To block the thought



«What does to block the thought means ?

There exists in the person, in her body, what she will call her spirit, her brain with a very curious internal monologue, which is enormously consumer of energy: the thought which always turns behind itself, the thoughts align the ones after the others and leads you in their space. And the space, then, leads to the movement, leads to think, leads the words since it is the movement which leads, which creates the words, and the movement goes even further. So, you find yourself with an internal monologue very consumer of energy and you notice that you did not do anything in your day only to continue continuously your ideas and to be pushed, also, continuously, by your ideas and your thoughts and that you are exhausted at the end of the day. When one is in this constant self-lighting on the level of the thought, it is necessary to find the means of blocking it, or else you are always in such an energy deficit, that you do not have gasole to practice and to nourish practices which them can be liberating for you.

As from the beginning, my concern was: to show how to block the thought ......It is the first of the techniques:


1. Creation of the belt.


If you push very very strongly on the belt, you block your thought.


This possibility is even forgotten by the advanced ones who are upset by excessively important emotional facts arriving in their space. They forget this technique of pushing on the belt, which blocks the thought and which makes it possible to be stronger after than before because the thought had an energy support to be diffused. This support is quite simply of energy which is neither good nor bad. It is only the orientation, it is the vibratory way in which one makes function this matter which will determine that one goes in a hole or in Heaven. In fact, when the vibratory process is stopped, one recovers the matter which is always at disposal and one will put it in action in another side, since in any case you are always in vibratory system. The important thing is to ask: what and who I nourish with this vibratory system? And in a life everything is always in action, always in mobilization, you are always in a vibratory system. The only question is to know if the vibratory system will be the one that you have determined you, with your cultures, your memories, i.e. with the Grid behind, or if it is the vibratory system which is integrated into the initial coding of the Creation in each one of your particles. In fact, you stop an internal monologue which is a vibratory system of your energy matter instituted and settled by the Grid because this vibratory system does not exist in the vibration of the Creation.


Even the advanced ones, even the illuminates still let them be caught by the thought, believing that by dint of thinking they will solve their problems. It is not true:


Thought is always of the past.


Thought is the decoder of the memory, as well as the eye is the decoder of the light, that the ear is the decoder of the sound. Thought is the decoder of the memory, therefore of all what is filed by the reptilian system, by the space of the Grid which has implemented and made the reptilian brain, like the reasoned brain. The reptilian brain and the reasoned brain are tools created by the space of the Grid and the Grid itself to be able to function on the energy system of the man. It is essential to perceive which the origin of the tools which are there and which one uses is, because behind, there is a manufacturer who has a patent. And when his means is used, there are royalties for him. And it is not only a small percentage of royalties, he takes the quasi totality of the energy which is enlivened, if it is not the totality. When I say quasi it is because there is always a small chance, inside oneself, to stop the process. But this chance is so small that one could almost say that it is the totality of the energy which goes in a flow or the other. In this case, it is in the flow of the Grid.


So, thought is always of the past. How can you claim to find something new while continuously going to look for the files and all what has been stored by the memory? If that were possible, run quickly in a library. It is incredible all what there is in a library, all the proposals for a liberation, all the comprehensions of humanity, all the comprehensions of the relation between the man and God, all the comprehension of the Heaven. The memory of the man is fantastic. There is all in it. Except, that it is not this memory which will release you because it is of the past, it is of the former, as interesting that it can be, as true that it can be, nevertheless it is not that which will enable you to touch the matter of the Heaven, which is there now.


It is that the very deep definition of the Direct Way: to touch this MATTER that there is now, or else, you will continuously dream your life.


Thought always shows a dream, always shows a virtual like possibility of liberation. Thought is really very powerful. It has the capacity to create you a problem and to say to you then that it is the only one able to solve it to you, it, this thought, under the impulse of the reptilian space. Later, you will understand that thought is an entirely biological tool, that it has its complete utility. The question is to know which is the Master of this thought, which serves this thought.


Then, to stop with this internal monologue so consumer of energy, with this thought, which makes believe that it will find a solution by re-examining all the computer files, all the files stored and organized in your computer of memory, there is the belt. Thus one has a colossal recuperation of energy. It is the first means, and it is the most immediate means when a big emotional arrives, whatever your level of evolution is because each important emotional event comes to tinkle away on your keyboard and makes automatically leave from the memories of your files, the vibration which mixes with your internal chemistry, i.e. to your general or usual vibration, at least the one that you had at this time. It should be known that as soon as something of new happens, it is integrated immediately into the old, it vibrates on the fabric of the old, it transforms the general vibration and there is not a before and an after. There is, now, in your internal chemistry, the vibration that there was before, plus the vibration which arrives now, which does that it is with the whole that one functions.» Christian




«What is a much more subtle means , much more advanced to stop with this thought which turns around itself, it is :


2. Not to be concerned with the thought anymore


since one can realize that thought is made to think, but to be concerned with the object of the thought. In other words, one will no longer be concerned with the body language, with the energy mobilization organized by the thought around a trouble, an emotional event, but one will be concerned with the emotional event itself, i.e. the problem. It is there that it is much more advanced since one realizes that a problem exists only compared to a space. Either the space creates itself the problem, or the space makes possible for a problem to develop. Inside all your memories, all your cells, there is the memory of the world, there is everything. There is gentleness like spite, there is spite and kindness, there is cleanliness and dirtiness, there is theft and probity etc. There is everything in there. You, what will you let and make vibrate then inside you? An event, dirtiness, spite arrives. They tap away on your keyboard and it is completely normal that they make go out of your memories the dirtiness of the humanity which is, in any case, stored in your memories. When that leaves on your screen computer, you will look after it, will you like it and put it at the energy pump by taking care of it, by making function the third fundamental energy law or you will say to it: “Already known, perceived, digested, you can go back from where you come, that does not interest me. I do not even speak about it”?


A problem can develop only inside one space. Outside this space: no problem....

Whatever the problem is, whatever the emotional system is, it can only function on an energy fabric welcoming its particular vibration. In other words, it can only function on a general vibration system on which it will be able to be connected itself to modify the general vibration system, to be integrated into it and to make it vibrate in its manner......

If you put your energy system in a particular vibration, other vibrations will not be able to be integrated there and, they even will forget their vibratory system by modification of itself.

Thus, when something happens to you, that you are involved in this agitation of the thought, of the emotional, this movement can only be established and developed starting from a space which welcomes it and which allows it. Change the vibratory system and that cannot occur anymore. The other has the feet cut to its action. It does not have a welcoming ground....


Thus, whatever is the difficulty which arrives, external or internal, there is a space in which this difficulty does not have the possibility of developing. Thus, research this space, find it. You have all the tools to look for it, to find it.


But, you will find it only if you look for it.


You find only what you are looking for. If you do not look for anything, what do you wait for? That the Heaven, quietly, flows on your head and transforms your internal chemistry and your anguishes, and the thought which runs behind its tail permanently with these stories which do not stop functioning in its brain. What do you wait for?

There exists a space in which one can return, and where the difficulty cannot be developed anymore. But, it should be known that there are nevertheless difficulties which are excessively gripping because they do not come from the outside but they come from the interior of oneself.


Thus, the only immediate possibility not to let you being involve by the thought which runs behind itself, is the action. But it is not so easy to act and to know where to go. So, you have the practices.» Christian





3. Exclusive attention


« But in fact, if you want to go much, much, further, if you pay an exclusive attention to the White Lady who also vibrates with the sound BAM in the body of which you are and who has manufactured the totality of the particles which make your body, that will go very quickly. The problem of the other cannot develop. There is no wound in this body of the White Lady. There, the wound does not exist. Of course, when I say that you pay an exclusive attention to the White Lady, it is to the body itself of the White Lady, to its depth because if you stay within this limit between the BAM and the RAM, i.e. the heart for the action and the matter from whom you have been created, if you stay in this zone of frictions, effectively there are suffering, pain, wound. Thus, it is really a question of going very deeply inside. It is for that I speak about exclusive attention. It is not only one small attention. And there, it occurs a true miracle. Everything stops instantaneously. The curtain of the doubt is broken and one is even astonished of the way in which one could have been involved by all the system, by all what have happened. » Christian




 The Master said to him:


Never lose contact with Nature… It will be your safeguard. Outside of Nature everything is dead, everything is only an intellectual construction, with an apparent frame but without marrow. The difficulty of the current world, stress and suicide in your countries that you believe to be evolved, is only the result of this cut with Nature. You make an intellectual hypertrophied world. You seek to create a work of art on only one basis of thought. Silly fools! You give your entire life into the hands of thought. You do not know what thoughts are!

You accept them such as they are, as mistresses, without having seen and even without you being interested only once in knowing what they really are in the general cosmic order.

And these thoughts, which remember having tasted it, try to make you believe that they will lead you to supreme satisfactions, to cosmic pleasure… But despite all their promises, they are long in showing you this realization, they have created substitutes for you, an imagery… Like one gives sweetened candies to children to force them to be quiet… And you called this God, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha…

But there is nothing in all that but a slow death. Thoughts are unable to lead you to the pleasure of the cosmic order for a very simple fact: they are only one ELEMENT. It is the WHOLE which includes the PARTICULAR. The PARTICULAR cannot include the WHOLE… Have you understood me?

They are only the decoders of the memory.... do you remember, my son?

Then, please… My young man… do not take your thoughts too importantly. Let them flow as they wish to, do not oppose yourself to them, let them go where they want. Do not force anything… But above all do not nourish anything. Let your thoughts die out themselves for lack of combustion. To be opposed to thoughts is still thought… Let them die out like a fire into which one does not put any more wood… Do not be concerned with them… And never in a month of Sundays! feel guilty in any way of all their movements, which moreover will become increasingly disordered and aggressive like an animal becoming quarrelsome, when one does not give it food any more… Let them be agitated like the small monkey that they are…

And you will see that thoughts are able to see themselves. Try this miracle! If they are able to mislead others, they cannot lie to themselves and this is their chance to come into their true place: one of a splendid tool of shaping, of a unique and priceless material, which can bring something into form…


Please… My young man… Do not try to destroy or break your thoughts as so many religious orders do. It is incredible how access to God goes through destruction! … They still believe that hardships, afflictions of any kind, in fact, all that the mind and the thought can invent to do itself harm and to destroy, is a path of the cosmic order. These madmen create only artificial visions, results of hardships and frustrations, by attacking the first of the human brains, the original one, the one which you White call, I believe, reptilian.


Tiger Man 30