Challenge of the life



Challenge 1 of the life


Creation has put all its power in the body: the reserve of energy in the cells, the tool of working in the senses. To act naturally is to mobilize the body according to the intention with which we have been created. As the bee which leaves the beehive and returns with the fruit of its work...It has no choice but to do as it has been created. For human, there is a filter, call the Grid, which can stop this movement on the way back. It can keep for him the fruit of his work and eventually forget the reason of his presence on Earth. He then acts in a personal way and no more for Creation. Direct Sight permits to act again naturally. It shows us how to avoid the pitfalls of this filter, how to prepare the body, how to fortifie it, how to dance....


walking 3 


Challenge 2 of the Life


By a decision of the HEART , by a love for the Original Perfection, we can once again forget our personal interest and act for Creation. We become again intimate with « the power of this first ORIGINAL centre of command of action and of behaviour» (walking 4) Seing what we know just to do, the practices of the Direct Sight give us the Force to do it. As the bee which does not keep for it the pollen collected, but gives it to the whole swarm.


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Challenge 3 of the Life


And to complicate a little bit more...There exists: « a joker built by the Grid to make you believe that you can «freely» play your life in accordance with your will and your feeling. In fact, this player is the master card of the Grid for getting its will through your action by making you believe that it has nothing to do with it.» walking 23 

Here too « only the HEART permits to «relativize» your lack »... the suffering which stems from it, and to go out of the voluntarism to want to escape from it by yourself....what is impossible.....




"These words said to him that the Life saves itself with the Life

and not with gestures of the death."

Tiger Man 14