Eighth Movement.


This is the Bam that propels itself into the Yam.



The old man feels the urgency pushing the fibers of his body. He is moist on his bed and the wind of the crests roars more than it should in this season.

He sits down on his meditation seat and he covers himself with two additional blankets that weigh on his shoulders.

The golden Book next to him radiates its Force. The Light is there. It is around the Book. It is in the Book.

The old man perceives that It is the whole Book and that the Universe is waiting for its radiation to be nourished.

He is afraid.

He still doesn’t know what pushes him to propel these words-force in the Universe.

Is it the Force to do oneself harm ?… the Grid, which seeks to discover how it can still be reached and countered by Noble Beings… and thus find complementary means to protect himself better… as some banks do that pay « computer crackers » to force their securities in order to improve these last ones…

Is it a last attempt to blow the magic circle of the Grid by reuniting « the space team » capable of upsetting everything ?


He only feels that the extraordinary is in the Universe… that he is, him, so old and at the end of his hopes, the one who has the role to open the match.

Then he takes in his joined hands the golden Book… and he deciphers the words :



The Voyage in the Death.


I carry my feet around the Stûpa. Then in the narrow streets of this old district. As soon as one steps aside from the center, it is the real: dirty, poor and many dogs with their shits.

The Stûpa, it is for the tourists with the shops; it is the Tibetan game with the smile and the money as driver.


I like the nights. The sharp angles have lost their acidity. Everything is fuzzy and a cloud of tenderness is always there, when the man has ceased his noise.

I walk for a long time and the dogs wonder.


Then I return to the monastery of the old Rimpo and my steps guide me once again in the room of the Temple.

I sit at the same corner, aslant of the main statue, with on my right side loads of statuettes of the other Divinities they adore and nourish.


I think I dozed off.

    - So, you’re sleeping !… says an ironic voice against my ear.


My reflexes of combatant respond immediately and I am attentive to what is around me.

But there is nobody !


However the voice continues, ironic, against my ear, and I feel his presence weighing on my shoulder and pushing me on the cushion from which I have just sprung.

    - You can see the Bam… The Bam cannot see me… I can see you… You cannot see me… So « Who » am I ?


It is the riddle of the day proposed by the local newspaper to its assiduous morning readers !

As I am not yet too idiot under my stupid appearances, I blow on him, to the guy I do not see, because it is a guy, I am sure of it !… A chick would have already given me a hard-on by blowing like that in the canal of my ear.

    - You are « Nothing » I say.


He’s laughing.

    - You have won the ticket of replacement of the leaking gas bottle, he ironically says, tapping me on the shoulder in congratulations.


His movement is mine. A same way of approaching the problems. So, direct as you know me, I ask him the absolute ordinary question :

    - You are « me » ?

   - New winning ticket ! he ironizes… Now you are also going to have to replace the neighbor’s gas bottle.

So as I am relaxing on my cushion, because me with me, that will promise a hell of a match, there is the Guy who sits enthroned on the place of honour of the Temple who comes down from his armchair and comes towards me… Sorry !… Towards us.

This one, I see him well. He is thus a Major Yam like me because the finesse of the Creation is that we can recognize each other and see each other on the same floor, and also see the floors below… but not those above…

So there is no need for magnetic card with confidential chip to enter the offices and everyone is well kept at home.

The Guy that they call Guru Rimpoche settles diagonally on my right because I am wedged in the angle and the other that I do not see, has placed himself on the other side. I feel the warmth of his presence.


     - Do you see him, the guy on my side ? I ask the Guru, just to check if I am one-eyed.

    - No more than you, he laughs… But what heat !… Besides, it is what has made me come down from my perch, because the oil lamps all around, it does not heat the ass much and in add it’s not great for the bronchi.


So, since he is even more direct than me, he asks directly to the Presence what his name is, because he has too perceived that he is a guy.

    - You can tell me « Angel » says the warm Presence that we do not see.

    - Like « me » I make, laughing and proud on my cushion, to the point that the birds that are not yet awake start to raise their voice and sing the « Marseillaise » with the cock standing at attention as a testimony of the virility of this Hymn.

    - But I am « you », scolds me the Presence by sending me a tap on the shoulder, just to let me know that there can be hustle if I play too much of an asshole.


So, the Guru, as a perfect Tibetan, asks the practical question :

    - So!… How one does to differentiate you ?


The voice smiles and says quietly in the certainty of its power.

    - You say for me « Great Angel » and you say for him « little angel ».

The Guru laughs to see my face not satisfied with the answer.

   - Well !… Since we are doing the introductions, I must also say that I would have the infinite pleasure that you call me by my real name and not this bloody nickname of Guru Rimpoche that was given to me by a few chicks quite satisfied with my performances… and the others followed stupidly.

    - So, what do we say? I say.


He looks at me smiling because we can see each other in the same dimension and he says :

    - As I know you, lazy as you are, you will forget half of my name or you will deform it so much that I will want to go back straight to the first one… So you say « Padma » which is the beginning and already not so bad.


I nod.

    - So, Padma… Do you understand why this guy who is « me » is coming to jerk us off so early in the morning ?… Because me, I would rather have the impulse to ask for this morning awakening to a chick, when the cock has crowed and it is now the hen that brays.


He is fine, the Padma… He sucks his thumb, pays attention not to break his long nails that he has been manicuring for more than a thousand years, and after having smoothed well ten times his long hair that falls to the kidneys, he says :

    - I think that it is in relation with our little talk earlier.

    - You have also a winning ticket, chuckles the Voice…

   - But me, I don’t want to carry the gas bottles, shuts him up straight Padma who speaks faster than me.


Must be said that there is now more than a thousand years since he has not opened the mouth and moved the tongue !… Also he tries to make up for it. So I don’t blame him for this challenge with me and for have pipped me at the post. It is necessary to know to lose with all the compassion of the heart in order not to produce suffering on the loser.


The Voice laughs and this laughter fills the Temple. The statuettes begin to dance and it is soon the cymbals and the trumpets that make their entry in the game.

Of course, the monks come running because they believed in the opening of a new Puja by their Lama who replaces their Rimpoche in his bed…

Serious as they are, with the eyes still full of sleep, they push the doors of the Temple wide open and run to settle down on their cushion, seize their work tools… while the dance of the deities continues, the cymbals give fully and the trumpets break the panes and wake up the whole neighbourhood which wonders if there is not a fire.

And when they look around them and open a little more the eyes, they only see « me », in my angle and with the most total silence.

Then they begin to think that perhaps there is something of not normal, all the more as the sounds have fallen silence and the waltzes have ceased their round.

The Lama, who had climbed on his seat in aerobatics because he is the highest one below the one of his Rimpo, remains with the hands raised, a small bell in one, the Dorje in the other, to start the cadence with his mouth open waiting for the first sounds to come out of his larynx…

And everyone becomes like a wax museum… Motionless, idiotic, in a movement started and not finished, just to show that one has seized them in full intense activity of the true life.


And me, you know what I do ?

What I am most familiar for me.

I play the fool.


And as nothing more happens, they decide that perhaps it is time to go back to bed and that the Puja, it will be when the sun shows its wrinkles.


When again, we are alone, I say to the invisible guy next to me:

    - Be careful!… You are going to end up getting us in trouble to move so many things at the same time.

    - It is you who say that ! exclaims the Voice…


It is true that I must recognize that I am a first-class shit disturber.

    - Ok!… So let’s get back to the point… So I resume the question about the reason of your presence and I agree with the guy unhooked from his platform, I say.

    - Thank you, says Padma.

The voice then shelled sounds that made words in our consciousness.

    - You cannot get out of your problem with the old man who commands the crib here, because you are Yam, so a Force linked to Bam.

    - Why we cannot ? I ask.

    - Because the manipulation of the Universe will always work and you cannot escape it.

    - What does that mean ? asks the Padma.

   - The Bam knows that you need him… and so that you will never « really », cut with him.


The tibetan bonnet nods.

    - I understand… But what else ? asks Padma.


The voice takes its silence. Then the words come.

    - Then you are manipulable for life, for the time that continues to exist this assemblage between Yam and Bam which makes this Creation of which the Man is a fruit, even if he is at the end of the chain and produces an enormous amount of energy for the Source who is the Father of the Mother, but at the same time Him under a different manifestation, as you know it… says the warm Voice with its so particular slow tone of the guy who does not have time as reference point.


The Padma is not happy and I summarize for him.

    - Then you want to say that we are stuck ! I say.

   - This I know it for more than a thousand years, overbids Padma!… Then ?


The voice takes again its time.

    - Then ?… As long as Bam knows you are stuck, he will take to his heels at the last moment after having sucked you a lot and will make his own game… And you, you will wait all alone for the next poker game biting your nails…

    - That besides we will try to provoke to accelerate the game, I say.

   - Because Time is Bam’s friend and if we wait for him to move by himself, we will take roots to the feet, overbids Padma who knows well the question.

    - So ? I resume.


The Voice became soft, as if dreamy.

    - So Bam has to be sure that you are going to break the thread between the two of you to « finally » agree to play your game with the tools you give him and cease stealing these tools for him, and after give you the finger.

    - Like Tara yesterday evening… at least, this night ! I say.

    - It is besides that which has given the impulse to my presence now here, said the Voice.

    - Why ? asks Padma very interested.


The Presence took a time that does not exist in Her Dimension and I heard her smile sadly in her words.

    - Because the exchanges she had with her Mother hit the « Nothing »… and an « indispensability » was created.

    - Which one ? asks Padma this time captivated.

   - To stop with this conscious and cold manipulation of Bam on the Yam… This indispensability was self-created under the shock of the so bad faith and irony of Tara and her Mother, in complete disregard of the Yam and the process of the Creation.

   - So ? I ask.

   - So the « Nothing » was instantaneously programmed for a destruction of the Creation, that is to say to cut off the Yam from the Bam and thus nothing can be created anymore in this Universe which is that of the humans.

   - And then ? I continue…

  - Then « you » who are « me » when I had taken the Yam as Force of action, was reactivated in « me » in the « Nothing »… And I am here !


We digest the information. Some monks continue to pass the face through the half-open doors, just to check what I am doing all alone in the Temple.


Then it is the Padma who asks in his very practical impulse of the Tibetans :

    - How can you do that ?… Because I have really tried !… When we are Yam, we cannot break this link… We are one of the two constituents of this Universe, and we cannot take to our heels… Just avoid a new reincarnation in the Bam… But we remain in the Yam Space of this Universe… And I have to tell you that I’m starting to have it up to here to remain blocked there… So if you have a solution, I am taker, he finishes wih mood.


The Voice resumed a little time in the Bam to give us the space to understand.

    - Only « Nothing » can make the cut between Yam and Bam because it is not linked to the created space, he says calmly.

    - So you mean that when we are part of a body, we cannot dissociate ourseleves from it ? asked Padma who understood quickly…


Must be said that since the thousand years that he has been turning the question in his practical Tibetan noggin, he has had time to practice questions and answers.

    - That’s right, says the warm Voice.


It is still Padma who has been full of enthusiasm since he unhooked himself from his pedestal who asks again:

    - So, what are you going to do ?

    - To give you « Me », says the Voice.

    -What does that means ? I’m suffocating… But you are « me » in the « Nothing » !…

    - And you, you are « me » in the Yam, says the Voice slowly.


The red cap is shaking.

    - So ? is impatient Padma who wants something concrete.

   - So I am going to change the Yam tool that you are so that you have the Intelligence, the look and the Powers of « Nothing », he says just as quietly as if this kind of energetic operation is within the reach of the first surgeon coming out of the God’s school.

    - And « me »? asks worried the Padma who would not want to remain on the roadside.


Must understand him !… For more than a thousand years that he as been hitchhiking !…

He answers him, in his Voice of « Nothing ».

    - You ?… Since you are buddy with « me » Yam, who in fact loves you, despite his usual bullshits… But you know how he is badly educated… Normal with a mother teacher who took him in her class of girls to teach him to read and write !…

   - You can shorten, asks Padma impatient and who does not give a damn about my mental state…

    - Thank you, I say to the Voice, to recognize the sincere affection that I have for this old man of more than a thousand years who remains still young because he knew to get out of the Devil’s furnace in time.

    - Come on, let’s get going ! gets upset Padma…


He is tired of hitchhiking !… How I understand him.


And now it is the Voice that makes airs and takes its time to the point that the hair of the Tibetan guy is standing on end, and his stupid cap he has on the cranium is starting to do pressure cooker.

    - So, says calmly the Voice… Since it is « you » who are integrated in the energetic system of the old man who runs the life of this Nyingma Lineage, I will do the same thing for you.

    - Ah !… says the Padma glad to be caught in a car.

    - But there is all the same a difficulty with you, says the warm and quiet Voice for whom Time does not exist.

    - Ah !… says the Guru who wonders whether he will have to get out of the car and wait for the next one.


The « Great Angel » lets the time of the Bam take its time and its space.

It is true that we are three Dimensions in the same room !

Him, the « Nothing »… The other, the « Yam » deceased… Me, the « Yam » living in a body « Bam »… So must understand ! To manage all that together requires tact.


So the « Nothing » lets the time of the Bam impregnate the Yam and when he feels the soup ready he gives the information so expected by the Guru who starts to seriously have a hard time.

    - With « him »… he says showing me, there is no difficulty… He is « me » in Yam… So I can get into him so that he is « Me of now »…

     - Yes?… pushes the Padma who would like us to speak a little about « him ».

    - But with you, there is not this particular connection… So it is necessary to program another kind of introduction.

     - Which one ? asks Padma anxious

    - It is where it is a little difficult, says slowly the Voice.

    - Why ?

    - Because one must create a new « Being » capable of introducing His Force into you so that you can exercise his Powers.

    - Then ?

  - A new Being of these Dimensions can only be produced under the impulse of an indispensability.

   - Like your arrival now, under the impulse of the bad faith of Tara and her Mother ? I ask.

    - Exactly ! he confirmed.

    - And then, asks Padma who is on fire.

  - So, first one must be able to produce an energetic movement powerful enough to set up this indispensability in this Universe which is only an energetic mechanism, says the quiet Voice.

    - And with the technical unemployment in which you are since more than a thousand years ! I say very nice… You will have to exercise your testicles…

     - Precisely, says the Voice.

     - Precisely ? I say…


Because now, it is me who is caught in my own trap and I do not know what that will produce when one pulls the rope.

    - Precisely ?… resumes the Guru because he is the first one concerned and he would like to accelerate the movement.

    - Precisely… it is through an intense coupling that you can receive this force of « Nothing » reprogrammed under the impulse of the « Chaos », says the Voice with its quietest movement, as if all this were a discussion of coffee to say banalities !

    - A chick ?… I ask very excited.

    - A chick, confirms the Voice quietly.


It is the Padma who scratches his balls, just to check if they are still there.

In fact, he has the noggin which heats hard and that goes down to his balls. Moreover it was what had explained to me a Spanish maid in my young age: « When the cojones heat up, it is the cabeza that explodes ».


The Padma, he is discovering the opposite process and he did not even realize where his hand is that doesn’t hold his idiot stick with all these mummies’ heads hanging on it. Moreover it will be necessary that I talk to him direct if we are going to team up together! It stinks his stuff and in add that does not look clean !… My mother schoolteacher would not have been happy if I had come one day at home with this outfit… Direct the cat-o’-nine-tails I would have had on the ass and my father would have followed with his belt, by tapping of course with the metal buckle, to be sure that he had well aimed when the skin had cleared out…


Then the so calm Voice returns into the silence that had settled.

  - Since you are not powerful enough to program this indispensability… considering the very justified remark of « little angel »… because you have been unemployed for too long… and now you are a little atrophied … began the Voice…

    - Yes ?… said again the Padma who was becoming whiter than white… You remember ?… The detergent…

    - Then I will have to do it myself, says the warm Voice.

    - Why you would do that ? asks Padma questioned by this approach.


That it is typical Tibetan ! Immediately suspicious when a gift arrives on his lap. Because him, the gifts, he does not know what that wants to say. He is a trader !… So he wants to know the price of each thing and control that he will not pay too much.


    - For « me » in « Yam », says the Voice, jostling me with the shoulder…

    - I don’t understand, says the Guru.

    - To make so that « little angel » does not lose his Challenge once again…

    - Because I have lost it, I startled.

    - Yes… You have lost it, said the sad Voice.

    - What do you mean ? asks Padma.

    - It is « you » in the old man who was the strongest, says the Voice in response to the Guru.

    - What do you mean ? asks Padma who was beginning to panic.

   - You as Guru Rimpoche… More exactly as the radiance on the Earth of the Men and their memory, you have controlled the « references points » of the Holiness…

    - And he could not jump over ? I asked.

    - No, he didn’t jump… He was so well in the Nyingma Valley organized on the basis of the radiation of the « Mister » next to you.

    - Shit ! shouts out Padma…

    - Hey yes, says the quiet Voice… Everything is useful, everything is used… And since you did not know how to remove your radiation from the Earth of the Men, these men have used it and have made their own world with the « visions » that they have produced from your radiation.

    - So You confirm that the visions are personal human fabrications, I ask ?

   - Yes… he says quiet… They are only personal creations under the impulse of the References Points of ones energetic system and in particular of ones basic structure.

    - And then… what about me !… gets impatient the Padma who can’t have a hard-on in our little exchange of info between « me » and « me ».

    - Don’t get so excited, hey, Grandpa ! I say… You should already be very happy because you will be able to do a new ride on a merry-go-round thanks to me… So say thank you and don’t try to take up too much space, I say as a nice guy.

    - Thank you ! he says with a very Tibetan grimace… You know the one where you stick the tongue out.


But the Voice is filled with the compassion of the Universe, that compassion that does not exist, as you know. So it takes again the jet’s handle and makes us see some respites from the so cloudy sky that is ours.


    - So it will be necessary that I provoke sufficiently the « Chaos » so that it makes a « Nothing » that I will propel to you in the « Yam » so that he can put the turbo-charge at Padma… And it’s a big job, he says.

    - I believe well! recognizes Padma thanking of all the gums that had forgotten to lose the teeth… You realize!… More than a thousand years and still all his teeth.


So I have hope for him. The teeth are connected to the bones… The bones are connected to the kidneys… The kidneys are connected to the Force of Vitality… and the Force of Vitality to the balls… So the thousand year old man may still have his chances with the chick that the « Nothing » is preparing for him.


I am glad of this new encounter. I relax and suddenly an anguish seizes my guts.


    - Hey, You have said that you were going to make descend this « Nothing » in the « Yam » ! Right ? I say.

    - Yes… says the warm Voice quietly.

    - And… You could not also make him go one more floor ?… To make him slide a little bit into the Bam ?

    - Just to see his sweet little face ? laughs Padma.

    - Or rather to check if there is something to hold on to !… says the warm Voice softly.


Ah! He knows me well !… It is not for nothing that he is « me » in the « Nothing »… The fraternity, it exists !

    - So ?… I say waiting.

    - I believe that it is going to be possible, he says laughing.

    - And me ! roars the disembodied Yam.

    - You did not have to be off so early, I say compassionate !


But that does not do his business. Then he wonders and I think that he is sulking !

Me, you know me !… So gentle…

So I tell him nicely :

    - Will be necessary that you train, Grandpa… And there is precisely a little chick in the kitchen who always laughs and is not bitch, I say, very serious.

   - Ah, yes! he answers me just as serious.


It is « me » in « Nothing » who laughs and the Guru he doesn’t understand anything… Except that we laugh at his face.

But he is well obliged to go through these conditions. He must not forget that he is in management assistance to my labour !… Without me, he would still remain on his perch for the eternity. So he does not forget the priorities !… It is me the « boss » of the operations. Only captain on board after God !

But the problem becomes complicated when we know that God does not exist !… But that, I did not tell him… One is not obliged to tell the whole truth, right ?… You agree with me.



The old man is dripping. Hiro is worried.

« But these are not the words of the Book !… Of the Book of before ! »


Then he needs to doze off and he lies down.

He places the Book on his heart and Hiro pulls the covers up to the chin.

The Master must be very bad to lie down like that in the middle of the day ! He has never seen him like this.


But the old man has a smile in his sleep.

The « games » take another movement. Everything can be replayed. He has now his two sons at the same time.


He is happy and his peaceful breath reassures Hiro.


And in his sleep he has this dream that comes to him from his son of now. He seems to be teaching the Universe !

He is giving a teaching on the ways to leave the Bam.


How to do ?…


- First you remake the first two bronze men. Strong, they radiate. This radiation which has the possibility of penetrating the space around you, has also the possibility of absorbing, of reabsorbing the Yam that you have given…


- Before, you radiated to nourish… Now you remove !... You remove only the Yam…You let the space manage with its Bam.


How do you remove ?…


In the basic practice, it is a question of nourishing the space you touch with the body. Then you make radiate your bronze man by the breathing out, and in the breathing in, you come back to seek your force in the center of your wheels, that is to say in the tan tien of each wheel and in the basic tan tien which is in your belly.


Now you radiate your force through the breathing out, as before, but you « breathe in » the Yam that you have touched in the space.

So you become increasingly strong by the Yam.


So you use the capacity of Bam to catch the Yam, to retain him - capacity that is in every cell of your body made by Bam - to absorb Yam in you and to keep him, not for yourself, but to free him from the space that captured him before.

So you use the capacities of Bam to steal, to take away from him what he has stolen… It is the story of the stolen thief !


Thus you become stronger and stronger in Yam who will therefore give you more and more powers to recover Him even deeper in the space that has trapped Him.


But it is clear that if you do this « to steal » the Yam in order to sort out your small personal affairs, you will go straight to the bottom of the hell… And the other complementary practices will not work !


You will also noticee that the space you are freeing from the Yam becomes less and less attractive for you… A lower interest… This detaches even more and accelerates the process of “emptying”.


You can finish the practice by starting the one of the first double… and even to go to the finished double.


You round the lower back and you make pass in the central axis the Force that is in your kidneys because of the recovery of Yam… It will come out a Joy to live in this body when you are no longer concerned with the World and the others.


You will realize at the same time that you can widen the space of « recovery » and go in the « computers » of all the forms of sensations that are proposed before you without you pursuing them......... Important ! Without you pursuing them !!!!


A new breath is made in the Universe.


Then you will do the same thing with the third and fourth bronze man. These are practices that communicate in the space.

So you go in the space, very far away… You get in touch with all those who have received from you…


    And you take the Yam back from them !


You practice as for the other bronze men… You send your force with the breathing out, and you pump with the breathing in what you could contact in Yam trapped in each of the bubbles…

Because the problem is the same… When I speak about space, it is not only « the environment »… But everything that lives, absorbs… And the human is a « Space »…


Moreover, it is this human space which is the original thief… so you are there in front of the REAL problem : the others !


So practice with a lot of attention… Go and see in detail in the bubbles and not just in the general superficial… Here is a very big job that will require from you a lot of attention and time.


Of course, same comments as for the other bronze men : do not recover this Force for your personal interest… Pay great attention to that because you will realize at this stage that you are not able to release this Force of Yam in the Yam… It will thus remain in you to increase your power of action.


No problem of love… If you meet a Yam, he will immediately understand what you are doing… and he will ask you for the technique to withdraw His force from this Universe because he is in the same state as you and in the same questioning…

… But he has not had the chance to be instructed in the means to use. You will instruct him by your only action… He will understand in his body and this body will get back all the mechanisms of action when it returns to  its ordinary life.


You will also realize that the space that you are freeing from Yam becomes less and less attractive for you… A lower interest… which detaches even more and accelerates the process of « emptying ».


Another new breath is made in the Universe.


Then, with this enormous energy which is in you, you will be able to perceive a pastille different from your pastille of vitality… It is a pastille charged with Yam which is the Pastille of Life.


Then there are two scenarios that will arise :


    * either this pastille was mixed with your body during its conception… Then the two pastilles are mixed.


    * either it has refused this mixture because this Intelligence which is Yam did not want to participate in this lying world of Bam… Then the two pastilles are separated.


So first possibility : your Pastille of Life is mixed with your pastille of vitality…

    Why ?…

Because at the time of the creation of the body, you have really appreciated the new world that was offered to you with this body, and full of enthusiasm, you precipitated in its systems of functioning.

It must be said if this mechanism « is », your possibilities of reaching this « enthusiastic » will of departure is very weak… The lovers of sensations, visions and all things created from and by Bam will always look for an arrangement…


So it is the second possibility which is the most « normal » when the true intention to leave is there… So at the conception this pastille of Life which is the Intelligence of Yam has immediately discovered the primordial lie of Bam… Also it did not want to be mixed with the body during it constitution. It remained « beside »…

These are the people who always feel a « presence » behind their shoulder or beside them…

But as it entered the womb of a woman, it is now linked to the body that is being created… It remains connected to it and tries to limit it natural movements and natural loves of the sensation, vision… in fact everything that is created by Bam .....

It is a very painful attitude to the life because these people do not understand their distance, more especially as they are in a Bam space governed by « religious » people praising the Universal Love.

These are the people who know how to take a step back from their sensations, since automatically they have sensations !… It is a Bam body !... And this Bam body is alive through the mental, physical sensations… etc.


So when there is this perception of the Yam pastille of Life, you do the practice of the particles to separate the particles of your body soaked with Bam and those of Yam. The two pastilles will frankly separate and occupy different spaces.


Yet another new breath in the Universe.


Now let’s take a closer look at the centrifuge technique.


The usual practice I have already given is to make go out the particles of perfection in an energetic body superior in quality of energy, such as the force of the « Compassion in action »… Then to come back charged with this superior energy, to then proceed to a modification of the cells taped by Bam-grid.


Now it is different. It is no longer a question of « modifying » but of destroying the connection between the Bam-grid particles and those soaked with Yam…


    Why ?…

Because it is the end of the lie of the Bam particles towards Yam: « help me because I am in need and I need your Force to modify me and to be a suitable body to make live the « perfection » on this earth. »


This lie is now discovered in its totality… No more possibility to manipulate Yam with a promise of future… Finished !

So the Yam particles suck their Force that they gave to the Bam particles…


    How ? …

It is a question of making turn very quickly in the center of the body the Pastille of Life… This tornado will attract to it « all that is Her, Yam », like a magnet… The other particles will remain with their own movement, their own vibration.

But it is an action that will provoke important reactions in your body… since now it is on your body that you will directly work.


You must then be very careful with your body, treat it well, nourish it well, maintain it well because a « departure » at this stage by accident of the body would be catastrophic. Indeed, you still remain in the ordinary dimension of Bam, in its space and this space will seek by all means to retain you at the moment of your physical death.


    How ?…

By the activation of a dream, a fear, a grudge… that still remains in you…


The Bam will attempt to focus your attention on this and you will miss the door to go out of this Universe.


To train you with the particles while increasing the security of your body, you can go back to the second bronze man. Your force is then the one of the Yam particles. You make them turn quickly in you and thus you put in vibration the particles of the space around you… You recover the Yam around you, much more deeply than the previous techniques…

Thus you can work with the particles without going to an exhaustion of your body. A very good resistance training for you and an increase of the Yam power in you.


You do then the same thing with the third and fourth bronze man. You use the particles and you connect yourself to the ones in the bubbles, but also to the ones between the bubbles. Very good training to strengthen your body and to go even deeper in the recovery of the Yam.


The new breath of the Universe is becoming more powerful.


Then, after you are master of the recovery of the Yam in the space around you, and then in the wide space of the cosmic communication, and finally between your Bam and Yam cells… You will make the first energetic double… Even if you have already used this technique to remove the Yam from your body as I told it to you previously.

For that you will use your Yam cells enriched by the last work inside you… In other words, you will not call above you a Superior Force, but you will constitute yourself this Force by using You… You understand ?

If you were to call a « superior » Force, such as the Force of the Compassion in action, it would be a Force of Major Bam at the level of this space superior to your physical body.

You can no longer communicate with Bam since you want to leave it !…


    So you have to constitute your own « vehicle »: You with your enriched Yam cells…


And in this Yam body above you, you will project your Yam pastille of Life.

But you must pay attention not « to leave »… You are not yet enough out of Bam not to be caught at the time of the great shock of the destruction of the physical body.


But what will this first double be used for?… To direct the energy in the physical body below and modify it.

You already know the double for this modification work. Now you use the double « to suck » the energy from the organs… Until making them increasingly energetically weak… just to keep a survival energy.


Pay attention to this stage because you will feel weak… Moreover you will have less and less interest in the life in general… You will be more and more disconnected from your body… But you must not destroy your body because you are still in a Space that can catch you up at the time of the destruction of the body.

Then, you can go to work on the others and take back from them even more in-depth what you gave them… Or what they stole from the Yam… Pay attention also because you will have less and less interest for the communication with the others…


Finally, you have a contact in this double with the « Superior Forces » of Bam…

But there again, they are no longer friends because they have failed in their mission to preserve the purity of the Yam and they have collaborated very effectively in the degradation of Bam which is now Bam-grid, because the despair of the man and his suffering is a food of choice for the Source…


If you have arrived at this state of lucidity allowing you to leave it is because you have knowledge of the primordial lie and of the disinterest of the Source and of Bam for the Beings who are called « men ».

So you are going to take away from them also the Yam which was their Force of action that they used only for the benefit of Bam.

You will see them becoming agitated because they know that without the Yam they are nothing… And will promise all the aids you expected from them before… So pay attention.


The fundamental storm is looming in the Universe


Now, with the first very powerful double, after having recovered as much Yam as you can, you will make the second double.


Only then you will start to be in security… Because this second double is in connection with Major Yam… Although remaining still in connection with the Bam… since you have understood that you cannot dissociate Yam from Bam since they are the two components of the same Universe. Also as long as you remain in this Universe, even if you place yourself in the Yam, you still have the Bam next to you and also in you as long as you have a body.


Also in this second double you will continue to perceive and feel all the sensations and emotions of Bam… It is normal… You stay with a body and through this body all the creations of Bam can be active… I would even say that they will be very strongly activated because Bam will still try to hold you back.

In this second double you will be in contact with the « Ferrymen » between Bam and Yam… They are the Forces of the Uprightness and the Lucidity.

You will get to know them intimately… They will help you with their advice.

From this second double you will continue your action to recover the Yam of the physical body, yours and that of the others… You will continue to do the same with the Forces of Major Bam…

    But the main work will be through your body to transmit to the Major Yam the information of the lie of the Major Bam so that this theft and manipulation ceases…


At the same time your body will become more and more Major Yam by its radiation… Since your body in matter will always be Bam…


Your vibration will change constantly and the passage between Bam and Yam can be done quietly, without violence, without clash… Your body is disappearing more and more from Bam and the others will perceive the enormous force that you release by simple radiation… They will invite you to stay…

So pay attention to all the most extraordinary proposals that will be presented to you… Sometimes that you have been hoping and waiting for all your life.


Thus, you can progressively decondense your body and reverse the condensation that has been made during its constitution.

It is not a question of doing violence to yourself, of destroying by not eating enough… etc…

On the contrary, you will take good care of your body so that it remains vigorous, alert and active until the last moments… You need a good and beautiful body for the Creation.


When the time comes, you will leave without you realizing it… It        is the space that will determine the passage… When there is no longer a sufficient connection between the vibration of your body and the vibration of the space, the transfer will take place by itself.


Of course this transfer can be accelerated by the brutal modification of the space. For example because of aggression, immobilization… Etc.


You can also accelerate the process yourself but it is dangerous.


Because you need time to touch all the sensitive points of your life and be sure that you have well released everything… Or that it is released by itself.


Accelerating the process is not desirable also because you need time to become intimate with the Major Yam and still be a perfect tool for Him as long as you have a body…


In fact, if I wanted to get to the bottom of the things, as long as you have a use for the Major Yam, staying in the space of Bam, the transfer won’t happen…


One cannot decide to commot suicide in the Order of the Creation… There is only one « indispensability »… It is there, you stay… It is not there anymore, you leave.


That’s it ! to leave the Bam and enter the Yam, he says to the Universe that listens to him with all their immense eyes.


But to leave completely the Creation and enter « Nothing » it is another voyage that requires another determination and knowledge... he adds with a soft voice.

Because everything is a space ! There is first the space Bam. One must go back in time from the minor Bam to the Major Bam which no longer exists in matter but which is in the memory of the man. And the consciousness of the man can be touched by this memory and the physical vibration which remains in the body of the humanity and thus in the body of the man which is a condensed of this body.


This is the Bam that propels itself into the Yam !


Then there will be the Space of the Yam.

After that of the Nothing !

Here is a Great Secret of the Universe !


The Intuitive Intelligence, developed through the search of oneself and provoked by the knowledge of the Universe, has the capacity to give additional information to the ordinary consciousness and intelligence that is Bam’s... throughout the voyage.

And yes!... it is with your "ordinary" consciousness that you make the voyage !

Here is another great secret of the Universe.

So, stop martyring "what you are in and with your body"... please.


Also it is Bam, understanding the horror that he is, and then understanding that he cannot modify anything taking into account the current state of the body of the humanity, who « will decide » to leave Bam…


And he will do it when he will have understood in his flesh and his heart, that the only fact of having a living body on this Earth of the Men, produces a nourishment for the energetic body of the humanity… and he does no longer want to collaborate in this survival in the horror of his actions.


So he says quite simply « I am not playing anymore ! ».


But without any preparation, with only a reflex of the heart, he will automatically be recovered by a sensation or emotion from the Bam when he makes the voyage of the Death.

Then he will remain blocked in the vibratory system that interested him…

And he will remain in the intermediate space until new reorganization of a body for him.

He will not have succeeded in reaching the Dimension and the space of security of the Yam.


This is why it is imperative to be already in the Yam while one has a body, so that all the energetic consciousness that one is, goes directly to the goal of the voyage and does not let itself divert by the secondary inns, because these inns, one already knows them and one has already visited them.

Thus this Bam will be freed from Bam and from all new obliged reincarnations…

He will be able to come back as Primordial Instructor, if he wants it.


But when you are in the Yam, you are not released from this Universe.

To go beyond, we need another understanding than the suffering that the Bam produces to the man.

It is necessary to have a very fine knowledge of the suffering that the Creation of this Universe in which the man is, causes on the Original Energy and Intelligence.

But to be able to cross the space of Yam, it is first necessary to be able to get there by crossing the space of Bam.


But the problem becomes complicated, because to be able to cross the space of Yam, and to join « Nothing » and even further, one must have a body because only with a body one has the possibility « to play » with the energies.

Without a body, one « is »… Only ! 


But the ordinary man has not understood that. He fantasizes about the extraordinary Powers of what « is »… He is not aware that we are here again in a space that limits the action.

So, as he has not understood that, he wastes a colossal amount of time playing with his sensations, visions and knowledge of Bam, like sweets.

He does not understand what a richness it is to have a body !

If he understands it, he does not waste any more time on peripheral games and goes straight to the center of the target. Straight to the heart.


And then for him, each breath is a total commitment to his Freedom.