«Confidence is the door.

Confidence in what you are, in this mobilization of your heart which wants to leave your prison.»

flight. 17 



....Confidence in the practices and in the teachings of THE ONE WHO SEES, of THE ONE WHO HAS DONE THE WALKING...confidence in the means which give access to this SIGHT.....confidence is not to follow blindly...simply by using the means given, without comentaries or discussions, to go and check by oneself...


« I tell you : never accept what I say to you. Go and check by yourself. I give you the means of something. You use them or you do not use them , but check, pay attention to the event which taps on the keyboard and how it acts on your computerclavier. …..

……I ask you very simply, if you want to work with me, to carry, only, attention and to check if what I say to you is right or not» Christian



« Everything can be very simple! You must only on the one hand have confidence to “let” this Force “act” and on the other hand “to act” yourself, under the impulse of the knowledge now very clearly present. » walking 10 


« So, if you want to benefit from this Royal Way, which is this Art of behaviour and of action, act without asking yourself questions. Be confident with your practice. Be confident with this vivacious Strength which goes out of the cells of your body. Let it work. It knows better than you what is good for you. It is building a new home for you! Leave the little monkey of the reasoning brain, which wants to understand everything. Accept not to understand everything. In return, happiness will be in your body and peace in your heart. » walking 2 


« knows itself and it will directly go at the right place. Trust this immediate action even if intellectually you have a doubt.» walking 4 




« He lets the breath guide the life. He can do nothing else but he has confidence because without this faith nothing is possible..»

Tiger Man 3