The target



Here is what happens when we are in the center of the target :

Here is what happens when we are at the side of the center of the target :


"But the ordinary man has not understood that. He fantasizes about the extraordinary Powers of what « is »… He is not aware that one is there still in a space which limits the action.


Then, as he did not understand that, he wastes a colossal time to play with his sensations, visions and knowledges of Bam, like sweet things.


He does not understand what a richness is to have a body!


If he understands it, he does not waste any more time with the perimetral games and goes right to the center of the target. Right in the heart.


And then for him, each breathing is a total commitment for his Freedom."

Tiger man 72




"- Master… my Master sent me near you to improve my knowledge of the Archery… and for now a week that I am with you, you still have not shown me something of this Noble Art.

The old man took his time, sitting on his cushion of meditation facing the young man.

- I do not believe that my old friend sent you towards me to improve “your knowledge of the Archery”, he says gently… It is you in your consciousness which has organized his words according to your comprehension.

- I do not understand, says Ange, this time really interrogative and without irony.

- He said to you, my old friend… “Go to improve your Knowledge of the Arc and of the Arrow”, added the old man in a slow movement of his lips.

- But it is the same thing, says the young man… It is only one play on the words!

- Not, it is not the same… says the old man… Because the Arc is your body… and the Arrow is your spirit… And you must learn how to coordinate them with wisdom in a Target which is the ordinary life of the every day.

- What means ? asked Ange this time well questioned .

- That means, my very young friend… that you must know to appreciate each situation like a “Target” and to know to choose your method of action which is “the Arc”… then to pass in action which is the “Arrow”…

Thus you strike the target which is the space of life with your Will and your Action is right and without fault…

Thus you are the strongest everywhere and you controls the space… And the one who is Master of the Space is Master of each situation and can go without fear in any poison since he knows the antidote."

Tiger Man 49