View - to see




« What I teach is a Way. The Direct Way is the formulation that I have adopted because at the beginning, I have said that I teached the Direct View. But the reptilian brain cannot understand what the Direct View is, so I have called it the Direct Way.....

Finally, I do not know how is called what I teach, but, me, I have a View...

So, I teach a means to reach this View. I realize, that if me, handicapped from birth and was born with this View, the others have the capacity to have the same possibility. Thus I have set up the means allowing them to reach this View.


This View which frees from everything.

It is the Direct View....


But, it is so easy to lose the reason of one existence.

If you approach my teachings for this View, you are still lost because you do not have the movement which will allow you to touch what I want to show you.


What is this View for?

It is not use to free the man of all his little stories, his little sufferings, even if effectively he will get rid of them. But it is not the objective.


The objective is to see our total and complete relation with the Creation.

And in this relation, to perceive which is the reason of our existence on Earth. This reason is not to give oneself pleasure, to have this Supreme View to well organized our life on Earth, to realize a magnificent cultural, full of fondness, human tissue.


Thus, there is no more question like: « what is this life for?»

We are no longer lost. We do no longer escape. One is in a magnificent relation with this Original wound which one is the tool which will enliven the medicine, this Gentleness. Simply.

The essence, the heart of the reason of our presence on Earth.» Christian



To see


« When I talk about view, it does not automatically mean: to see. When I talk about a photographic objective, it is not necessarily a view. It is also a feeling, intelligence, a heart. You can perceive in four ways: with view, intelligence, heart, understanding. But, whatever the way is, there is a focusing of the tool. The example of the camera really permits you to feel the effects of this principle. You have to seek the clearness, the precision, and decide what the clearness will act upon, which event is to be clear, the rest can become more or less hazy.» walking 23



« That happens behind my forehead. It is as if there was a view by there, something else that the one of my eyes which looks at every day..»

Tiger Man 5