"By the attention to the instant, it means to what is happening now and that in great relaxation and without particular concentration, quite simply by a true attention, what is the real meditation: the real meditation is quite simply the extreme attention that you are carrying to what I am saying to you, by this attention to the instant, to what is happening, now, you active a force inside you that you will feel like a Presence.

And without this Presence, there is no possibility of work because this Presence is the mobilization of the Intelligence of the Creation that you have inside each one of the cells and the particles of your body." Recording


At the beginning, what do you have around you and with you?

It is a space where you perceive how, on the one hand it welcomes your movement, and on the other hand how it will lead and also provoke your movement. It is not only passive, it is also active.


From this attention, when your attention is true, there is the activation of this reactive force, this Intelligence of the Source that you have inside each one of your cells.

This activation, you feel it like a Presence inside you. Like a double look which sees you in the river and at the same time outside the river. It is something of very particular, of very special. It is deeply physical.



And this Presence, you cannot perceive it and implement it without a considerable attention to what is around you, in what is space.

If you dissociate you from this space which is carrier of the energy which circulates at this moment to make your small theoretical bubble and to say: « I go, by underground meditations, to be locked up in a cellar, a cave or a monastery, to perceive this Presence » you have nothing at all. You have nothing at all. You will implement only virtual. Your peace will not be related to a life, but will be related to an absence of life.

It is that, this Presence.


And without it, nothing starts!

I can say that it is with it that everything starts! » Christian


« It is this Presence, which is your force of liberation » Christian





« What do you have to get out of trouble? Only your Presence, only this Intelligence which is in all your particles which can vibrate under the attention that we carry to them and make so that the mechanism of the grid cannot organize your energy system, it means cannot make it vibrate according to it and in its dimension» Christian



« You must start from what you are, from your obviousnesses, but with having the full perception that they are relatives. Thus, by this presence to your relativity, paying attention to your relativity, you implement and enlive this internal force called Presence, this double look, this double intelligence» Christian








« It is when this Presence is born that the human adventure really begins. It is from this moment that the walking truly begins.


In fact, it is not born since it was already inside the memory of all the cells of your body. It is quite simply that there is this force, a double form of lucidity regarding the event which is finally released from your cells.


Why has it been released?

Energy goes where attention is.

When you pay really attention to this process of tapping away at your keyboard putting then in movement your computer, the energy which is involved in this attention will put in movement this Presence, which is also inside your computer, i.e. inside all your cells....


The attention that you will develop with the tapping away at your keyboard and the interaction that will provoke on your computer, this attention, will touch a very precise point of the memories of the cells of your body. It is the release of this Presence, of this double look from which will at least, begin your course of knowledge of yourself and of the universe. It is from there that this walking will begin.


What this Presence is? What is there inside your cells which was not released before and which made that you could only be the leaf submitted to all the winds and the pebble submitted to all the waves?


There is an origin of the Creation that one calls the Source. But inside even of that, at the bottom, there is a look on what it is, on its function, on its creation. And this look has an intelligence. The word intelligence is created by all our mental and discursive systems.

In fact, it is far beyond. There is nothing of discursive. There is nothing of reasoned. The analytical and reasoned brain is exploded by this intelligence, which is quite simply an intuitive comprehension, an immediate and spontaneous comprehension of all what occurs. And beyond this comprehension, there is a phenomenal outburst of affection.


When one can release this intelligence of the Source, of the body of the Creation, this intelligence which is inside each cell of your body, there is the creation of an internal chemistry, of a state of being, which is this double look allowing at least to decode the information which passes in your body without being submitted to this information and this dance. Do you understand? It is something of very physical. You perceive, there, that there is an intelligence which understands all what occurs, without being inside, and yet, it is in your body and that makes vibrate all the systems of fibers, of mechanisms, of remembering etc.


And this double look makes it possible to say “Stop” by the total comprehension of what is occurring. And as this intelligence is one of the qualities of the Source itself, a quality of Creation, this force has the extraordinary power to stop all the mechanism of the dance which was disturbing all your system of the body, all your movements, all your action-reactions regarding the environment with the others, and also with yourself etc.


This Presence is beyond all the analytical and reasoned brain. It is beyond all apparent contradictions. If one says: it is necessary to let make, it is necessary to pay attention etc it is beyond all that. There is a total perception of the event which understands all the mechanism of it and which has the capacity, at the same time, of tapping away differently at the keyboard of the computer. I say well: who has the possibility of tapping away ,differently, at the keyboard connected to your computer i.e. connected with all your body system, with your perception, with your life with the environment.

Thus, more and more, you will have the answer to your questioning: “But what is at tapping away at my keyboard? Who is making function my computer now? Which are the forces, the movements, the internal chemistries, which are being released from my cells and dancing in my body, to be master of my movement, to be master of my perception, to be master of my affection?» Christian





« The Presence is thus exclusively related to the flow of Dignity, and you will then perceive, that God has never abandoned the man, because this Presence has been given to the man as tool complementary to the flow of Dignity so that he can find his origin back, so that he can decode what occurs around him, because this Presence, and you will perceive it afterwards, it is the radar of the flow of Dignity which makes it possible to perceive the movement of the flow of pleasure!


Because, as I have already said it to you, you are automatically in the flow of pleasure, owing to the fact that you were born, it is the flow of pleasure which has taken the controls of all the emotional system, and that reinforced by all the education system, which has been completely settled in this flow there!


Then without this Presence, without this development of this Presence and its reinforcement, the flow of Dignity does not have any possibility of being perceived itself. The flow of pleasure, it is then like a mask and it is for that, that when you came the first time towards me, you expressed yourself while saying « it misses me something, there is something of me somewhere, that I have left somewhere, I do not know where it is, but that miss me! ”… and this something, it is the flow of Dignity behind the flow of pleasure, but which does not have the access to the activity of the daily life, which is entirely filled out by the flow of pleasure, since the daily life has been based exclusively on the system of the emotion, of the feeling and of the reasoning, and of the nourishment by displacement.» Christian



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« It is the look and the force of the Master which gives him this presence with himself and he knows it. He knows that it is this presence which replaces him in his existence of man who walks, it is not him that has given birth to it. »

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