« You, where are you? You believe to have the capacity to choose your space? But no, because you are automatically in the flow of separation because it is the humankind which has helped for the constitution of this flow. Then in any case you are inside...." fundamental knowledges 5




This is the greatness of the man... he has the choice.... to go to heaven or to stay in hell!!!

...the choice to orient his action according to his duty or according to his attractions...


«I have already told you , when you have an important choice to make, to ask you frankly and without roundaboutway « would I like me like that ? », « would I like me here in there and in this action …. » That would not say that you will take the best of decisions (although that way to proceed leads you the most often at what is very desirable for you and the maintenance of your forces) but at least your stupidities will be yours and the only approach capable to perfect you. You never learn anything in falling on the stupidities from the others, but to understand that you would have better do yours, but it is a lot of time lost.» walking 5 



« The choice does not settle on a rule

but on Love.

With what are you in love? »





"Because the question of the choice never arises when one is in love with this Force… of the Origin of the Creation. There is no doubt. There is no uncertainty. The only reality is this Love and this Love does not have conditions, does not have adjustment, does not have interrogation.

The only interrogation of this Force is only: “how I will do that?”

It is an interrogation on the means to use… not on the foundation of the choice!

Also when there is choice, there is automatically the love on the side of the men… The love of the men in priority is already to have lost the relationship to this Force because if the Love is not liked, the Love goes away! …. It is a great lie said to the men to make them believe that the Heaven is always there and that the earth can use it as it wants, when it wants… and to thank it as it wants it!"

Tiger Man 22