Alignment of spirit


« The only alignment which interests me is the one

which permits to touch the matter of God. »



« Alignment is a term frequently used but very dangerous because it can established a rule, a rigidity contrary to the relaxation of the Direct Way and its modes of working.

When one speaks about alignment, one must ask the question: why, through what and how to be align?


....Direct Way has like only and unique destination to go to Heaven....


« Well, alignment in my mouth, alignment in Direct Way is very simply the attention and the using of the means permitting to go to this territory that we call God, this great territory of the equality where the name of unhappiness does not exist and there is nobody looking for happiness, this brilliant strength of life, from which everything is born and everything is built, and that action is born, that everything is freed without even leaving traces . This, for me, is alignment.» Christian


« Only your alignment of spirit can lead towards the Heaven this new energy which is released by the a great attention to is determining. » Christian 


«I will draw the attention of all these people who say to want to go to happiness, to want happiness whereas they use means which make unhappiness. I will tell them: you are not aligned.» Recording


« It is obliged that the emotional comes back, but there will be those who can say: who is moved? Who has a problem? Who feels bad? I do not let myself catch by that! I have seen how to do, I have this vision of my perfection, I know that I receive a help, I accept the things such as they are, I have my alignment, I continue to work in the respect of this alignment, and never mind what occurs on the level of my emotion, never mind if I will receive with happiness or with difficulty the assistance which is brought to me by the one who is inside the tower.» ICK 7




« It is that alignment: to be well in possession and to be well aligned regarding the means which one will use for the result that one says to want to reach. It is a lie when one uses means which do not have like objective, like result and like destination, the space, the state, in which one says to want to arrive.


It is necessary to pay great attention to that. It is not a rule, if not that will still establish an additional coercion. It is quite simply the question: What do you want of your life? Can you give yourself the means to succeed in it, if of course you are honest in your formulation? Therefore, you must be aligned regarding the means to obtain the destination, the goal, that you wish. Therefore, it is necessary to be very precise and careful with this term of alignment and this sentence: « you must be aligned ». Already, one is mistaken when one has said the term « must ». One has already left the Direct Way: there is no obligation in it. There is quite simply a question of honesty. There is only truth which releases. Then, my question is always: what do you want to live? Say it frankly. It is not worthwhile to create a virtual dream which then will drain your energy while at the same time you do not at all have the desire to go where you say you want to go. So, be honest because your energy system cannot lie. And you cannot lie to your energy system. In any case, it will put in mobilization your energy according to your real intention and not according to the intention that you show openly like your destination. You will be uncovered like liar.» Christian




« However, he was suffocated of happiness that this son knows these principles of alignments and he knew that it is his only chance to enter the world of the attention..»

Tiger Man 15