To read - to listen




To listen the silence of the words, to read the void between the words...


Walking 6


"-Do not follow my words, my friend… Listen to the music of the words… Silence enters the words… There is a rhythm! …. This is it which carries the Force of the Life… Do you understand? ….If you want to touch this Force which conducts everything, The One which is beyond this universe and nourishes it ….this Force which has permitted the creation of this universe which is yours now…you must be very attentive to the « movement » because it is there where It is…do you understand ?...Neither « before » the movement, nor « after » because thus, it is only the intelligence of this Universe… If you want to have in you the Intelligence of the Creation, you must be in “the gesture”… Do you understand?


They closed their eyes. They let enter the sounds by the ears and they tried not to be opposed to their movement in them.


Hiro had said to them how to listen to this young White… He had given them the keys of “how to listen without the brain”… They tried."

Tiger Man 19