BM1 & BM2 :


Dance intuition......


« So that action can exist,

you need a field of welcoming,

a dance floor.» Christian



The body has been created to move according to a very precise intention, to set in motion the Gentleness of which its cells and its senses are made. It needs to be restored in a state of working to dance again naturally. To touch this matter that Gentleness is, to touch the reality of the life, the body must breathe again freely. The walking begins by cleaning it, protecting it, giving it again the intuition of its action....



BM1 : Cleaning-Protection


The Bronze Man 1, BM1 is the beginning....through it, begins the CLEANING of the space to circulate, a respiration again with Dignity. It sets up a PROTECTION of this space, protection against external pressions which want to direct the energetic system of the body to immobilize against internal pressions that we have put ourself, all our dreams, theories, which we have locked us up.

With a real intention to find again our original mobility, a Force of Heaven helps us, called BM1.




BM2 : Intuition


This BM1 prepares BM2, which will be the same Force of Heaven in movement. If BM1 is done in opposition with the external space, BM2 does not need this opposition anymore, it is a more precise work in the protected space settles by the BM1.

BM2 will be lighter, but not less strong...It permits to develop INTUITION, what to do with this new space, not to fill it again with the old reflexes, but to really come into another space to circulate. With a determination to find again our Origine, an extrem attention, this intuition will increased to become a Presence, Intuitive Intelligence goes out of the cells to guide our actions.


walking BM1 & BM2 




«He knew how to make his skin

like an iron shirt. »

Tiger Man 3