Seventh Movement.


The other participation.



The old man follows the rhythm of his son of before and he goes back to the Book during the midday meal.

Hiro does not quite understand because always the Master has not linked two activities at the same time. But he serves him.

And the Master reads, the work next to his bowl; he pays great attention not to put a stain of his vegetable soup in it.


The Voyage in the Death.


The visit to the center of Katmandou gave me back some joy in the belly. The Nepalese are really kind at heart, even if they are great thieves !… But one has to survive… so let’s say « great traders ».


Besides, there is a humorous story about them.

You know that the Indians are tough in business and you have to bargain more than a lot to get an equitable price for both parties.

But in Nepal one is proud it takes three Indians to control one Nepalese !

But the Tibetans take the cake because it takes three Nepalese to control one Tibetan !


Also it is the free-for-all at all the breathings… But sorry !… With the smile !

And in trems of sensual and sexual tradition, they have a culture of infinite grandeur.

When she is married, fidelity to the wife is of a total rigor.

This rigor is easy because as long as she is a young girl, she can do all the experiences she wants, and this in the most total freedom and the support of everybody.

In surplus, she makes the choice of the spouse.


Also the very name of prostitution did not exist in Nepal… There was enough cultural freedom not to maintain a herd of these women who sell the pleasures produced by their bodies.


But there was also a great freedom in the use of haschich, which one smokes without problem and in complete freedom.

It is this freedom with shit that has attracted the Westerners badly in need of drug and sensations of all kinds.

And it was the beginning of a decadence, because these Westerners, mostly destitute, started using their body to make cash. The French women were the inaugurators of the system and prostitution began. A curious prostitution since it went in the opposite direction of the normal attitude : it was the Nepalese who used the French women !

Then the other countries followed the movement and the greatness of the Art of the Love was partially lost for this country…

And what’s more, growing poppy proved to be more profitable than breaking the back at traditional agriculture, and that it was necessary to supply with shit these Westerners badly in need of rupture with the time, their culture and even their bodies, not to mention their spirit… entire pieces of the traditional culture collapsed.


And so goes the evolution of the World… It is permanent destruction and creation as they say it here… But they are all the same a little worried about the Creation to come that does not seem to them to enter the world of gentleness which they love so much.


Also, I have felt the impulses that have led these People, this Civilization to lead the Woman in this way in the Art of the Love. There is a fullness in this game, which would make the Good Thinkings tremble, which is expressed by the stones that impregnate the minds.

As long as this remains alive because of the interest in it, its radiation will continue and sweetness will perhaps still find its place in their future.


So, it is to tell you straight that it is on form that, after the nap, I arrive at the Rimpo’s room.

He has also recovered some energy and he smiles at me with the tenderness of his soft eyes.

He is already lying on the bed.

I put my hands on his chest and I inject. He knows the procedure and does not waste any more time.


 - Ok… I am with Guru Rimpoche… Real or copy ? I do not know, but I am fine with him and it is full of light.

    - It is a « real » I confirm… It is not a copy.

   - You are surprising… With you one never knows where the support is… After all what you throw me this morning, you’re now telling me it is a « real ».

    - I’m telling you it is a « real »… but I’m not telling you of « what » I say.


He opens the eyes for a moment and throws me a surprising look. As if he already knew and was awaiting a confirmation from me.

    - What do I ask Him ?


I let my words come and I am the first one surprised of what I hear.

    - What has he already allowed you to see and understand ?


He lets the time to come with his own words. My question surprises him.

  - You know the nights are enriching after the meetings with you… I can touch understandings and receive teachings from Guru Rimpoche… that I would have liked to receive before !… just to better know to manage my life, he says with his slow words.

    - Do not beat around the bush, I say… What did he show you so that we don’t waste our time resuming it.


He returned to him and concentrated.

     - He showed me the basic functioning of this Universe…

…First of all, the Source which is an enormous reserve of energy. Everything is contained in it… But everything is in potentiality. No action. No creation in itself.


… Secondly, the Breath of this Source which extrudes from Her a part of Her… which contains her entirely but which has a particularity: the movement is the main seed of this particle… as if everything else were going to be subordinated to this potentiality.

…In third, the confirmation that it is the Movement that is the center of this seed and it is the one that will give all the impulses and it is the beginning of the Creation.


… I have recognized in this new Dimension of Movement all the sensations that we touch when we do very advanced practices in our Tradition.


… I have felt in it the Love as matter and not only as sensation or  emotional or feeling… Whatever the name, it is a Matter, it is a Force of Life !… What a happiness to meet and touch this Matter !… It is the result of all the efforts of our Tradition… To lose oneself in Her… To dilute oneself in Her… To become Her, in all the actions of our life.


He is resuming his Breath.


    - I have then understood how this Matter functions. It creates « Everything », including the humans and then everything happens in triangulation. Everything starts from Her and everything goes back to Her… Selfishness does not exist… Personal claim does not exist… Personal destiny does not exist… There is action for the Whole that gives back to each one according to his needs.


It is like the Mother at the table, who gives to each one according to his needs, because she has an internal knowledge of each one and nobody has to ask for more and nobody is jealous of others, because nobody looks at the others directly. Everything goes in triangulation and each one looks and acts for the « Whole ».


He misses breath and he takes a long pause.

    - Then Guru Rimpoche made me go down the Time and I have arrived at a period where there is a development of an internal seed in the human that would give him the possibility of creating his own game and of escaping from this triangulation.


…It is a greyish space, with an internal conflict, because there are those who want to remain in triangulation and those who want to get out of it by showing that they have the possibilities to create their own world and establish other Rules and that is the normal evolution of the Man who must free Himself from the Mother and the Father in order to fully fulfill his mission and use all the possibilities of action that are in him.

A space and a Time not very beautiful and full of conflicts !


He is resuming his breathing again.


    - Then, He made me go down the Time again and I arrived at the third stage of evolution of this Space which is the present state of the humanity.

It is a stage where the « transcendantal » conflict no longer exists because those who strongly advocated « separation, as a liberating action » have won.

…There is no longer conflict with the Original Rules, because everyone is now concerned with creating a personal world and establishing Rules that are their own and that they discuss together.

….For the humans, in this space, there is no longer triangulation, but a relationship of individual to individual.

…This produces tearss, wars… But on the whole, the human manages to organize that by creating more and more sophisticated systems of behavior.


He is still taking his time.


    - He also has made me see that it is at this stage in which the human continues to be, that the « Religions » were created as organizations to the impulses, the lowest as well as the highest.


…The lowest are sexual… Because in the first state of the Movement, the triangulation, there was an androgynous state of the human… But at the time of the decision of the Separation with the Mother and the Father, it was necessary to set up other means of self-creation and there was then the separation of the sexes as a natural biological modification… Because the body follows in evolution the Force of Decision of the Space.

So we organize an « attitude » for him.

… The highest: in the separated human, there remains in his memory the original state of the space of the Movement and he would like to go back to the triangulation, the state also of androgynous…

So one organizes for him a « course » for him that was named « religion »… What connects !


The time comes back again and minutes are added.


Then he says with words that have difficulties coming out :

    - He has thus shown me that all the Religions are human Creations in this space of separation in order to organize it according to the references of evidences of each country… because the Earths act on the Men and build them!


He is not too bad, his Guru Rimpoche !

He does not show him anything essential that could revolutionize his logic, but this unfolding of the evolution of the space of the Movement is useful and will save me time.

And then, his Guru allowed him to see that the « Movement » is a « space » and that is important. Because all space is submitted to a continual transformation and under this understanding we can come to really grasp what is happening, and what is happening for the human.


Then he resumes, but this time he has trouble getting the words out.

    - He has also shown me that in the original space of the Movement, there was « Nothing » !

    - That is to say ? I say because I know the thorn he has in the gullet.

   - Nothing !… There did not exist the « Deities » of help and protection that we know in our Tradition… and in all the others… Because he has shown me the General Forms of Creation and not only those that touch my Tradition… His Teaching was Cosmic !


He has the face is a little withered, the old man !… the information is not of his taste !… But he has courage and puts into words what he sees and understands without trying to organize a mask…

A Great one !


    - So, I say… because we are going to start touching striking information.

    - So ?… The Forces and Powers of help and support that we adore and support, are only « reactions » of the original Matter of Movement when the personal movement of the human comes into contradiction with Her.

    - With « Her »?

  - Yes… With the Original Matter that has an Order and an Intelligence… It is like children who continue to be connected to the parents and who produce effects in the parents’s bodies that are the consequence of their actions. And when these actions are contrary to the movement of the parents, there is then inside these parents bodies the creation of an antidote to control and cure the poison.

… This is what I have seen…

… This is what I have felt in my body…

… This is the Knowledge that Guru Rimpoche has allowed me to grasp in all the Goodness of his Being that I have always felt as support.


He’s crying.

But he is a brave man and he continues after a few laborious breathings.

    - So I have understood why he told me before yesterday that « these Forces do not have an origin in themselves ! ».

… They are formed as counterpoison developed by the human who separates too much from the normal movement of the Creation… because it is in Her body that he acts and this Matter suffers…

… I also understand the suffering I perceived so much when I was in contact with these Forces of life and support of the Creation.

They are Her defenders !

…They support and help the Creation in her action to continue to exist on the Earth of Men according to her original Rules… and do not follow the new rules of humans when these become too contrary to the normal movement of the Universe.

… It has also updated the other teachings I received with you about the « false compassion » !


But he is a Tibetan, so a practical and organized guy.

    - The understanding that these Powers, that we adore and support, are not Forces in themselves, but reactions of the original matter of the Creation of the Movement, was a shock…

… Because that means, if I take the example of Tara, that Tara exists only because there is the development of the non-compassion in the Human World… And that if one day the compassion returns to this world of the Man, Tara will instantly disappear… So we are in a World of total impermanence !

… But at the same time, these Powers are reactions of the Original Matter of the Movement and that using them in a coherent and logical system, that some people may call a « Religion », makes this system escape to a simple creation of the human…

… We will thus be in an « intermediate » formula: the creation of a coherent system that we call « religion » under the impulse of the Forces of Defense of the Creation !


He needs a little time that I give him. His breathing is whistling and his ribs are aching like a bellows manhandled.


    - So that reassured me because for the moment, at the stage of my understandings, I can say that Our Tradition is not an artificial creation of the Man in order to regulate and exploit him.


He breathes better. His thorn in the gullet is being diluted.


    - And I was happy about this discovery !… My heart jumped for joy and if I were young, if I could return again in my state of youth, I would throw myself even more deeply and with an unlimited enthusiasm in helping these Powers who are the only ones who can control the perverse impulses that always seek a little more to take the power… I would be passionate… PASSIONATE !!!!


His words swelled in the air and the door opened with the face of two interrogating monks.

Then he added words which made me shudder :

    - I would like to die now in this happiness.

Come on !… His Guru is very strong ! 

It won’t be easy to make him pass beyond ! 

The old man is well hooked up.


So I ask the question.

    - What do you feel in you since I have my hands on you ?

    - An enormous warmth and an immense pleasure to live, he says.

    - And then?

    - Guru Rimpoche is with me and smiles.

    - And again ?

    - Everything is well.


So I leave him and get up. I will have to hustle some of his « Deities » this night who are still holding him tight on the solid ground !

    - Tomorrow, we will see more clearly… Your day was intense.

    - After the breakfast ? he asks, always practical.

I agree.


I am worried in the corridors. I need to walk and I direct my steps towards the Stupa.


« One » provides him with sufficiently interesting and substantial information in order to hide the state of reality of the human « now »…

« One » takes him to the past !…

« One » gives him little sweets !

« One » reactivates an enthusiasm !

But he has not any consciousness of what is « One » !

Then it will be necessary to wait.


I turn around the Stupa and go to have a drink on the upper terrace of « Direct View ».

I do not answer the Westerners who saw me with the Holiness and who are looking for information on this so curious and exceptional meeting between a young White and such an authority at the highest level of the Nyingmapa.

I have also let the outstretched hands of the Tibetans who wanted me to bless them.

I have turned the prayer wheels like the others.

I watched them in their prostrations.

My brain was empty. I breathed only the life around.


It is when I walk back to the monastery, that I understand how to practice to break this wall of silence and of contentment: I am going to make a mess !

Which is one of my usual reflexes besides, you will agree.


So I head for the Temple of the Monastery.

The monks are in the central room, on two rows, in alignment in front of the central Statue of Guru Rimpoche.

They are in practice.


I grab on the way a bell, a Dorje and a Purba.

With me, the space, the indestructibility and the ritual dagger, I will do a great job !… and if I must practice longer, after their departure, I take also a damaru of Lama.

With my equipment of perfect Tibetan fighter, I settle down at the back corner, very quite.

The monks look at me curious. But I signal them not to pay attention to me. I take the meditator’s position and that is enough for them.

They continue their Puja.

It is a practice of green Tara, the Compassion in action… That suits me very well !

So I concentrate my forces within me, I put my protections around, and I bravely go to the combat.


First I catch Tara between two breathings.

    - Hey !… My Beauty !… Not so fast !… Come on, you have not finished with your lies ? I say laughing.

    - What do you mean ? you the human ! she says from the top of her wrath.

    - Well !… I thought you were here to help them, the humans… Not to despise them !

    - It is you who holds me up and down !… And I am not a woman to be stepped on, she throws from her lotus seat.


    - Come on !… You are below the words, the naughty !… Stepping on your feet ?… But tell me, you have already forgotten that you were spotted by all the battalions of the Grid ?… Their wimp, you are!


There, I have just touched a sensitive point and she is understanding that I am a guy a little, and, even a lot, informed of the turpitudes of the alcoves of Bam…

    - What do you mean, she says aggressive ?

   - That you are a funny disgusting person to continue to make believe that you are there to help the men when their destiny is the last of your worries !

    - Really ?… And what would be thus my main concern, in case you know it ?

    - But to serve your Mother, who is at the same time « you »… and so you serve « you », I say laughing firm to the point that she loses this pretty face that makes some a little short-sighted persons say that she is beautiful and radiant like a hundred autumn moons.


I have just placed an arrow again in the center of the target of Bam and the auyumn moons are whitening. She wonders how far is informed this featherweight that she has in front of her and who has just disturbed her dance steps that she was doing for the monks who encouraged her with their songs, their small bells and their cymbals by telling her how beautiful she is to make her turn even more so that her skirt rises even more and they can admire her buttocks which, I have to recognize are very appetizing.

Besides in Tara, everything is appetizing… Her top boobs, her bottom buns and all the mess that makes that when she proposes herself as a meal, everyone is running and everyone it is happy.


But there is a guy not very happy in front of her and this guy hardly bigger than a feather, has enough Power to disturb her dance and the monks now do no longer know where they are at with the Puja because the sounds are ringing in the void, the trumpets are clogged and the small bells can no longer move their clapper.

So the Lama in the lead, they are wondering what is going on and turn to their Guru Rimpoche who remains impassive with his tense smile and does not blow a clue to them because he feels that soon it will be his turn that I deal with him and for the moment he prefers to keep a low profil like the guy who looks at the flies on the ceiling and says « I passed, but you didn’t see me ! ».


So the Tara is on one foot in balance and does not know where to put the other because the guy in front of her would be able to pinch it and send her as grub to the dogs in the courtyard.


     - Who are you ? she ends up saying after having turned her tongue ten times in her mouth and called her mum for help.

    - The guy who comes to let you speechless because you throw too many lies… and in add you are no longer good at anything.


That I say that she throws out lies, that, she could accept it and recognize it, because it is the truth. But as all truth is relative, she will tell me finely: « lies for whom ?… It is life, my darling ! ».


But that I throw to her that she is no longer good for anything, she cannot accept and goes straight to the mat. We have our honor !


    - Come on, little idiot… You want a fight ! She says from the top of her wrath.

    - I am here for that, my Beauty !… Open the ball and I give you the music…


She makes small jumps backwards on one leg to take distance and to move away from me because she begins to feel trouble coming from my anger. Then the monks seeing her making a getaway, rush and close the doors of the Temple. That’s all we need that Tara is off. But they have prepared for her the cupcakes, the perfumes, the oil, the rice, the incense… finally all the equipment to push the Deity to stay with them and to sit down to eat.

You know the Tibetan methods with the Major Forces of the Universe. They invite them to stuff down; they prepare a seat for them; they tell them how beautiful they are, how strong they are, how powerful they are… And the other one, delighted, eats what one has prepared for him. And the monks encourage him with some « olé! » as at the bullfight to push him to go near the bull…

And finally, when the guy or the chick has well eaten, they catch him or her on the passage and they tell him « now that you have taken what we gave you, you must do something for us ! ».

Then it is the beginning of litanies and whining in order to obtain from the Deity the fruits that we want from her, since she is in a position of obligation.


So in plain language: « You have eaten, now pay !».

They are very practical the Tibetans…


But it is that now Tara and the others, they make dud cheques. They have nothing left to pay for it because they have let another actor of the game to take possession of all the space and that now the place to dance becomes quite reduced. And they forget to say that they are guests who have become without power and it is the swindle of the century.


And it is this swindle that I throw to Tara who does no longer know very well where to put herself and who would like well me to shut my big mouth and that I stop messing up things in this so well-established game.


But what makes me despairs, it is all these guys who continue to serve them the meal while they are paid peanuts !

Eating on credit has always disgusted me !

    - But yes !… I tell her… You have never told them that you were only conceived to help your Mother, and that you don’t give a damn about humans like your first nightie !

     - What do you mean ? she asks worried about the extent of my knowledge.

    - And yes… You are a formation in reaction to a foolishness of one of your Mother’s children, in order to limit the damage for Her… But the humans, it is dog food, for you and all your buddies… Just good to produce energy for your Mum, the humans, right ?… little liar and thief, I say with all the tenderness of the world in my eyes to the point that the Lady, she would like to find an exit door quickly because it’s starting to work nasty in the Temple with the candles and offerings that burst out from all sides to salute the efforts to bring out the Truth out of the lie.

    - But that’s the rule of the game ! she says.

    - You can perfect your pretty little girl’s voice shagged by the Devil every day and who still says thank you that he leaves you a little place in his territory so that you can continue your little enjoyment and eat for free !

     - Come on, not so loud !… We could be heard !… Look at all these monks who don’t know what is happening and who are all unhappy because I no longer dance for them… Hey, you have no compassion for them !

     - No, I say !…

    - You have not enough heart to understand that we have to use Forces like you to do our « work »? she tells me on in the gums.

     - Ah !… Because you know « who » I am ?

    - Of course !… Only a Yam Major can know what really happens in the Bam Major… and moreover, able to stop my dance, she says finely.

    - So you know that I can also destroy you ?

    - Yes, I know… she says laughing… But you won’t do it ! she ended with a dance step.

    - Why ? I say.

   - But because you would be bored without us, the Bam !… she snickers.


She has lost the beauty of the hundred full autumn moons. She is an aggressive little kid who comes to claim her utility.


    - How about that, I say !

   - But yes, my darling !… You are Intelligence… You are the « View »… But us, we are the « matter » and I fart in your mug, my little darling… she says, turning around and showing me her arse.

    - So, I say ?

   -You, you care about these little humans and their destiny… But you forget that their destiny is sealed from the beginning… All what is created will be destroyed one day… That is the only certainty !

    - So ?

    - So ?… But my little darling, instead of taking fire and flames for these little humans completely ridiculous in their dreams, that I must recognize we have built for them, you could perhaps come and assist us better in this grandiose manipulation that we are establishing more and more in this Universe and that you call the Grid… Because « us », we cannot disappear… at least my Mother… But them, the humans are finished and they will be replaced by another species providor of food for my Father, via my Mother !… Got it my darling ?


She is happy with herself and her smile radiates the nastiness that knows how to dominate the situation of the ordinary life.


    - So get off your big black horse, my little darling !… Zorro no longer belongs here… You are linked to us, to Bam… Even if you are stronger than « us », that you can push us in directions we don’t want, you are nothing without us… And the body that you have is « us » and we can take it back in its matter… and it will remain only your Intelligence, your View… But without matter, you are like an actor who has lost his voice…  isn’t that right my little darling ?


It is that she is right the wench !

And the Guru Rimpoche on his platform looks at me mocking. He is interested in the result of the match. Who will win the point?

A true Tibetan who are inveterate gamblers.

    - I had the same problem as you, my guy ! He throws me straight in the gums.


The Tara, she has preferred to clear out and run and tell the story to her Mother who will have reassured her :

« Don’t worry, my Daughter, he can do nothing against us… Except shout at the scandal… But we are the Matter !… And the Earth always wins on the Heaven!… Us, we know how to do to manipulate the world and make them believe « truths » !… Them, they are only never content moaners !… And they end up putting everyone’s back up ».

And the girl will have lain curled up waiting for a new enjoyment in satin sheets.


Then the Guru Rimpoche takes again the word :

    - But I have understood what they were before it was too late… So I have left nothing on this Earth of Men that is of the Yam… I have only remained in vibration of the control of Bam. And it is the radiation that you could perceive in the elements of the Earth and in the memory of Men.


Well, the old fossil from the top of his perch would like to communicate a little !

And he does not tell only bullshit !

He adds :

    - That’s why I cannot put the old Holiness on the Yam ?… He remains on the Bam and Universal Love… In fact the Mother of Tara.

Hey !… He is direct, the old man with his Lenin-like goatee.

He confirms :

    - The Mother of Tara and of all the others, you know it, he says.

    - I know it… But my concern is the old Rimpo, the buddy of the one who has the claim to serve me as Father, I make.

   - It is true that having the pretension to serve you as Father is really very pretentious, he laughs… But for your problem, I cannot do much for you.

    - Why ?

   - I did not make the stupidity, like some people of your countries, to have left something of me behind… I do not have a tail that drags with which one could tie me up.


Well then!… the Truth he is ready to come out, the all wrinkled old man… It must be said that for more than a thousand years he has been mute, he has a nice arthritis in the jaw and I give him an unexpected possibility to put it a little in motion.

    - So you have only left only your memory ? I ask.

   - Not even… I have left the radiation of « me » that has impregnated everything around me, where my body was… The stones, the wind, the water, the men… because I had no possibility of taking it back.

    - It is this radiation that they use ?

   - Yes… And I cannot do anything for them because I did not leave anything…

    - So you cannot communicate with them anymore ?

    - It is that… I cannot communicate with them anymore… and I do not have the slightest desire to do so.

    - Why ?

    - I would have to take again a body and you know well then that I have to go through Bam again… and you have seen the shit that it is now ?… I would not want to be in your place, my brother !

    - Neither do I, I would not want to be in my place, I make laughing… Because into final, the wench of Tara, she is right: I am stuck !

    - Yes, you are stuck, he confirms… As me, I have been and I cannot give you the slightness advice… I was put out of the circuit I had created for Bam, by Bam… But it is the normal conclusion he laughs… Since the Grid has taken possession of Bam, one can no longer trust it and automatically it will be a thief one day… And still hope that it is not your life he steals and that he does not turn into a killer.

    - Thank you for your solicitude… But that does not do my business with the Roshi’s old buddy.


He is laughing.

    - But why do you still want to please your Roshi ?… You cannot send him packing ?

    - As long as I have a body, I have to breathe, I make… So helping him or another, it is the same difference… And at least with him I can laugh: he has the sense of humor !


Guru Rimpoche looks at me serious and throws me in the gums:

    - Be careful anyway… I see the death lurking around you.

    - Thank you… I realized it all by myself !… But for the old man… How I can do?

    - I don’t know… I did not leave anything in Yam in his memory… Then he won’t be able to have the reflexes of Yam …

    - Only to have an understanding of Yam, right ?… But not his Force.

    - I am afraid so, he makes me.


We remain silent for a moment.

Then he concludes by going up on his platform.

    - Well, that’s not all !… I am not bored with the brother you are… but it is time to go to bed!

    - Bye bye, I say.

    - Ciao, he says.


The monks have deserted the Temple. The night is outside. I am not sleepy.

What the hell am I doing on this fucking Earth!… Hey, you, you have an answer?



The Roshi had again an intense dream this night. He had his son in the pavilion next door, this pavilion now empty, and his son was talking to Heidi.

It was the continuity of the dream he had had a few days before… As if Heidi also knew about the dream… as if nothing is separated.

    - First you have to recover everything you have created on this Earth… You leave nothing behind as food for the others, as hope that you can still modify and improve something for them… It is a Decision that comes from elsewhere than your judgments, appreciations, references… There is no hate, nor reproaches… Just an observation that « it’s over ».


The young woman agreed. She showed that she understood the sounds of the words in her heart.


    - So go back to what I have said to Tong about the preconditions for the « departure »… and that you have heard in your heart.

These conditions are fulfilled when the body enters another movement than that of participating with the other men… It is another participation !… Another Love… Another interest.


She nodded and her neck bent to her right side, the eyes fixed on those of The One she loves.


    - But it is necessary to be very precise… There is then no opposition between Bam and Yam… No war… No reproach… It is only Yam who takes back from Bam what was given to him by Him because that is used in a movement other than that of Yam, that of this Primordial Intelligence.


She closed the eyelids for a moment. She let this truth penetrate her body and she felt it enter the heart that skipped a few beats.


    - You see, it is a question of « movement »… It is the movement that supports the action… But what is the impulse of the action ?… Bam has looked for playing his own game and now it is certain that this game is not only contrary to the order of Yam, but « tortures » Yam in Bam…


She understood this suffering. It is « it » that she felt in her body when her « Angel » was in her.

    - Because Yam is a « living » force !…. When it is in a body, this body suffers when the vibration imposed on its cells is not that of Yam… Thus the presence of Yam in Bam allows a suffering of the bodies and the radiation of this suffering is food for the grid…


   - I understand, she says. She stretched the hand towards the knee of the one in front of her. She wanted to transmit to him her support as a True Woman who takes upon herself the suffering of the one she loves.


    - But that goes further: this suffering is not only a food for the grid… but the radiation of this suffering, what we can call the « consequences », INCREASES the deterioration of the body of humanity !….


She moved the head.

    - So, you understand that the presence of Yam in Bam is not only a suffering for Yam in a body, is not only suffering for the body of the Being, is not only food and advantage for the grid… but furthers and increases the deterioration of the body of humanity…


    - I now know that… since I left the monastery… How this place was a limiter of consciousness !

    - So the space « to live differently » in this body of humanity is becoming more and more restricted… And soon there will be no more possibilities « to help » the true seeker of truth in this marsh.


     - Yes, I know that… When I sing, the sounds come back to me, unused.

    - The only help that we will be then able to bring to him will be the « means » to leave this trapped body !… without remaining trapped by the dreams of Bam: this famous Universal Love that no longer exists in matter but only in memory in the cells… Bam currently is Bam-grid… And more and more.


The neck of the young woman twists under a sudden pain in the nape of the neck.


    - But as I have already told it to you, it is not possible to leave in « despair », but in « hope »… Not of another better life because you will no longer exist… But as tool that will cease to build and develop the rot due to its very existence in this body of the humanity… Because remember what I have always told you: it is the space in which you are that recovers the fruit of your radiation… And the fruit of your radiation is led by the movement… So you stop moving, neither on the right, nor on the left, because it is anyway the same thing.


He laughs softly.

   - To stop moving, is to stop participating… So you put an end at the first commitment that you know cannot work.


Then he continued… leaving Heidi time to relax her nape of the neck with a caress of her hand.

    - And since you need « fuel » to leave, you have to take back what you gave to this body of humanity… It is that « recovering what you gave »… That was for a job… This energy is the operating tool… We are doing another thing than what was planned « in the original contract to have a body »… You take the tool back !….


He stretched out his hand to her. He touched her nape of the neck. She felt the heat enter her bones and descend.

    - It is simply that !… You take the tool back…


Her eyelids opened their veil and she entered his eyes at Him.

The rest did not matter anymore.