Sixth Movement.



The separation.

The old man lifted his head from the pillow and Hiro helped him. He was becoming weaker from day to day.

He had warned that his succession was now open. Also all the Family group leaders from around the World were coming to the monastery.

But he had also said that this opening is complete… and that each one who would feel strong and powerful enough to carry in his body this Family, could come and participate in the exchanges that will lead to the final choice.

It is a great revolution in the Family: an open succession !

The energies circulated powerfully and the monastery became a hive.

The old man was tired.

His look left the Men.

His eyes went to the Golden Book and that was his only happiness.
He opened the work again and his eyes followed the letters that his mouth pronounced.

The Voyage in the Death.



These are not the trumpets that woke me up at two o’clock in the morning, but the monks who come to tell me that the Rimpoche is not well and that he asks for me.

From their eyes, it is certain that it is urgent.


The Rimpo is lying on the back in his bed and he has an asthma attack. A bit normal after what he has swallowed today, but the breathing is very bad and he would be close to swallowing his birth certificate that would not surprise me.

This does not suit me, nor him, because we are not ready, either of us, to go on a voyage in the Death.

So I place my hand on his chest and I start to release the breath. I evacuate the perverse energies by the arms and everything is back to order in five minutes, which makes the wonder of the monks who are not far from taking me for the reincarnation of a very great Saint healer from their country.

Me a reincarnation ! Come on, it’s all I need… I would be frankly offended !…

And that they suppose it gives me ants in the legs which could be released on the testicles that they carry between the two thighs like perfect primates.


The Rimpo opens again the eyes full of tears, which is normal after the prolonged retention of breath… But at the bottom of the eyes, there is joy.


- You play with the energy like a magician, he tells me…

Thank you.

I shrug my shoulders. We are not here for me, but for him. And the diagnosis of my performance has no interest.

- I was with Guru Rimpoche, he says softly when the air starts to circulate correctly again.

- Ah, yes, I say… as a super interested guy and who would like to go back to the sack.

- I entered Him and received great Teachings, he says.


Him, he wants to talk. So he tells his monks to go and make tea for them in the kitchen, and in passing to bring us some too… And me, I pull a chair to his side because I have the impression that he wants to tell me a novel.

- I was thus in His Body… And he told me the essential: the Force is the View… The View gives the Powers to direct energy… The mastery of energy makes it possible to create and act… These actions have a consequence which is a fruit.

- Ok !… I say… It is all ?


He looks at me astonished.

- Because for you, all that and this magnificent understanding of the Chain of Life, it is nothing ?

- I am buddy with God, I say… and He put me in the know since a long time ago.


He continues with his childlike look.

- You are amazing !… I do no longer know very well if these are my contacts with Guru Rimpoche that are the most important… Or your presence here…

He is serious…

So as I am very nice and super tired, I do a part of the work for him.

- You must always go to the Origin, I say.

- It is exactly what He told me !… Go back to the Origin, he exclaimed… Which made him cough because his breathing was still far from being perfect, in spite of my hand which regulated his lungs.

- And ?… I say always as a super concerned guy.

Him, he is enthusiastic.

- So he showed me where the error was and where the error continueds he says, inflamed.

- That is to say ?

- He told me that the View is the origin of All in this Creation… By this View, we act… There is a fruit…

- And ?… I say to cut short because he repeats himself and I know perfect.

- And ?… The problem of the man is that he is captivated only by the « fruit » and the origin becomes secondary for him…

- And he builds a personal world from the fruit and does no longer want to hear of the Origin because it will mess up in his creation… I say, in a hurry, just to save time…

He looks at me dazed.


- If you do not have any other foods to propose to me, I beat it and I hit the sack directly, I say, always quick and going straight to the target.

- But that means that we have lost the Source from the very beginning of our constructions, he is astonished by my jaunty manner.

- And it is to tell me that, that you got me out of my bed and out of a terrible dream with a beautiful polar redhead… I say, not happy.

Again his childlike look on me.

- Because you, you know all this ?

- It is the beginning of the apprenticeship of a serious man who does not want to be a second-hand guy, I say.

- Of second-hand ?

- Yes… A guy who spends his time being a tape recorder who has recorded another tape recorder and who repeats it to the others as transcendantal truth… So I go to bed again…

- But, wait again !


He is trying to sit up on the bed, so much it is important for him.

- But he has shown me that it is always possible to find this « View » again because it is one of the Forces constituting this Universe !

- Well, then !… That’s all he has found to ruin my night, I say lifting my ass from my chair.

- But… It is still possible !… Possible !!!  he howled as his monks turned up with the boiling tea.

- I know, I say… This is what I try to explain and show at all the detours of the way.

- And ?

- Then Grandpa I am going to tell you a story that happened to me on a train between Lyon and Montpellier in France, a night train.


So we were two in the compartment, each one lying on one of the benches.


Then the guy in front of me aks me suddenly : « What are you selling ? ».

Me, I did not have the feeling to have written on the face « sales representative ». So I was a little surprised; but I answered him in his movement: « God ».

He eyes me up a moment then he asks the question: « Is it selling well ? ».

« Not too much », I say.

Then he closes the eyes and we sleep the rest of the way. 

Here is my story !… So your story !… Don’t waste your time in excitement… Of course that it is possible… But you still have to look in the right direction : the Source and not the Fruit…

- But it is possible !

- Of course !… But you are in stupid dreams, I say.


As he does not understand and that I want to relieve his lungs, I continue on my impetus.

- The problem, it’s not whether it’s possible or not… It is to know if the foodstuff is saleable on the market… So don’t dream and do not put your heart in turmoil !… You saw yesterday « the marsh »… Is there any room for this « View» in all that junk ?

- Any room ?

- And yes, Grandpa !… It is the main question: the space… So where is the space made in the marsh to receive this Force of the View ?

 He closes the eyes and tears flows down his cheeks. I insist because this enthusiasm is sterile :

- And today you saw that it is this marsh that is « the Reality »… The rest is virtual… Like your knowledge that you get out of the memory of your Guru Rimpoche… Not from the real !

- So how to do ?

I let one moment to the intelligence within me to take again its breath.

- Firstly, tomorrow, we are going to see a little bit closer this reality that is the marsh so that you can have a real knowledge of what it is… Because if you continue your stupid dream of « but it is possible ! » you will come back in a curious reincarnation that will manipulate you in the evidences organized by this marsh.

He listens to me, he takes his time. He does not lose the thread of his perceptions and he tells me :

- But Guru Rimpoche told me that this « View » is one of the Forces constituting this Universe… That is colossal information !

- Why ?

- Because in our Tradition, the View is a « state of being »… A consequence… Not an origin.

- Ah!… You are still there !

- That surprises you?

- Yes… I thought you were a little more evolved in your knowledge of the functioning and creation of this Universe, I say…

- For you, we are still just kids, aren’t we ?

- Kids who make a lot of noise, I say. 

His eyes get misty. He quickly understands the old man.

- So I go to bed, I repeat while taking a mug of tea on the way. 

The night was not calm. Sadness slipped inside me, sneaky. I was disappointed by the Rimpo. His last enthusiasms revealed that this Tibetan World is not as evolved as I supposed it.

They do not have a good basic knowledge of the functioning of this Universe and even less of its creation.

That means that they were satisfied with organizing a nice well comfortable box with the « fruits » and that they have known to put a sauce in it that suits them all very well.

That means -even more perverse- that they have been able to rely on the strongest references created by the Force to do oneself harm, and that in this marsh, they have organized a nice little place that gives them emotional satisfactions that they have highlighted.


Tha tmeans that I am not at the end of my sorrows with the Roshi’s buddy ! And I have discouragement in the heart.

And that the little lesson I received yesterday morning, you remember ?… the story with his daughter’s buttocks !… it is not by chance, which besides I knew already, but I am always amazed at the speed of the answers with me. Between the questioning and the final, the time is short and I like it.

Also as the time is not the friend of the man, and that I perceive the enormous river that I must span to bring the Rimpo on less polluted lands that do not give off a gas that suffocates the understanding and the comprehension, I seriously wonder if I am not going to take the plane direct to Singapore, this magnificent hub of Asia from which one can project oneself everywhere… and give this Tibetan World that disappoints me the finger.

So to tell you in what state of mind I arrive in the morning at the Rimpo’s room, hands in the pockets of my suede jacket.

Him, he is radiant, although tired. He worked all the night with his Guru and they got along well together. So he has a lot of news to throw on my knees and he rushes as soon as I put my buttocks on the divan in front of him and sit cross-legged.
Fortunately that there are two monks who put other things on my legs.

So tea in one hand and cupcakes in a big plate next to me, because they have understood since our little meeting on the street of the Stûpa that I have a weakness for sweets, which by the way the Roshi always corrects me by warning me that I am going to get fat… and that the fat slows down the movement of fundamental energy in the body…

So I can listen to the old man with fuel with me, and take the look of the very interested guy who hears for the twentieth time the story of the shepherdess who asked the shepherd… Well, you know it also perfect !

So I put my eyes in his eyes because you have now understood that it is with the eyes that we listen…

What besides the Rimpo has perfectly integrated since his meeting of yesterday with his Guru because he immediately throws me « the Force of the View ».

As if I did not know by heart !… But I am the idiot, which is an attitude that is very natural for me as you know it now.


    - He showed me in the details that it is the « View » that is the impulse for the movement. Then the movement develops on its own and produces a fruit that is consumable, he says with a trembling asthmatic voice.

I let him unfold his rhythm. This morning I am tired of men; don’t want to participate hard… Just the minimum of survival !


- This fruit is a food and therefore the man can use it… But what he has shown me, it is that the « movement » is the real action. It is « it » which can change the World. The fruit is only a consequence of this movement… you understand ?

I am the idiot with the eyes trying to find space still free on the ceiling between fly specks.


- He has shown me that clinging to the « fruit » is ridiculous because the « movement » is the tree and it is the tree that must be preserved !

I have found a few spaces still free !


- Even if eating the fruit is normal because it is an energetic food that reinforces. But to pay attention only to it, it is to be one day in shortage because the tree dries up by lack of attention.

But the flies also spot them and there are two which are fighting for the place !


- Then you have to pay attention to the tree, while consuming the fruit, which is normal !

I stuff down a new dry cake between my teeth.


   - But the tree is only the movement produced under the impulse of the View… Then it is necessary to have the View, otherwise the whole process is destroyed !

So I come out of the meditation. Must say that the last cake was not a success and that I don’t want to wolf down one more. Then I’ll have to find another activity for my mouth that needs some exercise and the making of sounds is an action like any other.

So I make sounds that become words.

  - And how we have this « View » ?… he told it to you, your Guru ? I say.

The old man has a hitch in his glottis and his chitchat machine breaks.

  - No… He did not tell me… But everything is so « obvious » when I am with him !

  - That you did not ask him the question, did you ?

  - Yes… It was obvious that we have naturally this View in us… and that it is at our disposal if we want to take it and use it, he says slowly.

  - So, put it on the table !… I say, not very happy to waste my time with this knowledge visions without matter of action.


There, he is stuck the Rimpo.

So I push him a little more.

  - And « now », I say while articulating all the syllables… NOW, you have it this « View » with you ?


He’s starting to turn pale with the understanding at kerosene.
So, I ram the point home.

  - And you talk… You talk… You talk… But it is starting from this « View » ?… or from your memory ?

There, he is knocked out !

  - So stop telling your visions and talking about this knowledge that comes from them, I say pretty brutal.

  - You want to say that they are false knowledge ?

  - No… They are not false…

  - So ?

  - So ?… It is not with that you are going to touch the matter of your life… You are in the Knowledge that does not give you a practical access to the Force of Life that you call the « View »… I say not happy to continue to waste my time.

I have the feeling that in this Tibetan World, they have spent a lot of time in the search of this knowledge coming only from the memory of the men and the Universe. This memory is in every cell of the body. Moreover modern science, not so badly informed as that ! has discovered that in each of the cells of the body there is the totality of the memory of the Universe.

So these Tibetans challenged themselves to go and see, each one more than the other, in this memory and did endurance contests. To the one who went the farthest and the faskest !

But the problem is that between the memory, which is a storing of the past, and the Force of Life, which is in the « present », there is more than a precipice : it is an abyss.

And that’s why all this knowledge does not bring the liberation to the one who finds it. It is just a piece of information !


  - So, your Guru, he has told you how to touch this View ?

 He’s searching in his memory.

   - Don’t waste your time !… You have communicated only through the memory. It is true information… But it is an information… So you know that it exists « everywhere »… and that is already not so bad…

But even if it means finding « it », that, it’s a different kettle of fish which requires another thing than your understanding in activity… It is necessary to look for it and find it this «View» which is « everywhere ! ».


He looks at me with eyes that have no bottom.

  - So he has not told you where this «View» comes from, your Guru… Nor also where the « Movement » comes from ? I say.

I keep diving in.

  - So you have no knowledge of the link between Intelligence and Matter ! I continue.

His eyes are getting bigger.

  - So at your next meeting with your Guru tell him to give you exploitable information and not to throw you unusable data because the support is missing, I say, not happy.


My discontent comes to light breathing after breathing and the Rimpo is telling himself that I raise some pretty fast running hares and that his gun may not be long enough. 

  - And yes !… I say… It is the lot of all the stupid Masters !… They give information but they do not provide the functioning space… So you are like a kid trying to make work the toy that one has given to him but that one has not provide the battery… You understand ?


 Not too much, he nods because he has the throat a bit blocked.

  - So I will give you an example easily accessible to the first kid nowadays.

When you buy a video game, or another stuff in this kind that can be a word processor because you are going to tell me that you don’t like games, the salesman asks you some questions.

The first one, what is « the environment » that you are using on your computer… Windows, Mac or others…

The second, what is the power of your Ram and your computer…

You see, them !… They know what it is « the reception space » and then its « power ».


But « you » the Great spirituals, the Great Masters, you have forgotten these principles of functioning !… Then everything can be manipulated !… Without the suitable space, the tool does not work, I say frankly angry.


He remains a moment following my words in his brain and he asks :

  - Can you be more precise that for me?

  - It is simple !… One gets information out of your memory, but one doesn’t give you the land to cultivate them. Then you go around in circles and you make a huge energy to find a solution… and this energy is the food of the asshole who has put you in all this trouble !… And that is the first law in fundamental energy!

He lets the words come from his shriveled throat :

  - You mean that this kind of knowledge can be an energetic manipulation when you don’t have « the environment » to exploit it ?

  - Exact !… maybe you’re starting to understand, I say…

I too take a few breathings and I look for words that can be simple.

  - Then I continue with the example of computing.

It has a memory with a knowledge. But you have to know the access path to this knowledge to bring it back to the computer screen which is « the exploitation »… Without this access path, you « know » there is something somewhere, but you cannot « use it ».

He’s starting to understand.

So I continue.

  - And to find the access path, you must first know where the information is stored… Without this knowledge, you cannot find the path… And you stay stupid all your life and you waste an infinite amount of time « searching »… But the life is flowing and there is still nothing in exploitation on the computer screen… You understand ?

It’s his turn now to take over and I’ll give him time.


- You mean I have to know where « the View » comes  from and where « the Movement » comes from so that I can exploit them together and produce a « Fruit »… right ?


He amazes me the Rimpo. He is in a limiting culture, and he manages to go over it with his intuitive intelligence.

   - That’s right, Grandpa !

He lets the time flow again and he goes on even more slowly in his words.

   - You mean that runnig after all this knowledge is useless… if one doesn’t have the access paths, right ?… And that it is even dangerous because one produces a great amount of energy for « the Force » that has put you in this impasse that you are frantically trying to get out of ?

   - Right ! I say.

He’s thinking.

   - But this knowledge is however indispensable? he asks.

   - Yes… you have to know… But if this knowledge cuts you off from the natural impulse to look for « the way », on the grounds that « Everything is there », you are in a never-ending pain…

   - I understand, he says… I feel the veracity of your explanations.
   - These are not explanations !… I say angry. These are « true » words of the one who sharply testifies to his discontent to meet assholes who put themselves in the hands of manipulative Forces, without verification of their validity !


He closes the eyelids and his soft eyes disappear; it is without opening them that he asks :

   - You mean that it is not certain that my visions of Guru Rimpoche are the testimony of a True Presence… or a fabrication of this limiting Force of the man that you call « the Force to do oneself harm » ?

   - No… You are defending your Guru… You already accept that the one you « perceive » is not the real one… So you accept a priori that the « Real One » exists and that it is up to you to find Him…

   - And ?… He says by opening the eyes full of water.

   - You don’t want to be alone ! I say.


He shook the head.

   - Now I understand what « To be alone » means, he says slowly as the water runs down his cheeks.

But he is a Tibetan… So a practical guy.

   - So… What do we do ?

I am not too courageous. To open such basic doors is a pain and I am exhausted before starting.

The image of the Roshi is before my eyes with his encouraging smile.

So I say :

   - We’ll take a close look at that… This afternoon after the nap.

He’s watching me get up and he says sadly :

   - We are ignorant, aren’t we ?

I look at him.

   - No, worse !… People who didn’t wanted « to look » !… And you have built yourselves a pretty valley of dreams in which you try to attract people…

   - Why ? He asks, with strange eyes.

   - Because you need the food of those who get excited with your knowledge without support.

   - So we are this « Force » that nourished on them… is it what you mean ?

   - Yes… Each one who does not free the « space » is this « Force », I say tired.

He has difficulty to digest the information, the old man.

   - So why are you helping me ?

   - Because you are going to die… and the veils are going to leave…
   - So I will understand that, directly, right ?

   - Yes, directly… Not through the « knowledge » of the memory.

   - So why « to open » my memories as you do ?

   - To save time and prepare you… So that you are not too surprised before what will spring up in front of you.

He still needs a little time.

   - Like a fighter… The training and the rehearsal before the fight ? Right ?

   And afterwards ?… After that the veils are torn ?

I remain one moment in front of him, my hands in the pockets of my jacket.

   - After ?… I don’t know… I’ll have to accompany you…

   - And you don’t how to do, do you ? he asks concerned.

   - Yes… I don’t know…

   - Everything will depend on me, right… how I will react ?

   - How you will act… You know, « the life », that goes very fast… But « the death » even faster.

   - So you’re preparing me, aren’t you ?

   - Yes.


He closed the eyes in silence and he says softly :

   - And you despair of me, don’t you ?

He is sad. Not for him, but for me. He does not want to make me waste my time.

   - No, I don’t despair of « you »… You surprise me, you are a « Great »… But in what a limiting culture you are !… So what will be your reflexes at the time of the combat ?

   - That’s why you are so worried ? he asks.

   - Yes.

   - For me ?

   - For both of us, I say.


He let the time pass and he asked :

   - What are you going to do, now ?

   - Now ?

   - Yes.

   - I will go back to the temple of Katmandou with all the sculptures showing all the ways to penetrate the Woman… Hey, I was astonished !… They even use animals !… It is for that you were afraid for your daughter ?

He bursts out laughing.

   - You are the one who makes all the spaces explode !… But tell me, why are you so interested by these sculptures ?

   - But it is obvious ! I say.

   - Not for me.

   - But… The coupling is the Art of the Penetration of Heaven in the Earth… The Divine Art par excellence !

He lets my words trace their way into his heart. He has begun to understand that I am a great lazy person and that I open the mouth only by indispensability.

    -You mean that knowing how to be penetrated, is knowing how to be nourished ? He asks.

   - Well, Grandpa !… Would you become intelligent ?

He does not retain my interruption and he continues :

   - Ons receives the Force of the one who penetrates, right ?

   - Yes.

   - So if I let myself be penetrated by visions and knowledge without support, I become also that : without support… Right ?

   - Yes… You float and you try to make yourself wings.

   - And making wings takes time, doesn't it ?… And during this effort, you produce a great amount of energy that comes back and is the food of the one who has put you in this cloud, right ?

   - Yes.

So he releases an enormous amount of energy and the heat and light invade the room:

   - I now understand the last sentence of Guru Rinpoche : « I leave with my only Friend, the Right View without Effort »… Then it only remains to look for the « access path » to this place where this « View » comes from… and no longer wasting my time organizing the « fruits »… he says with his soft voice that had taken again its rhythm.

I’m smiling with an ironic face.

He stares at me, still feeling a muddle from behind. He begins to know me.

   - Would you also like to tell me that this « View » does not come from the same space as the « Movement »?

I smile even more ironic.

   - And that the « fruit » is the consequence of the coupling between the two ? He continues.

It is a « Great one » ! He understands quickly. His Intuitive Intelligence gets a move.

   - And if now there are no real « Fruits », according to your words, it is because these two Forces are not coupled correctly anymore, right ?…

I show him the teeth whiter than the white.

   - So there is a separation ? he asks in confirmation of his intuitions.

I eat the air in front of him and my teeth snap on the seizure of the wind.

   - So there is a rupture somewhere in the harmonious functioning of the Universe, he continues.

He smiles at my antics which are sublime confirmations of his words.

   - So who has broken the pact of harmony ? he asks concerned.


As I am a great humorist, I throw him over my shoulder when I walk through the door of his room:

   - Ask yourself an essential question, Uncle !

   - Which one, he asks still sitting on his bench.

   - Who is the Man ?… Who is the Woman ?


He remains the voice blocked and I take advantage of it to leave the monastery.