The other



« This is « the other » who is the challenge of the life !

All what I can teach you, it is that « the other exits ! »

Do you understand ?»



"It is because for the majority of people, the other does not exist, that one imposes one’s own rhythms and one’s own wills on him. We do no longer speak, at this level, of ordinary rhythms; we are in energy, the vitality of the creatrive life. When the other does not exist, we are the center of the world, the center of the space. Whatever one does or says, everything must always turn around oneself. One judges according to one’s impressions and sensations.


This is a blessing to intimately know that the other exists.

A true blessing !


From this moment, one has abandoned the center of the world. One has no more center. One does no longer function regarding a stake to which one is attached, whatever the length of the tether is. Something extraordinary happens then: ONE HAS FORGOTTEN ONESELF ! Those who do not escape to this center, never forget themselves.» flight 20




« To move everything without moving anything, to pass the most quietly and the most meanly possible in a space, not to disturb, not to hustle and to pay enormously attention to the emotional nourishment to the life, enormously attention to the other. I say well: an enormous attention to the other. To pay attention to the other, it is to know intimately in the deepest of you that the other is made of two parts: there is this splendid Dignity, this Force of Creation, this splendid Light that you see, and around this splendid Light, there are the onion skins, with the result that the person is not automatically physically pretty. And all of a sudden, one is confronted with this not beautiful side of the person. Whereas one knows that there is inside each one this Perfection, this sublime Light, and to pay attention to the other, it is quite simply to be deeply interested by the sublime Light that there is in each one.

And it is not easy, because the first contact is with this greasy, not beautiful body. And sometimes it is difficult, if one looks at external side to be convinced that behind this not beautiful side, there is this Light. Thus you are obliged to see that internal side, because you, you know what occurs and you have a vision of the Light, and you only look at that, because Love is pleased in Love, Gentleness likes Gentleness, and you do not discuss anymore with the reasoned intelligence, you like the beauty at the other. You are concerned with the Dignity in the other. And this enormous interest that you have for his beauty and his dignity does that, finally, you do not even see anymore this so heavy body.» C.L.


« Understand well, one does not act by moving the other to obtain a nourishment which is of good quality, one does not even occupy of our own nourishment, one has a complete concern of the other, one has an essential concern, and it is that which leads to this right action…» Christian




« He will need a lot of time to make him feel

that the other is only himself and

that it is not used to fight him. »

Tiger Man 9 





To forget oneself


« They had never perceived and felt that when the body is “for oneself”,

it is prisoner of the sensations, perceptions, visions…

and all what can be produced by the Force which leads to be separated

of the natural movement of Creation.

They had never perceived the contentment, the joy, the enthusiasm of the body

when it has forgotten itself and gives itself fully to the movement.»

Tiger Man 19



"However when one forgot his personal claim at the existence, and that one follows the Order of the Creation that We are with our innate Intelligence, there is a sensation of love and of well being which develops in the body and the spirit of the one who will have acted according to the Order of the Universe.


- But for that the man will have « to forget himself » as you say it so well, says Padma ironical.

- But so that he forgets himself, as I say it so well… he will have to touch the happiness to forgot himself, I smile.

- And that is possible only if he practices Our Gestures because we are only Action, he continues ironic.

- It is indeed our weakness, I say.

- I could say our greatness not to be able to oblige… It is a relation of love! he continues."

Tiger Man 76