this future life that you are helping him to prepare.

Think of what he can still produce as essential modifications in his own Family before passing, one of the greatest Families of the Nyingma lineage, the direct successors of the founder of their Religion.

And think also of the help that the Religions so full of compassion can produce on this human world adrift and in the search of a sure land.

Think also of me, your Father, the one who gave you a new life when the one from your first Father was only suffering and bad smells.

Think that you, you are going to be the future Master of the Noble Family of Assassins that we are and that makes the most pretentious Emperors tremble.

Think finally that I asked you for « help »; you are not in « mission »!

Then think of me, of my hope in you, of my suffering if you don’t succeed, because this man saved my life, and if I don’t try everything to help his, I will produce a very bad karma for my own future… And as a tool to help him, I have only « you » who are the only one on this Earth of the Men to know how to enter the Death and to submit it.

So, beside that, what are your « human » considerations ?… Because your last monologue is typically that of the human who is afraid to receive blows !… and who calculates !…

Don’t be a grocer, my son !

Be a True Man who gives to the World of the man the best of himself and does not calculate the costs and benefits !

Be Dignified, my son !


Also I would thank you to use the Powers that are yours and to use them for my friend, for me and finally for this humanity that needs so much help.

Think of who he is, him, now and in his future.

Think of what I am, me, now and in my future.

Think of what you are, you… An expert who knows the essential points of the articulations of the Universe and who took a body to help us, us who are of the Earth, to make this World Better and to give us the weapons in this constant combat against this Force to do oneself harm that bewitches the man in his nets of the false intelligence.


So if I have not done enough for you, that you think of me, that you want to help me, « me », then look at what this man in front of you is, in this prestigious World of Tibetans who were the last Great Masters of this Earth… So help him to be a Great Master in his future life… Help him to find again all his Knowledge and the Powers that the Tibetans may have lost because of the interruption of the Chinese on their territory which was their « source » place !


See, feel and guess what a Great man he could be in his new reincarnation !

Help him, please, to the limit of all the possibilities.

Go beyond and beyond all your powers, without fear, my son.


Trust me, go and act.


Your True Father.


And Uncle who instantly sticks his oar in, to believe that they are in phase, these two old fossils.


Also the soft voice of the Rimpo slides in the space of silence that has taken possession of the room.

    - I feel that you can help me to go beyond this force that is blocking me… I have asked Guru Rimpoche… He told me that your name in the Universe is « The One without fear, beyond all the Powers »… so, help me, please… he slowly shells the old Rimpo… just to remind me of him.


The old man abruptly closes the golden Book. He gets up and walks agitated in his room.

Hiro who watches him from the corner of the room, had not seen him like this since the Russian tanks no longer came to their territory… Nor that the Chinese soldiers no longer entered the houses to steal, plunder and rape.

The old man wrings his hands. This agitation worries Hiro and he has no time to ask himself questions.

The Master abruptly opens the door and in front of the icy mountains he shouts : "Why didn’t you kill me ?… It is your duty to watch over this place !… Why did you let me do ?".


The mountains laughed and mocked him. Their irony was like a thin blade of a dagger in his back.

He finally understood who is now the Master of the Earth of the Men !


The coldness enters and lifts the old man’s robes. Hiro takes him in his arms and he lays him on his bed. The old man shivers. He nods « no » when his friend pulls the covers up on his chin. Hiro does not understand. The old man shows him the golden Book on the floor.

    - Give, he says… I must continue… For my friend… For everything and everyone… For this Universe !


He did not know why anymore. That became words without sense in the front of the urgency. He had to continue.

His fingers looked for the page he had left. His eyes returned to the words of his note he had sent to his son to push him « For the sake of humanity! ».

It was the same note, almost the same, that he had sent to his son when this one wanted to cease his action with Anne !

And now everything is lost !


So he continues with his wet eyes, maybe only « for him »… To find him too the way out of this Universe.

He knows now that he has played with his son’s life, like an ordinary man, and like an ordinary man he has lost.

He, his son, did not lose. The hope left him with every breath and he pushed beyond all his powers and he left happy because he did what he had to do.


And them, and him, he is now there, not knowing what to do with the Universe because he has pushed to death the one who could show them the subtle and essential articulations to intervene in the Cosmic Clock.

His words could hardly pass his lips; they remained stuck in his throat.


If the not beautiful and all wrinkled old man who has the claim to be as a Father for me is mounted on his spirited horse to impress me, the old man who is not at all wrinkled in front of me because he has too much fat under the skin, he asks it to me as a prayer and with a humility that would well be able to touch my heart, if I have one, because with all the bloody connections they made me before propelling me « destination Earth », I don’t know very well anymore if I have that thing that makes humans cry and fall into each other’s arms.


But the Uncle he quickly catches me up because he is already leaving on a trip, destination Tibet.

    - I see and I feel in my body the Force of Guru Rimpoche which remained hung on the mountains and valleys of Tibet… It is this Earth which absorbed his Power !


Me, I do not push him. I let come. I speed up, as the Roshi of this Family of Fools that is Shin asks me so nicely… Then I let it happen. I don’t want to get involved in these stories of idiots !

    - This Earth has absorbed Guru Rimpoche’s energies… Now it is this Earth that radiates this Force on the Men and helps them.


He is not very happy with what he sees and he takes his time to deconstruct the new knowledge that comes to him before getting them out in words.

    - There is no longer Guru Rimpoche on this Earth… He has left because he has lost his combat !… The monks who taught the false compassion were preferred to him… in fact, all the copies we saw yesterday in the big marsh… So he left !


The minutes continue.


    - He has lost and he has left… He has said: « I’m leaving with my only friend the Right View without effort »… And he has left and he has left nothing !… He has left nothing !!!!


He has trouble putting up with the information, the uncle.

    - His Power is no longer on the Earth of the Men… There remains only the radiation of his Power on the Mountains and Valleys of Tibet which absorbed it during his action… There remains only the radiation !...


He cries.

     - And the radiation runs out because there is no longer source. Then there is no more the Power, but only the memory.

     - The memory ? I say, interested.

    - Yes… There is only the trace of this Power in the natural elements of this Earth and the men are one of these elements… Then there is the trace of this Power in the memory of the men, he says slowly.

     - You can make it clear ?

    - All the knowledge that Guru Rimpoche has developed on this Earth, are in memory in the elements of the earth, water, wind and men… But they are knowledge !… There is no more Power… Just its smell !

    - Precise ?

   - Like the trace of a rabbit sniffed by the dog… The rabbit is no longer there, but the dog can make an idea of it and believe that it is holding the rabbit in its mouth… It is exactly that, he says slowly… We have held a memory in our mouth and we have believed that this was the Reality…


Tears were flowing in abundance.

    - That’s why we lost our Powers… Because we didn’t have any more… and from the origin !… When Guru Rimpoche has gone, chased by the new monks who had won the dialectical match in front of the king…


He was now crying softly :

    - And that was obliged to lose this match…

    - Why ?

   - The Power is in the action… It is the action that shows it and highlights it…

    - So what ?

    - In a dialectical match, this Power of action is always losing, because this Power does not have the words as support…

    - And then ?

   - Afterwards, this Force of Direct View is no longer there when the Carrier is no longer there !

    - So what ?

    - The copy can develop and drag the Man in its lying space… The real carriers of truth have to go away so that the false masters can take the power !… That’s what I see !… And we were lost at the origin… As soon as the departure of Guru Rimpoche… That’s what I see!


He has trouble breathing. His asthma reminds him of his lungs and the suffering is there again.

    - Then, it is like a smell. It is strong at first, then it slowly diminishes… It is the same thing with the Power of Guru Rimpoche that has permeated the elements, including the man… They thought they were very strong, first, then they became weaker and weaker… They have looked for new ways to maintain what seemed to be the Force… Like for example…

     - Like for example ?

   - The research for new reincarnations of the Great Masters in order to accelerate the development of their former Powers… Before there was no need… There was the spontaneous recognition of the one who could take over the lineage through his competences… Then everything getting lost, it is necessary to always look for the old to make the new !


He took again his breaths.

     - They were quite simply playing with the wind that passes and has a smell.

     - And ?

   - That’s why Guru Rimpoche could not help me to pass beyond this Force that was making a barrier… He is no longer there… There is only his smell and it produces such a sensation in my body through my memory that I believe he is there… It is me who builds his presence !… But of presence there is not !…

    - You want to say that you are the one who manufactures your visions and your sensations ?

    - Yes… It is exactly that !… And I am alone…


It is a « Great One »!


Then he adds, with a slowness that is that of the pronouncement of the judgements to Death.

    - Then that means that the only reality, these are the « copies » and that the rest is only virtual… It is the copy that has the Power…The Power of the copy… that is to say, « nothing » for me and « everything » for the Earth of men… I would like to leave now… now.

    - Then you will return because you would leave on a despair, I say.

    - What do you mean ?

    - The despair is also part of the creations of the copies. If you use one of its means, you will remain attached to its creator and you will return again and again and again… I say.

    - But I want to come back to help the Men ! He says while standing up…


I let time to take its place and I say :

   - Then I will have to show you how to regain your consciousness while returning on this Earth of the Men… But you decide here on a challenge that may overwhelmed you and engulf you forever, I say.

    - I do not understand what you are saying.

    - So, while you are still in connection with your Guru Rimpoche, use him… He cannot give you the Power, but he can give you the Knowledge… Just to come back less stupid !


I continue to charge him. He has still a great voyage to make in the Knowledge.

I do not know if I am doing well. I don’t know…


What is the best for the Man ?… Don’t the doctors and shrinks say that one should not warn the sentenced person of the certainty of his end ?