Ninth Movement.


The escapes.


The Roshi slept badly. Cries came from his half-open lips. His short and broken up breathing worried Hiro who was watching him at his side. He came when the monks said that the Master did not look well.

Hiro felt in his body the perverse energies circulating in his old friend’s body.


The « Games » of the succession were in full swing. The three old men who had helped him change Sophie’s movement were laughing, sitting on their bench in the courtyard when the sun was giving. They tell themselves that it is time to leave. They spoke about it to Hiro who said nothing. And when the Master of Combat says nothing, it is that he agrees with what is said but he does not want to recognize it openly.


So it was the games of pretension, pride and power that were spread out in the monastery.

The young monks were happy about this because they felt important. The « elders », the leaders of the group were looking for their clientele… They sought to be recognized by the greatest number…

The other monks were waiting. They said nothing. Everything seemed to them out of time and out of the movement they knew. They had not been often enough in the world of the ordinary men. These games were not in their memory.

They were waiting for the Roshi’s decision and they will submit to it because it can only be right !


But Hiro felt a deeper pain in his friend’s body. He felt Heidi.

Also he was not astonished when the old man opened the eyes before the daybreak and asked him to send four vigorous monks on the paths of the valley to find her.

The eyes of his friend shone with hope. He hastened to give the orders and he chose with care those who were to go in the world and come back with the good news.


The old man was worried about the young woman. At least it is what he wanted to make himself believe.

He had wanted to give her a belt of gold coins for her great voyage among the men. She had refused with a smile that came from far away, a smile of the one who knows that shortage will not be her companion.

He had also wanted to give her one of the medals of the Shin Family, this medal that everyone fears and respects. So she would be safe everywhere. She also refused with the smile that comes from so far away of the one who knows that the danger will not be her companion.


When Hiro confirmed him the departure of the monks, the Roshi sat down in his bed and Hiro covered him with a warm pelisse. Then the old man asked for the so special paper to write the notes by pigeon.

The Master of Combat installed him comfortably.


He remained by his side during the long and meticulous writing. He felt the Master’s struggle in his own body. So he gave him his Force through his breath and he went into meditation to transfer the energy to the lean body that was suffering.


The time slipped in an astonishing slowness. The noises of the monastery barely reached them. It seemed that each monk knew how to slide on the flagstones without making these usual heavy noises. It also seemed that they knew how to speak with soft words that do not disturb the air.


The Roshi, his so old friend, breathed more freely with each traced words.

Hiro was then happy.

He was not astonished when his friend smoothed the paper with his hand, like a caress that would not cease because it is in the contentment of the heart.

Then he asked him to release one of the carrier pigeons intended for his son of before.

He was not astonished either by it because for months, Hiro did no longer know what the time was !



The Voyage in the Death.


My son,


I feel in your body your disappointment in knowing now that you had lost in your hope to bring my old friend to a reincarnation that can be a real help for the future of the Noble man…


My son of now has informed you of this and I am not sure that it was good for your heart as the hope is a powerful conductor of enthusiasm.


I know your bravado that always tries to hide your deep sensitivity… You the lover of the Mad Wisdom !… and who believes that everyone is like you, with your Passion to give the true impulse to the life.


I know that you do not show your pain.


I know that you keep the smile, because the smile is the last shield at the sadness that does not want to be seen.


I know that you are deeply touched and that your eyes come back in you to see only the richness that there is in your body and its enthusiasm to give… to give… and still to give !


So, I can now confess to you, my son, that my heart was bleding when I saw you come back to the monastery, the eyes sad and exhausted of the body so much so that Hiro was worried for a long time for your health.


One does not make such a Voyage in the Death without having pushed the physical body and its energetic power to limits that the ordinary thought cannot grasp because this knowledge is not in its memory.


I know your pain at having lost your challenge again. Once again, the Security of the emotions and visions was the strongest.

Even my old friend was captured by the false hopes manufactured by the Force of the Universal Love.


So he came back in reincarnation with this enthusiasm to create again for the Human World.


However you had helped him to see and understand that this Love is one of the emotiosn-sensations created by the Bam in its Major Dimension !


So he did not come back to this World carrying within him this Force of relativity, this form of Intelligence which allows to see everything in two and not to take his impetus like the impulse of the liberating Forces.

However he knew that they are only « impetus » and « sensations », since the body is Bam; these are the natural possibilities of communication with oneself and the others that are in him.


Thus, my friend remained in the enthusiasm to come back to help the Men and teach them how to enter this Universal Love… Like the others he has forgotten on the way that the Man does not want to leave the vibration of the minor Bam which suits him very well.


Then as you say it so well, radiate on oneself what one looks at and one looks at what one likes.


And my old friend has testified by his love to what he really looks at… and in his one-eyed look he did not ask himself the question :


“But where does this enthusiasm come from ?”

I must confess to you, what I have always tried to hide from you… but in the end, is it possible to hide something from you, my son ?… that I have discovered the origin of the enthusiasm thanks to you, thanks to this magnificent work that you have produced for my friend in order to push him to open the eyes wider and see how the Creation functions.


So the dreams go away !… And this was your hope because one cannot oblige anyone to enter a path. He goes there by himself driven by his love and knowledge.


You, you have always sought to increase the Knowledge so that the choice of the love is more precise… and that one does not follow the « obvious » logics of the emotional and ordinary memories of the man…


But, even with my old friend, who was a « Great » as you say it so well, the love chosen was the one of the Major Bam…


But I must confess to you, now that I am so old and alone in this freezing monastery after Heidi’s departure, that me also, I do not know what I will choose at the moment of my death… even though I know that this choice will determine the impulse of my reincarnation !


I feel as weak as my old friend the Rimpoche, in front of these choices because I love the men and the life in my body. I like to create, I like to make grow, I like to open a rose and that its perfume embalms the air… I like that… and I am not sure to refuse that… even if in my conscience and my intelligence I know that « this » is a production of the Major Bam in his space of the Universal Love.


I must tell you and confess it to you, I do not know if I will be able to say « no » to this, even knowing than « this » leads the Man in wanderings and prisons that engulf him…


I must confess to you, my son, even if I know now through you that the destiny of the Man is sealed, that I will be unable to leave this destiny…

I believe that I will be one of those who prefer to sink with the boat than to take the plunge… all alone, without anything !


Always you have told us: « There is no greatness and honor to sink with the boat ! ».

I know !

But when the boat is our body and that all our ordinary memory is constituted by it, what will we become without this support ?


There is of course the « deep » memory as you call it and which shows us how the Universe of Bam is constituted and what his current lie is !

There is still further, other knowledge… the relationship between Yam and Bam…

Then even further !…


But with « what » do we live every ordinary day ?

So, to enter the « Yam », I could still do it.


But to be this « Yam » who destroys the relationship between him and the Bam in order to no longer accept the impulse of the creation of a new life of the Being, that I do not believe I would have the force to be that… to be this perpetual combatant on this Earth of the Men ! That I believe that I coudn’t.


And then to be this « Nothing », in which nothing exists, I could even less.


Also I believe I would make the same choices as my old friend the Tibetan. I would decide to come back to the Earth of the Men to make them see and understand their wanderings… in the hope of their change… even if I know that they will not want to listen to me… even if I know that it is too late !


I am almost certain, my son, that I would choose to return among the men… even if I know that this impulse is false and is produced by my emotional memories…


I believe that I am not strong enough to say « no » to a new Life that I know already… and to say « yes » to an absence of Life that I do not know.


Here is, my son, I wanted to tell you that.

I am like the « others » !


However I had the enormous luck to have you with me, you who have opened for me the Dimension of the Yam who loves the men and tries to help them…

Before you, I was like the others… I was swimming in the Universal Love as the result of the life.


However I had the enormous luck to have with me « my son of now »… who is you… but « you » returned carrying the Decision to break the link between Yam and Bam… So « you » who are beyond Yam… You who are the Intelligence of « Nothing » in action in a Yam that gets a Bam body back.

So « you » who are trying to show the way of the « departure » because the boat of the man is now ruined… and that there is bigger further away !… and that it is not honorable to stay blocked by the karma of the humanity.


And in spite of you « two »… You of before and you of now, I do not know if I will have the courage and decision not to come back « for a new ride » as you say it !


I don’t want to make excuses… But I miss Heidi !

She, she was already dead to all of this and her body was vibrating with another contentment than the one produced by the Universal Love.


So, I wanted to tell you. I understand my old friend’s decisions…


Despite all that you have shown him, he has returned with the same impulses as the others, all the others, who are conditioned by the emotions-sensations-visions-enthusiasms of Major Bam that they call Universal Love… or God… or Buddha.


But I have seen and felt your suffering for not yet being able to open the « Path of Departure » through another ordinary human’s body.


Because I know that this path cannot be opened by « you »… because you, you do not come from the base, but from above !

You need an ordinary man to make the « path » in « matter » that you open to him in « light » through your knowledge.


I have understood, you know !


I have understood with you and also « you of now » that it is the minor Bam, the matter of « now » of the man who decides to propel himself in the vibration of the medium Bam, then the Major Bam…

It is « the ordinary man » who decides « to make himself vibrate differently » !


I have understood and felt it through you and you of now.


I have understood that it is the Bam that propels himself in the Yam.


I have understood that it is the Yam that breaks with the Bam.


I have understood that it is the Yam that breaks the Order of the Creation, that propels himself into the « Nothing ».


And all that starts from « the ordinary man »!… and it is up to him to make the « Voyage ».


You have shown me in your action with the Rimpoche, that the Voyage in the Death is not done only without the body… The greatness of the man is to do it with the body. Thus he is « master » of his future.


But you failed with my old friend… whereas it was not even a question of « leaving the boat » but of returning as a Yam aware of the problem of Bam and not to continue to help and add value to this unconsciousness that always pushes to drown in the Universal Love...

To be a conscious Yam who kills the lie… Like you, you were it !


And now with my old friend, there is you, and you of now. You are two in action. What a mess you will be able to produce together !… I shudder to think of it in every hair of my skin…

But I must also confess to you that I would like to be my friend in your hands !


And when I see that you have already succeeded in provoking sufficiently the Major Yam to make move the founder of the Tibetan Buddhism… and that you give him a new impulse to play his moves again … because like you, he had lost in his desire to make the Bam vibrate according to the Intelligence of the Yam…


And that you are programming a new incarnation of a Being that was never incarnated, by provoking the Chaos and the Nothing… I do not know what it will happen to my old friend and the future of the man, nor mine.


I must tell you without detour, in the secret of my heart, that my first emotion while learning the news was: « Magnificent ! »…


And the second was a deep concern, almost an anguish that seized me in the belly and the following words came to be inscribed in front of the eyes: « The Infernal Quartet »…

It is how the Bam reacts and understands « your » action.


So take good care of yourself, my son… You are already dead, but I don’t want you to suffer even more…

I know that in order not to suffer the best way at the men is to « do nothing »… Then they can die in all the daily actions without knowing that they die…

I know that the life is in the action… I know… But I fear for you… So be careful.

Pass the message to « you of after »… I have a difficulty in communication with Him, since Heidi left… He is wary of me and I must say it advisedly… Because Him, he knows how I am weak. But « you » you still believe that I am a True Seeker of Truth… and it was your loss the last time to believe in me to the very end of your life.


So, I just told you my concerns, my weaknesses and still my fears…

I have also told you about my undestanding of the man’s weakness and his choices.


But in my soul of Father who loves you and has loved you almost madness, I tell you gently :


« Don’t pay attention to me… Don’t pay attention to us, the fearful and frifhtened human… Hit the road like a Great… As you like to cut the path in front of you… And don’t worry if your machete cuts an arm or a leg to us on the way… even the neck !


Even if I don’t know if I will be able one day to accept the path that you have shown us and that you are clearing, this path must exist in the memory of the man.


Go ! …

I don’t know if the best for you is to come back alive.

It would be best for us !… Only for us.

So don’t worry about us… Hit the road and I will record in my consciousness your « acts » and « they » will be in the memory of the man…


You are not alone, my son !

The one who is your Father and who would like to be your son.


The Rimpo has slept badly; he announces it to me directly when I pass the door of his pad, with his wrinkled face and a wizened body.

I already suspected it from the attitude of the monks who accompanied me to his door; they were weak, sad and worried.

In these « spiritual » circuits when the Master is not well, everyone is not well.

    - I have had Guru Rimpoche all the night with me… and he gave me great Teachings, he says while I put my buttocks on the divan in front of him.


The monks were following the movement that I had initiated, even if their agreement was not in their eyes, that I am on the same level as their Rimpo.

    - Ah yes, I say…


I am not too astonished with the turbo that the Padma had in his ass yesterday evening, after our nice meeting filled with delicacy. So the old Tibetan starts to tell. I do not have to push him; he is very impressed with the quantity of new Knowledge that his Guru has offloaded to him.

     - I know now that the personal intelligence of the matter is not an innate intelligence but an accumulated intelligence.

      - Ah, well !

    - I also know that this accumulated intelligence can produce constructions, but that will remain in a closed circuit, even if they can be of an extraordinary power for the action in the ordinary life… These are these closed constructions that were produced by the Bön, before the arrival of Guru Rimpoche in Tibet.

      - Ah, well !

     - It is necessary to have an Innate Intelligence to go beyond the circles of the thought which is only the decoder of the memory accumulated by the personal intelligence.

      - Ah, well !

      - Guru Rimpoche was this Innate Intelligence !

      - Ah, well !

   - It is for that that he has subdued the Böns because he had this possibility of transforming the vibration of the energy which is matter in a finer and more powerful vibration.

     - Ah, well !

    - In fact, he told me that he did not subdue the Böns because it is not possible to subdue anything… He has transformed the vibration of the matter they were using into another vibration and then the fruit escaped them and came into his hands.

     - Ah, well !

    - He showed me that there is thus no fight. The ordinary man believes that because when he sees that the fruit escapes from one person and comes in the hands of another, it is because this other has removed it from the hands of the first… But in fact there is nothing of that…

     - Ah, well !

    - It is a transfer of energy by modification of the radiation and the energy returns because it has always an addressee: the creator of the vibration.

    - Ah, well !


He breathes like a steam locomotive struggling up a hill.

    - It is an enormous discovery for me and the whole System that is mine!

    - Ah, well !


He has to have some more air. The information is too big for him and his Tradition.

    - Yes !… I have thus received an essential teaching: the lamaïsme, such as it exists since the departure of Guru Rimpoche, has a support which is the accumulated intelligence.

    - Ah, well !


Touched, the old man !

    - He has lost his fight !… It is the power of this personal Intelligence that makes everything and recovers everything !

    - Ah, well !

    - His « Innate Intelligence » has lost !

    - Ah, well !


He looks at me like the codfish out of the water and which has trouble breathing.

    - So all that we have built is a deck of cards of an extraordinary power that can have an action in the world of the human… But that is no longer « Him » !

    - Ah, well !


He is pale, the Rimpo, with this new knowledge that messes up in his emotional system.

    - He has insisted so much on that !… That is not « Him » and he does not recognize what we have built as at « Him » !

    - Ah, well !

He looks at me like the idiot who does not understand the importance that one is wittering on and on to him.

    - Then the construction of our Tradition is of another Dimension than « Him »… and it is a lie to lean on Him to validate our existence.

     - Ah, well!


He would almost become angry about it, the old man !

     - But do you really understand what I say !… What he told me !… That our Tradition is a personal fruit that has no connection with the Intelligence He brought to Tibet… And that the Intelligence we use is the same as that of the Bön, with whom besides we are once again « friends »… So our « fruit » is ours and He refuses to say himself involved by this fruit.

     - Ah, well !

   - He has shown « something else » of the Creation and a very particular manner to make vibrate the matter which is the only reality of the daily life for his action.

    - Ah, well !

    - Is that all it produces on you ?

    - Yes, I say, to change the theme.


The Rimpo is interrogator. I leave him to his story. I am saddened that such a Tradition does not have the minimum knowledge of the functioning of the Universe, of the presence of these two intelligences that no longer agree for ages ago with the « matter » like challenge.


But he is started and I do not have to encourage him to continue.

    - So he has shown me that this ordinary intelligence came directly from the matter, as I was telling it to you… And that it is an increasingly powerful organizer for the creation of new objects, new discoveries, new knowledge…

     - Ah, well!

   - That this intelligence is also connected with the sensations and all the physical and psychic manifestations that are creations of this space of matter.

    - Ah, well!

    - That it is a whole which builds itself… on itself… and organizes a logic which is self-justifing and self-reinforcing at each moment.

     - Ah, well !

  - That these constructions can be of a phenomenal genius, of an extraordinary operationality… But it is not « Him » Guru Rimpoche… It is not « Him » !

    - Ah, well !


He has trouble to take the shock, the Rimpo. The separation between his Guru and his Tradition !…

And he wonders what is really going on in this mess that seems to be the « life ».

    - He has thus shown me that there are two Forces that build this « World »… It is their meeting that makes the life !

    - Ah, well !

    - He has shown me that one of the Forces has taken the power.

    - Ah, well !

    - And that this Power makes the man and his consciousness turn in closed circuit.

    - Ah, well !

    - But that the power developed by this Force becomes extraordinary and it is able now to make « this world » all alone… It is at least what it tries to do and is not far from succeeding.

    - Ah, well !

    - That it is then a « new world » in construction and that the future of the man will no longer be connected to this Innate Intelligence… There will be another intelligence programmed into the matter…

    - Ah, well !


He expresses his anger in front of these new possibilities of the human.

    - But you do not understand ?…. There has been this separation between the two Intelligences for a very long time… But the « world » needed « both » to exist… Now it would need only « one » to procreate !

    - Ah, well !

    - But you do not understand what is being created ?

    - And then ? I say to change register.


The Rimpo remains the mouth open. So I continue all alone.

   - So what ? … There has well been separation between the two intelligences since ages ago… And the consequence is this created world that is the « fruit » of only one… And now, you say, or your Guru explains to you that the future creation will continue with this only intelligence and that the other will be chucked out.

    - Yes, he says, sheepishly to be put back so quickly into simple realities.

   - So, where is the problem ?… Life continues ! I say laughing, with the elbow raised high in order to gulp down a mouthful of butter tea.


I throw the swig into my gullet while it is the Rinpo who has difficulty swallowing…


But you know the Zen story « When a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo there is a tidal wave in New York ».

It is of course a Jap story because the water, it is for the Yankees ! … Charity begins at home.


     - But the Life is done without Guru Rimpoche, he has difficulty to articulate.

    - But it has been like that for more than a thousand years !… So where is your bone in the gullet, Uncle ?

     - But… and « us ».

     - Us, who ?

     - But, our Tradition ?

    - You are going to continue as in the past… to manufacture an energetic flux capable of provoking many movements in this world created by the intelligence of the matter.

     - But !


I look at him laughing.

    - The problem, Uncle… It is that you cannot accept that your dream is behind… That you can no longer cling onto your Guru and bask in the sun of the flux you have created… Here is your « bone » Uncle… And your emotional securities clear off and you are very shocked like the starry-eyed girl who sees her first hairy cock.

   - Yes… I recognize… To continue without Guru Rimpoche is for me unthinkable, impossible… I prefer to die than to abandon him.

     - But he has been on the roadside for more than a thousand years !

    - Yes… But I did not know it ! He roars by sitting upright.

    - And now the future « fruit » does not seem so succulent to you ?

    - Yes.

    - So you do no longer want to bask in the sun of this Tradition which is yours and which has known so well how to build a valley of compassion in which we take a bath that makes us blissful ?

    - No… I do not want anymore !

    - You do no longer want to come back to this world and continue to help it in this construction of « happiness » ?

    - No, I do not want anymore.

    - But what has thus become of your compassion ? I say, hardly ironic.


I give him time and he does not take it because he is staggered, the old decrepit man ! 

So I continue for him, just to give him time to recover a little saliva.

    - So in your extreme compassion, think of all those who are building this « new world » of which they are going to be the total master with the possibility of programming the emotional data…

    - Yes ?

   - So… What are you able to give them as a replacement apart from the same supports that your Tradition has been organizing for more than a thousand years ?


Touched in the heart, the old buddy of the wrinkled old not beautiful who is worried to send me billet-doux


Hey !… You have noticed that the old shorn who would like to be my Father, does not think of the pigeon who arrived exhausted and all sweaty to the point that to keep it on form, because I was concerned about his survival, I took him to the kitchens. They have all been very kind to him and promised not to prepare the oven for the cooking because they all are vegetarians.


This little interlude in the kitchen has allowed me to notice that the Rimpo’s daughter has a radiant face with the breasts swollen with happiness… Did the old man’s Guru go and make double-bid with the girl after having briefed the dad ?

I have an impression in this sense and there are silences in the kitchens with innuendos that let think that the young girl was not alone that night and that she impressed a good number of monks who look at each other to guess the one who has won the lottery.

That would be also the worry that I feel piercing under the old man’s skin and that does not come from his « Teaching ».

Besides he seems to wake up from a long lethargy and he says :

    - What I want, it is to join Guru Rimpoche, wherever he is.


His voice is soft and determined. He has no emotion. He wants. He says.

    - Then it will be necessary to go in the Yam, I say.

    - I do not know what the Yam is, but I will go, he says in the same quiet voice.

    - Hon, hon… I say.


He massages his chin.

    - Is it a big voyage ? he asks me.

    - Bigger than you think it, I say.

    - Can you tell me more ?

   - You will have to forget about the stones that you have in the pockets to cross the river, I say.

    - What stones ?

    - Those of your attractions, I say gently.


He is not used to hearing me say the words softly. Also he frowns.

    - That is so difficult ?

    - Yes, I say…

    - Why ?

  - You will have not to believe and follow your impulses of contentment and satisfaction.


He remains a moment silent, then he says :

    - I understand.

    - No, you do not understand with the body… only with your head, I say.

    - It is for that it is so difficult ?

    - Yes.


He resumes time in the chronological time then he says :

    - I will do it.


His voice was clear and soft; a voice of the one who has taken a decision and who will keep to it.

He will not argue again with himself.


But he does not know yet what are the reflexes in front of the facts that lead you on a soaped slope and one realizes it too late, when the impulse of Yam is destroyed in the Bam.

Then it remains to go the back square one and wait for a new event in order to testify to our immediate impulses.

But the problem is that this new event will be produced by a new impulse of the Yam pushing the Bam… And if this Yam is tired of always starting again, the Bam will remain on the roadside.

This, the Bam does not know it. He believes that the Yam will always be there to serve him at the moment when he wants and how he wants it.

The particularity of Bam is his disinterest of the functioning of the Yam and an absence of concern for him, to help him and support him.


So how will hold the old man’s resolution in front of the heartbreak always widened between his Guru and his Tradition ?

I remain sceptical.

Even though I know his Guru is going into overdrive after our meeting of this night, I do not forget that the last time he has made the choice of the comfort provided by his Tradition.


Also I remain in the background and do not commit myself in his words and promises.

I will help him to the best with my Powers… But my Powers are only operational if there is acceptance of my intervention… of my penetration !

And I am not sure that the Rimpo is in acceptance of the penetration. He has always been the « Master » and he is not yet ready to leave this stage.

For the moment, for him, I am the provider of Energy allowing him to have this privileged and intimate contact with his Guru… and the spectator of his own theater.