BM3 & BM4 :




There is a continuity between the Bronze Men 1&2 and the Bronze Men 3&4.

The dance floor being prepared, the dance can begin. It is the same Force which acts, which helps differently. It is the same love for dignity.


“The force, the initial matter, which has made the dance floor and which has made the dancer is exactly the same one. It is only one question of intention of the action, i.e. of the condensation of the movement, I could say differently: of the kind of movement. And it is completely natural to pass from the dance floor which is an intention to create a space, to the use of this space which is thus another intention of mobility and of movement. It is the same absolutely initial force, i.e., it is the same initial force, absolutely identical, the same matter, the same love, but which has a form of action, i.e. a form of condensation on earth which is different. Thus above all, never make the error to dissociate the movements from the ones to the others. It is the same matter, it is only the intention and the mobilization which change.”Recording



BM3 : Decoders


With the setting up of the BM3, the decoders reactivated will allow to perceive the attractions that we follow easily because they seem obvious and which actually restrict our space. The decoders permit to see the intention of the action, seeing, it will no longer be possible to follow an impulse whose intention is to close.


"The third Bronze Man is of a colossal importance since it is an entrance in full consciousness to the Heaven, to your Heaven, with your yearning for living with this Force of Gentleness, this power of Gentleness about which I have often speak to you. And this Bronze Man 3 is a very very normal continuity of the Bronze Man 2, because you see by dint of imrpoving the dance floor, you raise the head, you do not look only at the floor, at the parquet, the varnish that one puts on the parquet, the dust that one removes, you raise more and more the head and you wonder : "Yes, but...what will I do on it, which dance will I do on it ?" and from the moment when the attention is on the dance, it is the functioning of the third energetic law, the penetration by intention. And well, when the intention is there, when the preoccupation is there, then, the mobilization of the state of being which create the third Bronze Man is done naturally, comes here naturally." Recording


«This is a practice which reproduces the inner chemistry capable of perceiving the different qualities of dances and those directly linked to the Nobility of the Strength of the Original Life. It is therefore a state of deep intimacy with ourselves.


It is really the beginning of a profound communication with us.



It is now a matter of being very serious with your impulses and validating the action. The being is no longer the main interest in the action. It is Dignity that is put into movement by the action. The difference is enormous!»

walking 22 



BM4 : Communication -Participation....



The Bronze Man 3 will prepare the bronze Man 4. The decoders becoming more and more reactivated, we find again more and more finely the intention for which we have been created : to participate with all our enthusiasm, with Gentleness to the Life. The action becomes right, the action becomes the dance of Dignity. But how to do?...Each one must find the imagination, and when one find it....The Force which helps doesn’t say how to do, it gives the space by containing the old reflexes of the body, our behaviour to follow as an obviousness our spontaneous attractions. And we will have the possibility not to follow this reflex movement. An intimate communication with ourself, with the other, with the whole universe settles.




«There is a total intention to find your liberation, to love quite simply. These forces intervene and start only when you do not want anymore to arrange you with yourself, to arrange you with the old reflexes, the feelings, security etc. that you do not have anymore the desire for satisfying you to manage things such as they are, but that you want to make everything burst in happiness, in cheerfulness, in enthusiasm for the life and never mind for what can be caused in the space such as it is.

That starts when there is no more the will, the decision, the desire for finding an arrangement with your coercion.

That starts with the movement which is done inside yourself.




You have an opportunity to establish the real dance of the Dignity of the Creation which has been originally printed in all your particles.

You just need to have simply truly the intention to dance the Creation. And from there, naturally you forget all your personal desires, all your personal orientations, all your personal rantings because in any case, all these things that you have thought, felt, are of the order of the relative, of the grid, of the matrix which has exercised a whole mechanism of retreat, of sensations, of perceptions inside and on your body. So having this perception, you do not trust anymore your personal desires and you truly have the intention to dance the Heaven.» Christian




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