The Grid



The grid likes to do exactly as its pleases....and do not realize that doing so, it wraps itself more and more in a lot of all tangled up threads....

It, which loves the sensation...does not have either ears or eyes...

It is empty and wants to be filled but is insatiable...

It is a perpetual unsatisfied....




«On the way back from the space of life (vibration of the senses with the creation of the space of sensuality) to the cells of the body, the energy mobilized crosses a filter that is called the “grid”, because it is like a wire netting with threads and gaps. When one touches a thread, the entire wire netting is put into vibration and uses the energy that it thus captures. Some people call it the Devil because it plays its own game. It has the possibility to divert towards itself up to 90% of the energy produced by the mobilization of the senses under the impulse of the strength of the Universal Love. It lives from this energy and develops irrespective of the life plan put in place by Bam at the time of the creation of the body. Only 10-20% of the energy produced by the action returns to the cells, just enough to assure them a survival permitting them to continue their emission of Love towards the senses… So this filter lives off this energy that it captures during the crossing of its space.» walking 3



« The grid also called matrix, is the one which is called, in the christian system, the Devil. Except that it is not a person, it is not a being. It is a space. It is a space which works like all the spaces, in its welcoming side and in its action side.


In its welcoming side, it does not accept the development of all what is called Dignity, all what is called Heaven, all what is called real generosity of the heart.

In its active side, it is a liar. It is the one which pushes to this organisation. It is an eater of enthusiasm. It is a creator of sadness by the destruction of the gaiety which is a matter of the Heaven.


....You are in the space of the grid because of your human body, because there has had, at a given moment, a separation inside the space of the dignity. This separator has created its personal space and the human system is in this personal system.» Christian


« You must know that there exists a force which naturally pushes you to refuse the essential of your life and which will make going out of the memory of your cells all the chemistry which will allow it to take the space of your body. It is thus that doubt settles, that the discouragement and the devitalization settle.


Look very simply at the means that you use and you will know straightaway if you are here to widen the space or to narrow it. If you are here to give enthusiasm for the life or on the contrary to carry discouragement and doubt. Look.» Christian


«...the Grid closes space.

It closes the comprehension of the space.

It rigidifies the space. »

Thieves 1 






« The grid is only virtual. Without the human being inside it, it does not exist anymore. It is a virtual being. I will never repeat it enough. It is for that one cannot act directly on it. But it is nevertheless a real force, exactly like the draft released by a car, which goes very quickly. This draft can be so strong that it pushes back people who are nearby and the child will say that the car has pushed him. It is not the car which touched him, it is the draft of the car. If the car goes slowly there will be no draft which will move the child. However, it is a real force, although it does not exist. It is about what humanity has a lot of difficulty to understand when one explains to it that all that is an illusion. It is an illusion which has nevertheless a very practical, very real action. There is nevertheless an energy object created which is called a draft. And this draft it is also a force.» Christian


« If we have taken a body, if we came in this incarnation, it is not to escape from this humanity, it is to live in it according to the rules of Creation, according to the mobilization and the enthusiasm of Creation and no more according to the rules of the grid, its heaviness, its tiredness, its doubt, its dissatisfaction etc » Christian





« The lie is the direct word of the grid.» C.L





"That one there will not be misled. He will know immediately the lie. He will feel like a blade into the flesh the least failure of the word with the movement of the action.

Then that one, it will be necessary to tell him the truth of the things and this truth will pass by the gestures of the one who will speak."

Tiger Man 10